Removal Of Oil Subsidy: CDHR Warns Jonathan Government Of ‘Imminent’ Revolution

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) today in a “final” appeal urged the federal government to reverse its plan to increase fuel prices.

Stressing that it will no longer sit down and watch as Nigerians are treated as second-class citizens in their own country “where the abject poverty of the masses is in sharp contrast to the superfluity of the ruling class,” it vowed to collaborate with other forces in the country to combat the quality of capitalism being practiced it its leadership.

In a press statement signed by Comrade Sunny Enenuvwedia and Comrade Michael M. Ahiakwo, the President and Secretary of CDHR, the organization criticized President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2012-2015 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and the 2012 Fiscal Strategy Paper, which were made public last week, noting that the documents propose to phase out in the New Year what the government claims as its subsidy on fuel.

Pointing out that this would be the 18th time in the last 30 years that the Nigerian ruling class has increased petroleum products using similar excuses and promises, it wondered why the approach of the Jonathan government is shrouded in secrecy and corruption.

“The President of the Senate in a recent motion to probe the activities of the NNPC did actually blame the controversy surrounding fuel subsidy on cartels operating in the oil industry,” the statement said.  “In a similar reaction, the Federal House of Representatives insinuated the existence of high level corruption in the oil industry with the full knowledge of the NNPC.”
In that light, the CDHR wonders why the Jonathan government has failed to take concrete steps to tackle the cabal and bring them to book instead of subjecting poor Nigerians to suffer untold burdens.

It reminded President Jonathan that democracy releases the total energy of all citizens for development.  “Restraining, curtailing, suppressing and oppressing people with associated authoritarianism, which the present Nigeria government is turning into, breeds nothing but violence,” the CDHR warned.

[Full text of the press statement]:
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) is the foremost human rights organization in Nigeria. The formation of the organization is already in the public domain.

The CDHR calls for this conference to bring the attention of Nigerians to the confrontations facing the teeming masses of this great nation at this crucial period. We are embittered about the blood draining neo-liberal thinking of our present government, which policy is presently manifesting in the proposed removal of fuel-subsidy. We bring to the fore hence we reiterate the increasing suffering of the poor people, the denied and exploited citizens of this great oil-rich country!

It is however our intention to use this medium to inform and warn Nigerians at home and in diaspora of the possible commencement of a real struggle for total freedom for Nigerians. The battle will ensure that Nigerians no longer remain a mere allocation under the dictates of a few neo-colonial powers. We the citizens of Nigeria are fed up with remaining under the governance and dictates of neo-liberal policies and forces of IMF and World Bank since our independence in October 1960. These neo-liberal policies
are led by a few countries and the present Nigerian government dances to the dictates at the expense of welfare of Nigerians.

 The Latest Fraud on Nigerians

Nigerians have been defrauded! Yes we are defrauded.

On the 4th of October 2011, Nigeria’s president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan forwarded to the National Assembly (Senate and House of Representatives) the 2012-2015 Medium Term Expenditure Framework, and the 2012 Fiscal Strategy Paper. Among other issues, the documents propose to phase out what government claims as its subsidy on fuel beginning in 2012. According to the President, this will make available about N1.2 Trillion, some of which will be available for use in creating ‘safety nets for the poor’ who will be adversely affected by the removal of the subsidy, and also go into the establishment of what the President calls ‘Critical Infrastructure’. The CDHR notes with disappointment that this is 18th time the Nigerian ruling class has increased petroleum product in the last 30 years, giving similar excuses and promises on each occasion.

