Police Arraign Two Airport Staff For Stealing Governor Akpabio’s Cash Haul-PREMIUM TIMES

Governor of cash, Godswill Akpabio
Bassey Udo

Godswill Akpabio... Critics say his convoy is fond of moving about with huge cash

The arraignment of the suspects followed two previous failed attempts by the police last week

Two of the three staff of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCo) attached to Arik Airlines accused of stealing N1.5million from the luggage of a Governor Godswill Akpabio's protocol attachee, Ebakabasi  Etuk, at Ibom International Airport penultimate Saturday, have been arraigned in court.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Akwa Ibom State Police Command, Onyeka Orji, an assistant superintendent of police (ASP), confirmed to Premium Times that the suspects, who have been in custody at the Akwa Ibom State Police Command headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia since the incident, were arraigned on Monday at the Chief Magistrate Court 1 in Uyo, the state capital.

Mr. Orji would not volunteer further details on the identities of the suspects, claiming it would be sub-judicial to divulge such details once the case has commenced in court.

But Premium Times gathered that the prime suspect, one Victor Eshiet Usenekong, who was in charge of the baggage unit of Arik Airlines, was arraigned along with his accomplice, Inyang Cyril Sylvester, on two-count charge of stealing the sum of N1.5million cash at the Ibom International Airport on February 26, 2012.

Initial report had suggested that the suspects stole N2million.

According to the charge read in court, the suspects were accused of conspiring among themselves to commit felony and committing an offence punishable under section 552 of the criminal code CAP. 38, Vol. 11 Laws of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, 2000.

After reading the charge to them at the court, the presiding magistrate granted them bail in the sum of N3million each, after they pleaded not guilty.

Their arraignment followed two previous failed attempts since the incident took place.

Mr. Orji had earlier disclosed that the police had taken the suspects to court on Thursday and Friday last week for arraignment, only to learn that the court officials were on a scheduled official visit prisons, which warranted a shift to today.

The suspects were said to have stolen the money from the bundles of cash reportedly carried by the Akwa Ibom State government team on their way back from Lagos where Governor Godswill Akpabio was awarded the ‘Sun Newspapers Man of the Year’ two weeks ago. 

The protocol team travelled ahead of the governor who later returned to the state in a chartered jet.

The money was recovered concealed in an abandoned luggage later found to belong to the prime suspect, who was promptly whisked away for questioning and later detained.

The move by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to introduce the cashless economy policy was informed by the penchant of Nigerians, particularly top government officials, who are in the habit of traveling around with large sacks of money in cash.

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Re. Nigeris vs Ghana

True talk, Ghana is now Nigerian's vacation spot when they fail to obtain a visas to the U.S. or U.K. let's see what this government will do to all those corrupt officials in NEPA and Port Authority.

Whose money is government money?

Hey folks, here's a true story that illustrates the state of the Nigerian nation. A few years ago, some friends travelled to Nigeria through Ghana. During the expected long lay over, they wanted to walk around, possibly go to town without having to lug around thier several luggages. Meanwhile, a security guard overheard them vasilitating about the safety of thier belongings and asked them whether they were Nigerians. When they answered in the affirmative, he reminded them that they were in Ghana, not Nigeria and such things as stealing passenger luggages dont happen at Ghanain airports anymore. They left thier luggages in his care and when they returned everything was intact and even refused thier tip. Although it took some courage to trust the guy but they did. I doubt if anyone could trust a Nigerian to that extent anywhere in Nigeria. What a reputation to have!

Only in NIGERIA .....

If this had been a civilized country, this governor would have resigned. It still come to the fact that Nigeria is a lawless country where the people in charge are not morally obligated to abide by the rule of the land (if we have any). Seriously, where is EFCC? They need to ask this governor (while still in office) where he got this large sum of money from and why carry around such large amount in cash. I bet a lot of the civil workers in his State are yet to get paid. But again, this is Nigeria. It's still the old adage.....NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE


This is a question of if "Thief thief Thief"

Whose money

The guys took their shares they should be discharged and aquitted. The Governor should be charged for displaying illegal wealth.#1.5m x 2 = #750.000only is this worth the amount the Governor is detaining a human being. Ask the Gov whose money they stole what section of the Constitution or Akwa ibom state law permits the gov to carry about such an amount of money in cash while thousands of the akwa Ibom citizens are without food and basic necessities.

To Whom It May Concern

We will not continue to standby and allow you to set us up, a word is enough for the wise call off your attack dogs. This will never be Bayelsa.

The Governor was not wrong

Dont crucify Akpabio cos of just mere 3million found in his luggage.he is a performing gov for christ sake,do you expect a governor to travel out the state with chicken change?no,pls the governor is like many of us that travel with huge sum of money.



To Those Nigerians........

