President Jonathan, Nigeria Navy Confirm Crash, Offer Details About Helicopter Crash

General Andrew Azazi (rtd) and Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna state
By SaharaReporters, New York

Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati and a spokesman of the Nigerian Navy have confirmed the crash of a helicopter in the Nembe-Okoroba area of Bayelsa State that claimed the lives of Kaduna state Governor Patrick Yakowa and former NSA, Andrew Owoye Azazi this afternoon Nigerian time.

In his statement,  Mr. Abati disclosed that two Nigerian navy pilots as well aides of Governor Yakowa and Mr. Azazi also died in the crash.

Apart from Azazi and Yakowa, four other persons died in the crash, they include: Governor Yakowa’s special adviser, Dauda Tsoho and Warrant Officer Mohammed Kamal who was Azazi bodyguard as well as two naval pilots, Commander Muritala Mohammed Daba  and Lt. Adeyemi  O. Sowole.

Also, Commodore Kabir Aliyu  of the Nigerian Navy disclosed that a Navy’s Agusta helicopter crashed, even though he would not confirm the identities of the passengers who died.

The spokesman was willing to state only that the ill-fated Agusta helicopter “was conveying Very Important Personalities (VIPs) to Port Harcourt from Okoroba village.”

In his statement, the naval officer disclosed: “A Nigerian Navy Agusta helicopter (Helo 07) crashed today, Saturday 15 December 2012 at about 3:30 p.m. around Nembe-Okoroba area in Bayelsa State. The helicopter was conveying some VIPs to Port Harcourt from Okoroba Village also in Bayelsa State.”

Another military source told SaharaReporters that the helicopter caught fire on impact. The source disclosed that some of the passengers on board were burnt beyond recognition.

The Nigerian Navy had two helicopters at the scene of the burial of the father of presidential aide, Oronto Douglas. SaharaReporters determined that Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa of Kaduna state and former National Security Adviser, Andrew Owoye Azazi, were on board the doomed helicopter.

A source told SaharaReporters that Mr. Azazi, a retired general, had invited Governor Yakowa to fly with him on the helicopter to the Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt. The governor’s flight was reportedly late in arriving in Yenogoa, the capital of Bayelsa State.

1. PHOTO of Nigerian Navy Augusta 109 Helicopter that crashed today

2. Below: Navy pilot: Mohammed Dabba

3. Governor Yakowa and Azazi walk towards the -ill-fated helicopter


Azazi andYakowa walking to the helicopter4. Oronto Douglas, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa and Gov. Yakowa at the burial ceremony in Okoroba-Nembe

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We now ve Anti Christ ruling us. God pls come and destroy them b4 they kill all those dat luv u.

Wicked leaders

Don't worry my people the evil dat our wicked leaders do will leave beside them. They will take their loots to hell.

please have mercy on the souls of the departed

It is not right to insult those who have left us. Please, donot insult these gentlemen. I am a Nigerian from Bayelsa who was based in Kaduna a pilot. Please, the people at Kaduna are nice people.

May God forgive your black

May God forgive your black and unforgiving heart. They were human too.the loss of any life shld be a thing to bring sober reflection. These ppl had families n children too. I wonder if u'd speak such wickedness if ur father was in d crash.msschheeeww

I agree with you but calm

I agree with you but calm down alittle

More air crashes

My only pain Is that Gov.TA Orji of Abia state was not on that Ill-fated flight. But then,more plane crashes are coming and more corrupt politicians,perm secs and directors will be occupants on those flights as they continue to take to the air after their criminal neglect of our roads.

No problem

No problem. .be hapi. Every would die one day, including you!

They don't deserve pity!!

The issue here is not about death or rejoicing about it. It is about the wickedness of these brand of God forsaken leaders who have nothing to offer than to use all apparatus of government for their personal enjoyment. What is the business of Kaduna state governor attending the burial of the father of an Oronto Douglas in Bayelsa? Burial and wedding ceremonies of relations or family members of serving idiots have gradually become a constitutional mandate of elected officers!. How many burials did Yakowa attend of all the people killed by Boko Haram in his state? As for Azazi, the same story. Of all they have acquired from the Nigerian state, they still consider it their right to use military helicopter for their private engagements. YOU CAN SYMPATHISE FOR TEN YEARS IT WILL NEVER BRING BACK THE DEAD IDIOTS. RUBBISH!!!Next story please!!

