President Jonathan Initiates Probe Of AGF Mohammed Adoke

By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan may have taken the first anti-corruption step of his presidency against a highly placed government official: Mohammed Bello Adoke, Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation.

In a letter to Otunba Dino Melaye, Executive Secretary of the Anti-Corruption Network, the Nigeria Police Force announced that it is investigating the allegations of corruption, abuse of office and incompetence leveled against the Minister last month in a petition his group sent to the President.

The letter invites Mr. Melaye, to the Police Force Headquarters tomorrow, May 10, in connection with the investigations.

Signed by Commissioner of Police Alli Amodu, it says that theInspector-General of Police directed that a full-scale investigation be conducted into the allegations by the X-Squad which he leads.

It would be recalled that on April 4, the Anti-Corruption Network sent a petition to President Godluck Jonathan in which it accused the Minister of massive corruption, abuse of office and gross incompetence, and asked the President, if his war against corruption was serious, to fire him.  The petition contained a lengthy chronicle of allegations against the Minister.

On April 11, the Network wrote another petition in which it reminded President Jonathan of its original petition, and again called on him to get rid of the Minister.  

Prior to those activities, in February, another group of anti-corruption campaigners, the Anti-Corruption Coalition, called on Mr. Adoke to resign his office or be prosecuted for “aiding and abetting” corruption in the country.

Similarly, in a report published in January 2012, accused Mr. Adoke of secretly operating four secret accounts in which he had $40 million US dollars, 5.3 million Great Britain Pounds and N6.2billion Naira.  The Minister denied the reports.

If rumours of the police investigation are true, this will be the first time that Mr. Jonathan is initiating the probe of a member of his cabinet, several of whom faced massive allegations of corruption and are publicly derided by the public.  

While this police investigation will be a major boost for the legion of anti-corruption campaigners in the country, one of them raised an immediate flag this evening.  

“If Mr. Jonathan actually intends to be taken seriously, he ought to have suspended the Minister while these investigations are going on,” he said.  “You cannot leave him in a position where he can influence, and will most likely influence this so-called investigation. Besides, what is the structure of this investigation?  Will the public be invited to testify?  Will whistleblowers be encouraged?  Where do people who have information send it?”

While it seems the police will question Mr. Melaye and askedhim for documents during their meeting tomorrow, it is important to remember that the former federal legislator does not enjoy the best relationship with them.  Only last month, he reported that he had been the victim of an assassination attempt in Abuja.  

The police denied the claim.

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Re Typical Yoruba Parasite

James, if that is your real name Goofed big time. If you don't know please ask or keep quiet. Who is Akure in GEJ administration? For your enlightenment, the AGF is not a Yoruba man, and this perhaps shows you must be reasoning from somewhere else, certainly not with your head. You see, Yorubas are not idiots after all, the idiot is the man in your mirror.


If the police authorities decide to detain Dino for blowing the whistles, it then means they can go further to "destroy any human link to available evidence" (Dino himself) and there are so many ways to go about this. In a country that the people will just keep quiet when they should be joining hands/voices to weed out the thorns that is gradually turning into a forest. We have to summon courage and redeem Dino if he is hounded. Afterall, it is not possible to investigate Adoke while he is still serving, so Jonathan himself is not sincere, and may just be blowing his own whistle for relevance or else why is the petroleum minister still a serving minister with all the rot around her? Dino, watch your back always..


Jonathan is not serious! Adoke is somewhere laughing his heart out and thumbing his nose at Nigerians. This is equally a way of deflecting attention from Mrs Allison-Madueke, the big actress in the circus of corruption. Nigerians, forget about this probe! For the police to probe an attorney general? Forget it! It is only a huge joke. Jonathan is a bundle of deceit; he is not ready to sack any of his corrupt ministers because they are all comrades-in-crime.

