President Jonathan Approves N5.7 Billion To Benefit Victims of 2011 Post-Election Violence

By SaharaReporters, New York

As political calculations towards the 2015 elections take centrestage, victims of the 2011 post-election violence in nine States, one of them in the South, may be hopeful they will benefit from a N5.5 billion fund just announced by President Goodluck Jonathan.

A State House statement said the fund is meant for “direct disbursement” to those who suffered losses of property, means of livelihood and places of worship, but it is unclear if anyone has prepared such a comprehensive list.

The beneficiary States are: Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Jigawa, Katsina, Kano, Niger, Sokoto, and Zamfara.  Katsina will get the largest sum of nearly N2 billion, while Bauchi will get N1.5 billion.  Akwa Ibom will get the smallest amount: N43 million.

Following the violence, President Jonathan set up a Panel of Enquiry, headed by Sheik Ahmed Lemu, with the mandate of identifying the spread and extent of losses suffered across the country.

Following the submission of the Lemu Panel’s report and its adoption by the Federal Executive Council, the Federal Ministry of Lands and Housing was mandated to assess the reported losses and damage to properties in all affected states, the statement said.  

One of the key issues facing the “direct disbursement” is that a lot of the victims of the violence are Southerners who returned to the South following the violence, in which many members of the National Youth Service Corps were also killed.  It is unclear what mechanism has been put in place, if any, to ensure that the funds are not looted by the States, and that they reach those for whom they are intended.  

Calls to the presidency for comment were neither answered nor returned.  SaharaReporters has contacted the State governors to obtain clarification on the disbursement of the funds but has yet received no information.

Text of the State House Press Statement

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has approved the release of a total sum of N5,747,694,780.00 to nine states of the federation for direct disbursement to those who suffered losses of properties, means of livelihood and places of worship in the post election violence of 2011.
It will be recalled that following the post election violence and civil disturbances in some states after the April 2011 elections President Jonathan set up a Panel of Enquiry headed by Sheik Ahmed Lemu to among other things, identify the spread and extent of losses suffered across the country.
Following the submission of the Lemu Panel’s report and its adoption by the Federal Executive Council, the Federal Ministry of Lands and Housing was mandated to assess the reported losses and damage to properties in all affected states.
Based on the Ministry’s report, President Jonathan has approved the release of funds to nine of the 14 affected states as follows:

1.      Bauchi                 -        N1,574,879,000.00

2.    Sokoto                 -        N55,888,506.00

3.    Zamfara               -        N93,253,485.00

4.    Niger                    -        N433,375,875.00

5.     Jigawa                 -        N208,667,634.00

6.    Katsina                -        N1,973,209,440.00

7.     Kano                    -        N944,827,000.00

8.    Adamawa            -        N420,089,840.00

9.    Akwa Ibom          -        N43,504,000.00

Total                -        N5,747,694,780.00

President Jonathan has also directed that an Implementation Committee for the disbursement of the funds to beneficiaries in  the nine states be constituted as follows:

1.      Executive Governor  or Deputy Governor        -        Chairman

2.    Representative of State Government                -        Member

3.    Secretary of the Sheik Lemu Panel                   -        Member

4.    Representative of the OSGF                              -        Member

5.     Representative of the FMLH&UD                    -        Member

Inspection and assessment of damages and losses suffered are yet to be carried out in Borno, Yobe, Gombe, Kaduna and Nasarawa states as modalities and further instructions for the exercise are still being expected from the state governments.

Funds to cover the losses sustained by victims of the post election violence in theses five states will be approved and released at the conclusion of the assessment exercise.



Reuben Abati

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

April 25, 2013

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Let the violence prone states pay the bill

The reason violence continues unabated in the Sharia states of the North is because it is the federal government that always pays the compensation bills.

This should change. Such states should henceforth be responsible for the cost of compensation. This is how it can be accomplished:

a. The federal government should withhold the allocation to those states equivalent to the cost of compensation
b. the federal government should strictly administer the compensation so that the money does not go to the perpetrators but to victims.

