President Jonathan, PDP, Congratulate Mimiko On Re-election

President Goodluck Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated Governor Olusegun Mimiko on his re-election yesterday as Ondo State governor.

In a message signed by Reuben Abati, the presidential spokesman, he commended the people of Ondo State, the Independent National Electoral Commission and the security agencies for the peaceful elections, saying the event reflected his administration’s commitment to making elections in Nigeria progressively better-organised and more credible.

In its message, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) commended the people of Ondo State “for their emphatic rejection of tribalism and narrow political adventurism which were the hallmark of the campaign of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)” in the election.

"How better do Nigerians say no to the drumbeats of tribalism and political narrowness than what the people of Ondo have just done with their votes?” the party said in the message signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh.  “It is a quantum forward leap for those who understand the dangers of  undue manipulation of national diversity for narrow political whims and a huge set back, utter rejection for the champions of ethnic politics."

President Jonathan who, did not allude to ethnicity in the election, urged Governor Mimiko to be prepared to work even harder to justify the fresh mandate given to him by the people of Ondo State.

“President Jonathan assures Dr. Mimiko that the Federal Government will continue to engage constructively and positively with the Ondo State Government in collaborative efforts to achieve faster socio-economic development and better living conditions for people in the state and all other parts of Nigeria,” his message said.

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Mimiko I never know your person before, but my co-worker from Oyo state I told the result of the election speaks good of you. Come again people address you as Iroko Tree. My place of born in Nigeria Umunoha Imo State 14km from Owerri/ Onitsha Road is known as the city of Iroko Tree. She has a station from the beginning of British arrival in Eastern Nigeria called Ukwuorji Umunoha Station after Njiba River. They lost Ukwuorji 1958 to Ezima Obitor a Sister Community. They built New Ukwuorji Station called New Ukwuorji of Umunneoha which was destroyed by civil war, but I have the Revelation of Iroko Tree Ibos called Orji. The Great Tree which Jesus Christ called Mustard Seed of Faith Tree. I will visit you when i come to Nigeria and will like to bring you to Umunoha of Iroko Tree. Keeps your good job for mankind for yr rewards are at hand. Congratulation. I must assured you of Christ Our Commanders Protection and Favor.

@ Gani

You said: "Was it not Pastor Bakare that predicted Gov. Mimiko's victory?"

Are you talking about the same Pastor Boko Haram that could NOT predict his own victory? Predict ko, pre-date ni! Bakare can kiss my black,dirty,crusted, Lagos mud, left foot.

We know the Politics

The congrat message from Jonathan and PDP is a civil and good thing to do, but we can see beyond the gesture.  If you read the message you will get what am saying.  The PDP knew they had no chance in Ondo, they sent soldiers their to forestall ACN plan.   The tone in that message is to spite ACN.  Anyway, I still give kudos to Jonathan for knowing and accepting that PDP had no chance and did not undermine peoples' will as would have been under OBJ.  So congrats Mr. Jonathan.

Imagine if Maurice Iwu conducted the Election

I just ponder if Maurice Iwu had conducted the Ondo State election, it would have been like PDP supervising their own affairs. Iwu and his conscience, plus Yar Adu's support. Adeleke, Oyinlola, Arise, Aduke Adebayo, etc as presiding officers! Then NTA........then Baba's operation totality. Na wa o.

@ify-a-fool-4ever/ GEJ congrats Mimiko

Donmans,you are perfectly entitle to your opinion. I suggest you try & go through comments by majority of other commentators on this matter you probably would see or at least appreciate who actually is foolish! We are breathing fresh air in matters concerning conduct of elections since GEJ came to power, through an election process adjudged internationally as free & fair by independent observers. Elections have not been this good.


I am glad you realize it is only now that we have had free and fair elections.
Your tacit admission that the elections that brought GEJ to power were fraught with irregularities are commendable.
However let me tell you that if you are a fool nigerians are not. The elections were not rigged because GEJ could not afford the repercussions if he did. It's as simple as that.
Therefore we are not impressed one bit. There was no free and fair election in bayelsa. The elections in Adamawa were heavily rigged. So what are you talking about?

@Tony h

You are congratulating GEJ on 3-4 credible elections....

You know it is easy to organize credible elections when the the election is not yours...

GEJ can organize credible elections unless the one that brought him to office.... I dey Laff...

Bayelsa during the presidential elections had 504K people vote when only 472K registered..That was on INEC's website for days...

Tony h, Who is the fool???

PDP Congrat Message to LP Mimiko

This is clear evidence of a good loser and unlike OBJ do or die election politics. First was Oshomole of ACN in Edo State. Now is Mimico of Labour Party in Ondo State. Next will be .......of ACN in Delta State.

If INEC continues to conduct

If INEC continues to conduct our elections in a manner as this, then there is hope that they will be examplary to the internal democracy of the parties to hug the principles of honesty, efficiency, merit and integrity in their own electoral affairs. There is still room for improvement though.

On the Federal level, Nigeria is yet to face and summount the double tragic issues of corruption and insecurity. Congratulations to ALL Nigerians that have made this election free of the orgies of evil loss of life that has typified our past elections.

As for Mimiko, Congratulations, this last term should not be an excuse for taking on the attitude of 'who cares' and lying on your oars, but a challenge to apply an even more vigorous and focused effort in governance so as to leave a legacy that your people of Ondo state will remember you for years to come.