May God Almighty grant them

May God Almighty grant them eternal rest in his paradise.yakowa departure wil greatly be felt by people of southern kaduna.we lost a great icon of politics.RIP

You are not a Muslim-Usman Mai Nasara

There is not verse in the only Quraan that allow Muslim to be happy over the death of human being.....You are ignorant most probable non-muslim that is try to damage the image of Islam and Muslims.
When some non-Muslim see your comment that will believe this is opinion of Islam and Muslims over the death of Non-Muslim.
I have you forgotten that there is Muslim among the victim of the crash Chopper?
You better pray for Allah forgiveness and stop this your madness. Recall that Prophet Muhammad SWA advised us that one of the greatest Jihad is that if you don't have meaningful words to say you should keep mute.

YOUR SPEECH REFLECT WHO YOU ARE......stop playing religion.

ahahah,....why playing religion, imagine someone saying he is happy for the death of someone and will still claim you are serving the living GOD??? pls consider your ways and turn to GOD in repentance of your sin.
its not what you say now that will make the difference. judge not for you not to be judged.

Two Navy Helicopters For Just An Aide To ...

Because of an ordinary aide, a man not elected by any Nigerian, two Navy Helicopters, at very heavy cost to Nigerian economy, were made available for his guests!

This is economic sabotage at its highest. It will never happen in any other Country, under any other president than GEJ.

These guests, most of them have private jets but would rather continue to rape the Country to death!

The most shameful name of a Country in this century is NIGERIA.

may their souls rest in

may their souls rest in peace. for those making un guide comment may ur own come even if it is by road.



Adieu Yakowa

We, in the North have lost a gentleman and an upright politician!

Pls., all those writing trash in the name of our great religions- Islam and Christianity- should at least back off if they do not have anything useful to contribute to! Lazy minded and sentimental souls!

Our question is.... Who killed our Gov. in Bayelsa State?

Adieu Yakowa

We, in the North have lost a gentleman and an upright politician!

Pls., all those writing trash in the name of our great religions- Islam and Christianity- should at least back off if they do not have anything useful to contribute to! Lazy minded and sentimental souls!

Our question is.... Who killed our Gov. in Bayelsa State?

This statement is not good enough as a muslim

@Usman Mai Nasara. I think your statement is not too good as a muslim.If you cannot say anything good its advisable you keep quiet.

Narrow minded fool.what has

Narrow minded fool.what has religion got to do with crash.Fanatical islamist ewu

Those of you saying its Allah

Those of you saying its Allah that caused this, may He slap your mouths and you will never talk again so that you will refrain from attributing evil to our Lord

Azazi and Yakowa

May their soul rest in peace. Both those who rejoice at the death of those two men and those who start peddling conspiracy theories are irrational.
However, we should ask questions and find answers; why are there so much air crashes, kidnappings, extrajudicial and criminal killings, boko haram and CAN haram terrorism,ethno religious cleansing(jang)etc. Is Jonathan really the right person to lead Nigeria? should he be rigged back again in 2015?

What kind of statement is

What kind of statement is this who told u muslim are happy of what happened yesterday if u are a muslim u are a disgrace to islam and if u write dis to paint islam black Allah shall punish u

We d muslims of 9ja r very

This guy "mai nasara" is clearly not a Muslim but an impostor and enemy of Muslim to trying to cause rancor between Muslim and Christian at this time of grief. The wrong way he writes his surname testify to this because the correct spelling is Mainasara. Also the mention of "sir ahmadu bello kingdom" is another evidence of this treachery. Even if he is a Muslim as he claims, he is speaking only for himself and he is NOT a true believer that is supposed to be acting based on the teaching of Islam. My condolence to the family of the deceased.

i am angry

i think a thorough investigation should be made on this matter.
I hope this is not another intentional killing of a christian governor in the north. anyway God knows best.


This is just too bad for Naija. How come our roads are so bad that the poor are left to suffer and it while those in power misuse our resources.
Well, like they say God never sleeps, he will continue to visit those who do not want the development of this Nation. If the roads were ok (fully dualized), there wont be any need for Helicopter shuttle not to talk of abusing it. GEJ you may be the next if you dont do something now...

The death of Yakowa & Co

Why must twisted insinuations follow the unfortunate death of people who served the country well? Who among the deranged commentators could swear that the victims died as a result of the machinations of "enemies"? I am sorry for this country!

Boko haram dey for

Boko haram dey for south-south???

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