RCCG Update: Pastor Adeboye Hurriedly Makes Peace With Akindayomi Children; Family Denounces Petition Against The GO

Pa Akindayomi shares the podium with Pastor Adeboye
By SaharaReporters, New York

To avert further negative publicity over a petition written by a member of the Akindayomi family, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on Monday  rushed back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom to hold an emergency meeting with the family of the Reverend Akindayomi, founder of the church.

The closed door session was arranged to put out the fire generated by a petition published on SaharaReporters which was written by a member of the family. In the petition which was circulated to several zonal coordinators of the RCCG across the globe, Oluwakojo accused the RCCG leader of lack of transparency and complete deviation from the principles and vision of the founder of the late Pa. Josiah Akindayomi.

Oluwakojo, a grandson of Pa. Akindayomi, has refused to back down from his position, he reportedly refused all entreaties to withdraw his petition from circulation before it was eventually sent to SaharaReporters.

In a rejoinder sent to SaharaReporters today, Pastor Mrs Titi Akindayomi-Adewale, one of the daughters of Pa Akindayomi, stated that the family has been “very satisfied” with the running of RCCG since the death of their father 30 years ago.  She also affirmed that in the last 30 years, the family has received “substantial financial support” from RCCG and that the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Pa Akindayomi have been beneficiaries of that support.

With reference to the touchy subject of transparency, the rejoinder said, “We believe that the running of the church is left to the discretion of whoever God has appointed as the General Overseer of His Church. We trust Daddy G.O and we know that whatever decision he makes is as led by God.

Hence, we do not need to have an idea of RCCG accounts or any decision making processes regarding any building work, major or even minor project. The Akindayomi family doesn’t feel any disrespect because the church doesn’t report to us.”

Five of the Akindayomis, including Mrs. Titi Akindayomi-Adewale, who lives in New York and reportedly joined the meeting by speakerphone, met with Pastor Adeboye yesterday.

A family source told SaharaReporters that the "peace meeting" was called to put an end to all the bickering and all the complaints surrounding the way the church is being run.  He noted, however, that the meeting last night was only a temporary truce as long as all members of the Akindayomi family are not brought together to resolve their difference over the matter. 

Pa. Akindayomi founded RCCG, popularly referred to as “Redeemed,” after he left a white garment church.  Prior to founding the church, he was a polygamist. The family crisis reportedly stems from that background as the founder was said to have ditched one of his wives quietly when he became a born again Christian.

Today’s rejoinder did not end without mentioning the petitioner by name. “Contrary to Abiodun Olukowajo’s opinion, the Akindayomi’s family knows that God led late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi to appoint Pastor Adeboye after him to be the General Overseer of RCCG for life,”

Dismissing the call for the church to be involved in choosing its GO, the rejoinder said he has the “divine right as directed by God” to choose his successor. 

“We do not believe, and as a matter of fact, it is not in the original word God gave Papa to elect the General Overseer by ballot or election. We trust, believe and in submission to the authority God has set over us and not democracy.”

However, a member of RCCG in New York told Saharareporters that Pastor Titi frequently expresses concern the abandonment of the family and this source pointed us to the pastor's Facebook page where she made an entry on July 14, 2009 to the effect that,  “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”. This source disclosed to our correspondent that Pastor Titi's entry was an indirect reference to the fact that Pastor Adeboye was basking in the glory whose foundation was made by her father.

The full rejoinder by Pastor Mrs Titi Akindayomi-Adewale:

1.     We are very satisfied with the running of RCCG since the death of Late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi 30 years ago.

2.     Regarding payments, the Akindayomi Family has received substantial financial support from RCCG in the last 30 years – with children and grand children and great grand children as beneficiaries

3.     RCCG has grown from 40 parishes to an applaudable 20,000+ parishes across the globe with the primary interest to win souls as articulated in the mission of the church

4.     The legacy of the Late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi …(It is the responsibility of the children to reflect the legacies of the father in their conducts.) Galatians 6:4-says “Let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another”. Moreover, Late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi mentioned during his lifetime didn’t want any ceremonies heralding him because his main goal was to always put Jesus at the fore-front. Hence, not even after his demise.

