Saraki Goes Into Hiding As Court Rejects His Plea For Restraining Order

Bukola Saraki
By SaharaReporters, New York

Former Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State today went into hiding after he was handed a judicial setback in his effort to bar the police from interrogating him on his role in a major bank loan fraud.

Justice Gladys Olotu of the Federal High Court in Abuja this morning rejected Mr. Saraki’s request for a restraining order against the special anti-fraud unit of the Nigeria police. The unit seeks to question Mr. Saraki, who is now a Nigerian senator, over his involvement in a $133.5 million loan fraud at the InterContinental Bank.

A police source told SaharaReporters that Mr. Saraki went underground as soon as the judge cleared the way for his arrest. “We are going to declare him a wanted man unless he comes out on his own and reports to us for questioning,” the police source said.   

The senator had earlier issued a press release claiming that the court had granted him a restraining order, but SaharaReporters exclusively reported that the claim was deceptive as no such order was granted.

At today’s hearing, the attorney representing the police, Femi Falana , fiercely opposed Senator Saraki’s motion. Mr. Falana told the judge that there was no basis for the motion as the police have the statutory right to interrogate the senator. In addition, he stated that unless Saraki’s case was handled with probity, it could end up in the Ibori way, a reference to former Governor James Ibori of Delta who was allowed to waltz to freedom in a Nigerian court only to be sentenced to 13 years by a UK court.  
After taking arguments from both sides, Justice Olotu dismissed Mr. Saraki’s motion for a restraining order. The ruling clears the way for the impending interrogation and likely arrest of the now fugitive Saraki. Justice Olotu also adjourned till May 22, 2012 to hear arguments by Mr. Saraki’s attorneys that his human rights were being infringed.  

SaharaReporters first broke the story about the senator’s involvement in a fraud where Lai Mahmood Alabi, a former CEO of InterContinental Bank, wrote off more than N8 billion in debt owed by companies where Mr. Saraki and his family are major owners. Mr. Alabi had worked for Tsonga Farms, a firm owned by the Sarakis, before Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of the Central Bank of Nigeria appointed him to run the then distressed InterContinental Bank. In addition, Mr. Alabi released several choice real estate properties that the Sarakis had used as collateral to secure the loans.

SaharaReporters has always reported that this is not the first time Senator Saraki would be in legal trouble over his dealings with banks. In 1990, years before he became governor, Mr. Saraki and his sister, then Gbemisola Saraki, were arrested by the same anti-fraud police and arraigned for theft and forgery related to a relating sum of N510, 000 (the equivalent of three thousand dollars) at the Societe Generale Bank where they both worked.  

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Excuse me, are we all crazy in this country? When this idiot (yes,I said idiot) was the 'governor', he kept running up and down for God knows what. He never maintained any close contact with Kwarans. (I've been living in Ilorin for the past 20 yesrs, so I know what I'm talking about). OMG, this criminal commited crimes against Kwarans and it's almost too late for his arrest. IG, please sustain your image!


I am a lawyer and was present in Court during dis case! Justice Gladys Olotu never rejected any motion, infact the case came up for mention! And was adjourned to 22nd May to enable Saraki's lawyer answer Femi Falana's allegations in the affidavit!
Until the Nigerian Press, including U guys, stop misleading the public, democracy can never thrive! U deliberatly alter information and feed d masses plain fallacy to ontain traffick to ur website! In more civilised countries U'll pay thru ur noses in damages! Pls get accurate happenings before reportin on dis ur deceit-based website!I knw U won't post this cos I said d truth! Rubbish Liars!

anonymous,who told u dat

anonymous,who told u dat saraki is nt fraudulent,u re very wrong ,him and fatai ahmed are one of the people looting nigeria's fund,he deserves 2 b arrested and jailed if guilty


Most of our leader(Politicians) are morally,intellectually and financially corrupt.Presently view the case of Ibori and the eventual outcome.What about the Governor of our Central Bank (Lamido Sanusi) and his Plagarism and he telling us he does not write his own speech. I thought the Govenor was suppose to be intellectually sound and responsible for the actions of all his Office.What about Saraki ,pls do not make me cry, A family that ruin a Bank.
The list is endless.what about a state that is agreeing the severance package for it's Governor to include house in the state capital and Abuja amongst other things and all approved by the House of Assembly. What does an ex-Governor want in Abuja? Was he the Governor of Abuja and should the Minister responsible for Abuja have his severance package to include all the states plus Abuja.
All these People are thieves and only a 'BL**dy Revolution will save Nigeria.

