Southern Kaduna Professionals Label New Deputy Governor, Bajoga, ‘Betrayer,’ Warn PDP of Consequences

By SaharaReporters, New York

Concerned Southern Kaduna Professionals have described as a ‘betrayer’, the new Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Mr. Nuhu Bajoga, who is giving up his chairmanship of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state for the deputy governor’s slot, asserting that he has made Southern Kaduna to forfeit its control of the PDP machinery.  

The group made the remark in a statement signed by Dr. John Danfulani and Pedon K. Yates, following a SaharaReporters story on Bajoga becoming the next deputy governor.

“Despite the unanimous decision reached by all concerned people of Southern Kaduna extraction against his nomination, the Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in Kaduna State Ambassador Nuhu Bajoga, who hails from the area went ahead and extricated himself by accepting his nomination as the next Deputy Governor of Kaduna State even with clear signs that it was done to perpetually enslave the people of Southern Kaduna politically, socially and other wise,” the group said.  

They further expressed the view that the insistence by Vice President Namadi Sambo and Governor Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero that Bajoga be made Deputy Governor demonstrates that there are machinations and plots against the people of Southern Kaduna who since 1998 have been the ostrich laying golden eggs for the PDP in the history of elections held in Nigeria.

“By accepting his nomination and subsequently swearing in, Ambassador Bajoga has also revealed himself as a Judas who evidently is an unprincipled and unworthy sibling of Southern Kaduna, and indeed betrayer of the Southern Kaduna struggle. What is more painful and amazing is, at his age and exposure he had allowed his quest for political power to mortgage future of present and upcoming generations of Southern Kaduna, as Concerned Southern Kaduna Professionals consisting of those in the academia, private and public sector, media and other endeavours we will not relent in placing him in the right place he deserved in history of Southern Kaduna, the group warned.  

Warning Bajoga that he has betrayed late Governor Yakowa in death and in trust, the group said that as people of God, they believe that the Law of Nature and of Karma will certainly catch up with him some day for betraying their collective cause and affirming more subjugation, domination and oppression of Southern Kaduna people.

They called on him to search his conscious and conviction, and asserted he will further find he has begun a journey into the wilderness of slavery, oppression, domination and political emasculation.

“And he will have no rest nor peace as power is transient, and flexible and largely dotted with evil,” the group said.  “As he was made to believe he is bride, tomorrow it may turn out to be bitter.”

Turning to Vice President Sambo and Governor Yero, they noted that while they may have captured Kaduna politics, they should search their conscience, and that they will realize that there is more harm to power grab on the alter of injustice, oppression, domination and politics of exclusion.
“We will continue with the struggle for fairness, peace and justice and we are assuring them that the days of their PDP have finally come to an end in Southern Kaduna,” they concluded.

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Nuhu Audu Bajoga

May Allah protect and guide the new Governor Muktar Yero and his deputy Nuhu Bajoga. They should take extra care to secure the state from the likes of Bishop Kukah and the Southern Kaduna Deliquents calling themselves professionals. The want to incite violence and perpetual tension.

To the good Musulimi man who

To the good Musulimi man who reminded me that the Hausa Fulani are not lazy. I appreciate your comment. I agree with you in some ways. See, I am a good Christian, an open minded man. I love open minded people like yourself.

I love the suya the Hausa Fulani produce. I can tell you, it is one of the most delicious delicacies one can eat. I will miss it when Nigeria splits, but that's ok. In the meantime, keep producing them. We love our Northern brothers living in Owerri, PH, Aba, Onitsha, Asaba and in our villages who produce suya goodies. Good job bro.

Dr Danfulani is a cheap opportunist.

Dr Danfulani is just a bitter man b'cos he was thinking he will be chosen as deputy governor and no one seems to reckon him in southern kaduna. Haba john, were u not the one that was calling late yakowa names, to the extent you said he was a homosexual? we all know how you silently lobbied the late Yakowa for position but he ignored you, knowing you were more of a riff raff than someone he could work with. concentrate on your teaching job as a lecturer at the kaduna state university instead of kissing arse.pls u are not the champion of southern kaduna people when we have notable voices like Balat and Nenadi etc a word is enough for the wise.

Professional fools and blood suckers

You rather called urselves bunches of nonenteity, than professionals. What do you mean by professionals? How many of you contributed to the world of technology? What percentage of you produce even a needle? If you are really a group of professionals you would have been competing with China, US and UK, not wasting our time here with comments full of envy. Your boss Kukah has just finished his own part of trash. All we know God gives power and He taketh it. You rather called urselves group of blood suckers and unemployed citizens. I am a Christuan and i am contented with God has choosen. Yero and Bajoga are choosen by God, so we must allow nature to take it course.

