Soldiers, Policemen Clash Again In Lagos-PM News, Lagos

Lance corporal in army uniform started the crisis
The army lance corporal prevents traffic police from towing his car
By Kazeem Ugbodaga/ PM News, Lagos

There was pandemonium at Obanikoro area of Lagos State, South West Nigeria today when soldiers clashed with policemen who were trying to stop the soldiers from using the BRT lane.

Men of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental Offences (Enforcement Unit) had stormed the BRT lane on the order from the state government to enforce the ban on motorists using the BRT lane.

P.M.NEWS reporter who witnessed the scene observed that over 95 percent of BRT lane violators were soldiers who displayed brazen act of lawlessness and challenged the policemen who stopped them and wanted to tow their vehicles for violating the laws of the state.

Trouble started when a female soldier and a Lance Corporal in separate vehicles drove on the BRT lane and were stopped by the police. The soldiers knew the police were enforcing the ban on use of the BRT lanes when they intentionally took the lane.

The police officers attempted to tow the female soldier’s vehicle but were resisted while the soldier pleaded with the cops.

While that was going on, the female soldier who drove in a car with registration number SD 754 KJA attempted to drive away the car by force but unknown to her, an iron spike was placed in front of the car’s tyre while the vehicle climbed it and one of the tyres got punctured.

As the car was being towed out of the BRT lane, the other soldier, whose car’s registration number KE 507 EKY came out of his car and successfully concealed his identity by removing the name tag on his uniform.

He insulted the police officers and dared anyone to tow his vehicle. Because of his rudeness, the policemen who had earlier allowed almost 10 vehicles being driven by soldiers who violated the use of the BRT lane to go, decided to tow the Lance Corporal’s vehicle.

The Lance Corporal headbutted a police officer who was trying to drive his car away. He seriously manhandled the cop, while the police team leader tried to calm him down and restrained his men from retaliating.

The policemen still insisted on towing the vehicle but the Lance Corporal slapped and brutalised the police officers while the policemen kept their cool.

As they struggled with the Lance Corporal, some area boys who were in support of the soldier suddenly went wild, but the police succeeded in arresting some of them who were hauled into the Black Maria. In a sudden twist, the Lance Corporal suddenly feigned being unconscious and collapsed without being touched. He was taken to the road side.

This enraged other soldiers who arrived the scene and clashed with the cops.

A police officer shot tear gas into the air and there was pandemonium in the area as people ran for safety. The Obanikoro Bus stop was deserted.

Rumour immediately started spreading that the police had killed a soldier and that soldiers were on a revenge mission.

The soldiers at the scene of the incident vandalised one of the police towing vans and battered the driver of one of the police vehicles but the police rescued him from the scene and took him to a hospital.

Several policemen at the scene fled sensing danger while only a few remained.

A Divisional Police Officer, DPO, who came to maintain peace ran for his life when he saw the soldiers who had gone to reinforce. People ran while banks in the area and some companies shut their gates as they sensed danger.

As the situation was being brought under control, the Lance Corporal, who pretended to have fainted returned to pick his car.

As he was doing that, a large number of armed soldiers were spotted approaching the scene. The remaining policemen at the scene had to beat a retreat to avert more trouble while they abandoned one of their towing vans on the BRT lane.

As the soldiers approached, passers-by had to run to safety to avoid stray bullet hitting them, though, there was no exchange of gun shots.

Earlier, some soldiers had violated the ban on use of the BRT lane and were able to get out of trouble by force. One of such offenders was Tope Awopetu, a staff sergeant and a brigadier, whose name could not be ascertained by our correspondent.

A police car driven by a sergeant was towed by the taskforce. A customs vehicle was also impounded for using the BRT lane while a Superintendent of Police, who claimed to be a lawyer, had his car towed for using the BRT lane.

Also, vehicle belonging to the Lagos Central Business District, CBD, Enforcement unit with registration number LA 23 CBD was towed for using the BRT lane, among others.

The Lagos State Government had decided to enforce the ban on use of BRT lane because of the lawlessness of motorists who take the BRT lane whenever there is mild traffic gridlock on Ikorodu road.

It was gathered that Governor Babatunde Fashola had gotten wind of the clash between the soldiers and the policemen  and had contacted the relevant military authorities to immediately call their men to order. This is to avert a bloody clash like the one in Badagry last month during which a soldier was killed and his colleagues retaliated by killing the Badagry DPO, DCO and other cops.

