PREMIUM TIMES EDITORIAL: Governor Akpabio Must End Abuse Of Akwa Ibom State Funds

Governor Godswill Akpabio frequently leased luxury private planes from Vista jet before finally buying one last year
By Premium Times

Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state holds the irritating record of being Nigeria’s most openly profligate governor. He is a father christmas — throwing outlandish cash gifts at politicians, activists, musicians, journalists and whoever captures his fancy. He moves around with bales of mint-fresh cash, spending extravagantly and making reckless donations at public events.

Yet the funds he is wasting does not belong to him. They belong to tax payers in Akwa Ibom State who have continued to wallow in poverty, disease and insecurity despite the huge oil revenue the oil-rich state receives every month. Rather than pull majority of his people out of poverty, Mr. Akpabio has become a waste pipe, frittering away the collective wealth of his people while managing to beautify the state capital to create the impression he is developing the state.

Mr. Akpabio’s incautious spending escalated months after he took office in 2007, when he became a near constant guest at child naming ceremonies, marriages, funerals and sundry events. And he never failed to give zing to such events with multimillion naira donations, Toyota cars and SUVs for whoever caught his fancy.

These are not subjective reports, they are facts well known in that state.
Nothing speaks to the impoverishment of a state, whose leader brandishes so much wealth, than the celebrations that often erupt in praise of the donations. Many hail the governor’s gifts as generosity of spirit, and only a few dare complain.

Mr. Akpabio’s recent controversial donations and dealings, only replicate a trend well established in Akwa Ibom for six years.
His donation of a N50 million award for Nollywood, two SUVs to Tuface Idibia, and wife, Annie, and the acquisition of an exotic multimillion dollar bullet-proof sprinter luxury vans from US-based Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), have sparked outrage.

On Saturday, the governor, ever money and power drunk, unilaterally donated N230 million on behalf of the newly-formed PDP Governors Forum to President Goodluck Jonathan’s hometown church. There are indications many of the governors did not give him their nods to make any donation on their behalf.

Shamefully, many of Mr. Akpabio’s multimillion donations go to journalists and unscrupulous party and government officials who should help check the spendthrift governor.

In all, what is clear is that the funds Mr. Akpabio so injudiciously deploys are part of the monthly oil receipts of a state with one of Nigeria’s highest rate of unemployment. Despite his much-hyped claims of investments in education and health, Akwa Ibom state’s records in those sectors remain miserable. Millions of the state’s population can hardly afford daily meals, and many settle for debasing jobs around the country.

As of Tuesday, retirees in Akwa Ibom state were yet to receive their February pensions. Salaries are often owed, and when they are paid, they come some two or three weeks into new months.

These problems are by no means peculiar to Akwa Ibom. But the failings are amplified when funds that should alleviate them are squandered in the most outlandish of ways.

At an average N15 million a unit, the two Prado SUVs given to Tuface, can reward 100 unsalaried Akwa Ibom graduates N80, 000 for four months. That would be something to those families! The N50million he threw at Nollywood can do even more.
Mr. Akpabio must be ashamed of his conduct, and halt the folly. He must recognize that Akwa Ibom people deserve his respect, and that preserving their commonwealth is one way to ensure that.

The spate of profligacy he has consistently demonstrated falls amongst reasons some have opposed an increase in oil revenue share for oil producing states in the Petroleum Industry Bill. While we do not see how withholding such funds will cure governors such as Mr. Akpabio of spending proclivities, we also do fully understand the concern of those agitating for accountability before any increase in derivation formula.

The anti-corruption agencies and civil society organizations must note the governor’s spending, and the Akwa Ibom people should recognize they have a common evil they must rally against. They must rise and seek answers, and insist Mr. Akpabio channel their wealth into creating jobs for the unemployed, food for the starving, health for the sick and education for all.
Most importantly, they must insist Mr. Akpabio be made to face sanctions whenever the scope of his financial abuses, is fully established.

Akwa Ibomites should not throw their hands up in helplessness. They should note that except he becomes president or vice-president in 2015, Mr. Akpabio would be eligible for prosecution after losing the immunity that seems to have made him money and power drunk. Citizens should keep documenting his indiscretions, as his days of reckoning are coming close.

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The Best Governor In Nigeria

THe Best Governor in Nigeria

Let's wait for the times

Let's wait for the times without politicians - it will come, soon. by Kassi Bartnes



The prayer of Akwa Ibom people is that, God should raise somebody exactly like

Godswill Akpabio to be your Governor in whatever state of Nigeria that you come from.

We pray in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Akwa Ibom people should rise up and protest immediately

Instead of complaining on the internet, all Akwa Ibom people should surround Akpabio's residence, the Governors office, and Uyo to protest Akapio's spending of their collective wealth in this reckless manner. Akwa Ibom people can do this by executing the protest overwhemingly, such that the military cannot disperse them unless they want to kill millions of people to achieve that. Again, the idea is to overwhelm Akapbio's residence and his law enforcement agent, to the extent that they become grossly ineffective in dispersing them. If they make the mistake of having a few people protest, Akpabio will kill all of them using the military (sadly, Akpabio does not allow anyone to complain in Akwa Ibom). Protesting will force Akpabio to answer to why he is spending Akwa Ibom noies in the manner he has in recent years. Complaining on the internet will only end on the internet. Period!!!!