The Bajoga & SUKAPU

My brothers & sisters from Southern Kaduna. This is not the time to fight each other on this simple case, this is the time to focus our on the development of our state which is the state is the responsibility of all of us. Take the example of 2011 election Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi who lost Party primaries but worked with PDP in getting most of the requirement in the northern part of the state to see that our amiable Gov Patrick Yakowa RIP won the general election. I believe he won the election not because of the credibility of SUKAPU but for his humility and service to humanity. My people Democracy is about leadership & leadership is about service to humanity, why don't u people copy his style to achieve your objective in the long run. I believe Gov. Muktar R. Yero will do his best to sustain the legacy of PDP and move the state forward.


That is not what we are after,what we should pray 4 is peace in s/k regioun may god bless nigeria amee


Yi hakuri mutumi!!! You don't respond to skewed his with loose facts!!!

Another plat form is the point.

My bro,i totally agree with you.Another plat form is an alternative.The earlier the better,the politics of voting for a party and not the individual should again be brought to focus,we need to examine our presence in the P.D.P and see if we have benefited as a people.And again we need a radical departure from the older generation,they have failed us as a people.This generation of sokapu has a lot to contain with,the earlier we internally examine and addressing our short comings the better.S/K will exist when Bajoga dies.May God Bless SOKAPU.

How dare you put Usman

How dare you put Usman Danfodio into this when during his time your grand parents were barbaric and naked just the way you continue to be.

Balance the appointment--this

Balance the appointment--this is about satisfying the fulanis than the southern kaduna ppl--we have too much greed among the fulanis-why should we have fulanis governors in almost every state in the north?

Here's Danfulani Point of View

The angling of this group is geared towards 2019!!! All things being equal Yero will stand 2013 for Gov. By then Bajoga would be 65. By 2019 Bajoga would be 69!! Far too old to take over the mantle from his would be two term gov. At this point who within S.K would have had the political positioning and clout to stand and win a primary??? The hunkuyi's are waiting patitenty in the shadows. Bam.

His Excl. Amb Nuhu Bajoga

PLEASE I want to appeal to the people of Southern Kaduna to be patient and accept the appointment of Amb Nuhu Audu Bajoga as the Deputy of Kaduna State Governor. Amb Nuhu Audu I know for over 20 years does not discriminate. He gets along well with all tribes; be you a fulani, hausa, Yoruba or ibo -Moslem or Christain). He is not the big headed character. He listen to both poor and the rich and ALWAYS LIKE TO HELP when you are in difficulties . He has also helped a lot of people regardless of their religion and tribe. His Excl. Gov. R.Yero has made a wise decision. He needs an experienced and elderly person like Nuhu to back him up to continue with Late Yakowa’s programme. People Loves him in his village, Kaduna ,Gombe State where his last name originated-BAJOGA. Southern Kaduna, you need to pray for him for a successful tenure.

Anything CPC in Southern Kaduna is poison.

CPC is Islam, who has never hidden their agenda in the north. Please close their chapter. CPC was formed to entrench Hausa/Fulani superiority. To raise the flag of Danfodio (Islam). Unfortunately many southerners are following them sheepishly. God will open their eyes.

The so-called group are pesperados

This group of so-called youths are just desperate people. They don't have base. The Asakes and the Danfulanis, who can not win ward elections for their candidates suddenly become day dreamers, to become deputy governors.
The new government should please ignore them because they don't have base in their various communities.

u are nt 2 complain bt pray

chai una dn 4uck up,u guys are supposed 2 pray 4 dere succesfull tenure,i tink u hav 4get dat only GOD chooses hu to lead d peopl bt human being only nominates

Haba So called Southern Zaria Professionals

Nuhu Bajoga is qualified to be state PDP chairman but not Deputy Governor, God will judge u with what is in ur mind. Enemies of peace and progress

To the Commentator Otile

Hausa Fulani are not lazy. we rear cattle and provide protein for the country( kilishi, shokoto,suya, soup meat etc). We farm a lot of beans and sorghum which the whole country eats as staple (ogi and akara. Here i also salute Benue for providing yams to the country.We agree we have a bunch of bad politicians like any region of Nigeria.
The lazy people are those who drink burukutu and palm wine all day, get drank, beat up their wives, snatch away the little their spouses have, snatch other peoples wives, kidnap innocent people, rob with arms, practice cultisim, kill and canibalise their victims and perpetually promote mischief and evil.

what goes around, comes around.....

