PHOTONEWS & BUDGET SPEECH: Jonathan Presents The 2012 Budget Proposal To The Nigerian National Assembly

A member of the house of representative wearing a protest cap at the budget presentation

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I like those photos. They

I like those photos. They told much about your points than your article. I also have a great photo collection of Pennsylvania moving companies that you may like to post.

God save Nigeria

when Buari was crying d other day people say he didn't know what he's crying for; that his too desperate but i believe we now know what an elder person see while setting down. this is a situation of a slave ruling in a masters house. God bless Nigeria!


How can removal of oil subsidy help to reduce inflation from 10.5% to 9.5%.All the deceit of the Finance Minister earlier in the year that recurrent expenditure at 74% was high could only achieve 2% decrease to 72%.
The 1.66% to Agriculture and rural development and 0.64 to science and tech show clearly that Jonathan and PDP do not mean well for this nation now that they have more than shoes to put on and Jets to move around.

Where Is The Minimum Wage, Jonathan?

Goodbye nigeria, Welcome new reborn Nigeria.

The end is fast nearing for the old corrupt nigeria, time is about to run out. With GEJ not making provision for fuel subsidy in his budget, unless the senate or reps manage to force GEJ to change his mind the beginning of suffering is about to be unleashed on the nation. This is the straw that broke the camels back. Hunger is going to implode the nation, welcome to Rwanda / Congo catastrophe. GEJ, please remove subsidy, you will be remembered as the man who burnt Nigeria to the ashes before it was reborn again.


Big and wasteful cost of running an uproductive government.Our political appointees, legislators and elected officials must tell us how much it cost to maintain them,what percentage of the budget will they consume?what have we got for infrastructure,where are the international economists in the Jonathan cabinet?.
Nigeria is suffering the effects of quota appointments where redundant advicers must be given non-existent jobs "to fill quota",and legislators blackmail the President when he talks about reducing thier bloated pay packets.All this at the expense of the long suffering masses.NO HOPE INDEED!!!!!

@ Deri aka Ibgo Pikin, Aboringines' Vuvuzela

Your ultra stupid postings with different names like Delta Queen, Esquire, Ibgo Pikin, Anonymous etc, can never fool me, I will continue to light your aboriginal arse with a match stick. Your mind is so, so simple and easy to predict that sometimes I wonder if you think at all. Obviously your dumbness rivals only your mentor's Jaja Dumbo who doesn't seem to have a change of clothes despite all his loot. Gosh, I pity his dry cleaners!

Your brother in nearby Kuje prison is complaining about scorpions, maybe you should worry more for his slimy safety than whoever got himself into trouble in faraway Malaysia. In my view I think he should be turned into maggot meat since even vulture reject contaminated aboriginal carcas! Pour yourself a large shot of ogogoro, day has broken! Drink Deri, drink and drown yourself in coarse Sappy Water! January is around the corner, Jaja di Dumbo is our canoe captain,(Aborigines' Armada), we shall get there...Insha Allah!

NA JUNE 12, 2012

Let us wait and see how the removal of the fuel subsidy affects the daily life of the average Nigerian, first, before we come to a conclusion.

If by the above date Nigerians haven't buckled under the weight of having to pay 3 times as much for fuel as they presently pay, and revolted, I'll give up on Nigerian- permanently.

SR .. can u just confirm if oil-subsidy removal is part of the b

SR .. can u just confirm if oil-subsidy removal is part of the budget this (wo)man read ?

As for the mumus comparing oil-subsidy removal and deregulation in the telecoms sector, i have just one question for you; what do you think MTN would do about their tariffs when they buy fuel to power their base stations at twice the amount they buy now ?

Gaskiya! Ezeogkwu/Chinenke!!

Gaskiya! Ezeogkwu/Chinenke!! Oloun!!!

I've just received a shockking news of 6 Ndi Igbos, who were arrested for robberry operation in Malaysia. I can't imagine Nigerians coming to foreign land for criminal activitites, when there are enough places for them to strike in Nija. Yet they are all GEJ's brothers/sisters, a.k.a Biafran fiful, abi okoros, Nna.

On behalf of all innocent Nigerians, who are staying in Malaysia, I wish to appeal to Nigerian gov't to go and evacuate her criminal citizens, who are robbers, kidnappers, scammers, drug traffikers, overstayers, illegals, but posing as students and business exploits.