The Journey of Sabotage by our Governments: A History of Fuel Price Increase

The current sabotage of government at removing fuel subsidy is not the first time our ruling class has tinkered with the price of petrol. On October 1st 1978, the Military Government of General Olusegun Obasanjo increased the price from 8.4kobo to 15.37kobo. It was again increased on the 20th of April, 1982 to 20kobo, and again to 39.5kobo on March 31st 1986. On April 10 1988, it was increased to 42kobo per litre. On January 1st 1989, nine months later, another increase was announced where private cars will be charged 60kobo while commercial cars will keep paying 42kobo. The non-justifiability of this price regime led to the announcement of a uniform price of 60kobo per litre on December 19, 1989. On March 6 1991, thirteen months after, the price was again increased from 60kobo to 70kobo. On the 8th of November 1993, the price was increased to N5:00 but on November 22, 1993, it was reduced to N3:25. On October 2nd, 1994, it was again increased to N15:00 but reduced two days later to N11:00. On December 20, 1998, it was increased to N25:00 and reduced to N20:00 on January 6th 1999, a month later. On June 1st 2000, it was increased to N30:00 and again reduced to N25:00 one week later. Five days later, on June 13, 2000, the price was further reduced to N22:00 per litre. On January 1st 2002 the price was increased from N22:00 to N26:00 per litre. Yet, it was increased again to N40:00 a litre on June 23, 2003, and again to N70:00, a litre in June 2009. It was later reduced to N65:00 per litre. Through this past experience, we are sure this new proposed increment will add to the multifaceted suffering of Nigerian citizens.

 The Claimed Reason for Government Removal of Subsidy

In the government’s recent analysis for the removal of the so called “Subsidy”, there are obvious indications that the whole process is embroiled in secrecy and corruption. The same process is controlled by a cartel which enjoys the claimed benefits that would have accrued to Nigerians.

The President of the Senate in a recent motion to probe the activities of the NNPC did actually blame the controversy surrounding fuel subsidy on Cartels operating in the oil industry.

In a similar reaction, the Federal House of Representatives insinuated the existence of high level corruption in the oil industry with the full knowledge of the NNPC.

The puzzle posed on us in CDHR at this juncture is: Why doesn’t our national government take concrete steps to tackle this cabal and bring them to book rather than subjecting poor Nigerians to suffer untold burdens. Have we, the citizens of this nation, not suffered enough since 1978?

Fuel Price Increase and Subjected Hardships

The link between the cost of fuel and increases in the cost of living, in particular the cost of food and consumables, is one that has since been established by IMF recent report which indicates that high fuel costs are instrumental to rising food prices and other necessities. In Nigeria, neither the IMF nor World Bank analysis is needed to understand the centrality of fuel to our lives. People of all forms of living, ranging from artisans to professionals are badly affected by the hiking in prices.

Based on the above analysis and record of increment over the years, Nigerian populace have been subjected to untold hardships ranging from high cost of food, medical facilities, housing facilities and unprecedented level of sickness and death. These sufferings are not issues to our government and never thought of by the ruling class. Why should a President unanimously voted by the masses not think of the welfare of the people who elected him into office?

Democracy and the Right of Nigerians to Oppose Fuel Price Increase

Contrary to the general appeal of Nigerians, the government seems hell-bent on achieving its proposed increase. This, we find to be directly challenging to Democracy as well as the spirit and letter of the 1999 constitution which establishes that “Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom the government derives all its powers and authority” (Chap 11. Sec. 14 (2) a).

The appeal of democracy, when firmly established, lies in its pragmatism and legalism as a means of guaranteeing individual rights, interest and social justice. It preserves harmony within communities through consensus and agreement, it integrates societies.

We wish to remind President Goodluck Jonathan that Democracy releases the total energy of all citizens for development. Restraining, Curtailing, Suppressing and Oppressing people with associated authoritarianism, which the present Nigeria government is turning into, breeds nothing but violence.

Our Demand / Our Call

This day, the 22nd December 2011, the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights makes the final appeal to the Federal Government. We call for immediate reversal of government’s agenda on fuel price increase.

The CDHR shall no longer sit down and watch Nigerians being treated as second-class citizens in their own country where the abject poverty of the masses is in sharp contrast to the superfluity of the ruling class.

The CDHR is ready to collaborate with all forces in Nigeria to combat the inherent nature of capitalism exhibited by our leadership. Together we must unite to take upon ourselves the struggle not only for government reversal on oil subsidy but to challenge the structure of the society or any policy, which until now has served to oppress us. Without this, it is impossible to resolve the oppressor / oppressed divide in Nigeria.


