Soldiers Flood Lagos Streets As Jonathan Orders The Army To Forestall #OccupyNigeria Protests

By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan  has deployed hundreds of gun-wielding soldiers on the streets of Lagos in a desperate bid to forestall peaceful protests scheduled to continue today.

Through reports filed by citizen reporters affiliated with Saharareporters it was gathered that the armed soldiers have taken positions in such spots as Ikeja, Ikoyi, Surulere and Ojota as well as other spots where thousand of Nigerians have poured out in protest the government sharp increase in price of petrol. About 16 check points and barricades have been been mounted around the Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota according to reports.
The deployment of soldiers comes on the heels of Mr. Jonathan's planned broadcast Monday morning in which he will announce the reduction of fuel prices to N97 a liter.

 In the address, the text of which has already been published in full by Saharareporters, President Jonathan takes an unusually harsh tone towards the protesters.

In an interview moments ago, one of the leaders of the protest movement said that the protests have been held in peaceful atmosphere, but added that President Jonathan appears ready to use force against peace-loving Nigerians. They vowed to make an appearance at the venue today regardless of the presence of the soldiers. Seun Kuti, the son of Afrobeat maestro Fela Anikulapo-Kuti sent an sms to Saharareporters that he will be at the rally today.

A protest leader told SaharaReporters, "We want to make clear that President Jonathan would be held responsible for any casualty that results from his decision to unleash soldiers on unarmed and peaceful protesters who are merely demanding accountability and transparency from their leaders". He further noted that officers of the Nigerian police have so far killed about 20 protesters in different parts of the country, he vowed that Nigerians would never let the victims of police brutality die in vain" 

Another protest leader expressed dismay and disappointment with the decision of trade union leaders to unilaterally call off street protests on account some purported security concerns.

 He added that some of the in the movement had received speculations all week that the government was offering a variety of financial and other material inducement to labour leaders in order to compromise them.

He stated that, "it would be extremely hard for any compromised labour leader to hoodwink Nigerians who are now determined to seize the opportunity to question the greed as well as ineptitude other so-called leaders"

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I saw This Coming!

This is directly from Obasanjo and Anenih playbook! Did you guys not vote for GEJ knowing fully well that he's a foolish man? Why complaining? GEJ and PDP will starve you and your children to the bone while he and his deputy will spend close to a billion naira to feed this year alone. You must all live with this GEJ and PDP rubbish since you've refuse to learn from your past mistakes. Useless people!

somebody is using u all

U guys should go to work....and stop wasting your time....some persons are using u

An idiot man prince

U ar a fool u this party man. U belive what ur badlock is going is right to the ppl dat gave him votes. To remove subsidy is nt the problem but keeping money for cabals is the wahala.

Re: Ignorant Idiots

Mr prince Gugi,for referring to people representing the masses
Idiots,you must be a moron of the highest order.
First of all,he was asked not just to revert the pummp price,
But to the old price.
Second,what has the Jonathan administration done
Effectively with regards to making lives better for the masses, apart from their huge expenditure. We have a lot of security issues(boko haram),energy issues(Nepa),transportation issues(good road),corruption issues.Instead of addressing those,he nowthinks worsening the already deteriorated issue is taking the country forward!!! People like you and him should go jump in the lake! Subsidy is a good step in increasing income for the nation etc
But shouldn't certain things be put in place first? Like good roads for example,constant electricity,atleast then,he would have gained the trust and confidence of the people that he means well! But this...I'm sorry is just pouring petrol to a naked flame!

Think b4 u vote!

I saw what many Nigerians didn't see that was y I didn't vote 4 GEJ. He doesn't look like some 1 that wil take us 2 the promised land.GEJ must listen 2 d people whether he likes it or not, recastrant people never last. Therefore, tell him 2 do d right thing @ d right time or else!,

Dumbest president in the

Dumbest president in the world is GEJ. The things of higher priority should be tackled ASAP. He's just a Dr with no intellect.

Prize for election based on sentiments!

Those that voted for GEJ should not complain. Is it not FRESH AIR you wanted? Now you are getting plenty of it. Next time please vote for your leaders based on sentiments and not based on competence!


his is the kind of dictators you get when you vote on the ground of religious bias,sentiments,band wagon effect,tribalism etc.Nigerians you got what you deserved afterall your vote is your right so you have your right to another ABACHA but let me tell those who are supporting him that you will all go down with him by the time the judgement of God is upon him,The AXE is upon you oh Jonathan and nobody will rescue you cos your heart is left for reprobacy.....but as for the poor Nigerians God will hear our cries just like he did for the children of Israel under Pharaoh cos the cries and agonies of the oppressed has reached unto heaven.The spirit of MADNESS and LUNATICS is upon him and his heart now turn to that of an animal therefore the AXE of God has come upon you,your household shall be deserted and desolated in this day of judgement.....let him who have ears hears what the spirit is saying to the nation


I hope that this myopic decision to deploy soldiers in Lagos, and I do not know where else, will NOT back fire.It is a very "anti people" move and most undemocratic.I think it is the sort of response you get from "reactionary" leaders. Whatever was said by those who spoke at Ojota was "child's play"compared to the "gabbage" hauled at the Queen and Prime Minister of the UK from "Speakers' Corner", Hyde Park, almost daily. Nigerian rulers have no clue what DEMOCRACY means. In my view, OJOTA represents "Speakers Corner" and ought to be allowed to develop. We need such platform to make government responsive to the plight of the masses.To direct troops against her own unarmed citizens, is pathetic.Let us be reminded that those who died were killed by law enforcement agencies!!!