It is better, they should come home to join Niger-Deltan Militants, Oodu'a peoples' Congress, Boko Haram etc at home. This will help GEJ in justifying the 25% of 2012 Budget, which he voted for security.

Silently, they're being killed without trial.


I think it is about time the people of Africa and the developing nation start applying what type of government that suits them. Before we were initiated into the western democracy, Africa and the developed Nations had systems of government that worked very well, that is government by the Elders, where the intelligent ones in the society are also brought in as advisers. Then every African was never,hungry, homeless or not looked after or cared for. ther was order and total happiness. I think it is about time we start lookihg inti this again as the system we are now pacticing is creating a few thieve that reap off the majority and bleeds the people to death.


In the developed Nations the poor, the weak are taken care of, by way of the provision of social services, care, health, education, housing, etc. it cocerns the developed nations if their citizens are living below the porverty line. There will be general out cry if these short commings are not addressed and addressed properly. No one will say the say things of Africa and the developing world, wher every person cares for him or herself. Where they are no social ammenities, cares etc. Nobody cares if you have no roof over your head or if you are dieing of hunger. This brings me the the the Western democracy and ways we have adopted andfollowed religiously.I think it is about time the people of Africa and the developing nation start applying what type of government that suits them.


I am a very bitter and sad person, will any person with concience, tell me how it is fair and just for lees than 5% of the population to consume more than 78% of our wealth? Why I say this is that 78% or more of our Nation.s money is used to pay the salaries and allowances of less than 5% of the population, that make up the public servants including the ploititians. These same les than 5% steal and lot most of the remaining, 22% of the Nation.s money for capital projects. I do not blame the less than 5% but I blame the more than 95% of the polpulation, that have allowed this to continue all these years unchallenged. This brings me to the type of government and democracy we practice. Western Democracy, free market and all may be very good for the West and developed nations, but I do not think is good for Africa and the third world.


Mr Jonathan 79% of your budget on over head or recurrent, Mr Jonathan you can not be serious. Mr Jonathan 79% of our Nation's budget on less than 5% of the population, politicians, public office holders, Mr Jonathan you can not be serious. To rub salt inti injury for have not factored what will be looted and stolen from the balance 21%, by wat of over invoicing, bribery and corruption, Mr Jonathan you can not be serious. Mr Jonathan 79% of all our money for just 5% of ths population and less than 21% of the nation's money for the rest 95% of the population. Mr Jonathan this is voodoo economics, this is a non starter, this is yoyo economics, this is a great reap off of Nigeria. Mr President this is very unacceptable, not an option and must not be tolorated

Re:I weep for this nation

@obalola,I totally agree with you YES ,Jonathan push them to the point of revolution no grammar can do it.Its the common man not the professors,residents abroad,doctors,lawyer that will do it ..Yes push them,take their last hope food,Increase it by 100% ,make them trek ,suffer hard.already no light nothing .
Even few that can afford small tiger generators A.K.A(i better pass my neighbor)make the fuel unaffordable.Frustrate them and just like moses lead them to the point of revolution(promise land).


You are spending almost 25% of the nations money on what you call security, which will at the end on they end up in the pockets of the politicians, legislators, frends and cronnies as their share of the national cake. This is skocking, baffling and alarming. If you contract security to the private sector of the economy, most of what you call security, it will not cost 20% of what you want to waste in the budget. Mr Jonathan what of the other sectors of he economy that will have great impact on the masses and the nation? What you failed to tell us is that what is left of the budget, will be used to pay the salalies of politicians and public office holders, who are less than 5% of the population of Nigeria You did not also tell us what will be looted and stolen. Jonathan where lies the hope of the other 95% of the population of Nigeria? At this rate I do not see how Nigeria, will not get the treatment of Egypt, Tunisia, Lybya etc. Only fools will not see the hand writings on the wall.

Common Man

We all sit here commenting and arguing.The fact is the common Nigerian man does not understand or know the implication of subsidy removal.So he is unconcerned but by the time the already hungry crime prone ageberos , angry street hawkers,frustrated market women,terrified okada men,frustrated jobless graduates who have been pushed to the wall already feel this impact and react.Its ONLY until then the government will understand that power belongs to the people.Then it will escalate and ALL looters will pay dearly with their blood and loots cos they have bought trouble.Until then all grammars are wasted.So Jonathan ride on remove it even remove the minimum wage.Add to taxes and all PLEASE..PUSH THEM TO THAT POINT

I weep for this Nation

A friend of mine last night told me something very sad,He is a Ghanian and i almost fought him but in my heart i knew all he said was true.He said when you talk, you say you are the giant of Africa but the fact is, you are the JOKE of Africa.He said mention one thing just one thing that works in Nigeria. I tried to think but nothing came to my mind, can someone help me out please?.See all these billions they are sharing again.If half of this budget is genuinely implemented,people will see and feel it.
I believe in the saying that the stubborn dog that will be lost will not obey the whistle of the hunter.Subsidy will lead to Mass Reaction,Revolt and Eventually Revolution to heal the land.Go on Jonathan lead us to that point i beg you.