Police Brutality Must Stop

What credibility does he have to protect. With the way he has managed the state and handed over to his chosen successor. if he is truly innocent, why was he seeking a perpetual injunction restraining the police or any anti graft agency from questioning. Let him go and answer them and prove himself innocent.

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this is going to be a real sensational be nigeria,where ibori was caught and set free only to be sentenced and jailed in a foreign land.a shame this is for nigeria helms men because suffice it to say they are themselves part of the robbers robbing the people blind.but who cares anyway, its now a status quo thing!

Arrest Of Bukola

There is no inconsistency nor charade here. This man should make himself available to the Police to answer one of the crimes he has committed. He has other numerous cases to answer later.

Arrest Of Bukola

There is no inconsistency nor charade here. This man should make himself available to the Police to answer one of the crimes he has committed. He has other numerous cases to answer later.

I have been readng the Saraki

I have been readng the Saraki saga wigth keen interest via Sahara Reporters. I appreciate the intelligible reports and how the public has been handling this issue. However, I am still skeptical as to the where this case is heading to, looks more like this is an attempt towards a grandeur attempt to rubbish the reports of the subsidy probe especially in the face of the elites. I saw recently pictures of some Nigerian Youths branding colorful dresses and protesting against the subsidy probe reports, what a shame! Saraki might just be going through a politically manipulated persecution. My opinion!

Who is this about, Saraki or

Who is this about, Saraki or SR or Nigerian Police???

Police Brutality Must Stop

I do not believe Mr Saraki must have gone into hiding, being an active serving senator. This is bad propaganda in the name of press!

If the police has an arrest warrant for him, they should go on ahead and arrest him rather than damaging his credibility all around.

Shame SR, why such headline??

Let the powerful oil cabal cover their heads in shame. Not Saraki.

You have won, they lost, and like always, your innocence will be proven.

They should be getting ready to pay Nigerians of what they stole, and I am yet to hear of Saraki being accused of stealing a dime in government funds while in office. SR, shame on you guys for that unreasonable headline, who is paying you!!

Saraki will come out Victorious

The charade of accusations trailing the erstwhile of Kwara State, distinguished Senator Abubakar Saraki despite his heroic contribution to national discourse through his motion that exposed the charlatans in Nigeria Oil industry is nothing but mere manipulations of the powers that be. Just surprised Sahara style of reporting is vindictive, rather than wait for the court's judgement. Mchew!!

Mind Games By Nigeria Police and Sahara Reporters

Ok, Since when does the Nigerian police media collaborate with a reputable media like Sahara to steadily report stories without any base? If the police have a duty to arrest an individual, my question is why have they not done so up until this very moment? How sure are we that the police as usual has nothing to gain from this entire charade? The consistency in reports from sahara and other groups already raise a suspicion that this is a vendetta started/sponsored by groups with ulterior motives.

Big fraud for Big man

This is a big fraud by a big man,but the president said his goverment will run zero tolerance on corruption. Nigerians were intrested in this case. God help kwarans.

democracy a tool for madness

We must protect Nigerians from insane and criminal minded politicians...

Sanusi should cover his head in shame

The man sanusi is a great joker and i have watched him with keen interest. He has no idea of how to manage an economy like Nigeria. Since the removal of the bank MDs any new thing? He was promoted above compitence.
He is alway looking sensational issues to cover up his inadequacies. if the president will achieve anything, he better start looking for a fresh hand. Let him expalin where he got the money to build the house in Kano.
The CBN he heads is rotten.
The same man who is shouting Nigeria will die if subsidy is removed, can afoord to import furnitures and electronics for gemany and italy to his new offical residence.
Contracts are the main source of syphonying the Nigeria wealth.
Sanusi defend your choice of Lai Alabi. Please tell the whole world what it cost you to put up AMCON? How much did you pay the consultants? why did you appointed ne of the debtors of those banks as an advicer?
Very soon you will be brought to justice. FAKE MALLAM like- shame!

