Sheik Gumi Says June 12 Annulment Was Great Tragedy

Chief M.K.O Abiola at the home of the Gumis after their father passed in 1992
By SaharaReporters, New York

In his first major pronouncement months after narrowly escaping an apparent attempt on his life, outspoken Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Abubakar Gumi described the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election as a great tragedy. He added that the move cost Muslims from the northern and southern parts of Nigeria an opportunity to build an alliance and transform Nigeria.

A few months ago, Mr. Gumi was unhurt in a botched attack by suspected bombers who used motorbikes in Kaduna State.

Sheik Gumi’s latest message, which is being circulated through social network media, described the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election as a tragedy and big setback for Nigerian Muslims. MKO Abiola of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had handily won the election before former military dictator Ibrahim Babangida barred the electoral commission from officially releasing the results.

Mr. Gumi’s message stated that “The annulment of June 12th 1993 presidential elections was a tragedy and a strategic blunder. We are still suffering from its consequence to this day. Since the architects of Nigerian politics then don’t have any strategy or plan far beyond personal interest, this great opportunity was lost. This is the blunt truth. Abiola, a Yoruba southern Muslim, would have united the northern and southern Muslims that form the bulk of Nigerian electorate, which would have given the Muslims a clear majority always. Had the case been the reverse in favor of the Christians, no Muslim would ever smell Aso Rock as the president. But because of our division and discord, we lost this privilege for nothing. [The late] Basorun M. K. O. Abiola told us that the late Sheik Abubakar Gumi was the one that initiated him to seek for the presidential position so as to unite the Ummah. He also said [Sheik Abubakar Gumi] initiated him to seek for the establishment of the sharia courts in the southern states. Today none of these materialized.

The cleric’s statement continued: “Abiola contested against Bashir Tofa, a Kano businessman, and won. When he was denied, ultimately a Christian Shonekan was installed – so what has been achieved? Later also a Christian Obasanjo was installed, and that was when the woes of the Muslims started. [Obasanjo is a] born-again Christian bent on revenge on the innocent.”

Mr. Gumi added: “Sometime in 2004, a Yoruba gentleman came to see me in Nigeria together with a minister from Aso Rock. He introduced himself to me as a Muslim but in the security side of Obasanjo’s men. His complaint was that, the president [was] not happy with what I say. I told him that, my grudge is the bare marginalization of the Muslims in his government and armed forces. I asked the gentleman, you are [a] Yoruba Muslim and you are privileged to be close to the president but tell me of another Yoruba Muslim highly placed in his government? He never answered me.

“So brothers and sisters, we Muslims in Nigeria have a duty we will be charged before Allah on the Day of reckoning.

We should unite and lead people out of the darkness to light and out of injustice to justice. We are not to use our strength to emasculate others, never. They have their rights, but as Muslims that know right from wrong, we should lead the nation to prosperity, peace and tranquility. May Allah unite us all.”


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Gumi and boko haram are brothers


Mr Akpos should ask his parents or Grand parents about the Economic History of Nigeria. He should also carefully look at the level of inter marriages between his people and the North. Even in the case of servitude, let him take statistics and see who quickly runs to who. It is only a fool such as Akpos that will fail to see the change of nature. Study of what is becoming of Niger Republic is enough to send a shiver. Yes. 1914 is a disaster. Very soon the North will cry out that, very, very loud. When the time comes we shall all determine who actually is the parasite among us. This stupid, uncultured, shrine adopted, ogogoro drinking Okrika people. Just wait and see the work of GOD.

Sharia Courts in the Southern States?

Now I know it was providence MKO never became president. All that lunatic calld Gumi desired was d Islamization of Nigeria. Islam is selfish, that's why any region with a predominantly muslim population shld hav its own government(sharia). The North is overdue for an independent islamic state.


coward SE people housa/fulani are killing them in the north as we speak how come they are not fighting i thought they said they bold people. why are they begging bokoharam i don,t see this so called looser standing up to bokoharam COWARDS all month loud mouth 419 people



