The Problem With Nigeria Is You And Me!

By Prince Charles Dickson

 What is the problem with Nigeria, who is the problem, today I dare say that the problem with Nigeria, is Nigerians, part of our problem, is simply put, 'us', 'we', 'you', 'them', 'they'. The problem with Nigeria actually is you and me!

Nigeria, ideally is one of the best places to live in, it is not a Police State like so-called Western Democracies. In Nigeria I can urinate anywhere and not get fined or arrested, I can get a ladder and climb the electricity poles and effect a change of power phases, that is if the problem is not from the nearby power transformer which anybody can repair with dry wood.

For a government that prides itself in placing transformation as its agenda and keeps spending billions for power it is interesting to see how there is no improvement, it is equally mind boggling and baffling that the available power supply is not paid for by both government and the governed including me.

Many persons for good reasons had seen in Jonathan nothing but good luck including you and me, an opportunity for a reawakening despite the roguery and treachery of the PDP.  A lot of us had lost hope in the system, the structure, the leadership, but with each passing day, it is becoming obvious that Nigeria may be just an empty plastic cup, to light to hold a cup of coffee cold or hot, because the problem is you and me.

I voted because he was South-South, he was Christian, was Niger Delta, he had a smile, for millions like me and you who never had met him, he seemed a nice guy--well quite early in the morning we are living witness to the result, from labour strikes to expected subsidies and a deteriorating state of security.

I am writing this essay about us because lately I have discovered that I have tried hard to write nice stuffs about leadership, but that is a hard ask, I criticize a lot and hardly give solutions, my reason, simple, there are enough solutions to Nigeria's multi-dimensional problems, enough to fill an American Congressional Library.

Until I am ready, until you are ready, the solutions would remain utopian.

I have watched us being reminded of the successes of far Malaysia and lately nearby Ghana, a success that was championed and achieved simply because of purposeful leadership, a leadership and people that have collectively gone about bringing economic prosperity, industrial strength, intellectual pride and dynamism. Unfortunately I am part of a circus, of both leadership and citizenry.

A new Nigeria cannot unfold, with fast paced infrastructural development, rapid push in human resource development, healthcare delivery, when of the approximately 150,000 graduates expected out this year, only 4% possess a chance of a job, with time the remaining 96% slowly became an unemployable lot with redundant qualifications and no form of entrepreneurial educational, is it not easy to see how we are part of the problem.

Today's Nigeria, lacks education, health and development with all the wealth, we are breeding terrorists, frustrated young men, sad mothers, senior citizens that daily curse the nation because we have refused to give them their dues, children without a hope for the future in light of public school utilities.

This is Nigeria, the rich, poor, and everybody cries and laughs almost at the same time; the difference is the swing of the pendulum, I am part of the problem, so also you, it only depends on when, and how.

The Nigerian big man makes a law, those wanting to be Nigerian or already big men proceeds immediately to look for a way to break the law; he explores loopholes and escape clauses, like the Immunity clause used for stealing.

Ordinary Citizens would do it their own way, they will jump queues on no-excuse, they will do u-turns on an expressway, stop in the middle of the road to say hello to a long lost friend without parking.

How can I say I am not the problem, when in power I love affluence and will do anything to stay put. In religious matters, I fake it; in business, my cheques bounce. In the civil service forget the noise of 'servicom', files get missing and only re-appear when you, and I mean you reading this is given the right price.

The pain of this essay, is we know that we are the problem and rightly so too, but how about the Nigerians in their millions that want to be good for the right reasons. Those Nigerians, not easily understood because they will not give bribes, all their actions are in line with tradition, society's good norms and rationality. They largely are old now, although a few young ones and most times reside in rural areas, though a few stay in urban areas.

They are generally good and untribalized, they believe in the principles of live and let live. These Nigerians are neither the bottom power women nor the moneybag men like you and me. They strive daily to remain patriotic and committed to the Nigerian dream despite the reality, they are disciplined and are hardworking, and they battle the stark reality that as patient dogs they may never have any bone left.

These set of Nigerians suffer the Nigerian experiment because of the larger majority's inability to curb greed, inability for me and you to be fair and rational towards other peoples perspectives, opinions, positions and interests.

My continuous inability to make sacrifices for the common good, and your unwillingness to respect our institutions means that if others do not stand as a people and resolve to fight for what rightly belongs to Nigeria, the problem with Nigeria will continue. Time will tell.


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problems facing nigeria rely on you and i!

I most certainly enjoyed reading the essay composed above, i just wish our leaders think of the problems facing our nations based on us the 'Nigerians'. Think of the problems potrayed on an un-fairtrade banana, the farmer will definately gain about 2% of the profit while the custom offices will gain about 50%. In my opinion, bankers should'nt gain more profit than teachers beacause what they do relies on what their 'teachers' have taught them. it's really sad how unfair the salary hierachy is based on. if only..... i just pray Nigerians will awaken and realise the issues are what we have sown.