Thunder fire unemployment from today

First of all congrats to Mimiko. I have decoded it. Millions of people are going to resign their jobs after seeing this secret. People abroad are doing it to make money and i am happy to find it and introduce it to you too. Its no secret anymore. Check this out and Thank God you read Sahara news today:

GEJ congratulates Iroko on election victory

To GEJ I also say congrats as Nigeria begins to 'breathe fresh air' on how elections are suppose to be conducted. For Jega (unlike IWU who promised with the last drop of his blood, rather bleed Nigeria) I say many thanks you has proved your mettle & urge you to go further in the process of selecting candidates for election. Many Nigerians will agree with me that what we have now in Nigeria generally as legislators (only few deserve to be there) is quantity not quality members with experience, so many of them had never worked any where at all!! To Iroko I say a big congrats you have proven that an healthy iroko tree can make a forest. Good governance pays. PDP take note stop imposition of candidates. Baba Iyabo I dey laugh well well oh!

Yes we can

Yes we can have credible elections in Nigeria. But the real good news is, you can also get employed too. Millions of people are getting self employed. Check this and see for yourself:

One thing i have to say

One thing i have to say is, President GEJ may not be a good economist or administrator, but he allowed the will of the people to reign in Edo and Ondo states. Congrats to Mimiko.

But here is the real good news. No more dulling, here is proof that people are making money while we sit here complaining about government. Never look for a job again after seeing this:


President Johnathan thank you for good job you and your group did for Edo,and Ondo States Governorship election. You may be a late comer that takes the best. Keep it on in all things Lord Christ will be with you to the end.


From d word go i no mimiko is fd best.

time to say good bye-

Jonathan has done it again in Ondo state-Anoda credible election--But 9jas are just pretending to love themselves-via tinubu and buhari-truth is we hate each others guts like hell

Jonathan the GREAT! The LEGENDARY Goodluck Jonathan!!!

Some persons are QUICK to condemn but RELUCTANT to commend. Jonathan has done something that has NEVER been done in the history of this country- presiding over series of TRANSPARENT and FAIR elections, even to the detriment of his own party. This for me is a LEGENDARY achievement. Elections in Nigeria have been perpetually and SHAMELESSLY rigged right from the 1959 elections. The LEGENDARY and under-rated Jonathan has broken the JINX. Unfortunately, those who are QUICK to condemn pretend as if they are DEAF, BLIND and DUMB to the progress in our electoral system.

weldone Jonathan

Weldon Mr president, u are the right person for that office.

weldone Jonathan

Weldon Mr president, u are the right person for that office.

Truth must be said

Although I am not a Jonathan fan but the truth must be said. President Goodluck Jonathan's government has really done well in allowing the people of Ondo State to elect the person of their choice. We are all living witnesses of how former President Olusegun Obasanjo's government conducted elections in this country.

If for nothing, President Jonathan will be remembered for allowing the people to determine those to rule them.

This is very commendable Mr President. Please keep it up.

Tony are in this world at

Tony are in this world at all? Was it not Pastor Tunde Bakare that predicted Gov. Mimiko's victory? Next time write with your common sense.

Mimiko A non Push Around Yoruba man...Respect!!

I have followed the pre election process closely and I am proud of this Iroko from Ondo state. I hope those awoist in ACN would find their voice and not the follow follow docile mentality of some few corrupt and selfish politicians like Tinubu. You don't have to be in a tribal party to prove your loyalty to your people. Good job to the people of Ondo State and I hope others will learn not to vote by sentiment but consciene. GEJ should be applauded also, unlike OBJ that installed armed robbers as governors. Mimiko please serve your people right and don't be scared of those ACN thugs.

Victory for Democracy

Well done mr president

ondo elections

The victory of Dr Mimiko is a sign that nigerians are becoming wiser now to vote and be ready to defend their votes. Also, our democracy has started growing and very soon all undesirable leaders will loose their positions and Nigerians will be free.

Congratulations to the people of ondo state. GOD Bless Nigeria.

congratulations to Mr.

congratulations to Mr. president and also to governor Mimiko. we hope you won't disappoint the people who re-elected you.
Thank God for the wisdom of Mr. President.


Mimiko re-elected. Congrats to him.Retired? Unemployed? Laid-Off, or Insufficient Income? Start your own Internet business from home. Build residual and leveraged income to create real wealth. World Wide Income System that REALLY WORKS! All it needs is you. FREE Training and support, websites and products all provided! - ZERO RISK!

Victory is for Bakare

Victory in Ondo is not that of Mimiko but for Tunde Bakare.The latter had predicted victory in favour of Mimiko and there you are!


The Ondo State election was a modern day David and Goliath story. Labour party being David and ACN being the Goliath. What made it a fierce battle ground was ACN's predatory instinct to trap and capture an oil State to swell its war chest for 2015. ACN have not recovered from their woeful loss of oil state Akwa Ibom: Ondo State became its next prey. It appears ACN southwest will always have this irritating Ondo pebble in its shoes for a long time to come. Congratulations Mimiko

Jonathan is getting there. A

Jonathan is getting there. A lot of work to be done on corruption. Too many thieves around the corridor of power and this is a very big challenge to the further development of Nigeria.

Congratulations Jonathan

Is it three or four credible elections in a row.

General Boko Haram, Pastor Tunde Boko Haram, and others don't have the balls to commend you.

Well done!

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