Speaker Bankole Arrested

Bankole arriving at the EFCC this evening
Bankole exit the EFCC cruiser
By Saharareporters, New York

Officials of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have finally arrested outgoing Speaker Dimeji Bankole of the House of Representatives.

An EFCC source told Saharareporters moments ago that the agency operatives moved in today to arrest Mr. Bankole after the agency received intelligence that he was planning to flee tonight.
For the past one week, the EFCC and Bankole have been engaged in a tense stand off arising from Mr. Bankole's refusal to answer the agency's summons for interrogation over a series of corruption allegations.

Saharareporters exclusively broke the news that the EFCC investigators had linked Mr Speaker to an account at the United Bank of Africa (UBA) through which the outgoing speaker had laundered about $1 billion.

A source at the EFCC told SaharaReporters that the agency was able to arrest the speaker today as soon as it discovered he had planned to escape from Nigeria early tomorrow morning.

Last Friday EFCC agents had made an attempt to arrest the speaker from his residence but that had been rebuffed by Mr. Bankole's security protection.

The EFCC had appealed to IG of Police, Hafiz Ringim to withdraw Bankole's police security to facilitate the outgoing speaker's arrest. Instead, Mr. Ringim arrived at the scene to break the siege, stating that President Goodluck Jonathan had ordered that the EFCC should retreat from arresting Bankole.
A police source said Mr. Ringim came under fire following our report of his role. He later lied that he only paid the speaker a social visit at his residence, unaware of plans by the EFCC to arrest him.

In response to criticism, the IG of police then ordered the withdrawal of Bankole's police protection.
A source within the presidency said Jonathan, who is due to be received this Wednesday at the White House, did not want the baggage of appearing to American officials to be continuing the tradition of protecting Nigeria's major corrupt officials.
The source said that Jonathan then instructed the IG of police and the DG of the State Security Service to immediately withdraw Bankole's security detail.

 A source at the EFCC told us the the EFCC was able to arrest him shortly after he lost his police guards.

In addition to the huge financial scam at the UBA, the former speaker is also implicated in a car buying scandal.

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Another one bites the dust.

Another (Yoruba) one bites the dust. Ni gba ti nkan te ma je ko ni je ke gbon (When filthy lucre will not make you wise).Bode George neva teach you reach? Now the stupid ones amongst them are fighting to be Speaker again. What kind of mumu (Yoruba) people be this?


A lot of commentaries on this stories are so naive about the anti-corruption show of efcc and waziri.i can bet it nothing will happen to Bankole. they will soon leave him. The safety network is still active, as long as Katsina Alu and Attorney General is still there, we are in for a show. What happened to Orji Kalu, Ibori,obj etc nothing. Only polticians that defect from PDP are prosecuted. Most of the jobs of EFCC is mainly against corrupt civil servants and 419ners.

He doesnt represent the youth!

Bankole could have used those years to position himself as a possible presidential candidate.hes so stupid and so short sighted! Guys in that position who steal are lady and dull people.Any smart guy can become a billionaire without stealing just by being speaker..but like father like son..easy money was too tasty a meal to pass... yeye dull boy wey no wan hustle the proper way!

EFCC, I just hope it's no

EFCC, I just hope it's no longer business as usual, I would advise he is properly investigated and trailed and should be giving 50 years Jail term with hard labour so that other politician can learn, cuz he is definitely the scapegoat we have been looking for, Hard luck Mr. Speaker.

Pls believe God 4 transformation not GEJ transformation........

Can somebody recognized that their a move of God that is blowing this great nation at the moment,anybody that cares to understand will believe that God is set to deliver us from the hand of this evildoer's..........one by one God will vindicate them

Just a shake down

You guys never learn it is just a shake down you know the police rood blocks yah, just like that only they are out to get billions from his loot the they would let him go or give him 2-3 months, "I voted Jonathan not PDP" keep voting PDP and expect deferent results is simply idiotic.

The era of impunity is over.

At last Bank ole is cooling off in efcc net, having fought fruitlessly to stall his arrest by the efcc. This should send signals to all those in various offices that no matter how highly placed they are today when they vacate office, they shall give account of stewardship while in office. There is no hiding place.

Don't jubilate yet.

We shouldn't jubilate yet until this man is in prison. This is a country where we've had so many arrests of public officials. At the long run, we only hear about court trials & no convictions. EFCC, since Ribadu left is now a toothless dog. Majority of the high profile arrest by the commission is just to save face. Note this; Dimeji Bamkole won't go to prison.

He will be freed eventually

He's coming out again? Isn't that what we have been witnessing with the others? EFCC arrest ==> interrogation ==> then release them ==> more invetigation==> court ==> and then they are found to have done nothing criminal. Mere deceit, and then more deceit and then more deceit. Ridiculous country!!!!

Behind the scene

Arrest Bankole
Implcate Tambuwal
Arrest Tambuwal
Enforce PDP Candidate to house
Later release all

Nice thinking(We have political genius in Nigeria). I dont care. All I care let all of them be expelled from Nigeria.

Tinubu would be next on line.

The next person to go to jail will be Tinubu with his double edged political sword. He plays with PDP today. The next day with CPC. Nobody is above the law anyway.

Spare not the rod from a thief.

Suffer not the witch 2 leave. $1 billion is 2 much for Bankole, Mr President let them do their job. Imagine Bankole ooh? Save fellow Nigerians Mr President.

A new dawn

This is a young man that many Nigerian youths were looking up to for inspiration and as a role model. Mr. Bankole was full of charisma and an intelligent young politician whose career was ascending towards an epic height. This should send a serious message to all political elites that the rule of law is here to stay in our great country Nigeria.

