Security Operatives Storm Al-Mizan Office in Kaduna

By SaharaReporters, New York

Armed security personnel yesterday in Kaduna stormed the office of Almizan, the same weekly newspapers which earlier security forces had arrested two of its reporters. The weekly paper is owned by Islamic Movement of Nigeria led by Sheik Ibraheem Zak-zaky.

In a statement by its member, Ibrahim Usman, it said, “In a follow-up siege on Al-Mizan newspaper and its staff, plain clothes security operatives on Thursday afternoon (27/12/2012) around 2pm, in a white Peugeot (Boxer) without a registration number, stormed the office of the newspaper in Yoruba Road, Oriapata with the sole intention of arresting Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, Ibrahim Musa. It would be recalled that security operatives had in the early hours of Monday this week, arrested an editor and eeporter of the said newspaper.

“The security men met two people in the office and asked them whereabouts of the Editor-in-Chief, but left after having received no satisfactory answer. The security men later came back and ransacked the office in a wild search. They took away computers and other items yet to be ascertained. Residents of the area expressed shock at the uncivilized attitude of the security men toward peaceful citizens in broad daylight.”

Below are the court papers the Civil Rights Congress has instituted against military authorities.

Illegal Arrest of Al-Mizan Staff: Civil Rights Congress Threatens Legal Action

Below is the full text of the petition by A. A. Sadiq Marafa & Co. (3rd Floor, Suite 12, NNDC Building, 18/19 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, Nigeria, solicitors of Kaduna-based Civil Rights Congress dated 27th December, 2012:

The Director General,
State Security Service,
Federal Capital Territory,



We are solicitors to the Civil Rights Congress, a renowned Human Rights NGO, of the Constitution Road, Kaduna, (hereinafter referred to as our client) and we have their express instructions and/or authority to communicate to you on their behalf:

On Monday 24th day of December, 2012, in the early hours of the morning, officers of the JTF (Joint Task Force), dressed in military camouflage uniforms, fully armed with sophisticated weapons and numbering about 40, ferociously climb-down on the houses of two prominent Nigerian journalists, the editor and reporter of the renowned Al-Mizan publications, a vernacular, popular Hausa newspaper.

That the men and officers of the JTF and other plain clothed Security men arrived at the affected journalists’ residential premises, conveyed in more than 10 vehicles and some military armored war tanks, stationed in strategic locations, all just to effect an arrest of the two innocent professional journalists, without any lawful or justifiable reason.

That yet, contrary to the provisions of the law, no reason has been advanced by the security men for the continued detention of the two journalists. Also neither the search conducted nor the subsequent arrest were effected or carried out with a supporting warrants as required by the laid down laws.

That the combined team of the men and officers of JTF and the security men forcefully went into residences of the journalists, arrested and willfully assaulted the journalists and to make matters worse the security men harassed and recklessly beat up the wives and even a ill son of one of the arrested journalists was not spared by the security men.

That while at the residential premises of the arrested journalists the men and officers of the JTF and security operatives unlawfully conducted and thoroughly ransacked and searched all the nooks and crannies of the rooms and all the surroundings of the premises, without laying hand on any
incriminating evidence, whatsoever.

That though the security personnel could not uncover any criminal evidence yet they still went ahead and arrested the two journalists without any verifiable justification or reason to do so.

That though the wife of one of the journalists, Mallam Aliyu Saleh was arrested along with her husband, the men of the JTF later dropped her along the way, but not until after taking her to a very far distance location from her residence.

That although the motive and purpose of the unwarranted arrest and detention of the two journalists could not be clearly discerned, it cannot be ruled out that it was connected with the lead story carried out by the recent and/or current edition of the Al-Mizan Newspaper, a publication which perhaps appeared to have exposed atrocities of the men and officers of Joint Task Force in the town of Potiskum, Yobe State, where at least 84 innocent Nigerians were abducted and taken to an undisclosed location all by the men of the JTF, without any regard and needs for compliance with the requirement of the rule of law or the fundamental civil rights of their victims, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Finally, that all efforts to locate the whereabouts of the unlawfully arrested journalists, despite strenuous effort to do so, throughout all the known security detention centers and offices in Kaduna and Abuja proved abortive and without yielding any positive outcome.

