PHOTONEWS: The Akwa Ibom Bridge To No Where

Akoiyak bridge near Qua Iboe was built by the community near one of Nigeria's largest ExxonMobil oil production platforms known
Akwa Ibom mass transit system
Poverty in the midst of plenty
By SaharaReporters, New York

Julius Berger Gets A/Ibom Bonanza: Akpabio To Spend N28 billion For 12 km Road. Akwa Ibom Governor,   Godswill Akpabio, on Tuesday awarded a spectacularly bogus road contract to German construction firm Julius Berger worth N28 billion.

In his own words at the contract-signing ceremony between officials of the construction firm and the state government, “The contract covers four lane roads of 12km from the Olusegun Obasanjo way to Oron road will have a fly over for the first phase.”

In a bid to justify the bogus contract which is calculated to launder Akwa Ibom funds into private use, an elated Akpabio said that Julius Berger was selected based on its track record, ability to mobilize to site, and speedy delivery of job.

Engr. Woltgang Goetsh, the Managing Director of Julius Berger, signed for the company while Akpabio signed for Akwa Ibom state government.

Going by the contract sum, the people of Akwa Ibom treasury will pay an average of N2.3 billion for every kilometre of the urban road.

Akwa Ibom remains the largest beneficiary of the 13 percent derivation funds from the federation account just as the indigenes of the state are the most impoverished as the state government embarks on white elephant projects that have no impact on the coastal oil communities and the common man.

Akpabio has consistently turned a deaf ear to calls for the establishment of an Oil Producing Areas Development Commission to spearhead the development of oil-bearing communities that have been neglected by federal and state governments for decades.   Such commissions exist in all Niger Delta states except Akwa Ibom, where littoral settlements with abundant oil and gas reserves are in the minority.

During his election campaign for his first term, Akpabio had pledged to set up the Commission, but he reneged on the promise because such a commission would reduce his disposable funds and demand some level of accountability and transparency.

It will be recalled that the Qua Iboe oil fields operated by ExxonMobil contributes over 40 percent of Nigerian oil output, with a capacity of close to a million barrels of crude per day sitting in Akwa Ibom soil.

In spite of hosting the largest oil production and exploration firm, the host communities have only environmental pollution to show for the hydrocarbon deposits in their domain.  When they cry out, they are ignored by Mr. Akpabio.

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Ohhh, weep, Akwa Ibom, WEEP!!

Ohhh, weep, Akwa Ibom, WEEP!!

Ohhh, weep, Akwa Ibom, WEEP!!

Ohhh, weep, Akwa Ibom, WEEP!!

How can and why should

How can and why should Akpabio make a cinema hall, something of prime importance, when people are starving?? I mean, there is so much hunger!

So much money allocated to

So much money allocated to this state, yet so little to show for it. Flipping ridiculous!!

We need change! We cannot

We need change! We cannot carry on like this!!

Akpabio shame on you. Shame!

Akpabio shame on you. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! This money that you are planning to siphon, belongs to the Akwa Ibom State people.

Akpabio shame on you. Shame!

Akpabio shame on you. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! This money that you are planning to siphon, belongs to the Akwa Ibom State people.

E go better

E go better with


The fools who sing praises in favour of Akpabio are financial Jobbers who believe that if you cannot beat them you join them saga.Abacha after all said and done died and went to hell fire leaving all the ill gotten money including the thousand native doctors he relied on.where is he today?people like the much talked Akpabio,Orji of Abia state (Okija messenger) and co do not remember that they may slump some day like Abacha.Good luck to them.

Do not blame Akpabio but the foot soldiers and sycophants

The fools who sing praises in favour of Akpabio are financial Jobbers who believe that if you cannot beat them you join them saga.Abacha after all said and done died and went to hell fire leaving all the ill gotten money including the thousand native doctors he relied on.where is he today?people like the much talked Akpabio,Orji of Abia state (Okija messenger) and co do not remember that they may slump some day like Abacha.Good luck to them.


