Plot To Suppress Arrest Of Suspected Boko Haram Sponsor In Kaduna Uncovered

By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has exclusively learnt of moves by the Police and Nigerian government functionaries to suppress and conceal the arrest of a suspected Boko Haram sponsor and arms dealer in Kaduna State. He was arrested this morning around 1: 00 am.

Some prominent Nigerians are believed to be working to suppress information about the arrest and are also hampering investigations by security agencies. Our sources said some police commanders of the Kaduna State Police Command have been named as close associates of the suspected gunrunner.

The suspected backer of Boko Haram who was caught red-handed arming youths in Kaduna State in ethno-religious crises rocking Northern Nigeria was captured in Nasarawa Township in Chikun local government of Kaduna State.

There were reported gunshots by his supporters when an army officer on a tip off from the 1st Division of Nigerian Army Kaduna stormed his family to initiate a search, following which rocket launchers, IEDs materials, soldiers uniforms, army belts, cartridges, pump actions guns and some AK47 assault rifles were found and taken away by the Nigerian military team that carried out the action.

The arrested gunrunner is Comrade Nuhu Mohammed who is former chairman of petroleum drivers association in Kaduna. He is currently being held in an undisclosed military base in Kaduna.

It was also gathered youths in the area this morning when the combined team of soldiers, SSS and police went to the area around 9am for additional search resisted their arrival in to the community.

The youths started stoning the security and some wanted to shoot but were restrained by a senior military officer in charge of operations.

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During his swearing in ceremony, the President of this country promised to defend Nigerians and the territorial integrity of the Nation without "fear nor favour".Where is the president now? why should he allow the organised and sponsored enemies to have a field day and continue killing innocent southerners living and doing their legitimate business in the North?
Why should the Northern policticians use the looted oil money from the south south to buy arms to kill the same south south people. Am not being sentimental or tribalistic here but lets be realistic.Is this the Nation we all fought to defend? Boko Haram plan is just to mess up Jonathan but this will break the Country.

#OCCUPY 9Ja Now!!

Nigerian youths we have prayed alright. Now is the
Time to Stand up Fight for a Corrupt free Society before these Greedy Politicians consume us all. May Allah/God help us.

Boko Haram Agenda: Northern Agenda

When president GoodLuck pronounced oil subsidy removal, hell was let loosed by sporadic abuses, protest, name callings and character assasination.
When Boko Haram kill more southeners especially the Igbo, Buhari, Atiku, IBB et al keep mute and pretend as if it is normal and exclusive right of the Northerners to terrorise, Kill and loot.
Let it be known that no money can buy the life of a single soul killed.Nigerian leaders should rise above selfish interest to defend the right of the citizens and abolish the Northern agenda otherwise, let a National Conference be organise to discuss our division is simple and clear terms.This is not ONE NIGERIA ANYMORE!!


I comment here because piple are speaking that Hausa Fulani piple are terrorist. Now that the sponsor is arrested government security should expose him and punish him according to law.I dislike piple damaging the good image of others.I live in Gombe with southern piple same compound, no problem. we eat, drink together, walahi, Boko Haram is from top government piple to killing and causing enemies with friends living peacifully many many years.I beg Sultan and Emir, IBB, Abdulsalam, Shagari and Atiku to say something.Nigeria can be peaceful and prosperous.

pls pray for nigeria

Let's pray for nigeria that peace will reign



im surprise that nigerians at

im surprise that nigerians at this point in time when we are to stand against the papetraitors of evil irrespective of the section of nigeria they come from are busy engaging themselves in what i may call sectional defence.nigeria belongs to all of us how long can we as a people condone evil.i surgest we grow up and learn to call a spade a spade

Had it been i know ur tribe,

Had it been i know ur tribe, i would have reply 2 that ur useless comment. Let the so called Nigeria be split, the fact is that its not goin 2 b splited into 3 as u pools are thinkin


mr olusafor, the issue of crime is not based on tribe or religion, remember weapons that was arrested in Ghana recently 2 Nigerians are arrested and i believe non is Hausa,the issue to allow security people to do their job so that our country will be free from criminals,i believe 90 percents of weapons that are intercepted in this country belongs to SS/SW so please wake up from sleep,and stop promoting tribalism but honest always in your judgement

@Olusailor, you must be a

@Olusailor, you must be a born bastard tribalist to have insulted a whole tribe, of nearly fifty millions, because of the actions of a few hundreds, at most a few thousand.

Your tribe, the dirtiest, the most treacherous and ugliest in Nigeria, have the largest proportion of looters of public funds.

It is also most notorious for incestuous relations and rapes; just check Nairaland website and see reported cases of fathers sleeping with their daughters in your area!

(In fact, you might as well be a product of one of such rampant cases of incest among your people).

Yet, we cannot condemn your entire tribe for all these evils that are so associated with your dirty people!

Otile is a nonentity!!!

For Otile's information, the actual problem of Nigeria lies in the hands of shallow-minded Ibo people called Niger/Delta/South-East. That is the more reason why we have been preventing them from becoming the Naija President. Thank God, visionless Jonathan has vindicated me. Interestingly, Buhari built three of the four refeneries we are forming upon today in Nigeria. Let this big fool Otile enumerate just a single achievement of that moron-Jonathan. The truth is that Boko Haram wouldnt have been in existence, if stupid Jonathan has been able to deliver on his promises. Facts!!!