Sir, the point to note here, and very clearly, are the important facts that the conduct of the security officers in the instant case, with regards to the manner the security searched the premises, arrested and continue to detain the journalists even beyond the legal limits, are not in tandem with any express provisions of the law. The detained journalists and the Al-Mizan news publishers committed no offence as they were merely discharging their professional responsibilities as journalists. It is trite to point out here and very clear too that no person or authority, however high or powerful has any right to violate the provisions of the laws of the land, whether penal or constitutional or both. The laws are supreme and we must submit to its imposing authority, be whoever we are and at all times.

Therefore our client’s express instructions is to write and demand from you the urgent and unconditional release from detention, of the above mentioned innocent journalists, without any further delay, within the next 24 hours from the date of this letter.

NOTE THAT if, you refuse, neglect or fail to comply with this demand letter, our client shall be left with no option than to, without any further hesitation, take the necessary steps to file a legal action against the JTF and the Federal government, in order to ensure the upholding of the civil and fundamental rights of the innocent Nigerians, before the international court of justice, in the strict interest of natural justice, equity and good conscience and in line with the International Charter for Human and Peoples Rights.

Yours faithfully,

PP: Sadiq Marafa Esq.


Comrade Shehu Sani
President, Civil Rights Congress, Kaduna, Nigeria

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I have gone to the website u referred to and the evidence does not hold ur accusation. 45 recruits were taken from the SW while 91 came from the President's region. But what was the strength of each region in that service before the recent recruitment exercise? The same question applies to the appointments into the aviation ministry? If there is a lopsided presence of any region, is it reasonable to allow other regions to continue being disadvantaged? That is a matter for the Federal Character Commission except it is completely dead to its responsibilities. I have no reason to believe is moribund.


I am sorry for replying to ur post this late. It was caused by the fast moving festive period.
"-NIGERIA IS A DEMOCRACY. PEOPLE SUSPECTED OF A CRIME MUST BE CHARGED OR ELSE LET FREE. YOU OBVIOUSLY DO NOT LIVE IN THE NORTH". Nigeria being a democracy does not rule out the fact that an accused is released after the police have concluded investigation. It could be immediate or take a long period. What follows is determined by the out come of the investigation. I do not only live in Abuja but I am from what u call 'the north'. So there is nothing to educate me on.
Bh started b4 the advent of this govt. I do not therefore see what this govt stands to gain by making the core north politically unattractive to the Christian middle belt and the SW. Is the Pres behind the call by bh for the islamization of Nigeria failure of which the country has been made hell on earth?
Are there no Yorubas in this govt?

@kenneth...the evidence


Just in case you are not aware, Nigeria is a democracy. People suspected of a crime must be charged or else let free. You obviously do not live in the North.

Many reports, are abound, of ppl going missing and arbitrary murders by the army (which are human rights abuses and crimes against humanity).

I even suspect that BH is partly fanned by his govt to make the core north unattractive politically to the christian middle belt and the SW. This man has no scrupples and is very corrupt! We heard what Okah's brother was being forced to say about the Abuja bombings by the SSS.

Feel free to identify a Yoruba that is a senior member of his government. Reports are abound of his ministers (usually of igbo extraction) ethnically cleansing yoruba ppl from positions of govt. The man is a fake and a low life! He is deceiving nobody!


"=LAST TIME I CHECKED, PPL ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE-". Arresting a suspect does not mean that the person is convicted straight away. The police has the power to arrest and detain a suspect until investigation is concluded. The outcome of the investigation determines whether the suspect is charged to court or released. That is what the security agencies are doing.
"-PLEASE BE SO GOOD AS TO TELL ME THE NUMBER OF PPL CHARGED WITH TERRORISM TO DATE-". You should tell me. The fact that not everyone is charged with terrorism shows that there are no arbitrary arrests.
What evidence is there to show that all the extra judicial killing without trial are done by the military? It is those protected by this paper who carry out extra judicial killings with impunity.
You still have not provided any evidence to support ur claim that this Pres. is a "Yoruba hater". Only an irrational Yoruba man will see the Pres. as an adversary.