Na only for Nigeria we get colour tele for blind people.Na only Nigeria we dey see development for paper and no one for ground.Even if e dey,either e go be substandard or the project no equal to the money dem clain to spend.Na all this nonsense dey make boys dey become militants but dem dey direct an on people wey no follow chop moni.This enemies of progress wey hijack our polity so na wa o!GEJ say e wan probe people wey dey chop moni for Nija,including AKPABIO CHOPSWILL?

Bad Bridge

Gov. Akpabio has another 4 years to get to this bridge. Previous governments of Akwa Ibom State did very little, and never even considered this bridge.
Give the Governor credit for all he has done so far.
People voted for him because they know has abilities.
Sahara reporters should consider reporting good and bad things the find in places.

Change of Name

They should rename that road from olsegun obasanjo Way to Phillip Effiong High Way. Obasanjo did not do anything for the people there. General Effiong prevented the vandals from whole-scale slaughter of civilians at Ikot Ekpene. Their atrocities are documented. I am glad to have a compendium of important events. Nigerian wickedness did not start overnight. It started in 1914.

Photo Edit/Management Software - Which way Sahara Reporters

For a long time I have observed the way you manage your photo news. Its scary and it gives me a lot of jitters and wonderment. It's either that the IT fellow responsible for uploading your webpages is not acquainted with the manner and method pictures should be caliberated to give correct dimensions and proper measurement for good display on the web, or that you guys simply cannot be bothered by the end-product of your work.

Photonews pictures on display are simply out of every known dimension and proper measurement. There are a thousand and one softwares, even free ones on the internet to make this work a lot easier than you can ever imagine. Please do the right thing and stop feeding us with elongated and scary pictures that removes all the fun of watching them.


Nigerians have simply turned to praising Akpabio for letting them taste a little bit of their common wealth actually travel abroad and see what responsible governments do for their people but in Nigeria, NO! we should all shut up and watch in amazement when these gangsters turn governance into a pentecostal revelation from God while stealing us blind. what is wrong for the bastard to build the God Damned bridge? he cant find the funds to do it, but he can find the funds to host MTV day for 300million, inviting artist from the US who would come from a place with lots of bridges to a placed without. talk about misplaced priorities! Akpabio,may your tribe murder your dreams bastard! at every turn,you sanctimoniously use the name of God to justify all your evil devices, but a word for you, Never use the name of the lord thy God in vain, its one of the commandments, he is the master of Judgement day and you shall be judged.

It does not take much to please Nigerians.....

@ Tochuckwu Ezeoke

If I remember very well, Akpabio has been in the office for more than four years. Please, are you honestly saying that 4yrs is not enough for any serious minded Governor to make appreciable progress in his state?

Please, is it rocket science to put infrastructures in place and impact health sectors positively ? For you information, it is not even difficult to please Nigerians. For instance, how much did Fashola spend to turn Oshodi around that people started singing his praises ?

It is appalling and heart breaking to know that in this time and age, people that are suppose to be held accountable do whatever they like with people's money.

People like you have sworn to remain a second class citizen in your own country for a pot of porridge.


his only fault to me is to try and build industries period for employment for the youth of the state just credible jobs thats all but for the rest i am giving that man 50/100 . sahara please stop being bearer of bad news i can show you pictures of slum in agege and infact that so call lekki abi na igondo , to be sincere i prefare my village to still have the main african setting to have something to show my children that i am an african man , what have you all been saying about the do nothing governor rotimi amechi of river state i am a full lagos boi who appreciate good things but this news is bad , make nigerian hold those judges that gave bad judgement but for infastructure the man is trying . Check and balances is allowed but not giving a dog a bad name just to hang it .


Please be constructive in your CRITISM. Akpabio is son of the soil. If as a govern or he desires good for his people why should sahara reporter not encourage that? Please dissuade from image slandering and unproductive reporting. Nigeria is our country. Good or bad, we have to continue to do our best to make it a better society and a better country.


