Romancing Corruption: CACOL Blasts President Jonathan, PDP

Debo Adeniran, Executive Chairman of CACOL
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has condemned President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for associating with corruption and corrupt people.

The position is contained in a press statement by Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of CACOL, in which he expressed the group’s reaction to the news that Chief Olabode George, a widely-known   ex-convict, is vying for the vacant post of PDP Board of Trustee Chairman.

Deriding the President and his party for glorifying and romancing corruption with such impunity and without recourse to morality, CACOL said, “It is sickening that the President, who should show better example for the masses to follow, could glorify corruption with such impunity. Jonathan could not have been serious with his fight against corruption. He is just paying lip service to it. He is supposed to shame and despise corrupt leaders, but he is giving presidential recognition to them.”

The statement also said: “Imagine the President appointing Chief Tony Anenih, whose only achievement as Minister of Works and Housing, was diverting billions of dollars meant for building and rehabilitating our roads into his private coffers, as the Chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority, and the same Anenih is also vying for the position of PDP Board of Trustees Chairman. It is very shameful that our President's list of associates is replete with criminals. This same President Jonathan was showering praises on former Governor of Bayelsa State cum ex-convict,Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, as his political benefactor sometimes ago.”

In language dripping with sarcasm, CACOL lamented that President Jonathan and the PDP are so barefaced and really do not give a damn about what the people think about their actions.

“It is so saddening that a president that claims to be fighting corruption is dining and wining with ex-convicts,” the statement said. “The signal the President with his political party is sending to the Nigerian citizenry is that, conviction is no longer a stigma in this part of the world since they (convicts) would be celebrated and even compensated with political appointments as soon as they come out of jail."

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thank God

Thank God dis is cumin 4rm a southerner not a northerner

The Devil you is better than

The Devil you is better than the angel you dont know. The activities of SGF and his Secret moves to abet and protect the Provost of Federal college of Agriculture Ishiagu which is his home town should be watchd criticaly. The auditor, registrar and Accountant have been suspended but somebody is protecting the architect of the whole crime. We know he installed the provost in 2009, we also Know the community elders have begged the SGF to protect the Provost by blocking Mr. President. Tomorow, he will also want to rule Niger when he cannot stand firm for justice. I wish international embassies will investigate what is curently going on in F. C. A . Ishiagu Ebonyi state and take proper disciplinery measure to sanitise those we usually send abroad to represent us.

Won't Jonathan sustain those who sustain him?

. Did Mr president get the nomination and election by his identifiable capacity or by political calculations of selfish incorrigible cabal that found themselves in opportune positions to set him up? The President doesn't know what he lacks. That guy is fulfilled with the fact that he got into that position he never could imagine. He was not prepared. Asking him to perform will be asking for too much.

We need to pick up the campaign within the polity, of the need to choose our leaders well. If the politicians throw them up for elections, let us throw them down with our votes

End of story the president is

End of story the president is not a leader! Shikena!

Corruption in Nigeria is Just a Name for The Winners

So long as we do not have effective checks and balances against the powers of the government, there is no way we can fight corruption. The political elites got to their positions through fraudulent elections and the Judiciary has decided to err on the side of the executive thus givving legitimacy to an unaccountable executive, who is there then to fight corruption? Anyone in doubt should look at the travails of Justice Ayo Salami.

Shittu Saheed Olayinkatrue is bisi akande not a jail bird

Is bisi akande not a jail bird-why should u guys isolate him from the ACN colors u are attempting to pour on bode george and Aneni? If u want to fight corruption then ask Akande to quit from ACN. Obj lied when he alleged that he gave over 300b to Aneni. One thing u don't seems to understand is that, OBJ never allowed any of his ministers to make more money than himself. That is why ACN should look deep inisde its sokoto and the mind of her fanatics in d SW-Ribadu called Tinubu a global thief-an armed robber! B4 we knew it, he has been turned into a presidential candidate-Now Buhari who jailed Bisi Akande has again become the beautiful bride of ACN- when will these hypocrisies end in 9ja When Tinubu becomes president of Isolo?

Re-'anoda' Saudi Prince from the South-West

If we had enough problem from corruption then we have excess problems with foolish-unpatriotic-fools like you sowing discuss to hinder our fight against corruption. When a fool like you starts abusing South West and their leaders is Bode George not from South-West? Also talking about North is the Vice President mentioned not from the North? May the curse of God, angels, men and all other creatures on earth be upon discord promoters like you.
The point is CORRUPTION HAS NEITHER TRIBE NOR RELIGION, NIGERIANS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE ARE INVOLVED stop backing your corrupt tribesmen they are destroying you and your future more than any others out here.

Nigeria has never been this more frustrating!

