Saudis Threatened Deportation of 400 Nigerian Female Pilgrims “Without Approved Chaperones”  

By SaharaReporters, New York

Saudi officials were said to be seeking the deportation of 400 Nigerian female pilgrims who arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the religious hajj because they traveled without approved male chaperones.

Local media reported that the women were detained from Friday until Monday at King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah and only supplied with food and water after strenuous efforts by the Nigerian Consul in Jeddah and a Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.
Spokesman Uba Mana said the women were allowed to proceed with their pilgrimage Monday following diplomatic intervention.
He said Saudi authorities held them for not traveling with a male relative due to a "communication gap."
He said an agreement between the countries exempts Nigerian women from requiring a male relative to escort them during the Hajj pilgrimage, which costs about $4,000 per person.
The pilgrims arrived in Jeddah in two separate Max Air flights from Jigawa and Sokoto states.
A source very close to the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) hinted last night that diplomatic efforts were still ongoing to stop the deportation.
"As I am talking to you now the matter is beyond the commission, it is now a diplomatic matter between the two countries. The issue now is how to stop the deportation of the pilgrims," the source said.
But the confusion and subsequent detention of women infuriated the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa’ad, who is the Amirul Hajj, who called the action of the Saudi authorities “an insult to Nigeria and to this country’s millions of Muslims.”
 “They never raised this issue and never demanded that the female pilgrims must have a ‘muharram.’ They did not make this a requirement for issuing visas,” the Sultan said.
“They issued visas to all these pilgrims, only to embarrass, detain and threaten to deport them when they arrived in the holy land. How can they do this to us?... We have done a lot over the years to improve on our hajj operation and we do not deserve this humiliation.”
The Sultan said that he ordered the Nigerian pilgrims to resist any attempt to deport them. “Let the Saudis physically carry them into the planes and deport them,” he said. “They issued them with valid visas, only to shift the goal posts at the very last minute, when they had already arrived in Jeddah.”
More than 17,000 Nigeria pilgrims are already in the holy land.

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i still don't know why lots

i still don't know why lots of Nigerian Women is living in that country


Nawa o, this GEJ govt is given a lot of my south south/south east friends apparent d oils belongs to u pple............matter of time.........GEJ will soon move over.......then u will learn to go back to d old ways.........shutting up!!!!


Why are Africans so ignorant, to spend the money they don't have, in order to visit a piece of rock?

What is Saudi Arabia, that makes it a holy land? Holy as opposed to where?

Here is a country where citizens have everything life offers. Compare that to Nigeria, where there is not drinking water, hospital or electricity.

IT IS A SHAME. WHAT A SCAM? Religion makes ignorant people stupid.


To criticise any relgn u shld 've d knowledge of principles of dat relgn beforehand nd base ur judgment on dat. Relign is not judged based on actions of its followers but its principles. As non-muslim ignorant about islam u shld've rather commented as a nigerian instead of using dis oppurtunity to express ur background hatred. There is no relgn dat has no blackships. u claim to be followers of jesus. However u don't follow his teaching, atrocities like adultery, alcohol and pork ingestion,female indecent dressing have become norms in your society. It will not be just to criticise christianity with the actions of such a filthy society even the christianity you claim to practice is lacking in principle because your bible have been infiltrated by the jews, historians etc but the Qur'an is still intact, infallible and stand the test of all times. Please don't just take your burkutu and write any nonsense that come out of you ignorant head.

How Stupid of u...

I understand that all u want to do is blab and insult Muslims and Islam... But I reckon vividly that ur religion (Christianity) does not approve u to muck other people's religion.... unless If u don't follow the teachings of the Bible.. which in that case I will classify u as a hypocrite instead of stupid.. So which one is it my friend?

Little did they know.....

You all should understand that the Nigerian government does not sponsor Muslims to go and perform Hajj. 90% of the Muslims pay for their Hajj fare. It's really a shame what most of u are saying about this issue. U don't even know what the whole thing is all about but just because it's "Muslim" involved, u begin to throw all sorts of trash... May God show mercy on you all.


Please leave them alone as they are not there to watch mountains and visit artificially created monuments that hold no meaning.

None, no one!

If you know your prayer can be answered wherever you are, why the waste of time and money on unnecessary and not compulsory trips. Many are suffering from one ailment to the other and begging for token in order to undergo surgical operations to be able to live a healthy life. What does your God requested of you to your fellow man? We keep wasting money on trips whose prayers will never be answered. Any sponsored trip on pilgrimage is not acceptable to God, except if you work genuinely for the money yourself. Let us get our priorities right. Don't be a dogma, don't be demagogue, don't be a nuisance, don't be a foolish, don't be a stupid, don't be an idiot, don't be a dullard. Your holy land is your heart make one trip there today, other pillars are your good deeds, your meditations, your thought towards your neighbor, and your contributions to the needy! Wise up. Develop yourself and your immediate environment and not strange and foreign land.

