Plot To Suppress Arrest Of Suspected Boko Haram Sponsor In Kaduna Uncovered

By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has exclusively learnt of moves by the Police and Nigerian government functionaries to suppress and conceal the arrest of a suspected Boko Haram sponsor and arms dealer in Kaduna State. He was arrested this morning around 1: 00 am.

Some prominent Nigerians are believed to be working to suppress information about the arrest and are also hampering investigations by security agencies. Our sources said some police commanders of the Kaduna State Police Command have been named as close associates of the suspected gunrunner.

The suspected backer of Boko Haram who was caught red-handed arming youths in Kaduna State in ethno-religious crises rocking Northern Nigeria was captured in Nasarawa Township in Chikun local government of Kaduna State.

There were reported gunshots by his supporters when an army officer on a tip off from the 1st Division of Nigerian Army Kaduna stormed his family to initiate a search, following which rocket launchers, IEDs materials, soldiers uniforms, army belts, cartridges, pump actions guns and some AK47 assault rifles were found and taken away by the Nigerian military team that carried out the action.

The arrested gunrunner is Comrade Nuhu Mohammed who is former chairman of petroleum drivers association in Kaduna. He is currently being held in an undisclosed military base in Kaduna.

It was also gathered youths in the area this morning when the combined team of soldiers, SSS and police went to the area around 9am for additional search resisted their arrival in to the community.

The youths started stoning the security and some wanted to shoot but were restrained by a senior military officer in charge of operations.

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What we need now is Federal Republic of the Northern Nigeria and Federal Republic of the Southern Nigeria and ALL SHALL BE WELL WITH EVERYBODY. We do not have anything in common, why are we wasting each others time, every body should stay in his own domain, no ties nor relationship of any kind. Every one should keep what they have, Pleaseeeeeeee & NOW IS THE TIME.

Jonathan take a decisive step

Jonathan should for once take a decisive step bringing all the sponsors of BH to justice. What is he using the power of his office to do?

and you are all the same with

and you are all the same with the Niger Delta militants. A very big fool

Jonathan take a decisive step

Jonathan should for once take a decisive step bringing all the sponsors of BH to justice. What is he using the power of his office to do?

God my father in heaven

God will distroy every persons that causes the blood of the innocent to flow....I command the earth to swallow them and their sponsors in jesus name,amen!

hausa people most die

Your genaretions wll die like boko harems people son of Ashawo

Stupid Govt.

Lets take laws into our hands and secure our own self! Someone should please give me this man's full address and I will personally arrange a hit on him!!! Stupid Govt. These are kind of things Nigerians should protest and fight for!

This gives us the reminder

This gives us the reminder that God is not asleep nor is he slumbering. pls don't relent in reporting to our God up there(in prayers).I remember three wks ago,I was at d security check point of my place of work and a group of men dressed blatantly refused their booth to be checked,came out,caused a scene,insulting the security staff and claiming he was embarrassing them,being subbordinates to the chief of that local govt area.they opened d gate and proudly passed!without being checked.can u imagine what some supposed traditional leaders r doing,considering the security threats in d country?Dear God,expose and bring them all to book.

to say the end of muslims, u ar a fool u can see d end of CAN

You are a big fool you can see the end of chirstens or
boko harams people ,
But not a muslims I believe u are not a good chirsten man
Big fool


With all these happenings and unhapennings, I'm now convinced that the real BH is not the threat, but the government sponsored BH is the real theat. What is GEJ doing about this?

Boko Haram

why is BH running 2 London when dey re against western Edu. How come d foolish Aboki that kill in d name of God & hate western edu. is using phone built through western edu. D fact was long Established that when u failed to curb corruption, it ll become a way of life & more ll join. What do u expect 4r excess allowance without tax?

RE: hausa people must DIE!!!

You should have prayed to God to give you brains because it's obvious you don't have one.

God has a way of doing things so we are not afraid at all.

luck ran out on him cos he was planning to travel to london the next day.He was accompanied by a military man cos he knew he is being looked for.He quickly rushed to abuja-asokoro(borno liason office)for safety in order to take off in d morning.God has started it and he will finish his work.


This is a conspiracy. I said that we're not the same with these abokis/fulani guys. How can Police be covering a crime like this. God have mercy on us!!!!! The best thing is to divide this country called Nigeria so that the North will be and the South will be. They're all the same and supporters of BokoHaram

Good intelligence work

Kudos to GEJ for the arrest.


Thank God for this great move, but I know our government is very careless, next thing you would hear is that he is dead without mentioning names, or they would bury down the matter, pls use this suspect wisely to get all the info we need about this boko fools... GOD protect and guide us AMEN...

Thank God

I thank God for exposing the so called Boko Haram big Boy. Please, the guy should not be left alone with the Nigeria Police before they kill him like they did to the late Boko Haram leader. There is something wrong with the police as they are always used by politicians to carry out acts that are against humanity.Please don't kill this one this time around, so that he will tell Nigerians those HIGH PLACED POLITICIANS that are behind the scene.God help Nigeria.


