President Jonathan's High-Priced Militants: Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Ateke Tom Paid Millions of Dollars Annually

President Jonathan's aide, Oronto Douglas and ex-militant, Asari Dokubo
By PM News, Lagos

America’s Wall Street Journal today revealed the mind-boggling million dollar sums that the Nigerian government has been paying Niger Delta warlords to keep them off the oil pipelines in the past 12 months.

 Mr. Dokubo Asari, the former warlord that first shot to national limelight collects $9million every year to keep his estimated 4000 soldiers at bay. ‘General’ Ateke Toms and ‘General‘ Ebikabowei Boyloaf Victor Ben collect $3.5million apiece while General Government Tompolo Ekpumopolo is the most priced of all: he gets $22.5 million yearly.

The newspaper said the figures were gotten from senior officials of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, which makes the payment direct to these warlords.

While Dokubo shrugged off the huge payment he receives, about N1.44 billion, as nothing unusual, there is the belief that the selective payments have bred some jealousy among other militants, not so rewarded, who in reaction continue to pillage Nigeria’s crude oil pipelines. Nigeria loses no less than 10 per cent of its crude production to oil thieves on prowl in the Niger Delta, despite the programme of pacification called the Amnesty Programme.

By Shell’s account, no less than 150,000 barrels of Nigeria’s production are stolen daily, a very low estimate in the eyes of many Niger Delta watchers.

The Wall Street Journal said in its report that government plans to spend $450 million on the amnesty programme this year alone, despite the increasing theft of crude in the region.

Said the respected journal: The gilded pacification campaign is offered up by the government as a success story. But others say the program, including a 2009 amnesty, has sent young men in Nigeria’s turbulent delta a different message: that militancy promises more rewards than risks.

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i dnt tink is fair doin that. .

What is the use of Nigeria security ?

It s interstin news for me

It s interstin news for me

When 9ja will back to it

When 9ja will back to it original way? we all know that will not take us to anywhere

@this provided jobs for thousands of youth in the Delta area

Yes it may have, but it doesn't make it right. The aim is defeated b'cos we are still loosing 150,000 barrels per day to attacks. What is the basis for subsidy removal when such a huge a amount goes to a bandaid solution. Instead of just burying the pipelines like South Africa did for theirs with the money. Mind u this loot is/was shared btw Deziani, the Militant bandits, and until his sack Azazi(who is a known Bunkerer). It is important to note that it is extra budgetery too i.e. Unnaccounted for, so Ngozi doesn't know abt "the racket" until now :-)


Deziani/Goodluck force this payment on NNPC but pipelines are still attacked, the amnesty is to gulp $450mill but they are still kidnapping, 13% derivation runs into billions monthly but the poor are deprived while the rich want more, NDDC is another money guzzler but they say they are marginalized, the Ministry of the Niger Delta has one of the fattest allocations but they are still under developed. And when all this is revealed they will still blame it on the rain. JOKERS

Not only BOKO HARAM but every

Not only BOKO HARAM but every other form of indiscipline found in his government. If we were to be strict, GEJ should face law suit for countless charges

Stop distracting Jonathan, Gulak warns Obasanjo

Stop distracting Jonathan, Gulak warns Obasanjo

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It appears that over d years

It appears that over d years d niger deltans have undergone psychological distortions dis is a concept of anthropology and sociology this is evident by the successive corrupt government in the state. I however believ terorism should be granted amnesty but someone must be punished for the misdeeds of the sect, the amnesty granted to Iraq got saddam husein punished those found within d premises of Osama were treated well at the expense of Osama. Ignorance is not an excuse, education does not mean you are wise enough to post here you must be enlightened learn d law. if after adjustment you can then suppose new rights for now d people are not in position to pick some of the things they are taking

At first i thought your

At first i thought your opinion was nice but i want you to reason with yourself. Do These payments reflect on the budget, if no, jona is guilty of theft, treason, money laundering, aiding and abetting and so much more. Secondly what were the objectives of amnesty was it to inaugurate a new set of security or paramilitary

Yeah nice idea, after that

Yeah nice idea, after that NNPC Will barely produce since all its workers are militants and therefore it will not be able to pay workers then there will be a strike. You must be very educated

Thats the stupid point, the

Thats the stupid point, the wrong message is being passed. Amnesty is to help Nigeria move forward not granting unjustified sums of money to some terrorist i know if it were BOKO HARAM you 'll be thinking differently. Say me well to other idiots like you

There is always a reward for

There is always a reward for bad behaviour in Nigeria of Goodluck Jonathan. There will never be any punishment as long as you are committedly defiant. Boko Haram from the Northern part of Nigeria is already taking cue from this. They have learnt a lot from the militants from the Niger Delta. The youths from other regions of the country are equally watching. What has happened to the rules of crime and punishment, especially against the state? It is the time that will tell.