No turning back for the degradation of Mankind

What is the world turning into! With this, there is no turning back for the degradation of Mankind.

For those homosexuals, who because the public display of this trait is not permissible in Nigeria, they can join the US army:

U.S. Senate legalises sex with animals.
Very soon, we will be told that we cannot call it BESTIALITY!

I AM SORRY FOR THESE ANIMALS! At least MAN is supposed to have brains!

Picture Number 5

Is Picture Number 5 above the "National Cake" that GEJ is grabbing for himself?

Picture # 5

Is Picture Number 5 above the "National Cake" that GEJ is grabbing for himself?


What realy distube me is that when he is asking for our vote he never tells us that he will remove this subsidy.why! why now?.

A decade, billions budgeted for water supply in my town, no wate

It is about a decade now I have been observing hundreds of millions being budgeted by the federal ministry of water resources for pipe-borne water supply in some towns, includinng my medium-sized town in Imo state. A decade after, not a drop of pipe-borne water flows in any tap owned by any government in most of these towns. See me see Nigerian government and budget. Before he finishes reading the budget speech, many must have been waiting on the wings to sign away the monies.


The picha of the man with the cap 'fuel subsidy stays' just made my day lololololol

The aggregate expenditure

The aggregate expenditure proposed for the 2012 fiscal year is N4.749 trillion, which is a MODEST increase of 6% over the N4.484 trillion appropriated for 2011.

How can you call a $1.656 billion USD increase MODEST. Fools paradise.

How can GEJ present a budget?

How can GEJ present a budget when a country like Nigeria, with a mono-economy, has a GMD that cannot tell us how much OIL Nigeria is producing per day?

GMD Oniwon does not know how much of each component products is obtained from a barrel of oil?

How do you subsidize what you do not know?

Who is the BENEFICIARY of 65,000 barrels of oil per day THAT IS UNACCOUNTED FOR?

What figures is Goodluck basing his budget upon?

Since when has this shortfall been in existence?

Was it when Obasanjo had no OIL minister or this predated that time?

What company/Individual has benefited from this bare faced stealing of our oil?

Somebody must know these answers!

PPPRA, Mr Elijah - after fuel is “discharged, there’s no security on ground to protect the products.”

I am truly amazed. And this country is in 21st Century?

Fraud in this so called subsidary

My name is Daniel and i study Chemical Engineering and Business in the Uk but while i kept reading this news about fuel subsiday i asked my lecturer if there is subsidary in fuel he said he doesnt know and will come the next day to confirm. the next day he told me that there is nothing like subsidary in fuel and he asked why. i told him of the current situation in Nigerian petroleum and he told me that subsidary only works in small business product not in large scaled products like fuel. so guys you can curse or abuse me after i announce that fuel subsiday is a fraud and does not exist. i mean we have seen who enjoys the fruitness of fuel subsidary and it is the evil cabals in power who have sent N4tr into their stomach and milking our nation dry. FUEL SUBSIDARY IS A FRAUD.

it is quite obvious now that

it is quite obvious now that goodluck jonathan is the worst president nigeria has ever had...he will bring suffering upon nigerians just watch and see...a man sooo out of touch with reality...see security frisking people from entering the national assembly out of fear of a terrorist group....shame on this ijaw fisherman called jonathan and his dull and corrupt band of minsters and advisers such as okonjo iweala and orubebe....God must punish this jonathan for all the suffering he will bring upon nigerians..see more people died today frm bomb blast and they re here removing subsidy...Gods judgement awaits...he never sleeps!!!!

fuel subsidy

fuel subsidy's benefit is on the long run, for the short run...... ahhh... its gonna be tough..

Mr. President's cheeks are now chubby!

Service to the people must be very good...ahem, I meant being served by the people must be a very rewarding experience.

Only in Nigeria. Black man, you are on your own!

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