Police Recover Decomposing Bodies Of 10 Murdered Policemen In Bayelsa

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Bayelsa State Police command has recovered 10 bodies of police officers killed last Saturday by members of the militant Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) in the Azuzuama waterways of the state. Two bodies remain missing, according to our source.

A security source in Bayelsa stated that the bodies of the slain officers were badly mutilated by the militants who killed them. The source added that the militants had taken the mutilated bodies into the bush to conceal them. He credited the discovery of the slightly decomposed remains to an intensive manhunt by members of the joint task force made up of soldiers, the navy and marine police. “Their valiant effort yielded results,” said our source, adding that the search party found the “bodies in bad state.”
In an official confirmation, the Bayelsa State Police Commissioner, Kingsley Omire, stated in Yenagoa that a combined team of security operatives today recovered the bodies of the slain policemen along the creeks of Azuzuama in southern Ijaw local government area.
Our correspondent reported that distraught and grief-stricken relatives of the murdered policemen had as early as 10 a.m. besieged the police marine base in Bebelebiri area of Yenagoa to await the arrival of the bodies.
Victor Ebebi, an older brother of one of the victims, Lucky Ebebi, told our correspondent that the police merely told him that his brother, who was 31, was missing. He added that he was at the base to find out if his brother’s remains had been recovered.
“I came to Yenagoa from Bomadi in Delta State only to be disappointed that we were not even allowed to check if my brother’s corpse has been found,” Mr. Ebebi said.
 Our source disclosed that the bodies did not arrive until 7 p.m. (Nigerian time) on Tuesday amidst tight security. Relatives of the dead policemen and journalists were locked out of the premises of the jetty belonging to the Bayelsa State Ministry of Transport.
The slain officers’ bodies emitted an overpowering odor which forced their wailing relatives as well as sympathizers to cover their noses. Late tonight, SaharaReporters learnt that the remains had been deposited at the mortuary of the Federal Medical Centre in Yenagoa.
The murdered officers were part of a 50-man team deployed from the police command headquarters in Yenagoa to escort some politically connected individuals to a burial in the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of Bayelsa.
The ill-fated boat with the officers was heading to Azuzuama for the burial of the deceased mother of Kile Torughedi, an ex-militant leader who embraced the Federal Government's amnesty and currently serves as a special assistant to Governor Seriake Dickson on maritime security.

A security source told SaharaReporters that the boat conveying the policemen to the burial came under attack mid-sea when it developed engine trouble. The gunmen, suspected to be militants, shot and killed the 12 policemen. The remains of two of the slain officers are yet to be recovered, said our source, adding that the search for them was ongoing.
MEND had earlier claimed responsibility for the killings. Even so, the police as well as the Bayelsa State government denied the group’s involvement.

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Abubakar tundemash, stop

Abubakar tundemash, stop thinking like a Muslim. See, the only conclusion you could draw from the death of those policemen is mass suicide. In your own words you concluded thus: "So the policemen committed mass suicide". You Muslims are quite different from us. We look at suicide with horror, while you look at it with great expectations. Verily, verily I say onto you there is nothing to gain from suicide. There are no virgins to sleep with in alginat as you have been taught in the mosques.

Deri is also coward and murderer !!!

Haba, GidiBoy you ought to know that Deri is hypocrite that's why he is making such senseless allegation. Please ignore the idiot. Thank you.


Nigeria is in trouble, imagine killing of 12 Policemen with out any justification. I wonder who is now safe in the country? But my question why does the police denied the claimed of the militants, if you now said they are not responsible then you can be able to tell us who are responsible for this dastardly act? With this recent attack of the security operatives the officers and men are no longer motivated.

Where is Akpos 1 & co

Where are all the SR representatives of the United Republic of SS & SE? Nothing to write about your beloved sweet oily republic on this? Animals !!!

This is the result of gross abuse of power.

This is the result of abuse of power.Imagine 50 policemen drafted to provide security at the burial ceremony of the mother of an 'ex-militant', someone who can barely write his name. Simply b/c he took up arms against the state, he is now a govt. VIP. It means that the police authority knew how dangerous the waterway was. They failed to plan the voyage well perhaps out of negligence.
THIS COUNTRY IS SCREWED! This is what happened in Odi that Obasanjo tried to set right to serve as a lesson for others who would want to tried the same thing in future, and now people are calling for his prosecution for 'genocide'. I think those making that call may have a re-think now.

Police Recover Bodies of Slain officers

It is obvious that these men's boat was sabotaged even before take-off, a thorough investigation should be conducted to unravel all this mystery. Why would someone take responsibility for an act committed only for a sitting president to deny same??? why is GEJ in the spotlight for every act of murder that presents a politically motivated act??? who is really behind these heinous acts??? one day....very soon....wind go blow and we go see monkey nyash! God can not be mocked.....


why are my comments not published?

So the policemen committed mass suicide ?

Wonders shall never end. MEND claimed responsibility and govt. said NO . So the policemen committed mass suicide ?

Sounds similar to Oct. 1 bombing; MEND claimed responsibility; Dumbo Jo says no; South Africa convicted MEND leader for same crime. Does anyone need a guess who is behind the security instability in Nigeria ? Ship the animal back to Otuoke in 2015 and destroy PDP; that is the task for every sane Nigerian !