God is Great

This is the greatest confession of all time, the Devil himself has spoken,more revelations will soon come out, lets keep praying. You see thats is the mind set of Hausa man. A northen christian doesnt have any citizen right, imagine, a hausaman from Kano can live freely in Rivers State, Enugu, Ekiti e.t.c but a Beron, gwari, nupe, Tiv, Idoma,jabba christian e.t.c is an alien in Jigawa,Sokoto,Kano That is why they want Yakowa's head for breaking the jinx. Please what is Buhari's own plan? Yorubas dont be deceived. That is their way. They will say north yet they are killing northen christians are they not northerners? What a way of life. I am a Christian Born in the north that is hw they describe us. My brothers are the Ibos, Yorubas,Urhobos who sincerely coexist. God pass them

1914 was a disaster. The stupidity and greed of the

This Gumi is a fool indeed. His entire message is all about Muslim occupying the presidential seat and not whether the individual is mentally fit, qualified and capable. This is the tragedy of continent Nigeria's situation. Yet, this simpleton bigot has got some followership. What an irony.

I still do not understand the relationship between a man from Warri, PH, Enugu etc and another from Sokoto or Zamfara. 1914 was a disaster.

1914 is an aberration. There is no one continent with such gaping diversity and divergence of its peoples as u find in continent Nigeria. There is no basis for coexistence except that the parasitic North & cowardly West of continent Nigeria wud want to continue to feed on the wealth of the SS & SE countries. This is totally unacceptable to the SS & SE.
Long live the republic of the SS & SE

Our dear Sheikh, May Allah help you in uniting the ummah.

We should unite and lead people out of the darkness to light and out of injustice to justice. We are not to use our strength to emasculate others, never. is the message, but yet some idiots would not understand that cos of hatred and sentiment covered their sense of reasoning. well done Sheikh Ahmed Gumi May Allah bless you, protect you and give you the courage to always speak the truth Ameen.


Oh i remember this clan. His senile father once said a woman can never be a President in Nigeria. What a legacy? This one is trying to whip up sentiment now. Where was he and the so called Ulamah which turned the other side as the cabal incarcerated and ultimately decimated their religious brother Abiola?


If what this guy said about Abiola was true, that means d Almighty Himself denied d guy (abiola). About his (gumi) other talks, it is just an animal talk.

True Muslems

What you see here is evidence that Nigeria is not one and can never be. Yoruba muslems are the true example of peaceful islam. Northern muslems are at the same level with animals. Violence and unnecessary killings is their watch word.


The more this Gumi character speaks the more he exposes himself. The 1993 annulment wasn't a tragedy, the tragedy for Nigeria is Gumi. The so called Northern Nigerians leaders must do a lot of soul searching. This man is a demagogue that have no place in a civilized society. Unfortunately for us, Nigeria is not.Boko haram and Gumi are one and the same, period. Religion bigotry has destroyed Northen Nigeria, and this man is the flag bearer.

For Allah's sake, was this

For Allah's sake, was this bastard Sheikh dead and buried when IBB and abacha perpetrated this evil against God and Man? Why didn't Gumi raise a voice, mobilise the muslims, etc? Why, why? When the SWest rose to fight for de-annulment, most of our "brothers" from the other regions (zones?) said the Yoruba were tribalising the matter. Now, here's again the truth. Shame on you, annullers and pro-annullers. If Nigeria was run well, it was not only the SWest alone that would enjoy it, remember?

the same applies to both sides

Do not be biased in your comment, imagine my christian supervísor showing the thesis of a former student of his to me one day. He said you are happy that your Muslim sister got a MSc abi, it is not late for you too to convert to christianity. What could one called that? Embarassment gallore. Until we respect one and others religions and frsake tribalism and favouritsm, Nigeria is gone for ever.

Gumi and June 12

Just as the annulment of the June 12 election was tragic, the denouncement coming two decades after from Sheik Gumi is tragic, not only that, seeing the annulment from a religious point of view rather than a Pan Nigerian point of view is a disaster. It is worthy of note that no prominent Muslim from the north condemned the annulment at the time and doing so now by Gumi is too belated, as it amounts to medicine after death. Northern muslims are not Nigerians, they are something else. Everything is religion. Now tell me how any sensible southerner will vote for a Buhari in 2015 regardless of his credentials, if any. The northern Muslim is one of Nigeria's greatest undoing!

you have given yourself answer.

the best answer to a fool is silent, you now very much that even with out our brothers in yoruba land the population of muslim in the north only is more than all the population of south south and south east,even including the muslim at that reagion our own population in the north is time two of yours.if you aggued pls goggle it and you will see the statistics available for you pls.



