Rivers House of Assembly Alleges Plot To Impeach Governor Amaechi, Destabilize State

Governor Rotimi Amaechi
By SaharaReporters, New York

The leadership and members of the Rivers State House of Assembly say they have unveiled a plan by “Abuja” to falsely impeach the Speaker and Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

Under the plan, “varied responses” will be used to create chaos and eventually provide opportunity to introduce Emergency Rule in Rivers State, the Speaker of the House, Otelemaba Amachree, said in a statement.

The “dangerous moves,” he alleged, are being led by the Felix Obuah-led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Mr. Amachree also announced that the leadership of the House has been reliably informed that a fake mace has been smuggled into the state to enable five members of the house hold an emergency session despite the house having adjourned indefinitely on April 23.

“Furthermore, there are strong indications that some persons have been detailed exclusively to create systemic collapse of security in the state, putting lives and property in danger,” the statement said.  “This is undemocratic, unacceptable and a complete violation of the mandate that the good people of Rivers State have vested on us.”

It would be recalled that last weekend, the National Civil Aviation Authority banned Governor Amaechi from flying his executive jet in the country.   On Friday, he had temporarily been stopped from flying out of Akure airport.

Two days ago, 27 of the 32 legislators in the State, who are loyal to the governor, were suspended by the new PDP leadership of Mr. Obuah and their seats immediately declared vacant.

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Rivers people are too big too be full...we were train to respect elder...so amachi should do the-same or..else............Rivers state youth will forcing him out. Our father he the president ..and he deserve some level of respect.


Weda he enta ther by wrng way or nt is nt d mata hear,wen ws d elctn conductd? Ws it ystady or 2day? If PDP wnt 2 continu existn in 2015,dn de shld leav Rotimi Ameachi alon, evn dm d PDP nationl nd stat chairman ar ther hnds clean? If Gudluck Jonathan wnt 2 mad it in 2015 dn de jst hv 2 liv Ameachi alon or else i c hm losn hs tron 2 APC.

You are all misguided. You

You are all misguided. You are taking sides instead if focusing on what is important which is the liberation of Nigeria from the grasp of all these rogues masqurading as politicians. Of what benefit is the personal war they are fighting to the masses? Many of you are taking sides based on tribal & religious sentiments. I pity my people. Too bad that such short-sighted people are on this site.

Working against the current government of rivers state

Otelemaba Amachree; Do u think Amaechi will make u the governor Rivers state; Amaechi has vowed never to allow any riverine person to occupy the office of the governor; If u dnt know this, get this into ur skull. The way he plotted and pushed out Tonye Harry as the speaker of the house, that will be the same way he will do to u. Leave Amaechi alone b4he rope u in (Rev 18:4)


Ameachi is proud, arrogant, power drunk and short sighted! You stoop o conquer! taht is how Jonathan was picked in the 1st place by OBJ! His humility and respect!! Ameachi the hicken has come home to roast!! If u want equity go with CLEAN HANDS!

RE: dumbo

Amaechi is too strong for them to impeach him that is why they want to intimidate him with everything they have. Akpabio and his cohorts are evil. They dont have the interest of their people at heart. Dem just they use us play "TEN TEN and SUWE". We all know where to peach our tents in 2015 God's grace. You will still go back and beg the Governors cos they key to 2015 is in their hands especially those that are not returning to office. The Governors can make or destroy. 


Dont mind the idiot, What has Tambuwal got to do with the impeachment of Amaechi? People will just log on to say rubbish. 

thanks a lot dear!!!

I thank you for this piece. There is no way whatsoever that a mere governor (especially one like Amaechi who had been like a boy to the presidency) can fight GEJ and succeed. Moreover, in as much as politics is the base of whatever differences they are having, I totally condemn Amaechi whom in his wickedness and treacherous intents is planning to vie for the post of V.P come 2015. That act alone shows how wicked and power-drunk he is OR will be. If Amaechi who is like a brother to GEJ will stand up and plan to oppose his brother's intention to re-contest for Presidency come 2015, then I FIRMLY support GEJ to fight him with every resource at his beck and call, even if its at the detriment of Nigerians(sounds stupid though) because no Northener or Westerner will ever try such during OBJ's regime or Babangida's respectively. I rest my case.

you have just said it all.

you have just said it all. people keep wagging their mouth without reasoning. Amaechi is surely the architect of his own downfall. he started disrespecting jonathan since he (jonathan) became acting president. i remember in 2010 during the inauguration of goodluck jonathan campaign at isaac boro park, the same Amaechi publicly warned all his followers not to get involved in that rally including the same Nyesom Wike that is at loggerheads with him. i have watched severally his utterances on jonathan and i begin to wonder where this whole thing went wrong. i think Amaechi's problem is that of parental failure who is out today to torment the larger society. He is a product of collapse in our societal value. imagine a son of a mortuary attendant rising to the level of a governor of a state, humility should be his watch-word and not arrogance and using abusive words on his elders. Anyway, that is the best River state can produce courtesy of Odili.

Th PDP brought MEND, Boko

Th PDP brought MEND, Boko Haram, Kataf/Berom Haram, Kidnappers Haram etc in to the Nigerian scene. It is only cultists that support GEJ. The likes ogf Egbessu, Okija and ogboni reformed fraternity.


u must be very stupid. how dear u say such rubbish abt Tambuwal. think before u tlk. monkey

Arant nonsense

This purely nonsense the speaker if sure of his source should state clearly not by imagination how s it possible for five members left to impeach knowing the constitutional provision of 2/3 majority before any such thing can be perfected I believe this is just fear of the unknown


Amaechi is too corrupt and very rude and wild with power. If the same Amaechi hear of any local government so called chairmen disregarding his whims he would simply send them parking and make sure he strip them, the guy is vicious with power. People are suffering in Rivers state, come and see the mess in Port Harcourt. Look around Port Harcourt if you would find any reliable hospital. See how messy are the roads in Port Harcourt and go to each local government headquarters the same pains. Yet Amaechi is wasting our money on private jets and helicopters, and oversea trips. Amaechi airlifts Rivers state money to Ghana and other places while the rest suffer and die. These people are all corrupt and only when they have internal problem you get an idea of how useless they are.

