Soldiers Flood Lagos Streets As Jonathan Orders The Army To Forestall #OccupyNigeria Protests

By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan  has deployed hundreds of gun-wielding soldiers on the streets of Lagos in a desperate bid to forestall peaceful protests scheduled to continue today.

Through reports filed by citizen reporters affiliated with Saharareporters it was gathered that the armed soldiers have taken positions in such spots as Ikeja, Ikoyi, Surulere and Ojota as well as other spots where thousand of Nigerians have poured out in protest the government sharp increase in price of petrol. About 16 check points and barricades have been been mounted around the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota according to reports.
The deployment of soldiers comes on the heels of Mr. Jonathan's planned broadcast Monday morning in which he will announce the reduction of fuel prices to N97 a liter.

 In the address, the text of which has already been published in full by Saharareporters, President Jonathan takes an unusually harsh tone towards the protesters.

In an interview moments ago, one of the leaders of the protest movement said that the protests have been held in peaceful atmosphere, but added that President Jonathan appears ready to use force against peace-loving Nigerians. They vowed to make an appearance at the venue today regardless of the presence of the soldiers. Seun Kuti, the son of Afrobeat maestro Fela Anikulapo-Kuti sent an sms to Saharareporters that he will be at the rally today.

A protest leader told SaharaReporters, "We want to make clear that President Jonathan would be held responsible for any casualty that results from his decision to unleash soldiers on unarmed and peaceful protesters who are merely demanding accountability and transparency from their leaders". He further noted that officers of the Nigerian police have so far killed about 20 protesters in different parts of the country, he vowed that Nigerians would never let the victims of police brutality die in vain" 

Another protest leader expressed dismay and disappointment with the decision of trade union leaders to unilaterally call off street protests on account some purported security concerns.

 He added that some of the in the movement had received speculations all week that the government was offering a variety of financial and other material inducement to labour leaders in order to compromise them.

He stated that, "it would be extremely hard for any compromised labour leader to hoodwink Nigerians who are now determined to seize the opportunity to question the greed as well as ineptitude other so-called leaders"

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The ballot box

I am in full support of the struggle but not in the possiblity lose of more lives. Our value systems will be our great inhibitors. I would suggest given what PDP has shown us these years let us allow the ballot boxes speak on our behalf. We warned about the PDP government but rice, groundnut oil and N500 drowned our cries. Then they promised a breath of fresh air and we were deceived once again.

Goodluck, Okonjo and Dizeani bravo! you won! or did you? by facing the people, you turned your backs on the real menace to the development of this great country. I will say with much confidence that no development will occur because we do not trust this government. You may win the battle today but will eventually lose the war.

to those badluck supporters postin rubbish

Gugi and mark or woteva u call urselves, u shud have come to d protest ground to speak for ur bastard president dat ur supportin, OLOSHI BASTARDS. Ur very useless and brainless president has jus sent soldiers on d street to kill d innocent citizens dat voted him into power instead of sendin dem to boko aram. U guys need to get ur head examined nd check ur dico for d meanin of democracy, bastard people


I was no Nostrademus when I said
Jonathan would be the worste leader I the history of
this nation. We were laughing when you guys were
for him.
Please, tell him to immediately do the

1. Ensure the trial of past govs, ministers and
and politicians.
2. Probe NNPC
3. Probe all officials that endorsed importation
of petroleum products.
4. Investigate the cabal.
One or two people can not be stronger than
a state.

Jonathan is a weak leader no doubt.
He deserves our prayer right now cos he has
no mind of his own.
Too weak and confused.

Big Mistake

This show of force by GEJ is a big mistake and the first step towards real wahala. He should know by now the effect of rolling out tanks against civilians

Yom Yom, Obama is also telling Americans the same thing abi?