Never in the history of Nigeria has Nigeria been as frustrating as what we have now! Jonathan has shown that he is as clueless and utterly useless as a leader, let alone being the president of Nigeria. Is Jonathan perpetually drunk on something? If yes, has he ever been sober? In his sober mood, has he ever thought over his performance? I advise Jonathan to once set aside all his aides and hangers-on and have a cogitate while having a serious interlocution with independent and unbiased Nigerians who are not on his political apron-string. These people would give him a mouthful regarding his abysmal performance. Nigeria is becoming a hell on earth under Jonathan! I stake my reputation to call on the military to halt this charade before this nation sinks or disintegrates! This is what the military should do rather than brutalizing civilians!

Sceptre and Crown must tuble

Sceptre and Crown must tuble down. And in the Dust be equally made with the poor crooked scyte and spade. Both Looters and the poor will all die, and in the dust will be equal. Chikena!


GEJ is an incompetent joker who thinks Nigerians are unable to see through his cosmetic and window dressing approach to fighting corruption. Even if the EFCC, ICPC, and the code of conduct bureau refused to compromise, the last joker used to free the corrupt bastards is the judiciary. Having so far gotten away with the deception of "FIGHTING CORRUPTION", it is no surprise that he is seeking to recirculate his thieving cronies into public offices so they can resume their looting. What we earnestly need in Nigeria is a complete overhaul of the system which we will not get on a platter. The thieves will not voluntarily relinquish their dominance of the system, it must be wrestled from them and that may not be possible with the current electoral dynamics.

kettle calling pot black

The winner of the June 12 election did not have shoes when he sang at parties to enable him take home some balls of amala for his starving mother-Buhari who claims to hail from a royal family with his fulani background, preferred the army to academic life--Bisi Akande was jailed by Buhari for corruption-is he not with ACN?

wake up Alkali

Is high time you wake up from your deep slumber. Stop chasing Shadows and lean unto the reality.


Yes it is wrong for a serving president to court corrupt individuals in any form but this is Nigeria and the rules of the game are different from what you find in New York or London. I dont believe Jonathan intends to do wrong and revolving door policy has been practiced by all past leaders but we must understand that its for their own good if they must stay in power. People like Ananih provide for the President what the masses should have provided for him which is security or assurance of stay. We instead join forces with the bad guys Mr president needs the Ananihs to protect him from so what do you expect Mr president to do. By the way, Mr Anenih is not convicted by any court and did not do the so called acts under Mr president. Why do you blame Mr president then.


@Usabram......i don't know where you have the idea about governance that you are trying to dish out here. There is the principle of separation of powers. Again, these anti-corruption agencies are established by Acts of parliament and does not in any way need the consent of Mr President before clamping down any corrupt tendency.
You are also mixing two different things viz corruption and BH.

The agric minister, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina HAS ALREADY SPOKEN EXTENSIVELY on the matter

There is a fund that the country can access to drive this initiative.....
Please go home and listen to a track by Eric Donaldson titled, ::"Land of my birth"......


You are not cogent in your write-up.....i can hardly understand what you are about to say.
But my contention is that, anyone has the right to report any act of corruption; in whatever minute form, to the appropriate authority. i have been made to understand that, such information will be treated in strict confidence. After thorough investigation,my belief is that such corruption related matters will be prosecuted.
It is not enough for someone to wake-up one day and start slandering people that have worked hard throughout their youth to serve our fatherland or gain a reputation.


GEJ,by his actions and inactions, is also promoting the system of corruption currently crippling our dear nation.
Mr Jonathan is not different from his
Let the truth be told godness sake!

Eye Opener

At least by this act of ilresponsibility and lack of commitment shown by the Jonathan led administration, Nigerians eyes would have been opened so as to take away sentiment and "this is our man" symdrom in electing the right man for the job come 2015.

The president can't fight corruption

GEJ is a president that doesn't give a damn. EFCC was active during OBJ presidency because the later had a stand on fighting corruption. President Jonathan is just the contrary.

The president can fight corruption

You seem to be very ignorance of facts. GEJ is a president that doesn't give a damn. EFCC was active during OBJ presidency because the later had a stand on fighting corruption. President Jonathan is just the contrary.

Caution to CACOL!

A note of caution or advice to CACOL, that Nigeria still has LIBELLOUS LAWS. The manner Chief Annenih's name was mentioned and maligned by this group opens them up and makes them susceptible to being sued for Libel or Libellous material or publication. Surely, we are not so Lawless to make the type of assertions against others, without proof. Where is the proof that Chief Annenih embezzled monies entrusted in his care at the Ministry of works? Suspicion, yes, but not proven yet!