Thank you.

Comr. Sunny Enenuvwedia                                  Com. Michael M. Ahiakwo

        President                                                                              Secretary

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i am so agitated and hope

i am so agitated and hope these struggle wil come 2 fruitition. May God give us grace 2 c dis country bloom in2 its beautiful self as it suppose 2 b.




Mr. Borto (or whatever your true name is), I am bewailed at your reckless response & gutter language herein. Please go read my comment again. Perhaps u just woke up from sleep. I should not even dignify u with a response but I need to make that painful sacrifice within my sphere of influence to promote a change in Nigeria. I am entitled to my opinion on the above subject just like you are too. We complain so much about bad leaders but how about us the lead? Young man, could u wittily list out 10 advantages for the retention of fuel subsidy & I will list out 12 woes for the retention of fuel subsidy. Let us look at the facts. Nigeria is running dangerously down the cliff. We need to halt our economic chariot heading for destruction or else poverty will give birth to more criminal dragons & Nigeria will be one of the most unsafe places in the world to live in. I believe we should all be able to tolerate differences in our opinions without immaturely resorting to low-cost insults.


What a shame that for over fifty years that Nigeria iod still a third world country with no hope of progress any time. The slogan Nigerians carry "e go better" seems to mean nothing day after day. Schools don't improve, nor does infrastructure but what does improve is the fatness of the politicians bellies. This has got to stop. What is everyone doing? We re just taking this lightly but not again! What his country needs is the military to fine into power and get rid of this shameless people. Yes Goodluck Jonathan is a disgrace to the South-South region and deserves to be strung by the neck if this bill passes for the immeasurable sufferings he is about to cause. For what its what he is the worst President that Nigeria had and well dot does his wife. What a pair of disgrace. Well the fit.

Na only Goodluck and Sambo fit enjoy oil money?

Na only Goodluck and Sambo fit enjoy oil money?

In 2010,Federal Executive Council's approved about N23.07 billion for the purchase of three aircraft-two Falcon 7X and one Gulfstream G550 aircraft for the presidential air fleet.

In 2012 fiscal year, the Presidency proposed over N1.9 Billion for the purchase of luxury vehicles, for President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo.

Federal Government has budgeted to spend a whooping N992.57 million on food and general catering services for President Goodluck Jonathan again in 2012.

Why will the people say goodluck to Goodluck in the face of our grievous, pathetic and impoverished state when Government cannot even pay minimum wage of 18,000 Naira?

Others are warning Goodluck, will he listen?

Others are warning Goodluck, will he listen?

Olabayo said “Nigeria has not seen anything. Next year is going to be tough. We may witness a revolution similar to what happened in Egypt. The poor will face the rich.. There will be hunger and anger and this..,” he added.

He said further: “What will happen in the country will be very pathetic... It is a year that the untouchables will be consumed... It is a year that the military will strike although there will be no coup. There will be anarchy and young officers will take over reign of power and put things right.”

However, Olabayo said
“the year 2012 will be a year of divine flourishing for the righteous. But for the wicked, it is a year people will take their blood.”


Are the Lives of the Elites More Precious?

I see that some popinjays on this blog are spewing their usual retarded & treasonous spiel. People are attacking Senator Dan & others for calling for capital punishment for our present & past leaders including the "clown prince". As i said long ago, it would be a profound honor & distinct privilege to be able to "put one in the dome" of all our so- called leaders(past & present). Why are their lives more precious that the many suffering Nigerians dying every day? This is what i, & million other citizens have been bequeathed by our peculiarly unpatriotic leaders: A SIMMERING, ABIDING, ETERNAL HATRED OF THESE FOLKS & THEIR FAMILES. Remember this phrase: Marked 4 death. These folks have invisible tribal marks/branding on them & dont know it.

