Police Arrests 2nd Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect

Dzhokar Tsarnaev
By SaharaReporters, New York

A second suspect in the Boston marathon finish line bombing was taken into custody tonight in the town of Watertown, MA.

Boston police sources said they took in injured Dagestan citizen, 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev. Mr.  Tsarnaev was arrested inside a parked boat in Watertown after a police standoff that lasted several hours.

 Residents in the community cheered the police as the suspect was captured alive. His brother was killed last night in a shootout with the police.

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boston M. bombing


All in Less than One Week !!!

Hopefully, the useless Naija security outfit have learnt s'thing. Deri and his hungry cohorts are quick to point to America when it is convenient, Obama has allayed fears of Bostonians and solved the crime in less than a week. That's leadership! Ugly Ed. Clark was mouthing-off about the incumbent running for re-election unchallenged in the USA, but, U.S. Government works to secure the people. Unlike in Nigeria where thugs & terrorists are actually bunked in government guest houses by known sponsors of militancy. Thugs even have Districts and LGA's under their control. Dumbo is not serious about anything and should be tossed into the sewage ASAP! His ineptitude is killing Nigerians.

The US should take a closer look at every refugee from the caucus mountain range, those thugs are trained "part-time terrorists" with uncanny ability to mix-n-mingle, while plotting mayhem incognito. Every refugee should report to the police once a week for "de-briefing". Sadists!

Lessons for GEJ & Nigeria's Lazy Police Bosses

DOES GEJ nor the lazy grasshoppers called policemen and their bosses appreciate the professionalism of the Boston law enforcement authority? When is GEJ or his appointess in the law enforcement going to emulate such integrity, superior dedication to public works as exemplified by the Boston security personnels? Does GEJ or the ISP know that BOTSWANA has a police service that resmebles Boston's, the British?
All they know is crawling after cankerworms, dashing to the stretchter beds of some infected ambulances and being flown to some other man's land. The devilish maggots among you will never seat with the patriots who cherish their freedom. You will all end up in the bottomless pit!


The Boston nightmare is over. I am glad this animal is off the street. Hopefully he will survive his injuries long enough to provide the US authorities with some answers for this madness. I hope Northern Nigerian indigenes and Nigerians as a whole, could learn from this , how citizens, as one unit, could come together in confronting evil and won. Instead of yearning for amnesty for murderers of our fellow citizens. Hopefully our largely incompetent security organization can see how police work is done. I don't expect that level of sophistication from our poorly trained police force, but I do expect common sense approach to crime investigation. I definetly don't expect a Nigerian police command to tell me that the reason why there was no attempted assassination was because, when the police arrived at the alleged crime scene, the assassin's vehicle wasn't still parked there. How absurd!

i will want to know why he

i will want to know why he did it after getting asylum from the US

Boston Killer

Glory be to God for the suspect deadly killer have been captured alive. The U.S. should be wary of all the afganistan,pakistan,kazastan,...the stan stan citizenry hancesforth, they all the same world wide.All of them are Prospective terrorist.

Boston Marathon Bombing

This is a real show of effectiveness and patrotism by the Boston Police authority. No house was burnt, no shop, no innocent soul was killed in the process. The police persued the target and the people remained indoors as directed. Success was recorded to the credit of the security men and cooperation of citizens. Compare this to what is obtainable in Nigeria. May God safe Nigeria and Nigerians from the blood thirsty Terrorist and Security agents. Amn

This is a call to my Northern 'brothers'!

Please join me to call on President Obama to set up a 'Presidential Amnesty Committee' to consider granting 'amnesty' to the Boston bombers (including the dead one). The 'Amnesty' package should include $3 million each to the bombers, $20 million to their 'sponsors' and a little 'something' for their families. The package should include gifts of Houses, and a 'Presidential reception' at the White House. Why not?

After all, that is the essence of the 'clamour' for 'AMNESTY' for MURDERERS, ARSONISTS, KIDNAPPERS, represented by Boko Haram. I hope the US Government will ENGAGE with the Boston Bomber, just as they persuaded Nigerian Government to 'negotiate' with terrorists!

I like the headline, that "'Police' arrests..."

...And not that President Obama 'arrests'... Any security outfit worth its onion (except a Boys Scout outfit) does not await directives from a President (like a 'bingo' waiting for orders from its master or owner). I hope the Nigerian security agencies are making notes or taking lessons! A President does not need to issue directives before officers will know how to do the job that they have trained for, for DECADES!