5.     Regarding transparency, we believe that the running of the church is left to the discretion of whoever God has appointed as the General Overseer of His Church. We trust Daddy G.O and we know that whatever decision he makes is as led by God. Hence, we do not need to have an idea of RCCG accounts or any decision making processes regarding any building work, major or even minor project. The Akindayomi family doesn’t feel any disrespect because the church doesn’t report to us.

6.     The vision of late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi has been adequately preserved and even taken further by Daddy G.O. whatever improvements that have been made by Daddy G.O have been for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we are satisfied with that. Hence, we do not need a permanent representative of the family in the governing council to act as a police or signatory to any document.

7.     There is absolutely no need for a family picture of the surviving members of late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi to be included in any publication of RCCG. This is God’s church, not a business venture.

8.     The Akindayomi family does not require any disclosure to be made in regards to purchases of buildings, transportations and salaries of decision makers. We also do not demand that this information be made public to the worldwide membership annually. The Akindayomi family is not requesting a full disclosure of the private assets of the decision makers at the RCCG. It is none of our business.

 9.     Daddy G.O is the General Overseer of the RCCG and it is entirely appropriate and responsible for his name to be clearly and easily located on any RCCG material/resource.  This is an attribute of a good leader and it is entirely his decision wherever he would like his name located.

10.  The Akindayomi’s family is satisfied with the spiritual direction of RCCG under Daddy G.O’s leadership. We trust his beliefs and we can bank on his integrity as a man that seeks to please God always. We believe in the advancements, so we do not demand that RCCG reverts back to its original position. “The Church is marching on”... We continually pray that God’s grace and anointing be increased upon his life so he can continue the good work in advancing the kingdom of God.

11.  Contrary to Abiodun Olukowajo’s opinion, the Akindayomi’s family knows that God led late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi to appoint Pastor Adeboye after him to be the General Overseer of RCCG for life. Thus, he has the divine right as directed by God to choose his successor after him too. We do not believe, and as a matter of fact, it is not in the original word God gave Papa to elect the General Overseer by ballot or election. We trust, believe and in submission to the authority God has set over us and not democracy.

SIGNED: Pastor Mrs Titi Akindayomi-Adewale, New York

August 2, 2011


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Poor people! To them church na business because they just want to pervert the way of righteousness. Whether he is a pastor or ordinary man,Adeboye has and is still living an exemplary life worthy of emulation.Come out n lets see ur lifestyle to see if its worthy of emulation. Am sure if some of you should have 1/2 of his fame and popularity, you wouldnt allow the world to rest with your ego! Wicked men always look to bring down the way of the righteous so that their wickedness will continue to be covered by darkness.
You are not the first and will never be the last. CRUCIFY CRUCIFY CRUCIFY HIM AND SET BARNABAS FREE FOR US WAS THEIR CRY. Adeboye remains a chosen vessel of the Lord.

Open hypocrisy

This isn't unexpected but yet disgusting!
so horrible that church today are now for profit motive. I can't believe the church has so much that the families of Pa Akindayomi to his 3rd generation are still benefiting dividends of the "Investment" of their father in RCCG. So much money in the account yet, church members who contribute their hard earned income still wallow in poverty and some set of people (church family “Akindayomi, Adeboye and their cohorts”) are being sent abroad and living big from this money.
This is nothing but open hypocrisy!
Lots of cases on the judgment day.....

SR's mischievous headline

It is obvious to me that cut-and-join journalists like saharareporters have discovered a new way of increasing traffic - just write something about Pastors and why not, since they have multitude of followers and haters.

