PHOTONEWS: The Shopping Mall Fire That Led To A Bomb Hoax In Abuja

By SaharaReporters, New York

An early morning gas explosion caused a gutting of a shopping mall  at Lokogoman Village in Apo Area of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja today.

The explosion which was traced to a gas leakage caused some people to disseminate information that there was a bomb blast in the area. The bomb hoax triggered panic in Abuja earlier in the day.


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Pls could we clearly

Pls could we clearly differentiate between shopping mall and SHOPPING COMPLEX and CORNER SHOP??



Don't blame Nigerians

Do not blame Nigerians for spreading such rumours because where can they find the truth? The Govt says one thing and Boko haram says another and the JTF says something else and the papers report something else! So where is the truth? People are living in fear and the slightest alarm sends panic waves around.

Nigeria, oh, my Nigeria!

If we are really sincere, if truely sincere; Nigerians can fearless, but are we ? Can any one tell me what the National Orientation Agency's job is? Where is the orientation drive? Where is that Nigerian brotherliness that I use to know ? Really, information management is our problem.The same thing happenned recently at Lokoja, where d convoy of d govnor came across a black polytene bag on d road and hell was let loose,we all scampered, even those who never saw d scene told d story wth colourful dimentions; in fact, d story was that, a church have been bombed; another person said, no, it was a flling station, atlast it turned out to be a HOAX!

Utangirma Allah.

Utangirma Allah.

Since our oppressors are too

Since our oppressors are too arrogant to repent, apologize and atone for the massacres of Igbo children, calamities will continue to overtake our oppressors both in small and big measures.

Do not underestimate the prayers of the oppressed and the cheated. God is great.

Abuja bomb hoax

A person who was stung by a bee if he sees a green bottle (big) fly he picks race.


Abuja is now turning into Monrovia of the early 90s.

The pictures don't look like

The pictures don't look like a burnt properties....does it?

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