Things are so bad that

Things are so bad that written english is a big problem for the average nigerian. Please endeavour to proof read before posting comments.

Biolalaw, this is a criminal

Biolalaw, this is a criminal and not a civil case therefore, he can get arrested. However, the judge can grant him bail if it's bailable.
Saraki deserves to be locked up!

Land of frauster

You can siply call Nija land of frausters, public, private
And even in places you naturally expect some pietty are not
Left our.I reccomend we all find time to meditate on our national item, may be we will have some sence of shame.oh God of creation direct our noble course, guide our leaders and followers right.


We have just beginning to see the true picture of the fraud called reformation in the banking industry by Mr Sanusi the father of plagarism, in Nigeria. The manipulations by the so called Bank directors to justify their master"s action and the billions of Nairia stolen and dashed out to friends and relatives.

My message..(2)

Psalm 78:46 -50 (NIV)
Just as it happened to the Egyptians of old, so shall our own Egyptians have to go through with this curse. God never fails if the righteous call on his name. One by one..

46 "He gave their crops to the grasshopper,
their produce to the locust.
47 He destroyed their vines with hail
and their sycamore-figs with sleet.
48 He gave over their cattle to the hail,
their livestock to bolts of lightning.
49 He unleashed against them his hot anger,
his wrath, indignation and hostility—
a band of destroying angels.
50 He prepared a path for his anger;
he did not spare them from death
but gave them over to the plague"


The only ones fit to be in jail now are the looters and plunderers of the economy,the destroyers of the banking sector,the oil-block thieves etc.
Petty criminals should all be payrolled and given a second chance because they were all forced into crime due to the actions of these thieves in high places.
Mr Saraki should be a man,come out and clear your name if you feel you are innocent,all these underground moves to stop the police from doing thier constitutional job will not work,Nigerians are watching for the usual PDP ABRACADABRA,HOPEFULLY THE IGP ABUBARKA WILL DO HIS DUTY.

My Message to ALL corrupt officers in Nigeria (1)

My Message to ALL corrupt officers in Nigeria (1)
This is found in:

Luke 12:57-59 (NIV)

57 "Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?"
58 "As you are going with your adversary to the magistrate, try hard to be reconciled on the way, or your adversary may drag you off to the judge, and the judge turn you over to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison.
59 "I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.”

Its about time

Was this not the same fellow who tried to prevent Ibori's arrest when the latter ran to Kwara State Govt house in Abuja when Ribadu was after him? Nigeria is where it is becuase of the likes of Buki and James and there cohorts in Aondoaka, Dimeji etc. One by one God go catch u na!!!


Before we all get carried away, Iyabo Obasanjo was once charged with stealing government funds. Please tell me what happened. Saraki is on the run not because GEJ has suddenly realized the evils of corruption. GEJ is probably "showing" him for daring the support the northern candidate during the last election. Whatever the motivation though it will be nice to see him in jail but I think the "family under the umblela" will soon settle. Wonder why it is the police that is chasing him and not the EFCC? Go figure.

The issue of reaction instead of being reactive

It still puzzles me when we react to this madness called corruption. Why do we wait for these blood sucking elitists to commit the crime before we seek them out for trial?. Until we come together and agitate for the removal of the Immunity Clause, these wicked fellows will continue to suffocate our society with their indiscriminate looting. The Movement called "Occupy Nigeria" should have inculcated this idea into their program.
Why are the Saraki's and the other wealthy criminals still stealing money? When will they have enough money?. Left for me, every prisoner in jail who stole minor items should be freed. We have to be fair to everybody.


510,000naira,back in 1990is not the equivalent of $3,000,you need to crosscheck your facts,know the rate then and you will see the sum is higher,at $3,000 you make it seem like a paltry crime,Its important as journalist you educate those who were young back then to have the accurate figure.

it's a TRAIL..

It's simple.. Why would LAMIDO SANUSI allow LAI MOHMUD to run intercontinental bank despite knowing he worked under SARAKI who owed the bank billions!! It's just a trail waiting to blow up...have said LAMIDO SANUSI IS FRAUDULENT,THIEF,TERRORIST...

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