President's Wife, Patience Jonathan, Checks Into Dubai Hospital

After spending a few days in Lebanon on a jewelry shopping binge, the new first lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, has returned to Dubai where she is receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment. Although her media aides have continued to claim that she was in Dubai and Lebanon on a "private visit," Saharareporters learnt that Mrs. Jonathan went to Lebanon in the company of Mrs. Bola Shagaya to shop for gold and to enjoy other unofficial perks provided by members of the controversial Nigerian-Lebanese Chagoury business family.
Our sources revealed that Mrs. Jonathan was ordered to return to Dubai last Friday after Saharareporters reported the nature of her questionable trip to Dubai and Lebanon.

Presidency officials had reluctantly maintained to Saharareporters that Mrs. Jonathan was on a “private visit” to Lebanon, but our report exposed the trip as a gold-buying junket. Now, several sources close to Mrs. Jonathan have revealed that there is also a medical angle revealed.

Even though the nature of her illness is not known, one source disclosed that Mrs. Jonathan has been stressed out for some time because of her husband’s curious relationship with Diezani Allison-Madueke, Nigeria’s Minister for Petroleum Resources. Mrs. Jonathan is reportedly disturbed by the long closeness between her husband, President Goodluck Jonathan, and the Petroleum Minister who has emerged as “the most powerful member of the cabinet,” according to our source. Our political sources said that Jonathan was responsible for nominating Diezani Allison Madueke as a minister in the Umaru Yar’Adua administration.

Since becoming acting president and then president following the death of Yar’adua, Mr. Jonathan has grown even closer to the Diezani Allison-Madueke to the distress of his wife. The Petroleum minister was on Mr. Jonathan’s delegation during his inaugural visit to the US last month. Meanwhile Mrs. Jonathan was left back in Abuja where she reportedly complained to her circle of friends about being sidelined.

Following our report about Mrs. Jonathan’s gold-buying escapade to Lebanon, her office wrote a rambling rejoinder signed by her media assistant, Ayo Adewuyi. The rejoinder attempted to cast Mrs. Jonathan as being humble ad modest because she did not take the presidential jet on her trip. But the tone of that letter generated even greater public irritation and dismay, leading to Jonathan’s order that his wife should repair to Dubai and attend to the medical purpose of her trip.  

The rejoinder also denied that Mrs. Jonathan has outstanding money-laundering cases.  “We want to state categorically that Mrs. Jonathan has no link whatsoever with the seized N104million and has no knowledge of any $13.5 million dollars. In fact there was never an incident of $13.5million dollars,” Adewuyi said.

Mrs. Jonathan is expected back to Nigeria tomorrow.

Saharareporters has asked the spokesperson of the EFCC spokesperson to provide the alleged clearance Adewuyi claimed the commission had issued to Mrs. Jonathan for the August and September 2006 incidents when Mr. Jonathan was governor of Bayelsa State. We are yet to receive any such clearance.

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I dont trust Sahara reporters,i believe they have just being paid some cool cash to change the caption.Jonathan has got a stronghold on Saharareporters readers!!!!

U c ursef? If na northerner, we na go dey nonsense. U r all hipocrites condemning SR. Continue jare, u r on d course.

[b][i]Lebanese provide the logistic for money laundering in Nigeria and Africa[/i][/b]


And all sorts of trafficking


S:R, pls leave the woman alone to enjoy herselve, my people use to say, once you are on top of iroko tree, get all your fire wood once because you cant climb it always.
Mrs. jonathan has money to travell, and it is her duty to be nice and attractive as wife of the president.or do you want calaba girl to take jonathan from her after these time she has suffered with him? or do you want Mrs, jonathan to come Aba to buy cloth and juerings.
i dont see any reason in her travelling, afrall ordnary Igbo men and women travell to europe to buy goods and almost reach all country in europe before coming back. dont leave the object and purshe shadow. Mrs. jonathan has no money to compare to others in the first lady nonsence.
abeg second base jary.