@ SR, it's: "Melaye initiates probe of Adoke"

@ SaharaReporters:
Dumbo did not write the initial petition nor the reminder that prompted this gallery investigation of Adoke, kapisch? You and the World know that Adoke is Dumbo's proxy in a slew of criminal activities, how on earth did you come to the conclusion that a thief will initiate the investigation of their cabal? Another wrong caption or a deliberate attempt to window-dress Dumbo's no-nothing approach to corruption in Nigeria. Adoke must Go! ...investigation is not enough, the man is a certified crook.

@ J Salvage has shared my views. Only add David Mark and those NC thieves will have a full line-up. Of course, nothing will come out of an investigation supervised by the crook under the microscope, just like Diezani setting up the Ribadu Cmte far with their White abi Black Paper? @J Salvage: Respect!


This fumbling,uncouth , over ambitious son of a police constable from Okene is the man Friday of GEJ. He is untouchable.
Sack him? No way.

Typical Yoruba Parasite

Jonathan has this Yoruba problem from day in office. He surrounded himself with Yoruba idots from Abati, Akure, and this AGF - they are all Yoruba idiots. Trust the idiots at your own peril! The government funds are the only source of wealth and bread for an average Yoruba - they have no other means of livelihood. This is why to desire One Nigeria.


I think Mr Melaye is going to be detained by the police. Smells like some kind of trap.

Surely there must be modalities for the executive arm of the govt to investigate its own officials and to determine Ministers' competencies without inviting a petitioner to the police headquarters.

While this is a very welcome

While this is a very welcome development, i am afraid the accuser is no saint. "He who comes to equity must come with clean hands" so says an old Latin Maxim. The activities of Dino Melaye as a Committee chairman leaves much to be desired. This is the same Dino Melaye who himself and his committee openly demanded and got gratifications while on their so-called oversight functions visit to several business institutions under their purview.One of them is a Port concession coy
The pot calling the kettle black. 9Ja i Hail ooooo.

Adoke obstruct justice and frustrate the EFCC

If you are looking for the most quietly corrupt people and at the same time very weak go to the Middle Belt (NC). It is in this area you find the most unreliable, treacherous, richest, quietly corrupt people in Nigeria. They go about their businesses in the dark. Yet they cannot defend themselves in today PDP hostile Nigeria. Within these, they play the ostrich and pack public fund quietly fraudulently.

Adoke is now the man on the spot of corruption from this area. Anoadoka, Waziri and the then Yar’Adua economic adviser all from the area were at a point almost exchanging blow over who will be the most corrupt as they steal public fund and take large bribes. Today all of them are living quietly with their huge corrupt fund.

It will be difficult for Nigeria to again find a suitable head of state from the Middle Belt (NC). We may find suitable person from the Kwara State axis but excluding Saraki family. Jonathan should remove Adoke now and probe him as ex-Minister.

Jonathan has not got the will

Jonathan has not got the will power to embark on any anti-corruption cleaning. Even if attempts to probe Adoke, it will be a the-more-you-look-more-you-see thing. Who is deceiving who?

Probe the most corrupt minister, Alison Madueke

It is common knowledge that the most corrupt minister of the Jonathan kleptocracy is the oil minister, Alison=Madueke. Most of the frauds and looting in the federal government is located in the oil ministry. We have lost track of the petitions calling for the probe of the sleazy minister. The Otuoke tyrant has consistently stood by this crooked woman, the Augean Stables she unabashedly operates notwithstanding. No meaningful fight against corruption will happen under Jonathan as long as Alison Madueke is treated as a sacred cow. All that, to say that the talk about probing Adoke is just that, a needless diversionary gambit that is bound to produce no tangible results.

Mohammed Adoke is a misfit as attorney-general

Only a failed state like Nigeria would appoint an in-articulate, immoral and almost empty-headed mediocre like Mohammed Adoke as the federal attorney-general and chief law officer, knowing full well that this boy has no grasp of any law or any ability to express himself in good English.

Indeed, Mohammed Adoke's appointment as attorney-general quickened Nigeria's fall into shambles because his appointment showed up the country as un-serious or un-willing to respect merits or rectitude.