GEJ PR Agents at Work: Nigerians Beware

Clearly, I can see the fingers of FG financed Public Relations experts across the media world. If Nigerians are not vigilant enough, they will suffer from hoi polloi effect. I mean sponsored comments such as the serialised note titled: Nigerians should face reality; your Nigeria is POOR Part 1-3are capable of being taken as general opinion. The reality is that IMF/World Bank cronies have sneaked into Aso Rock. Now they are moving to destabilise Nigeria. Rather than tackling corruption happening around his nose, Jonathan and his co-IMF agent are bent on bringing 90 per cent of Nigerians on their knees. They know, for real, transportation, housing and food prices will become unaffordable for the common man, once they increase fuel price to N165 per letre. Insecurity will soar
Nigerians, get ready to take your nation back. To say Nigeria is poor is an unfair statement. I can agree if it is said Nigeria is being impoverished.

People who Shaped 2011 on Sharareporters.

2011 can said to be the year of the following for investing their time to comments,resolute,honest and fearless to starve off attack on the GEJ Presidency which are politically orchestrated.In defense of the transformation policy of President Good-luck Jonathan whose presidency was birthed by destiny in 2011.To me every comments made by Deri,Ifeanyi-Democracy 4ever a young medical doctor from Enugu,Tundemash,Otile and the antidemocratic element Sunday Njokede counts.Therefore,Deri and Ifeanyi-Democracy 4ever are my heroes on this blog.

Arguably Saharareporters the most controversial Online News;oftentimes misinform the Nation given room to missive-makers,opposition parties,journalist and online commentators to attempt to bring the Nation to its kneels are resisted always by my heroes with humility to put the facts before the public.

GEJ PR Agents at Work: Nigerians Beware

Before deregulating the oil sector, GEJ should recover Nigerian money from past corrupt leaders.
Clearly, I can see the fingers of FG financed Public Relations experts across the media world. If Nigerians are not vigilant enough, they will suffer from hoi polloi effect. I mean sponsored comments such as the serialised note titled: Nigerians should face reality; your Nigeria is POOR Part 1-3are capable of being taken as general opinion. The reality is that IMF/World Bank cronies have sneaked into Aso Rock. Now they are moving to destabilise Nigeria. Rather than tackling corruption happening around his nose, Jonathan and his co-IMF agent are bent on bringing 90 per cent of Nigerians on their knees. They know, for real, transportation, housing and food prices will become unaffordable for the common man, once they increase fuel price to N165 per letre. Insecurity will soar.
But it’s never too late. Nigerians, get ready to take your nation back.

Be kind enof to tell us what

Be kind enof to tell us what constitute subsidy, how is it determined, who authorises it and its removal is the best. Pls do educate us. Thanks

@Sunday Njokedi and Senator Dan, You Sick Including ur Sponsors

I bet you that this President will stay until 2019 and there is nothing any of your sponsors can do about it.The group of 4[Atiku,Babangida,Gusau,and Saraki]including your violent Buhari were roundly defeated and will be repeated in 2015.Your comments are not thought through an deserves no response but,in line with the biblical injunction and the reading public you most be told in clear terms that Nigeria belongs to all.

The minimum wages in question and the Subsidy issue are all revolving around OIL if you most know.Now, if you remove GEJ the Niger-Delta people will now welcome your Gen.Buhari and his deputy Bakare to come an administer their OIL? how wrong! your comments is an indication that u`re suffering from civil war mentality and that of Boko-Haram.


Subsidy as long retarded our development and can no long be sustain in today`s Nigeria.It serve no purpose to keep it any longer coming at a time when the entire globe is reducing cost and taking serious austerity measures to avoid the collapse of their economy.Those who want`s to revolt are welcome! my prayer for your understanding to be enlighten to know the very need of a free economy that will create jobs and provide income for a larger number of the populace.

This is one decision that endear me to president Jonathan in his resolved to evolved a new Nation,it`s painful but,most be taking at this critical time.A leader most not only be seen to be powerful by popular support but,most be seen to take powerful decisions in d overall interest of all in the long term no matter how hurt.