@YOM YOM, u are very unthinking-because soldiers have been drafted to keep the peace in lagos, it means Jonathan has handed over to the army. But he did not ask the army to take over when soldiers were sent to bomb Ayakoroma in the niger delta. Not when soldiers were sent to plateau state and Maiduguri-told u the other day that u are too empty for my taste--you and that socalled Osita Dioka think alike-dont know if u are related to him--having failed in yr dirty moves for regime change, u now want to route yr regional anger through the uniform of soldiers-was it Jonathan that killed AD in the south west? South east 4 APGA. Then South south for which party? Public works department abi? animal

Deranged Delirious Deri

It was the promptings and actions of people like deranged and delirious Deri that pushed their kinsman to this self-destruct mode. Now the soldiers are occupying the streets, next they are in Aso rock villa broadcasting pronouncements on yet another transition timetable to civilian rule. It is game over dumbos!

It's pretty obvious you are a

It's pretty obvious you are a troll. He has not reverted the price of PMS, he has increased it from 65naira to 97 naira. Simple maths.

Be honest, how much did he pay you?

Civilised Soldiers

This is what we know the Nigerian state for. The armies of other countries, especially the West fight outside. Our soldiers fight poor Nigerians. Goodluck, welcome on board.

The Great Nigerian Satan

He works behind the scenes. He corrupts very top government officials to stupor.

When he steps in miilions of Nigerians die while his stomach grows bigger.

He came on the sugar scene, alas from N2,200 per bag, today it is N8500. Many bizs were closed.

Imported rice was N2,500 per bag, the devil arrived on the scene and today a bag is between N8000 - N10,000.Again bizs died.

On Cement, we were paying N600 - N700 when he arrived, today we are paying N2000.

The Great Satan is on PMS. The hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob.

Are you still sleeping.

Your comments really show

Your comments really show whom you are. I wonder what type of kingdom you belong to with your princeship? Your subjects will suffer pass Nigerians when you finally ascend your imagined throne. What exactly has your brother GEJ done right for you to refer to the protesting Nigerians as Ignorant Monkey? You had better keep your mouth shut if nothing sensible will come out of it. Royal idiot!!!

Please don't kill yourself

Please don't kill yourself ooooooo! Arab spring will not work in Nigeria where Religion, Tribe and Sentiment are the order of the day. is only Lagos that is hot and that was what happen during Abiola Struggle. outside government workers and Banks in my area Every other persons are working including Filling stations.


Tire, i don't the the religion you belong to but one thing am sure of is none of them encourages disrespect of Leaders. President jonathan is the elected leader of this great nation and so deserve our respect despite wat we perceive as his insensitivity to the plight of the common man vis govt deregulation policy. Am sure you wont insult ur father no matter wat he does to u so pls show respect

Resolution is the answer

you people should stop these manta lily of revolution, what happen in Arab counties can't work here in Nigeria because we are in a society where Religion,Tribe and sentiment are the order of the day.Yes those in Lagos may know what there are fighting for but here in the north where i stay majority of them are ignorant of your agitation and i can bent with u that this will turn to Religious war and in the south east where i came from Fuel has never been sold for N65 so why should we joint u in what we have never benefited from in the first place. please forget it, Revolution is not the answer.Resolution is what will need at this point.

Jona plz give me my Vote Back!

Mr goodluck Ebele Jonathan simply lack idear he doesn't knw what to do. He should jst Resigne!



And you are happy?I think its

And you are happy?I think its a disgrace that in a so called democracy we are increasingly dependent on the military to maintain peace,law and day they will wake up and thinl oh well since we are the only ones that can whip the bloody civilians into shape let's make it permanent.

occupy lagos

Tire, your mother,father,brothers,sisters,uncles,if u are married you wif , children,even unborn,your entire generation are idiots and shall be destroyed for cursing an elected president your doom await you. Anu ofia.

its a pity

This is definitely no demonstration of wisdom by the govt. If it had been this decisive on the boko haram issue, no one would have raised any eyebrow. Why must ordinary Nigerians be made scapegoats of the ills of the criminals. However, I knew from the moment Tunde bakare hijacked the podium of the protest that the struggle might have been compromised. Having lost in the election, he had already been blighted by the pose of a looser seeking revenge through other means. We must not allow ourselves to be forced back to Egypt.

human rights

If you support the attack on peaceful protesters you are either a politician or a moron. Democracy is about holding our leaders accountable. If our president can stop civilians from protesting the increase in fuel prices, what next.
President Goodluck was not a hardliner when Bokoharam killed Christians in the north, why is he playing hardball now? Is the army not meant to protect the populace from foriegn attack? What are they doing on the streets of Lagos? Did any bombs go off? Have the soliders we know to violate or rights suddenly been equiped with new sensitivity skills?
If we condone this we are saying its okay for our country to keep people poor and unedcated and to let children die of malaria becuase the funds meant to build schools and hospitals have been used to buy houses and cars.
It is not okay for politicians and civil servants to get rich while everyone else suffers!


