PHOTONEWS: Suspected Iranian Spy Network Members Paraded in Abuja

Abdullahi Mustapha Berende
By SaharaReporters, New York

Abdullahi Mustapha Berende, who is saccused of spying for Iran in Nigeria with a view of attacking some targets, was paraded by State Security Service (SSS) in Abuja.

The SSS claims Berende is suspected of working with some Iranian elements to operate a high profile international terrorist network and is alleged to have given the names of several prominent Nigerians, including former President Ibrahim Babangida and a former Sultan of Sokoto as targets of the attack being planned by his Iranian handlers.  

The objective seems to be that if the Nigerians are attacked, it could possibly provoke and unsettle the West.

The SS also paraded two people Olayinka SAKA and Saheed Aderemi ADEWUMI, who they claimed Mr. Berende recruited as accomplice. other members of the Iranian spy network are reportedly at large.

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Its like one of the ''smiling

Its like one of the ''smiling suspect'' is happy about his celebrity statues arrest and parade?



I want to use this medium to call the attention of Nigerians irrespective of their religion or geographical locations to shine their eyes and not to be deceived by a "manufactured lie". All this stories are just a frame work. The SSS with its sophisticated intelligent could not identify and arrest the brain behind BOKO HARAM saga up til now, but innocent people are been accused wrongly in the name of Terrorism.


d greatest exporter of terrorism in d world is KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA & d biggest financier of terrorism is d VATICAN. D Islamic Republic of Iran is a J.J.C. in World Affairs: Ayatollah & Ahmadinajad shld STUDY d aftermath of d QUEST of Lybian Quadaffi as well as Iraqi Saddam. Elders & Leaders of Northern Nigeria have WOEFULLY failed (1960-1999) & will fail in any & all attempts 2 regain Power & Control over Naija affairs

Don't mind them Diamond. If

Don't mind them Diamond. If they don't keep quiet, we will send ONLY Benjamin Adekunle to wipe them off. Then they will know Yorubas are not cowards.


You people have been consumed by sheer ethno-religious sentiment since the coming of Jonathan into power. You could not judge things rationally and whoever does so you attack and abuse especially if the person is not of your tribe and religion. If a Moslem commits an offence you abuse the whole Moslems and Islam. But if it is a Christian you either say the story is not true or the offence is nothing. How can you people be trusted that you're good people. Your leaders are liars and hypocrites and is exactly what they taught you. I'm saying my opinion and I stand by it liars and hypocrites cannot change my opinion. I say it again SSS is rubbish and doing nothing. How many countries are spying Nigeria and what SSS did to expose that? And the people they mentioned (IBB and Dasuki) have no any problem with Iran. So you and your leaders cannot deceive us with their concocted lies.

Islamic religion!!!!!!

Islamic religion!!!!!!

Why do you people always

Why do you people always include SS in your Biafran project? Yoruba be una greatest enemy and na for Lagos, Oshogbo, Ilesa and Ibadan una dey die put. You people no dey shame? Indeed, I agree on the point dat Yoruba are cowards; Ishola Isama, Alani Akinrinade, Iluyomade, Bejy Adekunle, and even Olusegun Obasanjo to whom una surrender in 1970 no be Yoruba people, they migrated from somewhere in Ohafia. Continue in your grand delusion about Yoruba and cowardice and seek who to blame when you get the next bloody nose from your penchant for irrational judgements. As in 1967 count the SS out,our oil will never feed your grandiose illusions.

Why Iran,what happend to

Why Iran,what happend to those CIA agents all over the country in the name of ''charity organisation'' this another plot by the CIA to turn ppl attention frm their evil deeds in this country.was it Iranians spys that killed Abacha?.


I wonder why killing IBB and the so-called former Sultan will unsettle the West for pete's sake. The whole story sounds bogus and smells rat. Anyway i cross my finger.

I hope this is not "Arangee"

Nigerians can be very gullible, and will believe anything without critical analysis. What is Iran to gain by assassinating the listed people? What is wrong with studying in an Iranian university? Apart from a T-shirt on one of the suspects, showing the picture of a space craft, I can't see any other evidence of "spying". What is the purpose of parading the suspects now, when other members of the "spy team" are at large, when the SSS could have monitored them and arrested most of them, if not all of them, assuming such a spy team existed. Of course, we can only hear what the SSS claims, and not the side of the suspects. I smell a rat!


