President Jonathan’s List of University Boards Officially Endorses Corruption

Adamu muazu, Mike Okiro and Ade Ogunlewe
By SaharaReporters, New York

President Jonathan’s steady march towards firmly incorporating corruption as a common standard in all federal establishments has been given further boost by a curious list of appointed members of Governing Councils for federal universities.  The list of the yet-to-be inaugurated boards of the 21 institutions is highlighted by names of unscrupulous characters a broad variety of scandals and fraud.

The governing boards, announced in a statement by the Secretary to the Federal Government, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, contains such characters as the former Inspector-General of Police Mike Okiro, fugitive former Bauchi Governor Adamu Mu’Azu, Salisu Buhari, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives who became notorious for his forged Toronto University certificate, and former Minister of Works Adeseye  Ogunlewe.

Mr. Mike Okiro and his predecessor in office, Sunday Ehindero, were implicated in a Police Fund scandal involving John Obaniyi, a commissioner in charge of finance at police headquarters who was principally targeted in an investigation charade, but Mr. Okiro reportedly pocketed his share and walked away.  The fangs of police corruption under Mike Okiro grew deadlier and more extensive with police roadblocks proliferating nationwide to extort commuters and assist politicians with their rigging agenda during elections.  Even while still in office, Okiro was the owner of a range of businesses in Abuja.

Mu’Azu became a fugitive after he concluded his gubernatorial tenure in 2007, fleeing the country to avoid being investigated.
Ogunlewe was fired by President Olusegun Obasanjo as Minister of Works in 2006—accused, the Civil Liberties Organization said, of embezzling N300 million.
Critics say that President Jonathan’s pretentious stance against corruption ended formally with his recent but widely condemned state pardon of his benefactor and predecessor at Bayelsa State, ex-convict DSP Alamayeseigha.

In addition to refusing to declare his assets and running an administration that is riddled with criminal elements at very high levels he has refused to sack or even investigate, Mr. Jonathan seems to be moving quickly through the entire gamut of corruption characteristics.  Having pardoned several corrupt people and criminals just two weeks ago, he has now added a new dimension of placing corrupt elements in a variety of offices, including university governing councils.  

If Mr. Jonathan is counting his achievements, he can list the irony that Mr. Buhari, a university certificate forger, will now be on the governing council of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  

The full list:

-       University of Nigeria, Nsukka
-       Chairman: Prof. Emeka Enejere
Members: Hon. Salisu Buhari (former Speaker of House of
Representative), Chador Labar, Barr. Harison Onwu and Chief Akin Taiwo

-       Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Chairman: Mohammed Dewu as Chairman
Members: Former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro, the Managing
Director, Sun Publishing Ltd, Tony Onyima, Mrs. Moremi Soyinka-Onijala
and Suleiman Lawal Kauru.

-       Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
Chairman: Former Minister of Works, Sen. Adeseye Ogunlewe
Members: Chief Kayode Akindele, former Speaker of House of
Representatives, Hon. Ghali Na’abba, Prof. Femi Otubanjo and Abba

-       Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi
Chairman: Chief Chike Cletus Udenze
Members: Pivlumon Aminde, Princess Ethel Eweka, Rear Admiral Peter
Ebeleme (rtd) and Abdul-Mujib Adetokunbo Mumuni.

-       Federal University of Technology, Akure
Chairman: Alhaji Yarima Abdullahi
Members: Chief Joel Madaki, Lukman Erogbogbo, Hon. Jelani Mohammed
Yauri, and Benjamin Chijioke Nnaji
-       Federal University of Technology, Minna:
Chairman: Former National Publicity Secretary of the People’s
Democratic Party (PDP), Prof. Ahmed Rufai Alkali
Members: Dr. Godfrey Imoagene, Ahmed Tahir, Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim
Umar, and former Minister of Sports, Prof. Taoheed Adedoja

-       Federal University of Technology, Owerri
Chairman: Dr. Emmanuel M. I. Enemuo.
Members: Pastor Godwin Akpovie, Bright Nebedun, Gen. T. Hananiya, and
Amb. C.C.Agubuzo.
-       Federal University of Technology, Yola
Chairman: Sanusi Munguno
Members: Dr. Adewunmi Williams, Dr.Kaleel Ibrahim Ahamad, Senator
Abubakar Danso Sodangi, (former chairman committee on FCT in the
Senate) and Princess Taibat Adeyemi-Agaba