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D guy that wrote the above

D guy that wrote the above comment is a dumb. If there is chaos as he wished, his wife, father, mother and children may be hit by stray bullets. So be positive


Nigeria is a lawless country, in the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister will not dare use the bus lane.
How can you use enforce the law when those who suppose to enforce the law are law breakers. Being in the armed forces in Nigeria is a privilege and licence to steal, reck avock on defenceless Nigerians, demand and receiving bribes, raping, bullying, intimidating and miaming the masses. What a nation?
Chairmen of local Government,speakers of mmany State House of assebly, Governors, and members of armed forces break traffic law with reckless abandone, i cry for my dear country.
I can't stand indiscipline in Nigeria; it makes me sick.

Let's have scape goat

The governor of Lagos should know that his enviromental clean up work of the metrol politan city of Lagos will never be completed accept at the same time he will apply strict law and charge his police to enforce it without any favour nor fear of any offender. I hereby urge His excellency the governor to investigate this issue and bring those soldier to book, for other's to take correction and respect our law's cause that is the way vission 2020 or any good vission will come to light and stay

Brothers in Arms

It is the dutY of the armed forces to jointly protect civilians,if the police force and the military cannot co-exist,then there is no hope of safety for the populace.


The Government SHOULD BE BLAME for lacking political will to enforce most of the laws. LET THOSE WHO TAKE LAWS INTO THEIR HAND BE PUNISHED FOR OTHER TO LEARN.

Lawless law enforcement agents!

Our law enformecent agents are unfortunately the most lawless ones you can find in our society. The have no regard for traffic rules, drive cars with expired papers or without paticulars, do commercial cycling where it has been bound (Okada) and they tint their car glass even when there is no a/c in the car. We have over 1 millon uniformed persons in 9ja, now include atleast 3 relatives of each of these uniform men that flaunt traffics rules cos there is a cover from a husband, uncle, friend, brother, boy friend or girl friend etc., that makes it an average of 4 million persons that are above the law in our cities!

Share this lawless number by cities,at least 1 m each for lagos, port harcourt and abuja while the other figures spread accross the other cities. Hence, the law is made for you and i who has either refused to be associated with a uniformed relative, make friend with them or has none of them as close allies.

They are birds of a feather.

They are birds of a feather. If it was a civilian that was maltreated by the police, would Sahara have reported it this succinctly? I wonder why it did not degenerate to total chaos?

By public figures the NPF has killed more people lately than the combined efforts of the Navy, Air force and Army. If the army is able to show the people a thing or two, why the hell not? The police dont arrest their own, that we know of. So let the soldiers give them a good run for their salaries. All good, Amen!

Let call a spade spade

Men in the Armed forces are trained to kill,so they have the licence,but they leave within the populace in Lagos, development met them. Therefore there is need to to be move out of cities to the bush where they can train well to kill our enemies and treat civilians as friends this could force the police to do thier work. They now do policing as police have almost fail us.

Ignoramus of the highest order

The level of understanding of the Nigerian military is questionable at this moment of our 12 years democratic system.
Most especially the Army sees themselves as above the law!
Pls, the BRT line is not for individual or public anybody use will be prosecuted, but some sets of Zombie will never aspect that. Are their wives and children also military too?
Because at training they promise to kill their mother, what will they do to others? Animal in human skin........Fela RIP

They are all ZOMBIES. The

They are all ZOMBIES. The Nigerian Military is loosing her dignity gradually the way the Nigerian police has lost it. "When a man in a white robe fights with the one sinking in mud clothing, both of them become dirty & stinking" Thats what is happening to the Army. The Navy has lost it as well (remember the case of civil brutality on a lady?); I hope the Airforce will be able to maintain their own dignity. As for the Army, they have lost it.

Are these the men who are meant to uphold the law?

And to think that these are the people employed to protect our lives and properties and to defend our Nation...Fighting like common aggero over egunje:

Army is a Superior Force.

The reporter, you are not fair in your report. To you, the soldier continue to beat the police until he fell and fainted without a policeman tourching him. Police will be collecting money and allow civilians to pass the BRT lane but if they just see soldier they will fill to turn the soldier back or to tour his motor. And the soldier have sighted some use the lane and allowed without touring their vehicles. The authorities should come to the aid of the soldiers. At a point of duty of a policeman, they are many, can't the police themselves ask why only a single soldier will determine to fight all of them at a time under minning thier gun. Nigerian army officers are the people selling the soldiers to the police. The Army should let the police know that they are thier father. Very simple. Forget the one time COAS who ordered police to be arresting soldiers any how before, which see police talking to soldier.