The dept of any individual is express by his /her thought

We can only measure individual dept of knowledge by what you expresses, imagine the state and degree of illegality in our nation, so is so amaze that some are support this height of illegality bas on tribalism. Many that support this
one who b surprise they also live in poverty and victim of decadence in infrastructure in the country. Why paying salary of police and so many security agent if they cannot secure the pipeline and why 920billion voted for security when our lives and property are not secure. Let stop this sentiment approach to issue and address the illegality in our system.

The dept of any individual is express by his /her thought

We can only measure individual dept of knowledge by what you expresses, imagine the state and degree of illegality in our nation, so is so amaze that some are support this height of illegality bas on tribalism. Many that support this one who b surprise they also live in poverty and victim of decadence in infrastrure in the country. Why paying salary of police and so many security agent if they cannot secure the pipeline and why 920billion voted for security when our lives and property are not secure. Let stop this sentiment approach to issue and address the illegality in our system.

WSJ and The Amnesty Program

The amnesty program, though not the perfect program, has helped quell the unrest among restive youths who were being sponsored by greedy and corrupt people in the underworld. But now that those people have been left out of the loot-sharing, they will then devise other means to rouse flames that have been doused. If those who supposedly give information to WSJ are bold enough, why not share such data with the Nigerian Press and see if no media house will pick up on it.I do not believe the WSJ at all. Nigeria will not break up regardless of how much they may wish for it or work towards it. Nigeria will overcome her growing pains, learn from it and move on to become the great nation that western powers can respect.

The Wall Street Journal is no friend of Nigeria

The Wall Street Journal did not publish such reports out of any concern for Nigeria. They will see a demon behind every tree that does not give them a story to write, i.e. no abductions or highly publicised demand for ransom. Since it is a slow news day for the media where Niger Delta is concerned, WSJ has to come up with something that appears plausible. It is a veiled attempt at stirring up young people in the Niger Delta by making them believe they are being left out. No one supports terrorism and it is to be condemned by all means. The WSJ is not a friend but an enemy of Nigeria presenting a friendly face to the gullible.

To those who say we're

To those who say we're emulating America,I say study history well. The native Americans found on oil rich lands were driven out and put in reserves, then the colonialists took over. It can be done here too.

What happy to the rest of us ND people?

What would the other people in that region gain having the same experience of neglect. Should all carry arms? What will happen to all of us ND people when oil spilage occur

''To keep Nigeria one is a

''To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be DONE''. I support my 'northern brothers', the oil is free and a war booty. No one region should be allowed to enjoy it alone. Jona should distribute the oil revenue equaly or even more to our northern brothers. They deserve it to survive in the desert. Asking non niger delta to go away is begging the issue. The bond is to keep nigeria one at all cost. Too late in the day to break up.

Tell the world where you got

Tell the world where you got the money used to build roads and houses in Lagos. The money was stolen from the people of Niger Delta, and you know this as the truth.

Where did you get the money used to build houses in Oyo, Ekiti, Ogun, and Osun? The money was pillaged from the people of Niger Delta!!

Tell the truth, Yoruba boy boy! You people in the SW are thieves and murderers and it is about time you look inward for your own resources and leave other people and their resources to be!

This provided Jobs for thousands of youths in the Delta area

I am glad these guys are being provided with job opportunity; otherwise, the thieving politicians will have to share such money, anyway.

If the Delta youths are smart, the opportunity should not be wasted, they should all get paid or move in to destroy these oil instullations.

Wonderful news!

Y all this talk

Y talking about Oil from d SS? Is it not the same oil the country has bin benefiting from for So many years? Wether we like am or not d OIL IS LOCATED IN THE SS PERIOD(Na God put am 4 dem there pls no b man). WEST, EAST AND NORTH should go and do their home work, identify what resource GOD has blessed them with and alow the niger delta and their children enjoy their God given resource abeg. Left to me alone let all states control their resource and u'll see that all this fight in Nigeria will Stop. This money given to them is creating employment for their people(not like what some our past leaders do by taking it abroad to create employment in another country). U as an individual instead of complaining go to ur region and do somthing for ur country. I personally have started farming in my back yard @ d age of 34 and i am begining to enjoy it. Like Obama said ''dont think of what u can get from ur Country, rather think of what u can do for it''

just a drop in the bucket...prepare for the ides of march!!!

just a drop in the bucket. many more drops for the bucket, them the well, the rivers and deltas...what happens after 2015??? prepare for 2015...prepare for the ides of march!!!