Sorry it's not you and me

This is an interesting article, but Nigeria problem has nothing to do with me. I can not ammend the Nigeria constitution, senators and house of rep members increase their wages anyhow they like. Before it got to this stage, some nigerians complained about such act, did others took them serious. No! When Police stop me and ask for 20 naira if I refuse, I will be killed and no nigerian will make a case for me. Rather people will call me this foolish man. If I'm alive to report the case, I may equall be in problem. May be if I'm from a wealthy home, then a case could be filed. The Nigerian law is only for the rich. Even when things are going wrong, if some group of nigerians protest, it's even their fellow nigerians that will stress What are this stupid people upto. They will even campaign against such activity. The things happening in Nigeria is apathetic.


Charles u ve spoken well but we need to let everybody know that every of our thumb that we give to those in government means we ve hand over our everything to that particular person for four years. imagine what is happening now about the budget for this year. That is what we asked for cos the money that was given as a bribe to vote for GEJ is what he is trying to gather in a hurry, we need to realise that we cant afford to handover our lives to those that vlhave nothing to offer

The problem with Nigeria is you and me

Liberation is going on every where in the world, but we cannot be liberated untill we liberat ourselves from suspecion of one another. Calling to Nigerians to rise up to bad governance will not work. We call for it.Its not yet time to cry, untill when we realise that we are one.

You mean to say "You & I"

The problem with Nigeria in my opinion encompasses..BAD Governance & Mismanagement, Rotten or Non- Existing Good Policies, Gullible & Timid Populace, Get Rich Quick Mentality without output, LAZINESS,VANITY,Lack Of Moral Values/ Conscience for LIFE and each other at all levels..including most of the churches,, Ignorance and finally Growing Illiteracy.

The Problem With Nigeria Is You And Me!

Start with Law and Order; reform the Police Force, retire all Police Officers from IG down to the Police Commissioners, and fill these positions with a new young force, trained at a newly established Police and Legal Matters College, staffed with lecturers from South Africa or Ghana. Do not make the mistake of involving any Nigerian Institution or personnel; mind you, Nigerian Universities and completely useless.

If a politician is accused of 12 billion naira fraud, don't set him free with a 2 million naira bail, but set a bail equal to or double the fraud amount he is accused of. Also revamp the court system, replace all serving Judges with fresh young lawyers who hopefully understand the LAW.
Build larger prisons for the firestorm that is about to visit all corrupt civil servants - both retired and currently serving.

Most importantly, IMPEACH JONATHAN for lousy leadership.

Give this massive lift (forklift) six months of operation, and constantly revisit the operation.

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I beg to differ, the Libyan's are not stupid. They had a terrible leader for decades and they' finally had enough and ousted him! Leadership comes from within the community, from the people so its we the people that shape our leaders. Most Nigerians are money hungry so it shouldn't come as a surprise that that has been the focus of Nigerian leaders for decades. The shift must come from us the people as a community where by we channel our energies from a monetary focus to the betterment of humanity. The first step is to bring the unconscious into the conscious that is why I hail Prince Charles Dickson, my brother!

Finally someone gets it, Well

Finally someone gets it, Well done Prince Charles Dickson!!!! 4 the last few days I have been praising the Libyan people and some of my Naija friends I have, have been quick to stop me and say Gaddafi wasn't that bad compared to Nigerian leaders. I found this very alarming because if that is the case are the Libyan people stupid? If so what does that make us Nigerians that since our independence we have been ruled by worse leaders than Gaddafi yet we the people have remained silent and bowed our heads for all these years?

U just spoke like a

U just spoke like a pipe!
Well I bliv u r a nigerian too so even if u didn't vote GEJ u live in naija and face d problems which we face and contribute ur quotea of whateva it is u do, so don't preach not GEJ camp and think is moving your motherland forward


I agree with you Charles,but first thing first,we have to fix our politics before other things like
Educational,economic,social,industrial,financial and health systems can be rigth.April 2011 Presidential election was a good opportunity to elect credible candidate but alas! we missed it .I did not remember NLC,ASSU or the human right groups telling the people, evil to come by voting Jonathan and PDP ,yet we know that no positive thing can be attributed to their past over 12 years in power. So let NLC and others not disturb our peace by embarking on any useless strike over oil subsidy

the problem is the leaders

i will never agree that goodluck leadership is gud, is favour d rich dat is why the rich is getting richer and d poor is been kill by hungry, i have hear him speak in d television but i will never forget his promise to we young nigerians. a common man can not live in a cover house & the young once can not go to a better school.
you people only judge because of what you see around u and what u have. come outside and see where people are crying to have only one meal daily.
becourse u are ok does not mean that millons are ok

the problem is the leaders

i will never agree that goodluck leadership is gud, is favour d rich dat is why the rich is getting richer and d poor is been kill by hungry, i have hear him speak in d television but i will never forget his promise to we young nigerians. a common man can not live in a cover house & the young once can not go to a better school.
you people only judge because of what you see around u and what u have. come outside and see where people are crying to have only one meal daily.
becourse u are ok does not mean that millons are ok

Sufferin from PREMATURE

Sufferin from PREMATURE EJACULATION??? Then, you have got to visit here...