I wish the first person with a comment is seeing this and as well as others supporting Jonathan. hat some of you could Hmm...., So bad that some people could open the four corners of their mouth to defend Jonathan who is not ready to probe the so called people holding this country to ransom. Why on earth is he looking the other side when both the house of the senate and representatives revealed in their reports that some set of individuals are actually committing some atrocities with the monies claimed to used by the governments for subsidies. Secondly, why is he scared of building more refineries which would eventually absorb more Nigerian graduates? I bet you, He himself is more than corrupt like his so called PDP fathers in Abeokuta.


I totally support the removal of fuel subsidy, and any Nigerian who doesn't do so, does not wish well for this country. The beneficiaries of fuel Subsidy has been few private individuals. And As long as fuel subsidy continues, no investor will be willing to put his money to build a refinery in this country, because the price is regulated. Government can not continue to do everything,without the private sector, and the private sector can not come in if subsidy continues. So Government should hands off subsidy, open the market, allow investors to come in, then competition will set in, and the price will be affordable. Other benefits will be job creation. Let us move this country forward. We have been in the dark age for long.

Goodluck Jonathan deserve death

Okonjo-Iweala, Sanusi, Alison-Madueke,you all are uselss,Govt have not yet remove the subsidy,yet our people are sufferin talkless when it is removed,what next will happen to our citizen. Okonjo-Iweala, Sanusi, Alison-Madueke you people have ultered your dirty smelling words as if it is easy for the poor man,you people may not feel the pain of the removal of subsidy because the much you people have stealed is enough for your people. Why average Nigerians suffer is nothing because our so called stupid,uselss and criminal leaders have no single love and care for any average Nigeria. Look at all the basic amminities the knew very well is part of human life yet the deny it from the citizen, is that not enough to show the masses that the Govt hates them? So anywhere any goos Nigerian is ,let us come out in mass and join the NLC or even the BOKO HARAM to deal with this Govt. that has kept we their citizen in Bondage.

private refineries lies

Pls do NOT be confused wth d enter double talk, it is a mix up which is why 'mistrust' creept into Goverment propaganda. Subsidy has to do wth 'imported' fuel ONLY, we are saying we couldnt hav consumed d amount of fuel for which N1.4trillion was paid out. Where did they deliver d fuel to? Grossly incorrect figures of domestic petrol consumption. Even d petrol delivered by our domestic refineries may hav been included. This is a whole "Orchestra" of thievery that needs to 'come clean' by making refunds. Private refineries must operate in terms of productn cost + acceptable overheads, they can export their products at what ever price competive to foreign buyers, they Must not exploit us bcos we can by from Niger

Subsidy Removal

(1)The Math is simple. No civil servant, president, legislators etc should earn more than 2 milion naira as total package per month. Take this differential add it to 70% reduction in recurrent expenditure. Then let us see what this adds up to. Move the savings into the subsidy column, then control the borders, make sure that we subdidize only what is used in Nigeria, which should be less than the popular 32 Million liters. After this, then let's see what is left to be subsidized.

(2) Use part of the foreign reserve as down payment and do a deal with America/Europe to finance and build 5 new refineries in the areas where the crude mined.

This your Nigeria Inc. PLC.

This your Nigeria Inc. PLC. you all call your country will soon dis-integrate. Without a doubt from all concerned, it's going to be disastrous for masses who have all @ stake, in Nigeria. Those your politicians, all have their lucre starked ashore- UAE is their recent heaven. UK & US amongst others have taken enough. And now have embarked on campaign to debar from hiding stolen money in their countries.

They should address our

They should address our delapidating infrastuctures and make sure that they are good and running again and build new infrastuctures where they are required. It is common sense to borrow money to do these, instead of borrowing mony for subsidy, or to be looted and stolen. It is the masses that should be subsidised by addressing the above and not the very few by way of feul subsidy. The problem is that this government, can not put their case to the people, because they have lost all credibilities and nobody believes anything they say. Mr jonathan and his government are seen as 'CHOP AND QUENCH GOVERNMENT' and this is the lacuna.