GEJ Good Job Jareeee!!!

IBB owns the most expensive rental property in Alexandria Egypt. IBB owns a wonderful hospital in Muchen Germany. IBB owns business empire in France. Where did all these monies coe from? Abacha's family owns vast investment in Austria and Switzerland from where comes these monies? Useni, Danjuma, Ibrahim Al Alfa, Dantata, Dikko, Atiku et al. Abeg make una shut up jare! GEJ is doing the right thing for once!!!

let break up--if u dont like them faces-U cant -cause u will die

@Delta Queen, did the fuel subsidy thieves help the SS with their stealing of our oil revenue? When its the turn of the crooks from the Fulani north among other areas of the old region, u are scared to comment on them. For fear of BH. Asare Dokubo is a prince in his own right-whom most of you would never have had the opportunity to relate with if not for Lord Lugard who brought us together. Some of our parents never saw the 4 walls of a college-his old man retired as a high court judge-Have your rotten brain ever given thought to the hundreds of our ppl being paid to protect the oil pipelines in the SS? Years ago, SS was not allowed to go near the pipelines. It was the retired Generals who ended up as contractors to the oil firms-all that is changing-our ppl are gradually eating into the oil industry-now!

Niger Delta deserved a better deal

I don't care about the figures that are being peddled about by hateful rogues but what i am interested in is total resource control and fiscal federalism with a weak centre to discourage corruption. How much of the monies being continually stolen from the people of the Niger Delta especially from my Oil wells in Nembe Creek has SR published? This sensational report is nothing but a piece of Nonsense, don't forget the bulk of the monies accruing to our country's coffers being stolen by Nigerians from other clime is from our backyard. How many times have you reported about the lack of infrastructure in the Niger Delta? Mr. President please convoke a National Conference were the basis for our coexistence should be discussed & agreed.

Well done Jonathan

Well done Jonathan for taking care of ur people...these payments should be xtended to all people of oil producing areas...Tompolo,Ateke & Asari payments should be increased with immediate effect as they have allowed the government to lift oil peacefully for the well being of Nigeria..if u kill the cow how will u drink milk?
These payments ar nothing compared to IBB's looting during the first Iraq war.

Jonathan for life president of Nigeria.

Is it Honorable Nwuke of abriba in etche of pitakwa?

@Nwuke It seems U have very short memory. Was your Buhari not the man who gave Abacha a clean bill of health after Geneva? Why do u always want to serve yr masters of 1960 and not be served? Continue to play your national house boy role in abuja and the fulani North-how many Ijaws did you see being slaughtered by Boko Haram-if u have any of the wits u claim to have then why are u scared of a split-move your thoughts away from yr life support machine in d north-cant yr ppl aspire to become presido? Jona has even tried fa!-4 members of the old region who now use Ibori & Alams as their sign post, to scare us-allow him stay on 4 a year-is an achievement-but who is afraid of u-was David West d presido of 9ja b4 u jailed him? Its only d governors in SS u can deceive-not us!D dead in d SS-Obi wali-kensarowiwa-marshal harry-dikibo-boro-bombing of ayakoroma-gbaranmatu-umechem-SS shocked to see Jona in jail? Hell No! Hence the need for us to secede-is that what is making yr BP rise-abi?


So this is what the brigandage and militancy was all about? If truly they were fighting for Niger Delta, why connive with Government to steal the money, instead of making sure that it's used for the development of the most under- developed region of the country? Bayelsa State, where the President comes from, cannot even be compared to Kogi or Nassarawa State in terms of development. Yet, despite the preponderance of oil companies, these 'sons of the soil' choses to ransack the same land they claim to be fighting for. It's clear that GEJ and his foot soldiers have lost the script and must be sent back to the creeks on or before 2015.

Nigeria,the shame of the black race.

In some other countries where oil is produced and human beings exit,technology is used to police the pipe lines against vandalism.The Nigerian situation is different because there are some so called powerful people who benefit from the illigality called bunkering.
Has any body thought of the possibility of the presidency using the ex-militants and amnesty as a way to de-frauding the nation.
Nigeria needs a strong willed president and not the lackey we have at the present.
Ethopia,a country of about eighty million people and limited resources have made tremendous progress under the leadership of their just deceased prime minister.Lagos state without oil wells but with dynamic leadership has proven to the world what leadership is all about.

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