All this religion sentiments

All this religion sentiments will never move this country forward, I know very well that Muslims rules this country than any other religion. Why is Gumi always religions bias. Shameless Gumi! at this moment that our nation is going through serious crisis! He didn't say anything about uniting this country Nigeria but uniting Muslims against Christian!


In the wake of last week's presidential election, thousands of Americans have signed petitions seeking permission for their states to peacefully secede from the United States. The petitions were filed on We the People, a government website.
States with citizens filing include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Oddly, folks from Georgia have filed twice. Even stranger, several of the petitions come from states that went for President Barack Obama.The petitions are short and to the point. For example, a petition from the Volunteer State reads: "Peacefully grant the State of Tennessee to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government." Of all the petitions, Texas has the most signatures so far, with more than 23,000.

Well thank God Abiola never

Well thank God Abiola never got there then, if the whole election was a grand plan to impose extremist religion on Nigeria. When God moves we never know, until much later his wisdom.

Another form of insult

Another form of incitement and myopic views again, why is it that the issue of religion must always dictate how Nigeria is being governed, the ethnic and religious acrimony can never stop if every sphere of our lives must be dictated by where you are from and which God you worship,Sheilk Gumi is just another wolf in sheep skin preaching peace but within him is fire and brimstone of fanaticism; if he must know, Nigerians have move away and ahead of his underdeveloped views of Christians versus Muslims ways of politics in choosing our leaders,we'll vote for whoever is going to work for the masses and not based on religion.He is saying Muslims should be fair to others but he regrets Abiola not been able to inflict sharia on southerners, you better try to preach to Boko Haram to stop embarrassing decent Muslims rather than insulting our collective intelligence.

That June 12 Election was not about religion Part 1

With due regard to our dear Sheikh, that June 12 election was never about religion and it would not have resulted in the scenario you painted above.Rather, it was the first time we conquered the negative influence of religion in Nigeria as Christians voted for a Muslim-Muslim ticket believing in the ability and sincerity of the man they voted for, to deliver on his promises.

Make una hear dis esu Gumi,

Make una hear dis esu Gumi, na so you come reduce Abiola victory? Who tell dis olodo say muslim plenty pass Christians for Naija? Gumi you be real esu boi boi, no wonder wey all the esu disciples wey you train nearly hammer your life. Yeye man, we dey wait for next election all better Christians wey una don kill for una evil master for hell, dem nor go die in vain because no Christian go vote for muslim for Naija again.

How did I find myself in d same 'country' wit these Northern ppl

1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the
1914 was a disaster. The stupidity of the

Long live the Niger Delta republic, long live the The United States of the South South.

Thank God

We thank God the election was annulled. Only God knows what could have happened with MKo conniving with this man called Gumi to islamised the entire West of Nigeria. The cat is now out of the bag.

Veiled Message

This is a veiled Message to Boko Haram to attack Christians. Watch out. Sheik Gumi is one of them.

Like Father Like Son

This man is followin d footsteps of his divisive and destructive father...1st he started deliverin arrangee msgs against boko haram inorder to gain publicity. Now is he ontop his main agenda in consonance with Boko Haram to islamise Nigeria jst as his father did! dis is aman whose father use to pic vulnerable street urchins n 'dress' them up for presentation on NTA Kaduna to say the were once christians bt now they are muslims jst to provoke religious disharmony....something christians wil NEVER do! your sins wil soon find u out and on dat day even an arrangee BH bomb attempt wil nt safe u

This is not a worthy news item

SR should try and separate attention seekers like Gumi from non-partisan people and make sure they are not heard. He wants a muslim dominated government; a sharia driven state: what has sharia achieved for the states in the north? It points out his backward thinking ability so as to be given prominence in the society. Talk is cheap but application of knowledge is a rare commodity. Teaching in the mosque or church cannot make you a great being. Show us how we can be better human beings. Please, SR blacklist this guy they call Abubakar Gumi.

Why this?

why this trash? we are talking of problems bedevilling the country and somebody is talking about Islam and Christianity. who even told them that OBJ is a born again Christian? (sigh)
Sahara reporters should stop reporting this kind of story that's only good for the dust bin please.

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