Until, and unless there is evidence or proof of it, then caution must be the word. CACOL cannot go around making affirmative or categorical statements about a person, unless, of course, they have the evidence to back it up. And which I hope they do, at least for their sake.

SR too must be cautious by vetting how such materials are published, as the Laws equally apply to them! It is Lawless and could breed anarchy for people to go around accusing others of all sorts WITHOUT PROOF!


MHM..... enough has been said
christian, muslim, jew among all devine religions followers the past and the current, every one believes that cheating in not permissible.
My dear Nigerian leaders, your mission might be living the rest of lives after office in the US, mhm.... Wallahi so easily could US hand you over to any Nigerian leader on request, and your life will end in prison.

@ Dan Maikoko - May the RIGHT INSTITUTION fight Corruption!

Unless you understand the work and duties of a professional Police organisation, only then would you appreciate that the POLICE, as an INSTITUTION, has powers over, even the President or PM of a country. The POLICE should, or does not need PROMPTING from anyone, including, Mr President (irrespective of the occupant), to perform their duties (as stated in the CONSTITUTION or the POLICE ACT), which includes 'catching' and investigating suspected criminals.

I support that Politicians must be exemplary and impeccable characters, and should not include Ex-cons or fraudulent persons. But which of the main Political parties is not guilty of habouring base characters? And why should we worry about it, instead of using that to reject that party at elections. Sadly, almost all the parties would be rejected, as they are almost all guilty. Why should we care whether the CPC, ANC or PDP have base or dubious characters in them? Our votes should speak for us, instead!


This ACN people are hypocrites. Did buhari who wants to team up with ACN send the leader of ACN bisi akande to jail? These Yorubas can be funny at times. They can serve Lucifer just for the money

@ Dan Maikoko - Wrong answer! May the RIGHT INSTITUTION police!

You are right about "Only one person in the Nigeroan context of democracy is capable of fighting corruption because only one man is entrusted with so much power that he can stop any attempt by any other person to expose or prosecute corruption". But you gave a wrong answer that "That person happens to be the president".

FYI, that person is the IG of Police. Or the Police, as an INSTITUTION empowered by Law, the CONSTITUTION, POLICE ACT, CPA, CPC, PENAL CODE, CRIMINAL CODE & other enabling Laws. A ( bloody) civilian, like you, me or GEJ, cannot know POLICE WORK more than those that have been trained for DECADES to PREVENT, DETECT and PROSECUTE the commission of CRIMES. As President, GEJ is the person that appoints the IGP. But he can only appoint from among resources available and recommended to him. He has changed 3 IGPs so far for incompetence. Do you expect him to wear Police uniform next, for which he has no training?

are there jail birds in ACN-& BUHARI CONVICTED BISI AKANDE

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West has alleged that the National Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Chief Bisi Akande was convicted and jailed for fraud by the regime of General Muhammadu Buhari in 1984. The PDP berated the ACN and its agents for their incessant media attacks on former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP, Chief Bode George over his conviction, saying; “the same way Bode George was convicted was also the way the ACN National Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande was jailed for fraud by the General Mohammadu Buhari Military Regime in 1984. How then, can pot continue to call kettle black?” The party, which described criticisms of Bode George’s appointment as member of a panel to reorganise its Board of Trustees (BOT) as hypocritical, said; “The PDP has the rights to give responsibilities to any of its members and imprisonment of anyone should be reformatory and not a stigma with which someone’s existence must be terminated.”


great people great nation... corruption is Nigeria growing sector... For more latest news,gist and entertainment gossip and news here at


I refused to buy the idea that GEJ was help to the presidency by the currupt moneybags, far from it. People massively votted for GEJ because he was young and educated and because of the way providence threw him up. But we are all wrong. He failed to capitalise on the goodwill to pudge himself of the old thieves but surrounds himself with them; they have now put him in their pocket. I still believe he would make ammends otherwise, Nigeria is in for a big trouble because 2015 is a decisive year. We are wise now. OUR MUMU DON DU


You're simply a big fool & idiot

Can the next elections be

Can the next elections be brought forward? This government isn't able to "transform" Nigeria and the right thing for GEJ to do is to call early elections either later this year (if INEC can manage) or early in 2014. French students plus workers, in 1968, through demonstrations, forced President De Gaulle to call early elections and he resigned (check out the internet for more info on this). Perhaps we can do something similar, using non-violence to bring forward the next elections?

why must it be ex-convicts

It is obviouse that GEJ is not couragious enough to clean up the mess in the Nigerian polity. Must we always get ex-convicts to occupy such sensitive positions? Can't we get one better person out of more than the 160million Nigerians. Wining and dinning with corrupt people is an evidence that one is corrupt too. GEJ pls watch it.

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