-       Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
Chairman: AVM Larry Koiyan (rtd)
Members: Former PDP Chairman, John Nwodo, Chief (Barr) J. M. Aseh,
Buhari Bala and Senator Fidelis Okoro

-       University of Abuja, Abuja
Chairman: Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia
Members: Alhaji Mahe Dange, Prof O. Adegbulube, Aisha S. Mamuda, and
Professor Ediga Agbo

-       University of Calabar, Calabar
Chairman: Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu
Members: Dr. Phillips Salawu, Sulieman Nakowa, Bassey Ebir Asuquo and
Otunba Mohammed Iluoeju

-       University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State
Chairman: Gen. Adeyinka Adebayo (rtd)
Members: Amb. Lawrence Ekpebu, Sen. Jubril El-Mas’ud Doguwa, Barr.
Samuel Iheoma Nwatu, and Dr. Anthony Uche Mba

-       Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, University, Bauchi
Chairman: Yahaya Mahmood
Members: Hajia Hauwa Bukar, Alhaji Isa Tafida Mafindi, Chief Mark Odua
and Dr. (Mrs) Chinweokwu Anyamene-Okeke.

-       University of Jos, Jos
Chairman: Chief Don Etiebet
Members: Hon. Tunde Akogun (former House leader), Anthony Sani, Alh.
Adamu Jamfala, and Mrs. Uju Uzoka
-       University of Maiduguri:
Chairman: Kashim Imam, former governorship candidate Borno State.
Members are Engr. Paul Attah, Princess Gloria Frazer, Adamu A. Waziri
(former commerce minister) and Chief Innocent Okparadike

-       University of Port Harcourt:
Chairman: Mr. Gesi Asamowei
Members: Mrs. Joyce Bozimo, Mohammed Iyimoga, Dr. Nelson Olaniyi and
Mr. Okey Ajunwa.

-       Usman Dan Fodio University:
Chairman: Sokoto is HRH George Oshiaphaghor
Members: Hon. Patience Onah Ogodo, Alhaji Yusuf Yabo, Kashim Muktar
Mahmud and Alh. Bello Abdullahi Sokoto.

-       Bayero University, Kano
Chairman: Former Governor of Bauchi State Adamu Muazu
Members: Hon. Fatima Rasaki, Prof (Mrs) Josephine Okpoko, Dr.Yakubu
Kwari and Alh. Ahmad Abubakar.

-       University of Ilorin, Ilorin
Chairman: Prof. Chukwuma Okonjo
Members: Prince Felix Akande, Dr. Abdulrasheed Salam, Dr. S. Ogbere,
and Dr. Bayo Aluko-Olokun

-       University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State
Chairman: Prof. Kimse Okoko
Members: Gen (Dr) John W. Gbor, Alh. Aliyu Kaulaha, Isiah Adegbemiga
Abiola and Rev. (Mrs.) Grace Ekanem

-       Federal University of Petroleum Resources
Chairman: Effurun is Sen. Barigha Amange
Members: Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Iheduru, Adamu Yusuf Dari, Sen. Victor
Kassim Isa-Oyofo, and Dr. Anthony U.Eze.

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Our Problem is not GEJ

The main problem we have in this country is not GEJ, but large percentage of our populace that are illiterate and lives in poverty. Once these corrupt leaders donate in our churches, mosques, community fund raising ceremonies and keep larger army of followers in their payroll. To a common man in Nigeria, the corrupt leader is a good man and when its election time they have great influence on the voters. Imagine, Alami, salisu, Nabba, even senator Dariye, Tinubu,Nyame,the Ubas brothers,ibori, fayose and so on all have great influence on voters.
Due to 2015 calculations, GEJ cannot afford not have some of them appointed. Afterall, the appointees are mixed with some reputable Nigerians.

My problem with SR is that are other previously appointed University Governing Council by other past presidents saints? Does SR mean no corrupt appointees in the past, why cry now.