On the other hand Mr. Bankole is still innocent until proven guilty by the court of law.

God Bless Nigeria

Spare not the rod from a thief.

Suffer not the witch 2 leave. $1 billion is 2 much for Bankole, Mr President let them do their job. Imagine Bankole ooh? Save fellow Nigerians Mr President.

another script?

This is surely no time for celebration,
if we read the handwriting on the wall. We
Will agree that PDP played a good script
By allowing OLE (Bank) or Bank thief lose
the election. This is season 2 of the Art of
Deception. Watch the end of this movie,
the "Actor doesn't die in a movie". Olebank
Or bankOLE will still walk away like others.
We all know he is not the only one involved
in this. CBN should also investigate UBA and
sanction it accordingly...

Spare not the rod from a thief.

Suffer not the witch 2 leave. $1 billion is 2 much for Bankole, Mr President let them do their job. Imagine Bankole ooh? Save fellow Nigerians Mr President.


Good for a thief, hope EFCC will be allowed to work.

He is arrested and i saw it

He is arrested and i saw it with my two eyes. Bankole is my neighbor and i saw him dragged into the car. It is the truth. His house is 9 richard clapperton street, Asokoro Abuja.

very Good! EFCC oye!

very Good! EFCC oye!


A situation that would have put Jonathan and the IG in a bad light and under a serious presure has been brought under control. If EFCC had failed to arrest this criminal, they would have lost d courage to arrest any other person.
What Bankole has done is a sign of what goes on in d govt circles. From d ones that were discovered, Bankole stole over a billion Dollars when we cannot boast of one hour of steady power supply, no water, no good roads, no good health facilities for d people. Like Bankole, many other serving govt officials are guilty of this same crime. Those in govt embezzle more than d money they put to public use. People in d govt should be investigated while they are still serving.
We will all see d end of this case. I hope he wont be left off d hook in few days time. In this country, people that steal public money are given lesser sentence than others.


and one by one,they all fall down...this is a good news considering that this guy operated with impunity and disregard for the rule of law...smh...i shake my head in pity for my dear beloved country...STILL A REVOLUTION IS NEEDED TO RID THE COUNTRY OF OLD AND CURRENT IMBECILES THAT LEFT NIGERIA IN THE SORRY STATE IT IS IN AT THE MOMENT......

Bankole no condition is permanent in life-

While I am against the role played by IGP Ringim, in the entire affairs, Jonathan should keep his distance from matters concerning EFCC. The man said he would appear on Monday. All EFCC. needed do, was to monitor his movement and ensure that he reports to the office of EFCC. To say Bankole wanted to escape to London, hence the raid at his home, is a big lie. Jona meets Obama on Wednesday. Not Sunday. Was Alams not arrested at heathrow airport by Metro police? Its serves Bankole right. Instead of working in the interest of the oil bearing communities, he insulted them. Any lesson learnt from Bankoles ordeal. None. Are the lawmakers not jostling for fresh positions? Etteh must be laughing her head off by now! That is life 4 d polo riders!

Dino & Co deserve an award....

Dino Melaye and his comrades in the "house of the people" deserve to be given an award. All civil societies and NGOs should come together and put together an award package to be publicly given to Dino and his fellow honorables who stood up to corruption, even when it costs them so much. We as a people should start to recognize, encourage, and reward personal sacrifice for the benefit of all, which is demonstrated by Dino's actions. The good people of Nigeria should show that corruption kills us all regardless of whether we see its effects in the short term or not.

look behind

I always tell people to ignor pdp and work for people that elected them into office because of a day like this, it has happen to many agent of pdp, Bankole own will not be an exception we all know how pdp can use people and dump them, they used him to achieve jona's ambition so is it time for him to answer questions. davide mark ur time will surely come, soon every soon!

Thank God

Thank God we are moving ahead gradually.

The picture says it all !!!

Ori Bankole wu o, e lagi mo !!!

Bankole's head is swollen o, hit it with a baseball bat !!!

Omo Ole

I hope you die in jail.  You are a thief and so is your father..

Omo ale  Saburi Dimeji Bank(OLE). You are a disgrace to youths of Oodua Republic.

Olusegun Olaleye 

The Chicken shall come home to roast!

I said it before that this guy's arrogance will soon land him in trouble. If only he had obeyed the court to let Dino and his group be, may be this wahala wouldn't have followed
him. When the gods want to kill a dog, they first make it mad. He will get away with it under Waziri's EFCC.


and one by one,they all fall down...this is a good news considering that this guy operated with impunity and disregard for the rule of law...smh...i shake my head in pity for my dear beloved country...STILL A REVOLUTION IS NEEDED TO RID THE COUNTRY OF OLD AND CURRENT IMBECILES THAT LEFT NIGERIA IN THE SORRY STATE IT IS IN AT THE MOMENT

@Onowu1 blame the Judges

@Onowu1, EFCC can only do so much. They can arrest and present the criminals to be prosecuted by a Judge. The problem is that EFCC cannot guarantee that a Judge who presides over a case like this will not collect bribes from the accused. Obviously, with such massive amount of money that Bankole has stolen, he potentially can attempt to buy off any Judge. What the Nigerian people need to do is to focus in on who the presiding Judge will be because if the Judge is a corrupt one, Bankole will not serve anytime. We all must partake in seeing that justice is done for the people of this country. Imagine what could have been achieved with the huge amount of money that Bankole stole - hospitals, roads, electricity, employment creation, in all parts of the country. These are the things we must keep in mind when these cases of public looting emerges.

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