There you go!!!!!
To those arse licking Nigerians, poverty -satiffied Nigerians, Nigerians who have not been to the farmlands of the fathers of others but still keep insisting that their own father's farm (i.e. Nigeria in this case) is still the greatest emerging economy in Africa, think again, are these the signs of greatness, moving to greatness or those of movement towards regression? A governor misappropriates 5000million naira for a worthless regional award (he probably bought in the first place) and nothing is done about but an underpaid, over used and over abused poor staff steal 1.5 million out of it and is quickly whisked by the police. While I am not condoling either of them, they should both be taken to the same court on the same day for judgement! Not only this, DO YOU KNOW THAT THE EFCC IS NOW WORKING OUT A SO-CALLED BARGAINING PLEA SCHEME FOR THESE CRIMINALS, MEANING ONCE YOU STRIKE A DEAL WITH THEM YOU STILL LEGALLY KEEP MOST OF THE LOOTS YOU TOOK! IDIOTS.

state money for indegenes

That was an opportunity for that guy to enjoy part of the state cake. he was only a unlucky hence a scape goat , your excellency should forgive him he might be luckier next time.

Gross Injustice

The Nigerian system is fast to take common criminals to court, but what about the big thieves like Akpabio. Why is nobody asking the mo fo (Akpabio) the question of where he got the cash he was carrying around. Akpabio grand thief just like Ibori.

There is no justice in this country and the house is shaking. It shall fall one day - it's only a matter of time. Nigeria will not stand all this mess. It will scatter and fall; and we all better brace for the impact!

Nigeria vs Ghana

The rascals and the restless the challenges posed by the recklessness in governance has depict the very true picture of what this present government is about. Let's for once take a deep look at Ghana, this country has been able to pull herself together and reclaim her position as the first country to gain independence and establish a leading role in West Africa if not Africa as a whole. How did this come about.... Where is Nigeria positioning herself in this revolution... Yes, there is a theater of corruption in every democratic system of governance but to dwell in it and to make it the norms of the society is despicable and redundant. Governor Akpabio's case is heard nation- wide because of his affluence but stealing by airport officials happens everyday unreported. Maybe this present action will give the government a reason to reform the system and overhaul the Nigerian polity against the norms of corruption in low and high places.


In an ideal society,Nigerians will demand this gov to resign,if he doesn't.But reading some of the comments in this room,affirm my conviction that our cultures support looting and plundering of the treasury.This is despicable. Nigeria is rotten and will NEVER BE GREAT country.


The governor is a big thief and a crook..what is he doing wt this huge of cash? he need to apear before the magisrate court as well...to hell wt all of you governors...oleeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Moseuir Akpabio, though i

Moseuir Akpabio, though i appreciate your antigraft war, but for it to be effective, it must start with you. Be the 'MAN' go and report your self to the EFCC for stealing the money, that rightly belongs to the Akwa Ibom State people. Rather than use the money allocated to the state to buy awards, use it to pay the civil servants that work so hard to feed their families. Let the money meant for the good people of Akwa Ibom State that have children in higher education and work so hard to earn an honest living, let them accord their kids even the basic education, and not have these children be denied that, because you are busy diverting funds meant for the development of human resources and amanities to buying awards and frivolities.

Poser for lawyers

Here is a classic criminal law question for all lawyers young and old. Can someone be convicted for stealing from a thief. Discuss.

The governor must testify

The governor must testify against them in court as the sole prosecutor withness.

Who is the bigger theif, the

Who is the bigger theif, the guy or Akabio??

The Chartered Plane?

The chartered plane is one of the two bought by Gov. Akpabio in the name of Jide the contractor friend of his. They are about six crooks who are moving out Akwa Ibom money for him.


Events in Nigeria are capable of giving heart attach to those who love that country. A governor is in possession of N2 Million naira cash in violation of applicable laws. Then complains that he has been robbed. The suspects have been charged but the governor and his aides who created the environment that failitated the theft are left alone. What a country!!

Omo Oba, "What is the

Omo Oba,
"What is the governor doing with such huge cash? This is suspicious."

Omo, the Governor is known to be a generous man. We know he was headed to Eko. So my guess is that the more was part of his gift to Omo Eko who happen to meet him. What is wrong with that? He is not a selfish man like Babangida. Then I ask you, which is better, to do good or to do evil on a visit to Ile Eko?

I'm just wondering what the

I'm just wondering what the governor was doing with N1 million cash in de 1st place?

Did We Do Wrong?

Did we do wrong to have gone back with any balance of the money? Now that His Excellency the Governor has directed that henceforth all cash should be left in his aircraft to and fro any trip, what will you people do. At least he has a way of taking care of that. This is the time for Akpabio family to enjoy. PLEASE, PLEASE WAIT FOR YOUR OWN TIME!

Fast one on the fastest.

What is the governor doing with such huge cash?. This is suspicious. Is this another case of money laundering?