Can anything good come out of this president? If not, what is the house doing, do they have right to vet this list? I will not be surprised if they approved it too cos birds of the same feather flock together. They are all bunch of corrupt and vision less leaders. To u Deri, may u rot in hell, for u will do anything to defend an indefensible thing bcos of tribalism. U are making future opportunity to ascend to the highest office in the land difficult for your people in Nigeria., if GEJ -a phd holder can be this vision less n inactive except for inflicting pains on Nigerians, then what should we expect from the rest of u wrapper wearing lazy ogogoro drunkards from that part of Nigeria.


did Adams and tinubu not forge their certificates--have they been sacked from their duty post? No way cause the Ganis in our midst who would have questioned them or taken them to court is dead abi? what intelligent discussion can u have with the real thieves from the old regions of 9ja, being decorated by APC as saints 4 9ja-luku here my friend -a thief is a thief-a certificate forger is a certificate forger, no matter how you color his babariga for us in 2015--we all know Buhari stole our oil money-tinubu a certificat forger-and a toll-gate collector--cheers

Tribalism Still The Plague

Why is it difficult for the like of this dog(Deri), to know that all these......he keeps spliting here would not help his Father Dumbo neither here or hearafter. Where does he thinks the world is all about?.
This is a test for Dumbo, he cannot tell us he is a saint he only found himself in this mess, so he will follow the same routes. Thats is why he is known as the Dumbiest of all.
Distabilising the nation is not a free will in acquiring a statehood. Imagine if at the end the daydream land "SS-SE", indepently stand on thier own, is it how you people would be governed?, tell that to the flying kite.
It is high time this "Oga on the Top", knows his place and act, unless a reckoning would be upon him and his shepherd.

God bless Naijar.

with God all thing are possible

Any thing that will move Nigeria just a step forward is a good one. All effort will be abortive until we understand the place of God in our country. Presido, all you need is Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master. the spirit of truth will give you direction and Nigeria will be unique once again. Long live the president, long live Nigerians, God bless Kaduna State and God bless Nigeria.

The Students should arise!

Great Nigerian Students!! The students of these institutions should arise and demonstrate against these ignoble characters every time and any where the council of these Universities meet - that way they know they are not wanted!

The band of thieves and corrupt are taking over!

Strange that a supposed PhD President would do this? Doubtful if this Dumbo truly has a PhD? Anyone found a thesis in his name? His former lecturers and/or students? Really really strange!


To be honest,I think that something is seriously wrong in Nigeria,methinks that circumventing the system and sharp practices are seen as marks of ingenuity and adequately rewarded.We saw it in the red carpet reception given to Umaru Dikko by the former senior prefect of Nigeria,Gen. prof.Dr. Sani Abacha (late) when it was widely believed that Dikko was a very corrupt man though history later exonerated him but this trend of rewarding out rightly ambitious people that have achieved fame through very foul and unconventional methods and laced with thievery has gone into crescendo.Its unfortunate that parts of GEJ's legacy will be legitimizing and endorsing corruption.No reward for honesty and hard work in Nigeria


How can a whole Ph.D holder like GEJ who knows what university education is all about appoints thieves as governance? I think Nigerian should continue to tolerate him till 2015.

Go and hug a live transformer

Go and hug a live transformer if u r angered by dt list.

what kind of people are we

We abuse leaders who have worked and heal those that are currupt ,for any right thinking man to accused gen.buhari of curruption i guess he is paid by the p d p to say so, Acn has proved to be a good network to chellenge the bad governance of PDP.


Where is Gani, the people's Gani? His absence has paved way for a lot of this rottenness called Governance. All this rats bruxing the land would have vamoosed one by one. Oh Gani, see Nigeria! Gani when shall we have Government? When shall NIGERIA your Nigeria be free? Many whens brother. The Salisu Buharis have taken over, the FAROOK LAWANS are on rampage. Gani, you saw it all, we are in it! Gani Fawehinmi why did you leave? Can't you return even on leave or as a big foreign aid to NIGERIA, your Nigeria to cure this malady? We miss you Gani.


This is not about the crooks nominated for university boards by their friend Jonathan,husband of Faka Jonathan.Rather,it is about the other greedy fools always looking for ederal chop chop.Just ask yourselves:What would Chinua Achebe would have done with appointments such as these ???R

Pple are discussing

Pple are discussing intellectually about what is wrong in appointing corrupt individuals on the board of our ivory tower,YOu are busy defending your clueless and morally bankrupt leader and comparing him with BUhari and tinubu,Gej has never spoken off hand intelligently,NIgerians doubt his claimed phd and he is the most corrupt president we ever had. God please help us

Clock of Politics

The clock of Nigerian politics will soon wind up to zero hour. Yes! the time of crisis and even sometimes, military intervention. Anenih, Alamasiegha, e.t.c. Well God knows how to deliver the godly and reserve the wicked for judgment. But in Nigeria the government knows how to do the reverse. Any way he that is higher than the highest does behold everything and will quickly in this season put Nigeria in order. The order will follow the ZERO HOUR.