The country has failed. it is however certain that those with the necessary influence to break it up now would not move on time because their own actions are never altruistic. Countries of the world where policemen are being slaughterer with impunity are not common. Any bullet shot into the chest of a policeman is actually a short to the heart of a real nation. This development is too disgusting. Yes, things are worsening in Nigeria. When some hoodlums tried this approach then in the regime of Baba OBJ, his government immediately rose up to it but now it seems we are in a state of political interregnum. I Cry for this cursed nation state.

are we this gullibel??? SR please drill deeper!

please SR drill deeper. the lines are not in a straight line. too many questions.
"The source added that the militants had taken the mutilated bodies into the bush to conceal them"
...so no one would find the bodies? serious? this is a "show and tell" business. you want your handiwork to be all over the news media and you gladly take responsibility. not hide your handiwork.
are there no witnesses? SR, please get to witnesses. where are the supposed politically connected people they were sent to escort? when you escort, you are in close tow. am sure they have stories to tell. they are not even mentioned in the story.
what the hell kind of reporting is this? isn't the Bayelsa State Police Commissioner, Kingsley Omire part of the police?

May those involved..... RIP to the POLICE-12

May those involved in this dastardly act die a miserable death and may their bodies be burnt to ashes by the villagers.

their unjust actions will catch up with them sooner than we all think. They can run but can't hide. The ghost of the 12 will keep chase them like a smoke until they get smoked out by JTF


This is very barbaric. How can they kill 12 innocent policemen and know arrest is made until Now. I am saddening. What will happen to civilian if policemen are being killed wit no repercussion. This Government should arise and address this. We have not heard anything from the presidency on the killings.

Shedding innocent blood !!!

This dastardly and murderous act by MEND equate them to BOKO HARAM. This is no longer about a 'cause' or 'right to oil' but a show of criminality that flies in the face of all human dignity and decency. Worse still it is being done by GEJs brothers who have been gifted with multi-million contracts to protect pipelines !! To boast about killing police men going about their daily bread wreaks of such low life existence and vermin. MEND is now prosecuting satanic agendas and Gods judgement awaits them.

which way nigeria

in country where police officers are killed in mid-sea were there no knowledge of them, that they will come across these men of the underworld, which way Nigeria, may God help us,

@Deri - This is the lowest of the Low

How can you say the military killed the Policement when MEND had ward before hand that they will beging there killing and bombing and a few days they killed 12 policement and went on to claim responsibility, yet you have the ignominy to come and defend the indefensible. this is low...


The police killed were on a mission to protect VIPs at the funeral of the mother of of an ex militant?

When has the brief of the police include this type of beat?
Unfortunately, the rank and file always carry the burnt!

May their innocent souls rest in peace.

Its really Sad

It's painful and very bad to hear that men that have dedicated their lives to the service of their great nation are been killed like chicken


The story of how some police men were gruesomely attacked and killed in Bayelsa State while on official duty is quite pathetic.However the account given by the CP of the state that the boat conveying the police men developed some technical problems mid sea, thus leaving the police men at the mercy of the attackers, elicits more questions than answers. What type of boat did the police use? Were the police men not armed? Where were the other boats in the convey when the attack was underway? If the assignment the police men were going for, was that important as we are made to believe, one would have expected a more coordinated convoy movement. Permit me to use this medium to commiserate with the families of the slain police men. The Police authorities should ensure that their families are appropriately compensated and rehabilitated.

who are responsible?

Bayelsa state government and the Nigerian Police should please tell Nigerians who are actually responsible for this attack.

Police recover

Wonders will never end. Only in my Country that a group will claim responsibility for a heinous act, and a constituted authority will deny.

oga police yr story stinks like hell-sack d CP now

The Bayelsa state CP, Omire is just being economical with the truth-the man is lying-and should be dismissed from service-he is a danger to society-worst than boko haram if not one of their agents in the SS.First of all are we being told here that the army gun boat which was ahead of the boat that the police officers were in, did NOT hear any gun fire? If they did then why did they not come to the rescue of the police officers-Again what type of boat was used to convey over 50 police officers to the said burial-why would militants waste their time, aware of the presence of soldiers on the waters to hide the bodies of 10 police men? Truth be told the police men were killed by the soldiers-No militants would ever make such stupid mistake with the dead-what would they gain by trying to hide the dead bodies-Oga police yr story stinks



very sad for our country - 1

It is disheartening that our country has become a "killing field." In other sane climes, Police Officers are respected and honored for sacrificing their own safety and lives so that the rest of society can sleep with both eyes closed at night. But in Nigeria, these very selfless law and peace officers are impugned, gunned down at every turn, and blamed for all the woes that has befallen the country. With the way Police Officers are treated in Nigeria, one wonders why anyone would want to serve.

very sad for our country - 2

On one hand we blame them when we become victims of crime, even when we all know they are ill-equipped and not trained properly. On the other hand, we "breath down their necks" and we gun them down without just cause. It is time we start supporting ALL our law enforcement officers for their willingness to provide security for the rest of us at their own expense, and sometimes without receiving their salaries and pensions. It really is time we appreciate and not kill police officers in this country.

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