I've been looking for fairly some time.. many thanks for this, it was precisely what i used to be trying for. Completely nailed it ^^ cheers from the guys @ ! :)

This man is fool at 50,at his

This man is fool at 50,at his age he still allow some unscrupulous elements to use him.LOOKING AT HIS FORE HEAD,YOU WILL SEE THE SIGN OF A TERRORIST ON HIM (BURNT FORE HEAD)

Sanusi A. Yaradua you must be

Sanusi A. Yaradua you must be a mad man with your name resembling your comment. I never knew that with such success SSS has made, a foolish blocked head like you will still criticize their effort.You must be one of those criminals attacking innocent Nigerians in the North with your evil device. What is US & Israel offense. DONT WORRY YOU BE CAUGHT SOON.COWARDS.WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE DISGUISING ?

Who is surprised? ...The Yorubas & Hausa are in BHaram project

...This is no news. We all know how easy it is for the Hausa Fulani to easily initiate the Yoruba into Boko Haram. So, it is not surprising that you will find a Yoruba recruit easily for this kind of Job just as Bharam has been doing. Since Illorin was overrun, the lives of the Yoruba have not been the same again. No wonder, the beggarly elements frm the desert & unproductive North ruled frm Lagos for about 40yrs without any Yoruba officer been able to plan half a coup...

Make una leave matter...Na when Prof Achebe write small book about civil war all of them begin write over 1 Billion rejoinders upon rejoinders, but them forget Illorin which has an alien Emir where the Oba has no throne. Surely..'.the gods are not to blame'.
Long live the United Republic of SS&SE

big fool.

it is obvious and clear that u are an offspring of two Ruminants"Cow and Goat"u talk smells and irritates.


ibb and dasuki are actually CIA agents. so this is just a victory for the CIA whom the SSS work for as well. we have them to thank for the 'successful' terrorism in nigeria today. as someone said above, this is not a victory for the nigerian people, but a victory for our tormentors. And oh, the dasuki is also the father of the current NSA, so the guy woke up when they wanted to attack his dad. but if na ordinary nigerians, he for no send! una well done o SSS

Nigeria is Not Israel

With Israel declaring a silent war on Iran, when would Iran have time to fight Nigeria, a friendly nation? These SSS guys are retards!

Religious sentiments

I can see that most pple are blind due to religious sentiments. If u like take this security threat for granted. U will later complain of poor security wen they suceed. U claim to be religious yet corrupt and rude.


What this madam SSS wanted us to do? Jubilate? Wonderful! How many agents are spying for America,Isreal and other Imperial vampires of the global hypocrisies. Is it anything to go by? What of the killings of innocent people by using drones? Are these people animals? And what Nigerian government can do to Iran? A country that is developing ahead of Nigeria million times in terms of everything. The show of nothingness and deceptive policy for achieving total myopia.



SSS Why???????????????????????/

SSS should have pretended that they didn't know about this after they hit their target. How can SSS prevent this all important hit that would have been good for national interest, any terrorist attack on IBB is welcomed and the terrorist should be given national award with plots of land at Abuja.

What a shame!This is a

What a shame!This is a Zionist propaganda to destroy the friendly relations between Nigeria and Iran.What will Iran gain by assassinating prominent Northern leaders.Assassinations and target-killings are only the specialty of Zionist-Israel that presently controls the security apparatus of this country.

Iran is a freedom-loving country that wishes for strong brotherly ties with all willing nations of the world including Nigeria.It is always a Zionist agenda to taint Iran to terrorism.

SSS, These Guys Meant Good To Eliminate Evil Genius IBB Etc.

SSS should let these guys go free. What the Nigerian Military could not do that is the exact tasks these guys embarked on to eliminate corrupt Northern Muslim Elites Just as it was done in Ghana by Jerry Rawlings. These are the guys to put Emir Ado Bayero to flight. Iranians are trying to help Nigerians to get rid of the Shia of Nigeria. The Iranian Revolution restored good ethics in their government and the same would have happened in Nigeria if the corrupt SSS did not stop these good muslims for eliminating the cancers that have eaten deep in the hearts of the Northern Muslim Elites. What the SSS are looking for are bribes. If they were given some kickbacks these guys will have had their freedom. Who care if IBB, Sultans, Emirs etc. were killed?

Hum, diversion of public Attention

Government is always looking for a story to keep public busy, and diverts their attention from mass looting going on. Why can’t d Attention hey areas book that is home base, but Iranian spy

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