Akpabio is an empty vessel who craves "outside" approval - 1

I'll admit, I was one Nigerian that took Akpabio seriously at a time, especially, after hearing many Uyo residents say that the town is changing dramatically. Call me naive.... Seriously, considering the way this Akpabio guy has come to spend Akwa Ibom monies in recent times, I wonder if these are "uncommon" developmental priorities that warrant the spending of such huge sums on vanity. Ofcourse we all know and agree that the reason Akpabio has become bold in his display of materialism is the fact that he is Jonathan's henchman – Akpabio has become untouchable, literally. The question, sadly, is: Can't the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly stop this reckless dishing-out of Akwa Ibom monies or are they part of the thievery and irresponsibility?

Long throat

Long throat e no good, you go reap what you sow.

Akpabio is an empty vessel who craves "outside" approval - 2

It is equally disheartening and mind-boggling that at a time millions of Akwa Ibom people are walloping in abject poverty (the poverty in the North is child's play compared to the Niger Delta, Akwa Ibom in particular), Akpabio is stealing their monies and their collective welfare for his own personal comfort and enjoyment only. It is indeed a disgrace and an outrage that Akapbio is spending Akwa Ibom monies as personal inheritance or as though it is monies that he won in a lottery jackpot. For heaven sake, what does Akapbio think he gains from spreading Akwa Ibom monies to non-indigenes of the state, especially when his own state citizens can barely eat one meal every day. Why has God punished Akwa Ibom with reckless and highly-insentive leaders like Akapbio?

Akpabio is an empty vessel who craves "outside" approval - 3

Why Akpabio need all these luxury and material things when his people are suffering like slaves? Folks please tell me, where does Akpabio need to go that require a private jet? Why can't Akpabio use those monies to build several 50 or 100-storey skyscrapers all over Uyo, to consolidate on his “uncommon transformation” slogan, which at the moment is pure scam. I've never seen a Governor that makes so much noise everytime some obscure single-lane road is constructed in Akwa Ibom. “Come and see what I have done. Come and see my uncommon road. I have used 30 billion Naira to build 3 roads in 9 months, come and see it” What a disgrace and fraud this Akpabio is!!! Akpabio is such an empty vessel who craves "outside" approval to mask his inferiority complex. What a shame!!!

Worse than Julius Caesar

This man is worse than Julius Caesar. At least with Caesar most of Rome benefited.

Insolent Albert Akpan, you

Insolent Albert Akpan, you have no good upbringing. See how you are abusing one of the few governors who is developing their people in this corrupt Nigeria. Whatever you do, don't ever extend you insolence to Igbo people. We will not let you get away with it. Who taught you manners? Unamikot.

deri, you see what I am

deri, you see what I am talking about. You have blind obedience to your Hausa slave masters. We are talking about Hausa Fulani thieves who are looting the oil from my father's backyard, but you foolishly single out the Fulanis as your narrow target. Why? The slave agreement your ancestors signed with the thieving Hausa is due to expire next year 2014. Come out of your cocoon comfort zone to liberate yourself. Treacherous people like you brought them in to murder innocent children and women to give you false protection. If the Igbo people you often insult do not stand as a bulwark between you and your Hausa masters they would have drowned all of you in Nembe river.

Nigerians are cowards!!

If this was Kenya or Egypt, the people would not have stood and watched all this nonsense going on.



This man na the worst

This man na the worst performing Governor for Naija

People Decieve People

Now he is the leader of People Decieve People Governors forum and lavishing our state money any how there as well.

Well I hope that after he

Well I hope that after he leaves office, the law catches up with him.

How many hundreds of billions??

I wonder just how many hundreds of Billions of Akwa Ibom state money this man has squandered since he fraudulently came into office.

Rebel without a cause

Akpabio is a rebel without a cause.

Only in Nigeria

Only in Nigeria can public officials behave as they like and get away with it most of the time. We still have a long way to go in this country

Scared of the people

If Akpabio is performing so well, why is he scared of the people? Buying bullet proof cars from here and there?

I just heard today on the

I just heard today on the radio that he has awarded 6million Naira to their corrupt Governor's forum.

Akwa Ibom State money

Why does he need a private jet? This waste of Akwa Ibom State money while her people suffer is very bad.

Demo crazy

With this 'democrazy' our politicians fell they now have a legitimate right to rob us of what's rightfully ours. For how long are we to go on like this.

PDPGF chairman

PDPGF chairman, ur days r actually numbered including ur fellow widows in other states. Up APC

Akpabio and Goodlack

Akpabio, you think sucking up to Goodlack Jonathan will win you friends in Abuja abi? Oya wait and see. As for your state, I pity those una Akwa Ibom people wey don suffer for your hand.

Enough nonsense

When this man entered office, I was really expecting a lot from him. For one, to alleviate the suffering of the people. Instead this man has come in and taken what belongs to us to better himself and close associates, all in the name of democracy? Enough of his nonsense please!!

Land of deceit

Land of promise for the few, greedy and heartless, eat your cake and have it, but remember that nothing lasts forever.

Worst performing

Satanswill Akpabio is the worst and most corrupt Governor in Nigeria, and after he finishes embezzling all the state funds he should be ready to face the long arms of the law. Immunity is not forever.

A word for Gov Akpabio

Akpabio should remember his growing up years. He should also consider what will become of him after he lives office.
Investing in the life and destiny of the common people can be the best investment ever.

More than 50% of Akwaibomites in other states live in batchers. He should think of empowering his people.


i pity the people from south south as the money meant to develop their state are constantly stolen by the guys they voted for.
and yet some idiot militant are complaining they want more allocation....what a pity Nigeria.

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