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E No Finish

Nigeria get money

Foreign money for oversea

Announcement start to happen

Radio dey make announce o

Jonathan turn to manager

Big pardon scandal o or malabu oil or whatever

E no finish...

Abami Eda will live forever because he saw everything before we even know what he was talking about. WATER LIGHT FOOD HOUSE, e no dey.

re:Professor Aluko and Professor Odidere

Let me start being tribalistic, looking at this list one would forced to conclude that the Yorubas are no longer a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria education system?
In comes certificate forgers, tax dodgers, fugutive and various corrupt personality to preside over our institutions of higher learning.rMT38

tinubu, yerima, buhari, elrufai and ikimi nko? Saints abi!?

SR is just an extension of ACN and APC activities-if Gen buhari who openly confessed in an interview with the Sun that it was late Fela who accused him of stealing money from the oil sector while minister of petroleum resources, heNce the need 4 him to frame him up-could be floated by SR, as head of Arewa Peoples Club APC-and Tinubu a drug baron with deep seated interest in the oil and gas sector-who was accused of forging his certificates by late Chief Gani, can also be installed as Oga of ACN-then what is left 4 us in 9ja to celebrates as a nation? Nothing-other than for us to split-Clear we are here because of the oil wells-Not 4 d love of 9ja-Cause if SR can honor demons like Yerima in APC, who forced an 11 yrs old Egyptian gal to bed-and introduced sharia law in the North-which later gave birth to the killing machine of boko haram-what moral right do they have to 2 judge US or embark on a smear campaign against Gej-Okiro ati Buhari?


Are we safe? You mean our President opened wide his eyes and assented to Salisu Buhari's membership of the GOVERNING COUNCIL OF NNAMDI AZIKWE'S UNN? Haba? I remember that miscreant crying publicly for certificate forgery not long ago. Has Jonathan forgotten the circumstance this man exit-ted the office of the Speaker of the House of Rep? What virtues would this dubious criminal offer to the students? Something is seriously wrong with Nigeria.

GEJ is past redemption: Any exorcist in the house?

If Bros Alams can be pardoned how much less crumb crackers and catchers such as:
-Mr. Mike Okiro.
-Mr.Sunday Ehindero.
-Mallam Mu’Azu the fugitive.
-Mr. Ogunlewe: Ministered our roads to this parlous state?
-Mr. Salisu Buhari, a crook and university certificate forger?

Surely Nigeria is in for intersting times ahead.

GEJ is past redemption. He is clearly rubbing it on our faces that Corruption pays big time. Who will now doubt it?

Seriously, GEJ is either an irredeemable political neophyte or he needs to be URGENTLY ex-or-cised of the demon of corruption in his veins. Any exorcist in the house?

Good-Morning this

Good-Morning this Good-Evening Nigerians!


Corruption PLC

At a very top speed Nigeria under the leadership of the the Dunce General is climbing the ladder of impunity. The institutionalised corruption is getting firmly entrenched in the soil of my fatherland. Good people have become so helpless while the bad ones are having their field day.  Surely a day shall soon come when the monkey shall not return from it's forest of destruction. I hope the comes quick for my people are running out of strength !!!


Salisu Buhari's appointment to a prestigious university like University of Nigeria, Nsuka is a confirmation that PDP is finally nailing the coffin of Education in Nigeria.
O'Lord! where art thou to save us from bondage.

GEJ, U can still redeem urself by doin reversing it

Haba GEJ, why do you always allow your advisors to rubbish your you? but for once, think by using your own head na, ejoor. biko use your head for once.

There are better Nigerians than some of these crops of criminals you picked. . .

What is bad in a corrupt

What is bad in a corrupt government commending and appointing corrupt officials to shape the destiny of her intellectuals? What a Good Luck to the nation? God Save Nigeria.

This is creating jobs for the

This is creating jobs for the Boys.And yet another leadership blunder,corruption incorporated and hope betrayed.


Something must be direly wrong with the person who approved this list if indeed it contains Salisu Buhari's name. To teach the students perjury, forgery and fraud? I mean the person has no business being in government. Did he close his eyes signing?

Sad Indeed.

If this is true, I must give up 50% of my support that Mr. President presently enjoy from me, I do not believe this to be true, he cannot appoint those names listed above, if he does, then I must start thinking of withdrawing my support for my Presido. God bless Nigerian.

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