Where's Sanusi Lamido d Analyst (FT of London)

$4,000/person x 17,000 majorly from the almajiri infected North! The other time, d moron of cbn (sanusi lamido) was running his fanatical mouth in London that d Northern (hausa/fulani) region is poor bcos South is receiving 13% of wealth deriving from them. Sanusi would never tell d world that 99% of their allocations frm Fed.Govt of Nigeria (though they contribute so little) is being used to maintain their worthless sultan, emirs, shehus, to build d biggest/most beautiful mosques in Africa, to sponsor quran recitation quiz and to send thousands of their rag heads to lesser hajj, major hajj etc year-in-year-out.
No room for human capital development, no room for industrialisation, no room for infrastructure.
Uncivilised people leaving a 13th century life-style in 21st century

Every religion have it basis

Every religion have it basis and its fundamentals,the christains may not have a reason for there pligrimage but the muslims own its well defined and even one of the pillars of islam. Its good to make a simple research or at least ask questions before talking any how. Dont just talk because you have a mouth or because you have the opportunity. Talk becaus you have made research and you are indeed knowledgeable about what you are saying. It very unfutunate the way ppl critisize with no just reason or evidence


They want in community and you want to sing, who will sing with you!
Na by force. Come back and stop feeding already filled up country.


The saudi government knows they are coming to do prostitution thats why they want to deport them. Foolish pple


The saudi Arabian rulers should note, that Makkah and Madina belong to all Muslims in the world irrespective of color prejudice, not for the Arabs alone , because Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)is sent to all mankind not to Arabs alone, as such the holy land is Muslim's head quarter. Really what you did to our sisters is an insult not only to Nigerian Muslims, but to the entire world Muslims,because what touches a brother in a family touches the whole family.We muslims in Nigeria are very happy with the response of our Amirul ,the Sultan on your barbaric attitude to our sisters: you arrest them, detain them and insult Islam, because, they come to discharge the religious rites.However, let leave every thing to Allah, looking back to Islamic history, they were the one that,at the first instance , rejected,and insulted, the Holy Prophet (PBUH),as such , there is nothing to be wondered.

You must be a capital fool

From your write up I can see you are ignorant of the problem at hand. either you are ill informed or you just want to be hard. after all a Nigerian is a Nigerian whether Muslims or christian so an insult on Nigerian should be seen a collective problem and solve it as such. Most of you that have never come out of your enclave should try and traveled out to the other parts of the country and see how Muslims and Christian are living together with mutual respect and trust. In fact in river state where i reside i prefer to do Business with a genuine Muslims than those of the same religion with me because i trust them. As for you stop propagating hatred and learn to see others as important as you and always put Nigeria first before any other thing else. is an advise take it.

GOD bless you

Stopping the waste of SS wealth on backward & Unteachable North

Why spend my hard earned oil money of the people of the South South and South East on useless Muslim pilgrimages when all they appear to learn in Mecca is to come back to Nigeria and bomb churches and spill blood everywhere?

These stupid people must be stopped. We the blessed, bold, brave and non prostrating South South and South East peoples are ready to teach them very bitter lessons as Israel has thoutht the Arab world.

I understand that the problem with Nigerin northern muslims is stack illitercy. They neither understnd English nor Arbic. Only Hausa. Therefore, since the Quran is written in arbic, they are unble to appropritely interprete its contents. FOOLISH nd unteachable IDIOTS.
Long live the peoples republic of the SS & SE.

Why won't they send them back



LoL! Everything about Nigeria is just different. When you tell people you are a nigerian they give you strange look. How dare Saudi Government deport them and then again what can Nigeeria Government do about it. Deport them pls! Waste of money.

Nigerians must stop and think!

Must Nigerians really make pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem? Is it compulsory in Islam and Christianity to perform such pilgrimages? Many Nigerians almost every year or every other year go to Mecca or Jerusalem! And at the end you don't see any religiosity in these Nigerians! Just recently one of them that was standing trial for a serious crime asked the court to allow him perform the Hajj! Everything that comes to Nigeria is usually practiced out of proportion. Some even choose to go and die in those places. If you that money to throw away why don't you just make ONE pilgrimage and use the rest money to help the helpless that abound in Nigeria? That is even a more honorable religious duty than all these unending trips to Mecca and Jerusalem. God would reward you more for God would not ask you how many trips you made to Mecca or Jerusalem. Let's stop increasing the foreign reserves of Saudi Arabia and Israel.