Military invasion of Lagos.

"He who brings maggot infested log into the house should not be surprised if visited by lizards".

Mr. Jona the presido is inciting military against the civil populace thereby inviting war. I advise our presido to take some senses from what happened in Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Libya (Mammar Ghadafi, Egypt (Hussney Mubbarak)etc.

A word they say is enough for the wise.

Take it or you leave it

Take it or you leave it government and labour leaders has made compromise. We need to accept this pronouncement in good faith as we can do little or nothing about it. The decision of the parties is nationalistic in nature.

crazy president

the president is neither crazy nor dumb, he is actually playing too smart. He did not deploy soldiers against boko haram because BH did not threaten nor question his salaries and allowances including I billion naira just for food. He did not realized that, that is too much subsidy for Nigeria and Nigerians to provide for him and his family. The same thing that happen to Pharaoh in the bible when Israelite are trying to leave Egypt is going to happen to him. God will not let Badluck listen to the voice of his people until his family and cohorts, cabinet and cabals are completely destroyed as in those days. Because our God changeth not.


You can actually read this dumbo jona these days! For crying out aloud,what d heck is he trying to do? I guess this is were the shit hits the fan! Nigerians will surprise him nd his likes this tym around!

Fuck Saharah

You are responsible for the hacking of other electronic media going on. Sahara this is you chance please use it well. Don't sleep until Nigeria is ruined.

The outrance of the so called

The outrance of the so called rally and protest by our so called man of God/political oppottunist turned activist over d night by using it as medium through which their protracted hideous agenda came to bear gave the presidency no other option bt to weild the power of law before it reaches a state of no return where anarchy wil be d order of d day. Stop inciting the people against the govt whose mandate is to right n correct d decandence melted on d country by past leaders.


Jona, u r an error to Nigerian. You failed
In balyesa govt now you r showing
Nigerians that it an inborn thing. Kindly
Return to zoo, for that's where u belong.
We r sick of hearing & seeing ur black
Monkey face on TV & national dailies.

Revert to 65 per liter mr monkey

Complete Reversal or Complete Removal of Subsidy

who were the labour negotiators that agreed on N97 per litre, dont they understand that nigeria bizmen and transporter do not care whether it is 5% or 200% increase, increase is increase, and God save the common man bcos they have their sword out. it shld be either complete reversal or complete removal


Mr Man. Please go and check the dictionary meaning of "revert". Then come back and rephrase your comment. You obviously do not have any idea...*smh*

Prince gugi, u are really a

Prince gugi, u are really a bastard, it is your type that collect bribes and spoil our country...woe unto...and. U'll die in shame....I don't blame you...I blame NLC/TUC that have shaken hands with the devil


This is the only country in the world where people make abusing their President a passtime. For heavens sake this is our president.How do you expect our country to be respected outside our shores if we call our leaders names.This is akin to a man wondering why his neighbours dont respect his wife forgetting that he had abused her at a townhall meeting.

Complete Reversal or Complete Removal of Subsidy

complete reversal or complete removal subsidy, nigeria businessman and transporter do not understand wether it is 5% increase or 200%, increase is increase, and God save the common man bcos they now have their sword out.

Re-occupy nigeria lets go out 2day

Poster,hv respect 4 ur president he is instituted by God.Mind ur choice of words.Dont talk like som1 wtot gud upbringn.Learn 4 once 2 b responsible and plan well wt any naira dat enters ur hand.God bless u.

Jonathan! Devils's Incarnate

So 'this' is the kind of president you have chosen to become. I pity you cos its obvious you have sold your soul to the devil. God will deliver us from you and know this; you don't own your life.

What a cowardly president!

So Nigeria still has this type of armed soldiers....yet the poor masses have been left to the brutality of 'Boko Haram'....Do these soldiers have brains??? Shouldn't they face the one that sent them!

give GEJ a chance

Even though i feel we should give govt a try on this price, i dont think the use of force in lagos is necessary. Things will fizzle out on its own.

Hey! What manner of man is jonathan?????

Hey! What manner of man is jonathan?????

He just always proves us right as to his level of incompetence and IQ ...... he is indeed proving that he rigged his election - if not, he will have a sense (if he has any sense at all) of responsibility.

he will REGRET what he is doing now all the rest of his low-worth life.... loke ibb wants to redeem his name but there is not always a second chance. He has a chance to write his name in gold but like all the other leaders before him, he is throwing it away.

What have our leaders done for Nigeria / Nigerians? No road, water, electricity, employment after 50 years of independence. Do these leaders have any sense at all?

We cannot afford to let them steal the future generations away again.


Mr president. You can not win †ђξ masses, because all of us Put you i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ that place, will Nigeria Ever have A good leader ? Will there Ever be a reasonable human i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ asorock, Lord have Mercy

Kudos Sahara reporters

Kudos for the accuracy in your post over GEJ's speech.Whaoh! I will trust your reports the more.GEj's speech sucks! It stinks of dictatorship,megalomania,belligerence,bellicosity etc He was outrightly snooty while reading! He gave a food for thought "Nigeria belong to all of us". Who has said otherwise? No doubt about this GEJ is acting a script though it is equivocal it will soon become unequivocal.



mr Jonathan

He will be held responsible if any damages α̲̅πϑ gun shot occur. #occupy Nigeria# 65naira or nothing