We should all insist that the

We should all insist that the government and law makers, make Nigeria an investors delight, by making good laws and creating a good economic environment for investors. We should ask all these pretend, placebo and generic polititians to stand up tall, rise above their petty political chennanighan and do the right thing for Nigeria. We should ask these political traders and hustlers, who are our so called leaders, to address our public transportation systems and fix them without delay.

What has happened to market

What has happened to market force as economists will put it. Market works better if it is allowed to take care of itself. With the subsidy of agriculture in the western world and let us not forget, the importance of agriculture to all and sundry, rich and poor, old and young, we all see how this has been gravely abused. For crying out loud, we should stop playing the ostrich, it is only in Nigeria you have the cheapest feul in the world and this is not and will never be sustainable. This has brough in massive abuse by a very few, who now run as a mafia. They use this horrible practice of subsidy, to reap the government off, by extension the masses. They bring in the worst quality feul from only God knows where. They refuse to build the refinneries and saboutage the existing ones, as these only serve their selfish interest. Why can not Nigerians see all these? The nation is borrowing money to pay subsidy, that only benefits a very few. Fellow Nigerians this is not on.

who dey fool who?

wahala deyoooo...!

Let d Revolution start now

Let the Revolution start now. PDP & the evil cabal will never let Ngr breath fresh air if they are not dislodged through a popular revolt. They will never allow Nigerians choose credible leaders for themselves but will rig every election from the presidency to LG. They steal us blind & continue to lie & deceive us daily while GEJ, Sambo & David Mark eat N1billion food on us in one year only plus the chains of presidential jets and fleet of bullet proof cars all awoof chop on poor Nigerians. Let them use all these "free monies" to fund their bogus "Fuel subsidy." ignorant buffoons who think we are all idiots like them. How many times will these vampires remove " fuel subsidy?"

Re, D Toll Gate

@idiots...the toll gate fee is not d problem when government r delivered not only when they made empty promises to the citizen i guess their time is up now if we r ready to fight them back....

Block the loopholes first

what we are saying is that the loop holes through which our money have been wasting shud be blocked first before you remove subsidy if not the proceeds will still go the same way others went n no body will do anything about it. God bless Nigeria




Nigerians why can't you be reasonable for once. Now part of the reasons why the private sector has not been able to invest in refineries in this country is because Government is still regulating the sector through subsidy, and subsidy does not allow for free market. Let Government hands off, and allow the market to flow on its own.The private sector will come in, Competition will set in and with time the price of fuel will stabilize. The case is similar to that of the GSM, which at the first phase the price for phones and calls were up but now it has stabilized because the market is free and allows for competition. Nigerians wake up and see the truth.

What the hell are you talking about Mr. Ejiro Okene

I hadly bother to reply to people on this forum. But Mr. Ejiro Okene are Nigerians better off than the people of Greece today? I was recently there and I can tell you that they enjoy uninterupted power supply, good roads, water supply, good functioning medical care, better employment statistics etc. So what the fuck are you blabbing about? All these paid government touts make me sick


This government is seriously deficient in redeeming pledges. I have two concrete examples. One, the minimum wage is yet to be paid despite Presidential assurances and passing it into law! Recently, Mr President claimed he did not know until two weeks ago that the amount was not yet paid to civil servants! deceit! Two, the case of ASUU is another example of Presidential deceit! Let no one be fooled, the subsidy gains will not be utilized satisfactorily for the intended purposes. The Civil Servants Jonathan and Okonjo Iweala refused to pay the minimum wage are still the same people that will mainly implement projects earmarked under the subsidy fund. Failure is imminent! Also the poor history of capital budget implementation every year does not give me any comfort. It is going to be business as usual. Nigerians should shine their eyes well well and not be deceived by people like Oshiomole, Okonjo Iweala, and Sanusi. Let us resist this bad policy with our might, prayer and resolve!

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