The soldiers hate the police for their nothingness,so anything could bring trouble.
The police are only known for the attack on innocent citizens hence the soldiers hate them

Police & Army clash again

I agree with Izodimms that the soldiers should be busy at all times, I wonder why Nigeria dont volunteer our soldiers to go on a mission to Afghanistan, Iraq or even Somalia, alternatively we can deliberately create tension or violent in one or two African country and send them on a mission, thats what the west does all the time, that will get them busy.

what do u expect from our law

what do u expect from our law enforcement agents ,be it police army ,they only expect the bloody civilian to obey,the law of the land but  they all are above the law ,...that is NIGERIA FOR u.... for us to move the country forward  everybody must abid to the law of the land,in the western world Army cant flex its muscles with the police ,becouse they are all working in the same department SECURITY.....these shows how irrespondsible they are.they dont hv respec for each other.Its high time to call these force people to order if they cant behave theirselves.

They Need Proper Education

Allow me to quote Thomas Sankara " A soldier without political education is a potential criminal"
Are you still wondering why they aid smuggling and other criminal activities by abusing the power of the uniform?

They Need Proper Education

Allow me to quote Thomas Sankara " A soldier without political education is a potential criminal"
Are you still wondering why they aid smuggling and other criminal activities by abusing the power of the uniform?

If it is the Nigerian Police

If it is the Nigerian Police I know, i do not think they would be as civil and calm as you have painted them in this report and that is the truth. The Army personnel broke the law and deserves whatever he got...but the police I know must have gone about this issue aggressively.


Soldiers should always be trained not only for battle but also high disciplinary lectures living among the civilians, and it should be a continous process. Soldier is trained basically to kill, where he sees nothing to kill over a long period may always look for a means of unleashing aggreesion with the least provocation, and will always act in a likewise manner. Lets not keep them idle.

If we take the US Model, everyman or woman will be respected

Let every young man and woman in Nigeria have military / combat training by way of compulsory military service like it is done in the US and we will all learn to respect ourselves mutually. Enough of this Military power show.

Police and Army @ wonders shall never end

In paper, no one is above the law, but in practice, some persons are above the law- the soldier, police and other law enforcement agents as the case may be. NIGERIA IS TRULY BECOMING A LAWLESS COUNTRY full of insecurity of lives. While there should be comradeship, we must work together to keep and secure the laws of the land. Police respect soldiers and obey the laws you stand to enforce and soldiers please respect yourselves and the law of the land. Bloody Civilians, you have no choice but to obey.

Police and Army @ wonders shall never end

Flouting the law is not applicable to the soldiers alone. All men in uniform as law enforcement agents feel above the law including the police. Bloody civilians as the are called are the most victimized by the law enforcement agents who themselves are corrupt and undisciplined. The police is not left out. If it was a civilian that contravened the law in that scenario, he would either have to settle the police with money or face the music. Many times police men drive against traffic unopposed.Who can stop them? is it a soldier or who?.

Lack of Reason...

Power... If only they know how to control it. This would have not happen. Nigerians lack Communication.

Police learn and change

its a shame that we dont learn easily, Just recently in Badagry police soldiers killed themselves. Must they arrest him on the spot?

I tell you, it would have been a different story if the soldier had his gun on him

Okay agreed we do not have any respect for the soldiers in Uniform. They sholud be treated just like any bloody civilian even though their Job is national security.

How many times does Fashola the police commissioner,politicians, white oil contractors etc drive in traffic without sirens.

We should stop deceiving ourselves, Soldiers in uniform should be treat with respect and be allowed to use the best lanes available.

Police should leave Soldier alone!

So, Police want to curb army? Na army Nigerian Taxpayers send them to curb abi na armed robber?
Goodluck to Police in their pursuit of army for revenge.

They need retraining

These guys need to be retrained to understand what the other's duty is and should be respected. If every gun carrier should open fire at any provocation, then everyone better take cover

Law enforcement officers are lawless

All murder fuckers called solders or police are very stupid and they are a disdrace to democracy in nigeria.Take dem to d bush or forest let dem kill demselves there. They think they are the only ones dat can handle guns or have d guts. We all are killers whether train or or untrain. Fuck all solders and police. Nigeria needs new law enforcement agency. I am very angry!!!


The primary purpose of the Army is to protect the goegraphical and physical integrity, property and lives of Nigerians. That is the sole purpose of the army. They have absolutely no business in political matters.Their primary aim is to protect the lives of Nigerians. They belong in the Barracks and are not supposed to mingle freely in civil society for security reasons. Befpre they leave the barracks they are supposed to get permission/passes to leave the barracks. I wonder if this really happens. They have no respect for their uniforms as it has become the norm to see them consuming food and alcohol at beer parlours without a worry in the world.
The less said about the Nigerian Police the better. They re even worse. When they were sworn in as officers etc they swore to protect the Nigerian populace not to put us under undue hardship!!!



Wshat do you expect when

Wshat do you expect when every uniform man in Lagos does not pay fares in commercial vehicles. They call themselves officers. In the same way, the soldiers might have thought that the laws of the land are meant for the civilians alone. They really need to wake up.


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