The guy reporting for saharareporter from Akwa Ibom axis is very hardworking Hmmmn! Saharareporters don;t have any other story than that of Akpabio.In Nigeria, there is no other state than Akwa Ibom and there is no other governor than Akpabio. Is is not clear that this is a clear case of hatred? Saharkpabio should be the beffiting name for this outfit and for you the anchor man, if you have ever walk on the beautiful road networks in Akwa Ibom, may you become cripple.What was Attah doing that he could not fix the Akoiyak bridge? What of AkpanudoEdehe the do or die ACN gubernatorial candidate? If you have been paid to rubbish the govenment of the day in Akwa Ibom, the money will finish and you will ever remain poor in you life.

u Goofed

Sahara dis in this story u guys have goofed Akwa-Ibom is not the only state without an oil producing commission in the Niger-Delta. Bayelsa,Rivers & Edo does't have as well,with dis misrepresentation of facts u have discredited this story & cast a dent on all your reports

lets break it down

So 28billion will equate to 175million US dollas for 12 kilometers of an avarage of 14million US dollas for every 1 kilometer. so if there are 1000 meters in a kilometer thats the length of 2 track feilds plus half a track feild 14 million USA dollas is being used on . Chei ! chei !! Fly over don blind Akwa ibom mites eyez oh . na pictures they go just dey take near the fly. there are no jobs . at 30million each you can set up good industries or open a port in oron .

Sahara wetin una dey talk

Sahara wetin una dey talk about, na my State be that ooo. una no know the kind joy and calm one gets, when once in a while you get close to nature like this. The man dey try; abi people no suppose use canoe again? Me I use that place to work on my balance it is fun!!!! Sahara go carry one small boy remove him shirt, tell am to waka make them snap am. Una not do well at all. BAD belle journalism. Amebo

re what do u really want

What u fail to realise is that flood is a nutural phenomenon. Only God knows where your thinking cap lies. That is d future of your generation wasting away.

Its simple, our leaders are

Its simple, our leaders are clueless, visionlessand lackwillpower to initiate developmental programmes.they are so insensitive. Its only revolution that can save us.

These mediocres should shut up!

If something stinks, then it stinks - there's no better way to say!. some commentators here have their priorities misplaced and it is sad they call it patriotism! how could you see that picture then go off ranting about someone targeting 'ur governor'? we seriously need to wake from this subservient disposition and find substance! if these communities arguable feed the entire nation, dont they deserve safe passage to and from their homes?
The question that should be asked is that of the authenticity of the picture - if it is authentic, then that community needs urgent attention PERIOD!
If you think you are a patriotic indigene of Akwa Ibom, then find a worthy cause and channel that patriotism pls, dont come here ranting and making foolish remarks that is reflective of a country that has been rigged of values and integrity!
good work SAHARA!

Saharareporter know many of

Saharareporter know many of commentators here are ........ I dont want to mention, so they post anything online, they know you will comment anyway any how, come to Ketu,Lagos here and I will show you worst places, than what you have there, you guys are just out there tarnishing the image of this nation for no reason, show the good work of anybody be it ACN or PDP and let celebrate them, rather all you are after in your life is bad new..... Haba, sahara...


No amount of hatred will stop the Governor from transforming that state. Someone has been on that seat for four years but did nothing to show. I don't know why this company call Sahara allows all these nonsense.Many of those writing nonsense here may not even head a group of ten. some cannot control their families, yet they come up here to write stupidly.

Akwa Ibom Bridge to Nowhere!

The lecturers at the Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic are the worst paid in the whole of Nigeria!

Everyone is welcome to investigate and confirm this!!!


The Gov has built so many roads and bridges that you fail to report! So many other Govs are not doing anything compared to this great guy. Even Lagos with all the Glory of Fashola was buried in flood because of drainage failure. What do you want from Akpabio to warrant this campaign of hatred.

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