Just look at the sensational headline, it is simply misleading. Why not use the rejoinder from Pa Akindayomi's daughter, instead of using the renegade son's letter? The misleading headline gives the impression Pastor Adeboye rushed home to beg the miscreant not to expose him. That's the Nigerian 'thing' in Sowore(?) the same 'thing' in the corrupt government officials he seeks to expose.
We will keep reading sha

Beware of Generation curses

Pa Akindayomi Family should please rest this case cause is a shameful thing, that a man of God like Daddy G.O. should mess up. They should remember what the bible don't talk evil against man of God.


This Abiodun Olukowajo must be something of a prodigal. He who sows the wind must be ready to reap abundantly of the whirlwind...

Mercy Lord

May the Lord God show mercy on Sahara reporters

No accountabilty dignifies corruption and impunity

Any society or an establishment that does account it day to day dealings and answerable to its members or followers is subject to corruption and impunity. Even Christ accounted to his followers on the day of passover,talk of a person called himself a pastor. What are you hiding?



SR is anti progress and

SR is anti progress and Nigeria. I know the owner back in our days in Unilag. Why do you like carrying negative report,I was shocked about is stories during the last election. Now he has turned his foolishness to the church. He should go back to history of RCCG,when daddy GO became the GO,many people left the church. But today God has vindicated him,so it is not new that SR has turned itself to Pharisee and Saducee of our time. For the record mummy Akindele is one of the daughters of Pa Akindayomi. Church is not a cult it has free entry and free exit,so people should stop castigating the church. If it is a business start your own too. God bless his church and it is already planted on the rock and the gate of hell will not prevail.

The End Time sign

Though I am not a Redeemite, but I think so far God have helped the church to grow and Daddy G.O to be among the few respected clergy men in our generation. come to think of it, what if Daddy G.O decided to establish a church in his name today as we have all over the nation where people break up from a church to start their own, all Redeemite would have followed him. So the Akindayomi's should learn to work with their hand and not disturb the work of God. I think Pentecostals can learn from the Orthodox churches on the management of church as a body where no body lay claim to the church and church account are displayed or read at the end of the calendar year. May God help his church. Amen.


There is absolutely no problem here. SR look elsewhere or to the good things happening in the church. Don't be afraid we will quietly read them.

Sahara Reporters stay away from Fire

I will advice SR not to use this medium for any of these personal issues especially as it relates to men of God. Look, no court in the land or any man can tell you the consequences of what you are delving into. Let that grand son of Pa Akindayomi go and pursue his plan and purpose for his life. The calling of God is not business. Please refrain from bringing any matter especially as it relates to genuine ministers of God to this platform. DO NOT PLAY POLITICS OR TOY WITH GOD'S ANOINTED.

Church of God; not of Man

This is a case of people not having proper understanding of God's purpose for His Church. When Jesus was going back to Heaven, He didn't hand over the church to James His brother or Mary His mother but rather to Peter. We did not read anywhere that any of Jesus simblings ever interfere with the running of the Church under Peter. Thank you Pastor Titi for coming out quickly to address this issues on behalf of the family. RCCG is God's owned; it is a privilege for Late Reverend Akindayomi, Daddy G.O and all of us to even feature in the picture. I pray that this fire goes out quickly because it's a distraction from the pit of Hell. Every founder who has a kind of Pastor Adeboye as a successor is favored; we must celebrate this living legend.

Pastor Adeboye And Co. Are A Fraud!

Pastor Adeboye has given Pastor Mrs Titi Akindayomi-Adewale the usual 'TRANSPORT MONEY' which is an epitome of corruption in Nigeria made popular by Jonathan Goodluck. She has changed her stance just as corrupt politicians do when they jump party or when there's tenure prolongation loot to gain from.

The fact is that Adeboye and Akindayomi's future generation children would continue to fight for who gets the supremacy and most loot coming to the church. It has nothing to do with salvation but money and inflated egos.