For God's sake give our president a break. Give Nigeria the needed peace it deserves. BAKARE is a false prophet and all who follow him are BIRDS of the same feather.The soldiers are on national duty.


God save us in this country,so you once law abiding good citizens have suddenly lost it that we now call our once called God sent all manner of names simply because he attempted to try one more different thing to better our collective wellbeing as Nigerians. No wonder the children of Isreal after the captivity in Egypt almost cursed God after cursing d God sent Moses,na wah o let's tread with caution in order not to incur the wrath of God. Let's give GEJ one more chance to prove us wrong or right. Sahara Reporters it is clear now that your mission is to turn this country against it self,who told you that the soldiers are to force the protest to stop?how many Nigerians have they harassed talk more of killing?if you incite people to cause war in Nigeria your generation yet unborn too will never see peace so caution is my advice to you. This absolute laxity of expression is now being abused please us watch our tongue so that you don't get plagued by God.

may the gods...

@ prince gugi may the gods destroy your mouth, definately you are one of GEJ cyber goons. May you and your boss (GEJ) know no peace and may Ogun and sango punish you and GEJ generations to come. May the spirits of the slained masses haunt GEJ in his Aso-rock. May thunder strike you both.


well thank for our for providing Soldiers to guard the Street of Lagos State ..but fail to protect the interest of the masses and it suffering citizens...My president you never go Unpunished...


Give our democratically elected President a break and allow peace a chance. Nigeria must move forward as a united country. The west can not hold to ransom.

GEJ doesn't know that Lagosians determine the Govt of Nigeria.

GEJ may have simply shot himself on the foot here, does he think he can use these ill trained under equipped Army to intimidate Lagosians? Lagos is a different ball game entirely, the Army he's deploying are living among the City dwellers & this is bad for troop Morale. We will sack this Army from Ojo, Ikeja & other Barracks if we choose to do so. Those Alluminium hull Armoured vehicles are death traps for the Soldiers themselves. Ordinary RPG will set them alight, even molotov coctail will Burn them. We know Nigerian Army doesn't have Main Battle Tanks that are serviceable.The Guy has simply lost the South West from this action, I wonder who the hell gave him this advise. My advise to people is to stay at home & not to go to work. We want to see how long he can sustain the Army with bribery before they Assasinate him.

Jonath know the cabals but doesnt want todo anything

Mr president is telling that he wants to subsidz bull shit, when he know the so called cabals are in his govt he doesnt want to mention names becos he also covering them up will mention a few,Obansanjo, IBB,Otedola and co, the all hv man refinery out side nigeriaand they are the one stealing dis oil money , they are all Jonathan friends but doesnt want to do anything,instead the federal Gov is compensation the boko haram leader with 100 million naira, instead of compensation the victim, can u imagine

Not Suprising

Did people really think that anything good would come out of PDP? The antecedent's of this party says volumes of what we as a popolution should have been expecting from these vampires!!.

Honestly, I am not in the least suprised.


For God's sake give our president a break. Give Nigeria the needed peace it deserves. BAKARE is a false prophet and all who follow him are BIRDS of the same feather.The soldiers are on national duty.

Must u talk like this?

Must u talk like this? You just fooled urself,benefit of what you said? Not for jonathan, let him first bring the cabla to book,or is it not this same people they will share the money for?

President jonathan non be so na

President jonathan is unfair to arrest the people who are saying their right, this is Democracy where everyone has his or right, remember dat dis are the same people who vote you. Pls be cushion. For ur nollywood news, hollywood news, Educational news,