Qatar Airways Flight Stranded in Lagos For Five Hours; No Information Given To Passengers, Who Remain in Seats

By SaharaReporters, New York

A Qatar Airways plane has been stranded in Lagos for five hours with the passengers in their seats.

Flight QR593 was supposed to have departed for Doha at 2:55pm Nigeria time but up till the moment of filing this report, it has neither done so, nor have the passengers, some of whom have begun to panic, been informed as to the reason for the delay.

One theory is that the aircraft has a faulty door that is inoperable, but it is unconfirmed, and the uncomfortable passengers remain in the dark.

Updates to follow.

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Price of a Nigerian life

The actual value of a Nigerian life is even less than that of a chicken before this foreign airlines. They use old, deteriorated planes that are not acceptable in any reasonable country to move naija passengers from Lagos and back to Lagos. If you are ever connecting from their hub, you will see the class of the plane they use to connect you. All this middle east/gulf are guilty of this including Turkey airlines.
Leadership sold Naija life very cheaply!!!

This also happened to me in

This also happened to me in october 2010 in the same Qatar airways where our flight that was delayed up to 5 hrs bcos of faulty wheel. The wheel was fixed but I missed my connecting flight from Doha to manila. This made them to delay the last flight from Doha to Manila for about 2 hours for us to Arrive. All the passengers on board in the fight to manilla in Doha new they were waiting for 3 Nigerians who had a delayed flight.
. The implication of this was that when we arrived at the Manillla airport, an immigration officer from Manillla came and took 3 of us from Nigeria on queue. The next thing i heard was that 3 of us i. the Nigerians are all going back to Nigeria..... unbelievable because we were not told any reason. Within the next 30 minutes we were put in another flight back to Doha and to Nigeria. See what the stupid Qatar airways caused us.... Anyway, that was a blessing in disguise. Im now living in Europe legally instead of suffering in Phillipine.


Can we have an update please. It is over 15 hours since you first reported the incident. Are the passengers still in their seats? This kind of reporting requires immediate update as events unfold, except if the target is on the image of the Airline. I am not certain it is good journalism to publish text messages from your aggrieved friends on operational matters that are easily resolvable.


Faulty Aircraft

This same Qatar Aircraft have flight cancelled on 2 occasions in the last three months as a result of faulty engine. In one of this occasion, they have to transfer their passengers to Emirates airline. Relevant Nigerian Airport Management authorities should please as a matter of urgency start to check the conditions of all aircraft operating in the Nigerian airspace. In the interim, Nigerian should avoid flying Qatar airline until they replace the aircraft. They should assign a better aircraft in this lucrative Nigerian route or we stop them before the endanger the lives of Nigerians and other people doing business in Nigeria.


Make the passenger shout o! B4 they carry u all to the great beyond o!! Only in Nigeria do they treat human like Fowl

It Also Happened To Me

It also happened to our flight on the 21.01.13 on an Etihad Airways flight enroute to Abudhabi.

We checked in and was supposed to take off at 20:40, but someone on a ladder was just fumbling the left engine.

On first enquiry, I was told the plane had some tech issues which they're looking into.

Later the food truck cameback and removed the food and it was already getting to 11 p.m, some women have started shouting.

I went to the airway's airport manager who imformed me we are nomore flying.


They must be Nigerians

I am sure the passengers are my docile Nigerians who don't ask questions.

Tel them

Find out what happen b4 d plain kill ppls