While I'm not particularly happy at the death of Yakowa mainly because I know that I'm equally mortal, I need to remind the Southern Kaduna ppl of when they openly rejoiced at the death of Yar'aduwa and the eventual ascend of Yakowa to kad state governorship when Sambo accepted the VP offer in a similar circumstance of rejection by his ppl against the move. You ppl never thought then that situation could take a turn. You simply need to accept faith as it comes and always remember the fact that whatever goes around, certainly comes around. That's the irony of life. If the claim is true that the xtian population is higher than that of moslems in kad state, then wait & try your luck in 2015, afterall, democracy is a game of numbers.


i am very surprise with this southern Kaduna professional when Sir Patrick was a governor he is a muslim gov they say,now he is no more he is a saint wen will you people learn to appreciate God,you people dont like any good thing,continue killing your good people and leave only those that drink burukutu God dey,but remember if Nigeria divide you people will continue to be Northerner,continue your blackmail.

Re: Buba Bajoga

It is rather unfortunate for professionals as you claim to be to so myopic in thinking about choice of deputy governor, instead of pouring insults and bad prayers pls rally round him to see how we can help oue poverty striken brothers and sister. And you should equally go back to the villages and how you can bring development to the areas and reduce the level of BURKUTU production and drinking.

wen you see drunker u will

wen you see drunker u will know them by there action try to be objective you fool

His Excl. Amb Nuhu Bajoga

Southern Kaduna - PLEASE Accept and pray for both the Governor and his Deputy. Those of us who have worked with Amb Nuhu Bajoga knows that he is the right person for this position among other candidates presented for the position. I am not from Kaduna State. The Governor needs an experienced and elderly person as back-up. I assure you, you will never regret his nomination. He loves both Christain and Moslems. He is not the big headed person. He is a man who listen to both poor/rich people. He always like to help. He has helped a lot of people. All he needs is PRAYERS. Gov Yero, you have made a wise decision. Nuhu is a respectable man in his village, Kaduna and Gombe State where he got his last name - Bajoga.
May the Almighty Allah guide both of you and bless Kaduna State.


Ingrates and Hypocrites

The Coalition of concerned southern Kaduna professionals and all the Southern Kaduna people saying no to this appointment are all ingrates, though the late Yakowa was one of you, you did not appreciate him, you claim he was more with the hausa/fulani than with you people, this is the result of ungratefulness, you had it, you do not appreciate, then you will definitely loose it. It doesn't matter how Gov Yero chooses his deputy even if he is as old as Nelson Mandela or even his grandfather, what matters is serving the North/South Kaduna indigenes. Therefore anyone who doesn't like this will of God, you could go and hug transformer or better yet you can go drink parazone.

Re:Southern Kaduna Professionals

Danfulani nd his associate are jst trying 2 bring hatre, enmity nd confusion among d good ppl of d State. They should understand that what they're sayin thro media will nt prevent Bojoga frm becoming d new Deputy Governor, but rather will create more fractures that will subsequently impact negatively on their region in particular nd d State in general. They called themselves professionals, bt their action has presented them as unprofessionals, betrayers nd enemies of progress. One more thing is dat BOJOGA is d God's choice


I'm from the region thank you guys for your comment. The issue raised here is about 2015 calculation which Bajoga himself knows, as it stands now we've loss the ministerial position, the chairmanship position. The truth is Bajoga can not win his ward in SK, as it stand he is going to be a yes deputy, in terms of crisis may God forbid he can not call a fly to order talk less of rampaging youth. My advise to SK youth is we should start looking for another platform.


The only major profession in Southern Kaduna as I know it, is preparation of 'Burkutu' and it's consumption. People of Southern Kaduna are generally lazy and politically sterile. I advise the so called professionals to address these and other ills first before coming to town with their list of irresponsible complains about the new deputy Governor.

Wayo ba hankali......

Namadi was consciously nomited as VP by GEJ under CAN's directives to pave way for Yakowa & indeed, the SKad people to take control of Kaduna State. At least, this was substantiated by Rev. Kuka last week.  No, I rather look at some people as "professional" petitioners, if it is not their "type", they complain; if it is their "type" but not particularly "them",  they even complain more. Bajoga's crime was not for accepting the offer for, but rather, for making them to loose control of PDP! - for rigging or for what? In case these "professional" petitioners are not aware, Bajoga played his card very well because he knew that with the emergence of Yero as Gov, the zoning of the Party's Charmanship no longer goes to SKad & could therefore loose out completely. My strong advise to SSS is that these ppl be arrested & interrogated because theirs is a publicaly pronouced threat not just to Bajoga, but to the peace & stability of Kaduna state & the nation in general.

Why the name Danfulani?

You haters of Hausa Fulani, why are you bearing the name Danfulani when you are Arne bamaguje? Why don't you use southern Zaria name, to show that you emancipated. It only shows that your father was a fulani slave. Shege kawai

This guy is sick

@ Truesage Idowu i think u r really sick. u need urgent medical attention. Did u actually read ur comment before posting? if u did u wld knw hw utterly ridiculous u sound... get some help pls!

Kaduna is working

Who will not be tempted to accept such offer of a deputy gov? Bajoga has taken the right decision. Let's us all pray for the peace of Kaduna and nigeria.

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