So far, 5,000 have died from continuing violence springing first and foremost from popular knowledge that there is no law in Nigeria, once Mohammed Adoke showed up as chief law officer but only to seat on his hands, for lacking requisite confidence to issue legal opinion on any matter, by merely feathering his own bank account with commissions from the 5 billion Naira allocated to his Ministry to, ironically, hire external legal services to make up for his ignorance.


We should be concerned about the process and possible outcome of the smokes screen, police wil surely come up with arrest warrant on Mr Melaye for giving false information.

When will President GEJ and

When will President GEJ and his ministers declare their assets publicly?


This is a farce,Adoke cannot be Judge and Accused at the same time,he should proceed on leave with pay if the President isn't playing one of their PDP family corruption tricks.
This is common sense,the Chief law officer cannot be investigated by his subordinates while still in office it defies logic.
This President must stop insulting the collective intelligence of the Nigerian people,we demand some respect.

Adoke as outlaw as shown by OPL 245 oil deal

Mohammed Adoke has some of Jonathan's best kept secrets. He is above the law.

That's why he can neither be probed nor suspended from office. Adoke wangled $1.2 billion dollars from Shell (SDPC) to Malabu Oil with the personal involvement of President Jonathan.

Cuts and deals are typically agreed beforehand for the President of a country to descend so low as to personally supervise the deal transfer of all of oil bloc OPL 245 to Shell (SDPC) in exchange for 1.2 billion dollars for Malabu oil, all in direct violation of law.

Nigerian law prohibits 100% ownership of OPL 245 by a foreign company, as a discretionary oil bloc award corruptly made to ex-Petrol Minister Dan Etete by General Sani Abacha. Today, Abacha's children are in a London Court against Dan Etete over the altered shareholding of Malabu Oil ltd which was illegally used as corporate front by both Abacha and Etete to steal Nigeria's oil resource and convert it to private property.


Adoke is one among 100s corrupt lizards in this filthy clique called government. Virtually a thief cannot catch a thief unless there is misunderstanding on how the stolen goods are to be shared. A government that shelters criminals and protect them. A government that opens prison doors for the culprit to escape punishment. A government that does things in dark shadows of lies and mischief. A government that doesn't give a damn. Look change is imperative otherwise this animal will turn Nigeria into a criminals paradise. Typical of the present situation where criminals have become political campaigners even on the internet.

Jonathan is not seroius

Lets not waste our time this investigation will not achieve noting. it is to decieve the world and give the impression of fighting corruption. this President cannot fire Adokie. We know how these things work. They believe Nigerians are fools. If you are seroius to investigate such a powerful Official you dont leave in the powerful office. He goes home while his investigation last. not Good Luck. That incompetent and corrupt Abba Moro of Interior Ministry used this same tactic a couple of months ago to deflect public interest when the massive employment scam he supervised broke to the public. That matter was thus buried. But God will fight for Nigeria. Just Watch out.

Land of Millions and Billions

Land of millions and billions! Our posterity will ask us how we collective went mad.


Mr jona u have been sleepin for too long wake to reality u'ii never suceed ur second term, that if you're alive util then, nemesis is about to cash up with u if u have already had one. there are too much blood on ur hands for havoc's u have course this nation, the innocent souls that have be killed by Boko Haram and niger Delta militants and those died due to lack of poor medical facilities in the country .don't be used a word they say is enough for the wise

I hope this note gets to Dino ASAP.

"The letter invites Mr. Melaye, to the Police Force Headquarters tomorrow, May 10, in connection with the investigations."

"“If Mr. Jonathan actually intends to be taken seriously, he ought to have suspended the Minister while these investigations are going on,” he said. “You cannot leave him in a position where he can influence, and will most likely influence this so-called investigation. Besides, what is the structure of this investigation? Will the public be invited to testify? Will whistleblowers be encouraged? Where do people who have information send it?”

I hope this note gets to Dino ASAP. Under no circumstance must you go there alone.

Instead, Send your lawyer.

I am highly sceptical. Do not say I did not tell you. Signed EM.

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