I say it here again that pastor Adeboye, Oritsejafor, Oyedepo and co. are a FRAUD who brainwash and blindfold their converts while stealing away their time and monies.

And I ask once again 'have you seen where an individual or group of persons own up a Mosque? Christians and pastors in Nigeria should take a cue from Muslims. Pastors are making their ways too easy in Nigeria. Jesus wept!



All i'm asking is that the past be kept
Where it belongs. God has chosen his leaders
to lead 'n direct His people. Papa has done
the right thing- to first seek peace, 'n
honestly, that's what matters. Love 'n trust is all we need.


IDIOTS LIVE BY FAITH IN THE CHURCH. They do home and start living in reality when they have to pay their bills.

THE PASTORS LEAVE IN REALITY IN THE OFFERING COLLECTION IN THE CHUCH. They go home and live in faith hoping more stupid members will come back through the week into the weekend to give more of their HARD EARNED MONEY.


Even Mcdonalds and burger king no get 20,000 outlets. Make them quickly list the church for stock market, i go invest my last kobo.

Elders no dey house wey children dey near keg of gun powder with fire. Adeboye is the only "trusted" nigerian left. close this case b4 una deface the masqurade.

not ok

u are not well. u absolutely need medical attention.

May the Lord take control

May the Lord restore peace and harmony in Late Pa Akindayomi's household and strengthen His church...its leadership/membership. The gate of hell will not prevail over the church neither will it be submerged in the flood of life.

I know a bit about all

I know a bit about all parties and i know that the Grandson is a stupid child that is seeking fame. All Pa Akindayomi's children are Pastors and also married to Pastors and have not had any issues at all.


I think daddy GO is doing well both on the side od men and God and this is the reason why the Church has increased greatly from 40 parishes to a global church.The devil is trying to destroy the church , the church most rise to its feet to pray that the gates of hell will not prevail over the church

thanks for the peace talks

Rather than commend him for holding peace talks with the family we are busy chasing shadows here again-many are called to the kingdom but only few are chosen. Rather than have us look unto our creator through Christ for our slavation, all some of do on Sundays is to search through the constitution of the church for mistakes instead of the the Holy Bible..

good decision

Pastor Adeboye is wise to have intiated a truce, hoping and praying that God takes control.Sister Titi should give the other side Of late Pa Akindayomi's family a chance in the deliberation. Don't ignore the fact that it was a polygamous family, hence no monopoly by sister Titi's side alone. Let's face it, RCCG is both a religious and business empire already. Only hypocrites would disagree. Like I opined yesterday, let Pastor Kumuyi borrow a leaf from this situation and tidy his own house. He has laboured honestly and diligently for God's work.


painfull but real, church na lucrative business

Shame on all Adeboye`s

Shame on all Adeboye`s apologists. Why rush to put out the fire?

Africans are foolish!

Africans are foolish, pure and simple. 

Be Careful

The Akindayomi Family Should be very wary and Careful of their Actions so as not to attract generational curses upon their Lives.

SaharaReporters should be careful in their Reportage as nothing in this Report Suggest that the Akindayomi Family was settled (financially) after the Press Release before this Rejoinder was Circulated.

The Public should be Careful of what they Believe and how they discuss this issue for different versions will definitely exist.

I rest My Case


What is scary here is the way Pastor Titi talks about the church (and how the family has benefitted financially) as if it's a business. Disgusting, yet uncannily honest and telling!

Na wa o!

PASTORS! Are they not the chosen by God himself to read a book in a language and translate it in the same language? They ask you to come to them with your problems because they alone has have the permission from God to solve them. They will pray for you to get a job even though they the reason you have no job is simply because there is no job. Now they have their own problems. Rather than go directly to God, they head to court.

Na Business?

So, na business wey shareholders dey ask for money. Na me alone think say the work of da Lord dem dey do.

Abeg, na where we fit buy shares

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