Seven Soldiers Killed, Three Injured In Auto Crash

Federal Road Safety recue team on the scene of the crash.
By SaharaReporters, New York

Seven soldiers died while three were critically injured around 1:30 PM Nigerian time in a three vehicle accident at Awawa on the Abaji-Abuja highway according to Nigerian Road Safety officials.

The soldiers died as a truck conveying them collided head on with another truck coming from the opposite direction. Another Toyota 18-seater Hiace bus was also involved in the accident.


Three killed, seven injured on Abaji - Lokoja road

Another accident has occurred on the Lokja -Abuja highway, this time killing three passengers and injuring three.
 Road safety officials said they recovered  N50,460  and  a live goat from the crash scene.

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Queen... King of England

Grammar. Onyibo.

Sahara Reporters, You really

Sahara Reporters, You really need to moderate and edit the quality of the readers comments to your articles. The quality of what I see in recent past is so appalling and is eroding the credibility of your reporting. Do not allow your news media to become a platform for animals to vent their spleen. Please do something urgently to screen these comments by readers. Thank you.

Allow GEJ to work

Why dnt we allow our president to do de work he was voted in for? Evry thorm n dick call him names! Nija problm is as old as Nija while GEJ is just a yr old as president. Who do u thk wl be more credible? Pls allow him to work

no ripple will be generted

the death of this people will generate no ripple because they are no body. a road as important as abaji lokaoja road in such a deplorable state, is a shame to GEJ government. any way they have jets of different brand to fly with.
this is a lesson to Nigerians masses. let all join hand and say no to Nigerian divide and rule principles through religion and ethnic sentiment. let vote credible people into political offices not minding religion and ethnic barriers. i love Nigeria. let join hand and make Nigerian a better place to live.

@Sultan of ARNA

Hausa Fulanis are your masters. Take it or leave it. A minority has no say in Naijah. Wawan Banza!

What a loss!!!

Perhaps this is a case of 'asi ka achaa' (WE COLLIDE IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO CLEAR THE WAY). Who knows, this might be an avoidable accident and loss. These soldiers, police and the 'big men' think they are super humans when on the road. A sign of weak government and no leadership!!

Boko new tactics...

E be like say na accident be the new invented way for the islamist to fight jihad.

Finally I gree say I be fool.

Finally I gree say I be fool. I Love ISLAM I swear and am just jealous and envious*rme*. Kalakuta my deity punish all my sahara fans idiots. I now accept Islam fully and looking for who will convert me.


You are a pathetic inconsequential illiterate who lacks intellectual sagacity. what has this story got to do with the activities of boko haram and how they are being punished? Innocent citizens of this country and soldiers defending our nation had a ghastly accident and you are here opening your maggot infested mouth carelessly,you are a nincompoop.On the other hand, may their souls rest in peace and i wish the injured fast recovery.

Have mercy

Have mercy Lord,may deir souls rest in peace


How could this be an accident when two vehicles collided head on? This happened right outside of Abuja?
@Sultanofsokoto what makes you think this was a Boko Haram attack?


May their gentle soul rest in peace.And also may Allah(SWA) bring an end to dis violence(amin).

@sultanofsokoto, you are an animal

@sultanofsokoto, you are an animal


There is a clear relationship between the amount of road accidents and the dismal state of our roads in Nigeria.Countries with decent roads don't experience the type of accidents and the loss of lives that go with it.
If this issue cannot be solved by government then Privatisation of the road networks to multi-nationals who can collect tolls,maintain and build roads is the way out.

these soldiers can be

these soldiers can be reckless on the road, they drive at dangerous speed and don`t obey simple traffic rules, they think accidents and death are respecter of persons or uniforms or guns. U need to see them driving they are a nuisance to other law abiding road users

told you

That is what happens when you arrest boko members instead of liquidating them on the spot. They always live to fight another day.