President Jonathan Names New Chief Of Staff

New Presidential Chief Of Staff Brigadier-General Jones O. Arogbofa
By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan named Brigadier-General Jones O. Arogbofa as his new Chief of Staff late Tuesday. The appointment, and Arogbofa’s duties, will take effect immediately. With this latest appointment, the Brigadier General becomes the face of the Jonathan administration, and his public duties will include facing the media for presidential announcements ranging from policy statements, to new initiatives.

The Jonathan appointment of the Brig-General had been rumored, and speculated by government insiders, including Nigerian political watchers for some time, as reported by Sahara Reporters in recent days.  Four cabinet ministers were sacked late last week, and they include the Minister of Police Affairs, Navy Capt. Caleb Olubolade (Rtd.); Yerima Ngama, the Deputy Finance Minister, and Minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe. Perhaps the most surprising of the four removed from their posts was Stella Oduah, the Nigerian Aviation Minister, who was a close friend and political ally of the president.

The remaining ministers are expected to take over their portfolios.

It had been speculated that the government shake-up may have been caused by rumors that the four were seeking other political posts, either within the Jonathan administration, or a new administration. There is a bitter divide within the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that comes over an assumption the president may run for another term in the 2015 elections. President Jonathan has not announced his intentions for 2015.  

Clement Nwanko, a political analyst based at the Policy and Legal Advocacy Center in Abuja, had talked about a political ‘re-positioning’ by the Jonathan camp. “Some of these changes could reflect positively on the perception that (Jonathan) is willing to bring about change,” he said.

Arogbofa replaces Mike Oghiadome, Jonathan’s former Chief of Staff who held the post prior to this latest cabinet shake-up.


Correction: An earlier version of the story incorrectly stated that Nigerian Information Minister Labaran Maku was one of the four sacked. The minister was actually Minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe.

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He is not Bamaga Tukur or Tony Anenih

General Jones is only 62 years and he's too old to be GEJ's Chief of Staff? He is eminently qualified for this position and I pray he does his job well to the benefit of the Nigerian masses.

Sahara Lieporters

Sahara reporters is as corrupt as the nigerian politicians. It's so obvious this useless online news reporters in use to like so much is now an APC member and MUST and I repeat MUST have been bought by Tinubu .its so obvious.
Sahara reporters,history will judge you and just keep fouling yourself and playing your Yoruba agender okay. Nonsense paper

SR going...going...SOLD!

This is an interesting time for Nigeria as country. SR used to be awash with pictures and stories of corruption against a lot of politicians adjudged corrupt by it. Rotimi Amaechi and his many corruption cases, e.g. his private jet, was one of the stories. They are so many others, but since this guys removed pdp agbada and put on apc agbada, they all became overnight saints according to selective doctrine of SR. One wonders if the saintly SR has also been bought like mr Sowore accuses every Nigerian paper. I was in London the day Mr Sowore was haunting Fashola for covering up Tinubu's Alpha Beta deal. But now, all these are passed away-no longer important. For so long, SR have masqueraded itself pro-masses, non-corrupt agent of change in Nigeria et al. I never believed the charade,the reason is simple-biased, pedestrian, and with moto which seem to be 'you are wrong,or the burden is on you to prove that you are right.'


This man is too old for this kind of job. Dundee United. He is part of come chop business. Round peg in a square hole. Yoruba man! He will leak Aso Rock information to the public.


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This is the best news of the

This is the best news of the year-Congratulations brother me-fear not for the Lord is with you-have courage, confidence and rely on the power of the lord-to guide and protect u ati yr job and the president--they will intimidate u-try to make u infirior to them-but never mind them--snob any that tries to destroy yr reputation but never give up-on the president--he loves the fulanis a lot--I mean d tripod--u hold the 4 aces-dont forget to tell them that its yr oil from Ondo state that has been keeping them going-for the past 60 or so years-snd dont forget the people u left behind back home-

Hope its Not From Fry pan to Fire

its true that most of the minister in the president cabinet are corrupt, but how many out there can we trust to do a better job for nigeria
More news here

Jonathan's New Cabinet

Window dressing - new wine in old corrupt wineskin

GEJ's New criminal cabinet

Window dressing - new wine in old wine skin; yeye dey smell GEJ and his corrupt lack lustre government. Can anything good come out of Otueke ?


The way, manner and ease with which Sahara Reporters in far away New York as well as other media houses of mass communication get prior information about President Jonathan's itinery, I fear for him. They seem to know every bit about his dealings. They correctly predicted this appointment. There are moles and fifth columnist within Aso Rock that always leak out happenings in the Villa. The new appointee may not be the man that will properly package GEJ. He is far too old and too rigid for this kind of position. With these kinds of appointees around him, God save our President.

Another Old Man

somehow i wonder if it is not possible for a young person to hold public office in this country, the youths are the leaders of tomorrow is what they say, but for Nigeria, tomorrow doesn't seem to be anywhere close in coming. The previous chief of staff was a thief and his still a thief, lets see how this one turns out

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