As matters stand, members of the press from that paper were picked up for reporting the arrest without trial of what are presumed to be innocent people. Last I checked , ppl are innocent until proven otherwise. Please be so good as to tell me the number of ppl charged with terrorism to date?

There have been numerous reports of extra judicial killing of ppl by the army without trial and evidence. This paper has done nothing but report what is occurring! This CANNOT be left to subsist!

Secondly, this President is a Yoruba hater!! Any discerning person that has examined his actions and appointments will be able to easily discern it. He is also a ruthless and reckless dictator in the making. The Yoruba will be very wise to identify this adversary very early!!


'-HAS FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS OF NIGERIAN'S NO LONGER WORTH FIGHTING FOR IF THEY HAPPEN TO BE NORTHERNERS AS VICTIMS? It is a misnomer to say 'northerners' for not all those so classified have problems with others including the FGN. Rather, u should be specific and say islamist northerners. These are the ones who are waging the "lesser jihad" on the rest of the country. Islam is permanently at war with the other segment of society. Lesser jihad has 3 components: actual violence, jihad of the pen or propaganda and that of finance where every muslim is obligated to support the violent type. By silencing the mouth piece of bh, the security agencies are tackling one aspect of jihad. The Izala press plays a dysfunctional role in Nigeria.
"-THIS PRESIDENT IS A YORUBA HATER-". Without any solid evidence such opinion is nothing but pure stupidity. It is a piece of belated and ironical expression which does not require a second thought bcos this Pres has not maligned the Yorubas or anybody.

We now the different types of

We now the different types of Boko Haram. The fanatical Boko Haram that terrorised all communitie destroying chrches, killing clerics and security agents and currently on the. The JTF haram that massacred civilians in Maiduguri, Yobe and protect the Berom/Kataf haram that massacred and canibalised muslims in Plateau and Kaduna states. They are all wicked products of PDP.

This is very disturbing.......

Some comments on this website can only be described as disturbing and disgraceful. Is it now permissible for the FG to intimidate members of the press? Has fundamental human rights for Nigerian's no longer worth fighting for if they happen to be Northerners as victims?

The old saying goes, if ppl dont talk because the sheep is being killed they will be no one left to talk when our rights come under assault tomorrow.

The Yorubas should be very aware. This president is a Yoruba hater. Once he has comfortably killed the core North ...he will definitely start to attack the Yoruba!

keep pertitioning

Esqr keep writing those ur almajiri petition. Them go keep those alzazzaki journalists for detention in the name of investigation. I think too that the detention is agaisnt shari'a fa ooo


Human Right Agencies are mainly to protect the right of all Humanity without tribalism, ethnism, or religionalism, what Com. Shehu Sani is trying to do is to protect the legal right of those jonalist, arrested with no warrant, and without clear evidence. Are trying to accused Muslim for all this terrorism, please come back to your sense, and stop all this descrimination, if not............... The right is constitutionally given, not from any islamical references Mr. Man. Mind the way u talk

Only in Nigeria are...

The Police/security agencies challenged or barred (through bogus injunctions) from performing their DUTIES PRESCRIBED BY THE CONSTITUTION, POLICE ACT and OTHER ENABLING LAWS of PREVENTING, DETECTING and PROSECUTING CRIMES! In CIVILISED CLIMES the Police is encouraged and supported to do their job.

This News doesn't add up. What is the connection between Al-Mizan and the Civil Rights Congress? Is the Lawyer suggesting that the security agencies should not do their job? And what a letter, from the Attorney. The last paragraph (of 6 lines) has no full-stop until the end. And what is the business of ICJ in a domestic matter like this?

Haba comrade

I use to respect comrade Shehu sani anytime I see him bt he has lost every inch of my regards and respect for him. Why is it that it is only the cause of one particular sets of people that he is fighting? If its not Muslims today, its Hausas or vice versa. Just take everything easy, life is not supposed to be like that, always try to balance your actions shikena.