The fact that she is accompanied on this journeyby no less a person like Bola Shagaya lay more credence to the purpose of the trip. Ms Shagaya seem to be the right hand person of all first ladies from Maryam B to Patience C, socialite and business woman. what is her business here with relatively innocent Patience other than to teach her the wild ways of other previous first ladies. Patience is learning the rope fast. Our first ladies should not be seen in public with such characters. No offence meant.

I have always suspected the Diezani and GJ affair...hmmm! it is now confirmed. GJ enjoy the perk of your office jare...but deliver the promises you made to Nigerians.

@rlow - Based on the history of our leaders and their spouses, family and friends I think SaharaReporters is right to keep an eagle eye on every move the spouses make. With over 70 million Nigerians living below the poverty level, it should be of real interest that the first lady is taking trips to shop for Gold. If nothing else it shows her lack of propriety.

Nigerians, Nigerians, Nigerians!!! Why have u refused to develop ur minds? Mrs. Jonathan is not an ordinary citizen now, she's now a public figure and cos of that, her privacy is a price she has to pay. If we followed up on Turai like dis, maybe she wouldn't have held the country hostage like she did. Criticism is what strengthens democracy...criticism without looking at faces nor sentiments. Let's please learn to think outside the box, and reason like we are in the 21st century with the rest of the developing nations. Thank you.

So what, if she travels for holiday or business trips, thats her personal life, this is no news at all, rather you guys are becoming a gossip site, i am very disappointed, she has every right to go shopping anywhere in the world, and whether it is stolen money or not she is the wife of the president, the family can afford it so show some respect and stop insulting the woman

again it was suggested dt charges of money laundry against Mrs JG were dropped cos of her husband's profile. where did SR get dt from. did d EFCC tell them dt.. or is is it another figment of their imagination. it was also suggested dt d reinstatement of Ribadu to his rank ws some kind of quid pro quo in respect of d charges agnst Mrs JG. again where is d evidence. apparently d Jonathans av not given SR enough materials to work wit, so dey go fishing. very sad, indeed.


Until Gilbert Chagoury and his family's influence is exterminated in Nigeria. Nigeria will not see progress. This is the same Chagoury that received a gift of $2.7 billion dollars from Abacha and basically has a stanglehold on every Nigerian President, all this at a time when REAL nigerians are dying in jails abroad. Those of you complaining about SR should be ashamed. We all fought for GJ. We must make sure he does not disgrace himself.

Please what does Bola Shagaya do?. She is going to be the death of this woman. Anything she touches turns to dust.

apparently SR is all about speculative journalism now. first, she went to buy gold. if she did actually, which shop did she purchase the gold? what is the worth of the gold purchased? now she went there on medicals. is she not entitled to attend to her health at a place of her choosing? some say she should have attended a local hospital. yes.. if the nature of the ailment can be dealt with here. do we even know whether she is on referral.
again it was suggested her ailment is due her discomfort over her husband's relationship with Deziani. did SR inquire from her on the cause of any alleged illness? again Mrs JG is culpable for money laundry. now what happened to presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

@NaijaDude I support your statement 100%.
The Journalism of SR is beginning to fear me o. This stories are just out to steer up hate against the New President. Instead of them to publish meaningful things that would move Nigeria forward.
There should be evidence to back up your story. Or else in no time SAHARA REPORTERS will just become a gossip site.

[b]I dont know what is the problem with Nigerians, Nigerians traveled all over the world, journalist dont talk about it so what is the fuss about Mrs. Jonathan holidays? Jonathan's wife is not the one ruling us, she is not the president, she has no contribution to the development of the country, apart from being the partner to the President. She has a right to travel to anywhere, even if it is to buy gold, it has nothing to do with us, lot of Nigerian women visit Dubai to buy gold for selling and personal use, why cant she do the same thing? so she should not even leave Nigeria, is she a prisoner? what give Nigerians right to travel all over the world either for business or holiday that Mrs Jonathan dont have? I am tired of people just writing rubbish. Leave the woman alone, she has a right to travel to anywhere in the world either on Holiday or business as far as we dont have any evidence that the money being use on the journeys is stolen from Nigerians. [/b]