Dumbo has completely lost it ...Power Drunk

Over the weekend, Edo State Gov. Oshiomole stormed Aso Rock to blatantly tell Dumbo his PDP thugs are causing havoc and trying to destabilize Edo. Some weeks ago, it was Imo State Speaker that leveled similar plot by Abuja to impeach their Governor. Today, Rivers and so on. Niger State Gov. Babangida Aliyu shouted down the Flying Dwarf of Akwa Ibom that, "10, even 20 of you including (Dumbo) cannot remove Amaechi (as Chairman of NGF)". Desperado Dumbo will end up thoroughly messing himself up before D-Day. Whether they like it or not, Nigerians will have the last say and will toss the Otuoke clown into the soakaway in 2015. He's full of sh*t and belong to sh*t tank. The Drunkard!

Shame at last

Jonathan should be ashamed of himself, he should be ashamed. He will stand to be the worse president ever in the country, he knows absolutely nothing, cant speak for himself, always misled by this bunch of idiots following him, i mean, in all entirety, Jonathan is a failure

Don't tell half truths!

RE: "It would be recalled that last weekend, the National Civil Aviation Authority banned Governor Amaechi from flying his executive jet in the country. On Friday, he had temporarily been stopped from flying out of Akure airport". THE STATEMENT IS INCOMPLETE.


SR, do not report HALF-TRUTHS!



I do laf when people say they are enjoying the fight btw rivers state governor and the president! Seriously speaking do you really think a state governor can fight against the PRESIDENCY? this is not just a fight against GEJ it is the whole presidency machinery... GEJ doesn't need to do anything or say anything ..... His loyalist will handle Amaechi.. Do you think GEJ ordered the grounding of ameachi's plane?? Am sure one FAAN boss just saw the loophole amaechi left there and exploited it to gain favour. And trust me Amaechi is no match for the presidency cos he has no resource to achieve that.

Reckless Dumbo Jonathan must be stopped now

It is clear that the reckless, incompetent and thieving Jonathan has gone completely mad and something drastic has to be done to stop the lunatic and his anti-people PDP mafia before they set all sections of Nigeria on fire. The lunatic of Otuoke is beyond reason. The corrupt fool is so desperate and power drunk to the point that he and his fellow rogues and rustics like the sleazy Alams, the rotten and antediluvian skeleton called Anenih, the murderous thug called Akpabio and the senile transvestite known as Edwin Clark do not give a damn what happens to our region, the N. Delta and the rest of the country as long as they rig the elections to stay in power. Well, decent citizens of the N. Delta will not sit idle and allow primitive and dangerous rogues like Jonathan and his evil gang continue to destroy this country. Jonathan must be stopped before it's too late.



Crazy Rock

I guess the government at the centre is crazy.Crazy enough to remove Amaechi from office because he eyes the second office in the land.Politics,late Waziri Ibrahim used to say,without bitterness.What about today?

Gullible Nigerians.

Tundemash which party have you pitched your conquered tent with? Be it PDP, APC, CPC, ANPP, ACN, APGA etc one thing is sure that they will keep taking all your resources and allocate same to themselves as dubious allowances like hardship allowance, furniture allowance, ESTA codes etc.
Until the people revolt and ensure a peoples constitution is passed where politicians will earn as civil servants development will be far from Nigerians and the likes of Amaechi will continue to allocate and squander Resources meant for peoples development on chartered jets and hyprocritically call for a change of Goodluck Jonathan. Why is Amaechi now resulting to blackmail when Goodluck suddenly fights back. Hold your peace Amaechi until you are impeached. While you were busy syphoning Rivers State there was no noise so why is there noise now.

What do you expect from a student of OBJ school of politricks ?

What do you expect from a student of OBJ school of politricks ?

We are not bothered ... good riddance to the PDP rubbish. let them nullify themselves before 2015.

This is a welcome development.

For Goodluck Jonathan to rule Nigeria effectively, he must learn from his beneficiary Chief Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo. Nigeria's president must never been seen as weak for an infidel corrupt state governor to abuse. Amaechi is corrupt and have no say likewise his counterpart Tambuwal Speaker of Boko-aram who benefited because Yorubas gave their slots to him.
That Amaechi used the resource of Rivers state to charter private jet instead of outright purchase shows he has to be investigated. I believe he has a stake in the Bank of Utah which is why he has swindled the state at the expense of poor and jobless citizens of the state.
It is said that he that must come to equity must come with clean hands. Amaechi, Tambuwal etc are all corrupt and to call for a change or call Goodluck Jonathan corrupt is an aberration.

You Mean He Has This Much Time?

I did not know that this president has this much time to plot this evil. I would have thought that, for good governance, he should deployed such time in finding solution to the national security debacle, to fighting corruption which is at his door step and ensuring the reign of rule of law at all level. The truth is that, no matter what he does to Amaechi, Amaechi will beat him any day or time at a popular election even in Otuoke.
Mr president, apply your wisely to effective and effectual governance. Leave Amaechi alone.y

This is exactly the type of

This is exactly the type of stunt the Balewa led NPC/NCNC coalition tried in the South West in the Sixties, And we all know where that took them and us as a whole.

the BULL on the loose

Maybe our once shoeless guy think he wud be in aso rock forever. Let him go ask abacha and obj

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