IS THAT NUHU of former EFCC?

Is this Nuhu the same as the Nuhu of EFCC? I'm just asking.

well done

Our military are really trying just that when mixed with the members of NPF, they start acting like over grown ass suckers. Pls our military shouldn't be mixed with those animalistics money mongers code named police. Well done. Together we shall end this boko haram mess.


my friend the problem of Nigeria is all of us not hausa,igbo or yoruba all of us are guilty of it, i believe weapons are captured in Ghana and 2 Nigerian are arrested and i believe there is no Hausa among them, so the issue is for Govt to fight crime so that our country will be safe but insulting tribes or region will not take us anyware so my friend wake up from ur childesh attitute and shun trabalism

ibrahim saad is a fool

You are a big fool for making such a statement.. Instead of you to commend the efforts of the military in the fight against boko haram, you are here opening that your stinking mouth to say that you don't believe that the man is a boko haram sponsor even though he was caught red-handed. For you to support the gun runner, you must be a member of that devilish group. God will soon avenge for the innocent souls you and your brothers wasted.

This is just the beginning.

This is just the beginning. No one subsumes God's Justice. Any one that attempts to do so shall be consumed. The blood of the innocents will son gain justice as more revelations are on the way.

the izala of izala finally caught

Compare the increase of fuel price by over 900% in just under 2yrs in 1994(from 23 kobo per litre under Ernest Shonekan to N11 per litre under Abacha), which enjoyed the support of BUHARI, with this present increase of about 110% in 5yrs, from N65 per litre in 2007 to N141 per litre in 2012. Buhari did not see the WiCKED increase of over 900% in 1994,over 2yr period, under Abacha as DECLARATION OF WAR on 9jas. He did not feel any MORAL BURDEN in heading the PTF to manage the proceeds from that murderous increment. But Buhari and his CPC has described the 110% increase of fuel price, in 5yrs, under President Jonathan, as DECLARATION OF WAR on 9jas. SHAME on those who have been CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT. He truncated democracy in 1983 only to come back to contest elections in 2003,2007 and 2011. He vowed not to go to court after 2011 elections but we later found him in court. Again he said he'll quit politics but he is still LOITERING around politics. SHAME!ify


Good one by the nigerian ARMY you have our support

One down more to come

Next is Atiku, Buhari, Gusau, El Rufai, IBB and a whole lot of others. Atiku said quote, "those who make peaceful change impossible invites violent change". It is obvious that boko haram is sponsored by prominent northern politicians. It is time to go after them.

What is the real story

Pls get real both The Army and police not sensational story as in this case.


Durin Uwarka!!! Whoever you are and whatever you represent shall never prevail.


It is in the best interest of Yakowa, peace and the good people of the state that this issue is handled properly.handled. Yakowa should make sure these boko Haram elites are not left off the hook.


If you feel you can harm any body by abuses,you are dead wrong.Have u ever
notice that submissions by hausas are reactionary.They feel so high to even abuse other ethnicities.then where are we.Is it another case of inferiority complex? i hate to admit so but our behavior is drifting towards that.

not another ndume plz!

Plz'we don't need another Ndume story.if they uncover a sponsor,they shld prosecute the person at once and get it over with.if not,they should just keep quiet and leave us alone with their "super-stories"..

did the FULANI elites not know about him

Elder Statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has faulted calls on the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to resign.

In a statement on Saturday, the Second Republic Political Adviser faulted those “pushing them to resign their positions on account of the principled and patriotic stand they have taken on the issue of deregulation on Premium Motor Spirit otherwise known as petrol.

Elder Statesman, Alhaji Tanko

Elder Statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has faulted calls on the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to resign.

In a statement on Saturday, the Second Republic Political Adviser faulted those “pushing them to resign their positions on account of the principled and patriotic stand they have taken on the issue of deregulation on Premium Motor Spirit otherwise known as petrol.

The Musilms Are The Cowards Hidding Btwn Women & Children.......

The musilms terrorists are the cowards taking refuge behind women and children. The idiots will tell you to dare come out and insult them while they commit their wicked acts in hidding. If these fools are bold they should come out and face the music in the open instead of hidding like rats. All I hear from these rats is come out if you are bold to insult their prophet muhammad. Nobody is insulting prophet muhammad but they his lunatic followers. Prophet muhammad has been cursed by your actions of your wicked acts. If your father and mother the Boko Haram have the courage, they should come out and show their faces. It is your custom to cover your faces with dirty rags. Who are the cowards? The people you kill in hidding or you rats that commit wicked acts against humanity? The rag heads want war but they cannot face their opponents in the battle fields. Your prophet muhammad is whom you guys are insulting by your wild beasts behaviors.

Mr president

Oh sss and other military officers why cant arrest mr president to show the boko haram member that he know, if we remeber he said there is boko haram at NPF, NMF, & FG. But sss come & arrest Nuhu Muhammad?

Jonathan wake up now.

This is a golden opportunity for this administration to make a point. GEJ will be a fool to allow this golden opportunity pass bye. This is what you have been waiting for grab the opportunity and use it well. This is how to prove that you are bold and strong by resisting the cabal that want to help this suspect. The army has done it's part,do yours..

Its bcos u r a coward dat is

Its bcos u r a coward dat is Y u tink dat way

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