Long live Biafra. Long live

Long live Biafra. Long live Cote d’Ivoire. Peace be with the people of Yamoussoukro. Death to those who hate Biafra. Death to Islamic terrorists. May Baal grant strength to Boko Haram to punish those who hate Igbos. May Gowon and his generations to come know no peace. All say Amen.


I have not read your artice yet o but the title is what I want to comment on. I will print it out and go home and read it. The Problem with Nigeria ain't out leader. It is we. ME and YOU. You have hit the nail right. I just hope the body lives up to what the head is saying. Well Done. I just so much love that Tittle... It says it all


When I was a small boy, careers like teaching,civil service clerks,brick-layers,nurses,police officers,etc were highly respected,and thier salaries were enough to get them a respectable life,thier children were all able to go to school and afford the basics,graduates were given loans to buy cars and start life.All of a sudden,after Murtala and OBJ,greedy leaders took over the country and turned our values upside down,one only had to be a government contractor or corrupt politician to gain respectability in soceity,all the girls were now intrested in rich people and the young graduate,teacher and clerks were treated like lepers,even thier salaries were not paid for months.A SOCIAL RE-ORIENTATION IS NECESSARY HERE,A COUNTRY WERE A CRIMINAL IS RESPECTED HAS NO FUTURE.

it starts with elections

Its difficult for citizens at the bottom to effect change. Goverment needs to put in place policies that setup an environment for rewards for hardwork and consequences for wrong doing. These consequences, rewards and incentives must be implemented and transparent. It must start from the executive, law makers and our judges; they must vote in people of integrity in their respective parties and not sell their votes.



The Problem With Nigeria Is You And Me

Interesting, Informative and well argued. That's all I can say.


With all this said, its time to rise up, you, me, them, for. What is right, do what is right. Pray for our leaders and our nation.Nigerians must stand up for the good of nigeria.God bless you all.


Fantastic piece, its time WE live and not exist. Its time we take our pride back. Its time we realize we are the very best of species. Its time we realize we are free . Its time we work to build a NEW NIGERIA. I am awake!!!! I hope you all are!!!!!!!

Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

Nigerians Saving Nigerians: Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

yes it you and me

God will not change the condition of people untill they change what's in their mind. Our attitude is rotten, I do not see any hope in the nearest future till we change our perception about that country called Nigeria.

The Problems Of Nigeria Is On The False Foundation It Was Built.

The problems of Nigeria is on the false foundation it was built upon. Nigerians are good people. We were deceived and lumped together without any consideration. To make things worst some of us Nigerians consider others inferior to us based on region and religion. Some want to act as empror to others. Some feel they are born to rule. Nigeria got messed up during IBB and Abacha eras. Nigerians do not want to live abroad after studies. They come home with briefcase not cars. But the military era ruined everything for us all. People overseas used to send mails home without been stolen at the Post Offices in Nigeria. But when IBB devalued the Naira, Nigerian Postal Workers started stealing mails sent home from abroad. Our problems began with IBB and Abacha. The Western Union money transfer save the loots by the postal workers of Nigeria.

Amazing piece, you are

Amazing piece, you are absolutely right. I have said the same thing for time now. I just pray and hope that we can put our selfishness, greed and lust for luxury aside and do what is right sooner than later. Time don't wait for no man.

Amazing piece, you are

Amazing piece, you are absolutely right. I have said the same thing for time now. I just pray and hope that we can put our selfishness, greed and lust for luxury aside and do what is right sooner than later. Time don't wait for no man.

Nigeria: A fraudulent and corrupt edifice

You are absolutely right. In Nigeria, it's all about a government of the corrupt, by the corrupt, for the corrupt. The Nigerian state itself is an insatiably greedy, and corrupt machinery which devours everything in its path including morality, mortality, schools, hospitals, roads, and even the air we breathe. It is a monster of leviathan proportions and Nigerians themselves feed it everyday like a favourite pet. The way to get rid of it is to reduce the size of the government and privatise everything in Nigeria. I mean everything.

The Problem With Nigeria Is You And Me!

Truly, each Nigerian has to accept some responsibility in the mess our nation is in.

Read this article:


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