After that foolish people like Mallam Falae Bello who said that ""Nigeria would not know peace until ... five deep sea ports are built in the North just like in the south" will shut up for ever.


Mad man Jonathan is at it again. Over compensating those who will give him a hard time anyway.

And Abati said the other day that the man wasn't interested in 2015. Na Wah o.

14 years of PDP's killings and destruction of Nigeria

We're not impressed by these crocodile tears of Jonathan and his sadistic PDP-led regime. Will 5.7 billion bring back the lives of those who perished mainly because of Jonathan and his evil PDP's do-or-die politics of brazen election rigging? What about the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who have been sent to their early graves because of 14-odd years of the PDP's reign of terror, rampant corruption and mismanagement which have all but completely destroyed Nigeria and her institutions in vital areas like health, transport and security? Each PDP regime since 1999 has committed untold atrocities and human rights abuses in places like Odi, Zaki-Biam and Baga with terrible loss of lives and property. Boko Haram's radicalization came about because of the extra-judicial killings of its leaders by the PDP regime of Yar'Adua/Jonathan. The murderous N. Delta insurgency has its origins in pro-PDP thuggery by the so-called militants. To save Nigeria, the PDP mafia must be stopped in 2015.

What of Kaduna State

What of Kaduna State especially Zaria? My colleague lost his left hand. If Kaduna state victims are not compensated, justice has not been done.


I am not against the Fed. govt. sharing a piece of our national cake to these states as long as twice that amount (or more) is given to victims and families of Nigerians murdered by the bh terrorists.

I hate to say this about my

I hate to say this about my president, but I think that something must be wrong with this man.

Cry baby Deri, the 2015 election campaign has taken off !

Cry baby Deri, the 2015 election has started. Be prepared to cry more as your moron brother will surely squander more of that "SS oil money" to bribe he will still lose. No one has forgotten the near hopelessness of Nigeria since Yaradua died ! Sorry your Buhari sob story is stale now; get another one.


Now States can compete and undo one another in electoral violence; since it is this rewarding. Monetization of violence has been openly but inadvertently endorsed by President Jonathan ke?

Campaign 2015 started bribing

Campaign 2015 started bribing the states

Extra pocket money for the

Extra pocket money for the governors....simple

thank god! u call it,

thank god! u call it, political calculations but towards A WRONG DIRECTION. Over 2 sheik, does the explanations given above by the presidency captured in your submitions?

ooh!! SS oil revenue used again to appease boko haram-na waooh

How much did they allocate to the people of Ayakoroma, Gbaranmatu and Odi in Bayelsa state during and after the invasion of those territories by members of the Nigerian army-what about the Boma brothers who were gunned down around bonny water-side by JTF? Where is the compensation for the under-graduates who were killed by buharis men during the post election riot-what are the lessons learnt from the destruction of properties in the North by Boko haram-that Buhari can order his supporters from Mali to lynch and maim those who don't agree with his draconian policies of old abi?Then use oil revenue from d SS, to rebuild their tomorrow-until the SS secedes, they will remain slaves to the crimes being committed by boko haram for the next 50yrs-4 after this will rise anoda boko haram led by anonda Yerima in d Fulani North!

Jonathan FEar Allah b4 it's too late!

Jonathan is running out of ideas on how to steal money otherwise even a dumb man knows that this Monies are meant to pacify the aggrieved PDP members. I am from kano and I will open my eyes and see if malam dauda who lost his house and child in the mayhem will get anything out of it.
But we too Nigerians are very lawsy people, it's high time we begin to follow up and see where these monies end up. But nobody is saying anything which means we are ok with it no problem. Silence is a sign of connivance. I blame you all!


Our leaders where is ur conscience? People were maimed, properties destroyed and killed for voting u into office but it took u almost to the end of the regime to remember them because u will soon need them again. God dey o. Remember nothing last forever.

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