There is no smoke without fire. We want an insider to tell us how many women pilgrims have turned to prostitution there collecting their oil money.

Where is Sanusi Lamido d analyst (FT of London)

$4,000/person x 17,000 majorly from the almajiri infected North! The other time, d moron of cbn (sanusi lamido) was running his fanatical mouth in London that d Northern (hausa/fulani) region is poor bcos South is receiving 13% of wealth deriving from them. Sanusi would never tell d world that 99% of their allocations frm Fed.Govt of Nigeria (though they contibute so little) is being used to maintain their worthless sultan, emires, shehus, to build d bigest/most beautiful mosques in Africa, to sponsor quran recitation quiz and to send thousands of their rag heads to lesser hajj, major hajj etc year-in-year-out.
No room for human capital development, no room for industrialisation, no room for infrastructure.
Uncivilised poeple leaving a 13th century life-style in 21st century

the biggest tourism scam...

the biggest tourism way to welcome a far away travelled adherent. a fourteen year old chaperoning a 35 year old. complete mistrust and disregard to the intellect of one who bore and raised you. now she is not trusted to be outside alone. did allah give them half a brain? just a means of keeping their women subjugated. when it comes to men, no holds barred. even allah couldn't stop them from carrying out their heinous acts.

Returns of pilgremage

The say the locurst must not laugh when the bush is stil 0n fire,to day is the muslims tomorrow wil be the christains.


This demands for a greater protests, I expect all Moslem dominated Cities in the North rise up to this occation,the same vigor they apply in killing and maiming Christians and burning of Churches. They should quickly burn Soudi Arabian Flag and issue a strong worning to Soudi embassy in long my brothers.

Saudis - The Greatest Enemy of Islam

Nigerian Muslims are all cowards. Why are they demonstrating against a film that truly portrays the life of their prophet? When they cannot critically examine the life of their so-called prophet they resort to violence. They should instead be demonstrating against the Saudis for making them third class muslims. Why are they forcing their arabic culture on Nigerians. Saudi Arabia is the greatest enemy of Islam and not the makers of the Mohammed film or Salman Rushdie

Wake up nigeria

Year in year out, Nigerians spend outrageous sums of money on useless pilgrimages. These pilgrimages have not contributed anything to the development of our country neither has it improved the morality of the citizens involved therein.It seems Nigerians are the most hypocritical people on the face of the earth.From north to south, east to west greed, corruption, adultery,murders,etc. reigns supreme.Shame on this country.


My Heart Goes Out To These Nigerians

It is a crass irresponsibility to remain indolent and silent whenever Nigerians are being maltreated irrespective of their religious affiliate or ethnicity. We must remain united to wad off any hollocaust ravaging our collective psche. American Govt can send drones because of a single american. I submit that it all boils down to value attach to life in Nigeria. Do you know how many Nigerians get killed daily in Nigeria and even in African countries, lest alone all over the world? We must rise up to deliver our generation from peril.

let God forgive you of irresponsible act of your mouth.

DEAR BROTHERS please we should always becareful of our comment online, I'm from west/Nigeria i' have many good christian brothers in family and also many muslim, but i'find outthe so call islam from the north is diffrent to the people in south,, first lack of education, that gave birth to epocracy,in christiandom
everybody know better of bible, but inslam is about the lies fanatics leaders tells them, people who are swiming in poverty now sending 90 000 to so call holy land.
islam as fail humanity in the northern Nigeria,& they refused to accept truth. no remedy.

the whole world would have be a btter place if there is no ISLAM.

division now

Even in arid Mauritanian the sultan will be a slave own by some descendant of Mohammad but the yeye malos just don't get it. At a football match b/t some west African nation and Egypt, in kano, the mumus were cheering the arabs on while making primate noises whenever the black african had control of the ball...another example of how musawa miss road. The sultan should go to the Sinai and see if his black arse will come out with all his organs. Idiots!

America should hear this

The deception sold to USA Govt and senate was that boko haram activities is because of poverty. I don't know the percentage of Americans that can afford $4000 twice a year to visit Mecca like the Northern Muslims in Nigeria are doing. Saudi aArabia should deport them without wasting time and ban them from desecrated their land.they should also take their finger print to prevent them from any visit to Mecca for their lifetime. At the same time should restrict Nigerians' pilgrims to maximum of 2500 annually. How can blood suckers like this fulanis claim they serving Allah when they kill innocent people in their country shouting Allawakubar. The Sultan should be arrested for inciting women riot and urging them to resist deportation by stripping naked to protest of the street of Medina and Macca. What a disgrace for even Sultan not to know that women are not permitted to talk in Islam.

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