Dont judge the presido for now, remember all the write is written by somebody.

please, please 9ja people, Yes patience Jonathan is now more a public figure than before, We should not be insult her person. For Gods sake she is a Mother, a nigerian one too. so please leave the attack on her persons and talk of her deeds(good and bad)

whats going on guys@SR?whats all this.!you guys are acting like hypocrites.she can afford to go anywhere and buy anything within the limits of her husbands salary.why you guy carrying news like this?don't like the footsteps SR is taking these last few weeks.give us good reporting.give us facts.stop acting like Prime people of those days.

:D:D:D she never see smoke!! Im sure shes gone to clone herself to look like Dieziani!! The woman don go for breast implants/upliftment and thorough tummy tuck. She'l be looking like Beyonce when she gets back;). Nice try!!

this goes to buttress the fact that there is indeed a dubious intention behind that trip.

Jonathan approved that trip to afford himself the opportunity of spending quality time with mrs Allison Madueke, very soon he will start importing prostitutes from all over the world and searching for virgins in every coner of the country as his predecessors did. these are the kind of whores and irresponsible men we have at helm of affirs.

hope the presidency apologises and put an end to this act of gross irresponsibilty and flagrant abuse of office if they really wana assure nigerians that this admininstration will not be more of the same.

Well to be honest i don't blame her much. That yeye Bayelsa man is now frolicking with his long time girlfriend Alison. Soon they will both reach a shivering climax and you say Mrs Jonathan should not make efforts to beautify herself ?

Abeg Mrs Jonathan go ahead and buy your gold so that you too can enjoy climax with Oga. That is Nigeria for you!

This woman is the weak link to Goodluck. She does not understand the issues and roles she is supposed to play as the 1st Lady. Its just a pity - she looks like the village type that has just seen light

Sahara reporters, it seems you guys are just looking for juicy news.
What is ur buisiness if she travels. Haba! Is she your PRESIDENT? leave the woman alone. You don't have facts yet you are posting false news. I enjoy the good work you've been doing but this is so irrelevant. How many times did you make a News of other first ladies travelling? Focus on key issues. Senators are there stealing millions u r chasing Patience. If you have facts , thats fine but don't just publish trash all in the motive to have a JUICY HEADLINE. Please be proffesional and not like the Lagos evening news papers.

She probably has an underlying ailment which we don't know about so lets cut her some slack.I beleive that is up to her spin master to tell Nigerians about.I hope she does not get further distractive like Turai did.We don't need that in Nigeria at this moment.

Suffer dey Dabaru Nigerian people for Belle, this one dey here dey complain about being marginalised. Madam just support ur husband and avoid all these unnecessary controversies.If u get too fat cos of greed, my men gat to look somewhere else to catch a little something.Thats the nature of the beast.Be careful though, so u don't get cut so bad like Stella.

This hospitalisation is a fraud from root to branch: more so, if she´s play-acting to curry favour with the public. She has screw up with her untimely knock-about to Lebanon and Dubai. Now is the time to pacify the masses with fraud tactics. Where does she take medications before her husband become president? Is it Dubai or where? Is this Patience´s first Dubai medication? Too many questions and they need to tell us the wholesome truth. We are no longer ready for bygone Turai and Yaradua hanky-panky.

I think we should let things get settled a bit before all these. Our President need concentration, our nation need to be more focused, even as you and I need to be hopeful.
Inasmuch as we should not condone any form of bad practice in the name of governance, it is too early in the day to start monitoring what Mrs Goodluck, eats, wears, sleeps, goes or to start enquiring about when she goes to the toilet, who are friends are and weather she greets her husband early in the morning.
There are more better things we can do now to bring our nation back to live and bring live back to our people

whatever they sow, they will reap by the grace of God !!! and God will reward them according to their deeds,actions and thought on nigerians !!!!

she go remove bear bear


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