"Civil Rights Congress" OR Terrorist Rights Congress

Boko Haram has many branches: Political BH who provide finance, weapons and operational bases, religious BH such as the Supreme Council for Isalam, propaganda BH such as the so called "journalists", Legal branch represented by some half baked federal character lawyers and the Terrorist Rights Congress led by the now notorious Shehu Sani

The only solution to this cat and mouse chase with Islamists and Terrorism in Nigeria is the division of the country into two. Give them their Taliban state and establish a secure border between them and Nigeria. Period !

"Civil Rights Congress" OR Terrorist Rights Congress

Boko Haram has many branches: Political BH who provide finance and operational bases, religious BH such as the Supreme Council for Isalam, propaganda BH such as the so called "journalists", Legal branch represented by some half baked federal character lawyers and the Terrorist Rights Congress led by the now notorious Shehu Sani

The only solution to this cat and mouse chase with Islamists and Terrorism in Nigeria is the division of the country into two. Give them their Taliban state and establish a secure border between them and Nigeria. Period !

Enough of this non-sence!

Please let security operatives do their work. Let us put unnecessary sentiment aside, and let reason prevail. Those lunatics masquiraiding as Islamic prophets of doom and megaphone needs to be caged. Enough of this senceless acts in this country.

Self Help

The security operatives should be identified and dealt with. There is no monopoly of force in Nigeria any more. They have become legitimate targets and should be taken down. Kifi ... . Go on.

Abeg na wetin happen to 'Freedom of Information'?

May ask? What is relevance of the 'freedom of information bill/law enacted? How do does it work? (i.e if it even works at all). GEJ & your 'people', do you have bones in your drawer? Nigeria we hail thee...

close the place up and never apologize to any 4 yr action

Close down that office of boko haram period- And dont apoligize to any for your actions! Jonathan should not spare any efforts when on the move to bring sanity into our fulani dominated polity in the North-he must bark and bite- Not give a damn! when the Brits went after the rioters in London, the Prime Minister said his government has no time for the respect of human rights related laws-none thought of humans rights when Gaddafi was killed--we have had enough killings in the North--Jonah should owe none any apologies for whatever he does to improve the security situation in the country-after all most of these religious leaders in the Fulani are not even Nigerians

Shehu Sani for Muslims

If it is true then it is the sensible thing to do since nobody stands for the muslim now adays. The other people have the whole western powers with their power media but the muslims have none. When the muslims are killed nobody report it. Therefore If Shehu Sani who for years have been helping the same western properganda, then be it and thank god for helping him realise his mistake and doing the right things.For those who want to exterminate muslims through various conspiracy, the should Allah promised to defend Islam. Therefore they should wasting their time.

Out minded People

Really Nigeria is a pool room made by Christian. I want to ask Mr nobody does Nigeria turned to be Christian Coutry that is why you want all Muslim to parish from the land? Where is the so-call unity if agents of satanic are killing the Peaceful people. Terrorism, kidnapping, abduction and many other evil things have started from the children of whitemam's slaves; shamelessly calling the peaceful land/people terrorist.

Pool room

Nigeria is a pool room made by Christian. I want to ask Mr nobody does
Nigeria turned to be Christian Coutry that is why you want all Muslim to
parish from the land? Where is the so-call unity if agents of satanic
are killing the Peaceful people. Terrorism, kidnapping, abduction and
many other evil things have started from the children of whitemam's
slaves; shamelessly calling the peaceful land/people terrorist.

Today is your turn,tomorrow

Today is your turn,tomorrow is another man`s turn, the world is ever rotating.

The office serves as a boko

The office serves as a boko control and command center. Blow the building with boko's own IEDs up and should some boko's sympathizers refuse to clear, blow them too up. Case close.

Re:Security Operatives Stormed Al-Mizan Office in Kaduna

Comrade Shehu Sani, It obvious you have turn yourself to spoke man of Islam not for Civil Right congress or unless the Civil Right congress only complaint when Muslim are arrested even when they are supposed to be. It unfortunate that people like you only encourage disunity instead of encouraging unity, encourage disharmony instead of Harmony. Comrade Shehu Sani people like you are the problem of the North and Nigeria as a hold, Please allow the security operative do there work



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