Another Sunday paper reported today that there was an arrest in the liaison office of a north eastern state located in the high brow Asokoro district of Abuja. The terror master mind is said to have been involved in the Christmas day Madallah attacks after which he fled to the north eastern state and received protection from some very highly placed government functionaries. He was planning to flee abroad and knowing that the security outfits were after him, he was taken to Abuja by an Army officer who influenced the officials of the liaison office in question to give him accommodation in the governor's lodge.A state governor is also said to have a very cozy romance with Boko Haram and he has used the immunity clause to evade interrogation.This confirms the notion that BH's sympathizers permeate many government agencies where they operate as fifth columnists supplying information and materials to the terrorist group.But their time will soon be up.

The vice president also

The vice president also should be investigated because he is a close associate with him also. Everybody in that area knows that.

Kaduna Boko haram suspect

The arrested suspect has been released and is now presently in his house. Guns and bomb material were found in his house. What other evidence do they have, the northern police and force are so corrupt and play out as cover up for boko haram.These is disappointing and discouraging.

Arrest on the suspected boko haram member in Kaduna

I believe sahara reporters are not current on the present situation of thing, The suspect had since been release yesterday, He was seen around the area yesterday and today, apparently the issue is been covered up be the security force. This is not the first time, he will be arrested and it is the normal tradition of the cases been covered up. This same man and some youth started the post election killing in the area against the southern indigene and the christain. If these man is not prosecute it means nigerian government are just paying lip service to the issue of boko haram. Unconfirmed source said the suspect is a close associate of the vice president while he was in the govt house in kaduna.

Nigeria Needs Help

Its quite disheartening that our leaders are behind the heinous crimes committed by the Boko Haram group. Well, I believe the good Lord will expose the evil doers in due time and the face of evil will be brought to the open. Great job, Nigeria Army. More breakthroughs.

God save Nigeria - manifest Your power

If this arrest is true,God has started answering our prayers and fasting.God we are still for more revelations.Its only our true God that can handle this situation(killings of innocent people in the name of fighting the cause of Allah.Please God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.May Jehovah continue to keep ALL of us together,AMEN.

government of a must unity plotting to nationalise ill feelings

government of a must unity plotting to nationalise ill feelings. they now caught arms dealers at gahna and the names of the dealers are taiwo and eze: an igbo and a yoruba plus two ghanians.they think they will balance the ill feelings against the hausas who have already killed many as the vampires they are.leave the phenomenon of a forced unity and make people have good standard of living, and they will never. directing a nationalised protest to deviate peoples' attention to the sect killings at north is a wound on jonathan governement; although, he is willing to let go in 2015. preparing to handover to hausas is the hard nut they will never know how to crack this time. I see an un-repentant situation that is a wound spiritually to the existing governement. allowing them to kill the igbos is sonething that is accpetable in your fold. continue balancing ill feelings until 2015.

Prophet Gideon Orkar

All hail PROPHET Gideon Orkar and SAINT Odumegwu Ojukwu. India and Pakistan have done it. North and South Sudan has done it. YESSSSSSS, WE CAN.

Way too many States in Nigeria.

Leadership skill and understanding of 5 of some of these Senators is equivalent 1. So, why not combine these states to 1 and stop the needless hold up in the Senates. This backward thinkers contibutes nothing, gets Federal allocation and rush  to Saudi Arabia. They lack the intelligent to see all the infrastructure improvement taking place in Saudi Arabia or any of the Arabian countries. 

If this brain less, Bin Laden  wanner be guy is a leader of a group, just imagine the rest is group. Imagine the Intelligent of a community leader who chose to defend him? be it a Governor, Senate, or an Emir. 

 Something to think about. 

anoynymous, Why do you hide


Why do you hide your identity if you are for real and truly nigerian. you want divide nigeria and not fight the evil that plague. Right now is not about tribal sentiments, it is about corruption perpetrated by the present administration. when you are a president of a nation, and you refuse to denounce and refuse to prosecute you lietuinants who are corrupt by embezzling the people's money, you will bear the blunt, because that is your responsibility to see that no body soils the reputation of your administration. Unfortunately our leaders do not care about how they will be judged by history, it does not matter to them. They do not care about the saying that good name is better than SILVER AND GOLD. FIGHT CORRUPTION AND NIGERIA WILL BE AMONG THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH.

Deri a pdp member is arrested again

Deri, another pdp thug have been arrested again. I leave the rest to you and stupid bloggers carried away by your lies on who the real bh are and the killers of our Youth Corpers.

God is great this is the

God is great this is the begining of the end of the muslim race Gods mercy will preserve kaduna state and we christians.he will mix salt,sugar,rice and beans and he will give them to separate

... is this disguised

... is this disguised defence? We will soon know those that are trying to cover up. Its all either allahs or Gods battle and at the end, there must be a victor. Lets watch

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