After 3 YEARS, and despite being on the 4th IGP, Boko Haram is still a menace. Shambolic outfit! Even in UK, where officers do not usually carry guns, they are very efficient. Let us see if an AMNESTY COMMITTEE will be set up to give 'amnesty' to this bomber.

Nigeria Police, read and be ashamed

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police have no better jobs that to guard "big men" and harass innocent citizens. Anyone who watched the coverage of the story cannot but be awed by the seriousness, speed and sophistication of the response to the bombing.

Where are the killers of Dele Giwa? Bola Ige? And countless others? Who is getting punished for the Dana air disaster?

Great work America.

Nigeria should learn from dis great country, tragic incident happened, in less than 48 hours suspect was captured alive.
Book will strike in northern Nigeria, police will say they are on top of d situation. Although the SSS are the best, police should improve. Send the bastard to jail I fact kwatanomobay let him cool off there.


That is the government that knows and carry out its responsibilities. Entire town was closed down to hunt murderers and citizens demonstrated that power belong to them by supplying securities agencies information that led to the arrest. Did we hear the shout of joy from the people. I long to be part of that kind of society. In contrast ours is a jungle of thieves and ethnc warlords in government. Why should people complain when security agencies in our nation inconvenience them to pursue and arrest murderers. Hear a whole city was closed down and there was no movement and everyone cooperated. Any lessons for this jungle called Nigeria.

What are they celebrating?

What are they celebrating? The death of a cop and the arrest of a teen by thousands of cops, swat, troops?.
Okay no wahala

Nigerian police should learn

Nigerian police should learn from this please

I go naked waka 10 kilometer

I go naked waka 10 kilometer if such ever happen for 9ja.instead GEJ go grant am amnesty and bestow on im a national honour. Yeye,shoeless,spineless & clueless human being .

The US harmer for nut finally prevailed

The chaotic ways the US Police display in handling/solving the Boston bombing shows the country has a long way to catch up with new technology in solving serious crimes much quicker and effectively. The US created CCTV cameras and cannot even afford to cover her 50 States let alone the whole country to minimise the use of bullets often.

Well, without the use of network of CCTV cameras the US used her heavy personnel and weaponry to finally arrest the escaped bomber. Although this was not impressive by an advanced country standard, our Nigeria Government should have used this method of operation flush in combing every territory of the North inch by inch to have by now totally flushed out the northern Muslims boko insurgents.

But Jonathan does not have the courage to give such order to our forces to do what they are trained to do. For this the insurgents grow wings and many lives being lost on daily basis. The North degenerates and takes the rest of the country with it.

Not in boko haramic 9ja-where such would be handed over 2 sultan

Not in the dark continent-In 9ja even those Fulanis nominated by gwabment to find solution to the war by boko haram are running away like rabbits in the claws of a dog. The very security that is charged with protecting the lives of 9jas are equally betraying their colleagues and putting their lives in danger-The army would be the first to tell the culprits how to escape to Mali and Chad-theirs is to be posted to oil producing zones in SS, to parley with bunkerers and arrest women and men selling kerosene and petrol in gallons-along the water-fronts-in zones where there are no gas stations-the army arrest aged women trying to make a living out of their own God giving resources-In 9ja its only Niger Deltas who are giving life in jail or hanged to the joy of the tripod! And when pardoned internal war!


Our poorly trained and ill equipped police can't arrest a rat. Within hours of bombings suspects were identified and now the hunt is over the last suspect CAPTURED. God is the one protecting us in this nation. As for our police they hardly can protect themselves. Yet our presido, sinnators , dishonorable reps travel almost every month without learning anything. Ghana must go bags of dollars is the only thing they know how to carry to foreignland. Shame. Shame.

What a gov't!

Serious gov't at work fighting terror.
I weep 4 my fatherland nija.


America is playing with VIPERS (Moslems). There are only two types of Moslems:
1. Radicalized
2. Pre-Radicalized
There are no good Moslems. Those America calls good are the Pre-Radicalized ones. I am sick and tired of hearing about this official lie that a good religion was hijacked by a few. Stop giving visas to Moslems. I understand that sentiment of being a nation of immigrants but THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. It makes no sense admiting VIPERS.


Its obvious.Positive country gets positive results.Looser administration wins corruption.HOPE,where are you ? Nothing comes out a decadent system.A democracy where the citizens are IRRELEVANT cannot stand.9ja senators and legislators,think again.Local givernment thieves,think again.Think about the billions you collect from the system that cannot support your absolute greed,evil and shamelessness.THINK AGAIN.SAVE AFRICA'S MOST BLESSED NATION !!

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