Speaker Tambuwal Challenges Security Agencies To Solve Massacre of Students

House Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal
By SaharaReporters, New York

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has described this morning’s massacre of 30 students and a teacher in northeastern Nigeria as “ignoble, wicked and horrendous,” and challenged the security agencies to fish out the perpetrators.

The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday at Government Secondary School, Mamudo, in Potiskum LGA of Yobe State, and the Speaker said those responsible must be brought to justice.

In a statement issued in Abuja by his Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs, Malam Imam Imam, Tambuwal said there was no justification for the dreadful crime

He stated the gains recorded by security agencies in recent weeks in their battle against terror must continue in order to ensure that citizens are protected at all times.

Expressing sympathy for the families of the victims, the Speaker urged Nigerians to be more vigilant and to help the security agencies with useful information to help secure their localities.

He said the National Assembly will, at all times, give necessary support to ensure that peace and security is restored in all parts of the country.

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shame on s-south

please muslims and christians in the north, remember they are alot of dirty things around nothern nigeria. pls. lets come together and fight these dirty people out. By prayers and awareness.

south- south behind the killing

since s-south came to power nothern nigeria has been in crises. they sent their millitans around nothern nigeria to be killing muslims and christians so that crises will start.now they killing innocent chlildren
and insulting the lovely PROPHET. Is he the one that made all of you to be drunkard over there. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. First time of your rulling nigeria, you have created alot of bad for yourselves.they are now kidnapping northerns for ramsome. we have never, never, hard these kind of mess before. may your life end in a shame here and hereafter.

Solution: Oduduwa, Arewa, Biafra, Midbelt, southsouth Republics

For those who are still hoping that Nigeria shall be okay in future, you are deceiving yourselves. It is 52 years since Nigeria got independence but it has remained killings, massacres, tumults, backwardness, etc. A first split into Oduduwa, Biafra, Arewa, Middlebelt and Southsouth Republics should be ideal.
The Tambuwals are just mere hangers on who would want One Nigeria even if all in it are going to blazes.

By the way, where is arna

By the way, where is arna Yakubu Gowon? One Nigeria my foot.

Even Tambuw has the gut to challenge security agencies.

Even Tambuwal of all persons - Emergency Speaker - has the gut to challenge security agencies to fish out Islamic extremists - extremists Tambuwal's north indirectly invited to itself through mixing religion with politics.
May the souls of the innocent students and their teacher rest in peace.


Does Tambuwal need be told that the introduction of the use of sharia Iislamic legal code in 12 northern states is the fore-runner to today's massacres in the north? Did Tambuwal not rejoice on the introduction of sharia legal code to secular Nigeria? Islamic extremists who want to make Nigeria an Islamic state have a lot of sympathizers in the corenorth. Kill for example, 10, another 100 spring up. The best solution is to grant Arewa Islamic Republic.

Those Children!

If the Nigerian army can not even protect primary schools during emergency what then are they ping there? They shoul cover their faces in shame rather than hastening to defend their inefficiencies!


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Guy or whoever u may be,u

Guy or whoever u may be,u seriously nEed a lot of enlightenment on the teaching of islam and importantly that of prophet muhammed(s.a.w).moreover islam never teach the killing of innocent souls.

one Nigeria, one destiny? i doubt it

one nigeria? hahahaha...... una dey for dream land. this country is finished - its just a matter of time nigeria will disintegrate. there's no way that humans with sane minds can live and dealt with northern boko haram animals. in fact, animals are far better that noko haram members, all their supporters who continue to hide, and those calling for them to be given amnesty. so they kill innocent children, and they should be rewarded with amnesty and monetary rewards fron niger delta oil, right? una dey craze!!! any part of this country that want their own republic should go ahead and announce it. nobody can stop anybody from not wanting to share a country with northern animals in human flesh.


It is very sad that these children were killed, may their souls rest in peace. Tambuwal should start a massive campaign on how to educate the youths of Northern extraction, the Northern leaders have all failed in this aspect and the gap between the North and the South is getting wider and wider and this should give the present Northern leaders sleepless nights.


Tambuwal should not shout now, he should continue dining and winning with supporters of Boko Haram for political gains, instead of reasoning with Mr. President to find solution to the many problems facing us, he is dancing a naked dance of desperation for power that he cannot get. Wake up Tambuwal, we are wiser now.

re tambuwal comment

Those individual senceless peoples that accusing tanbuwal and sultan of sokoto,they are the type of peoples that they dont like peace to reign in this country nigeria. bcos they dont have home training,manners of approch, and disrespecting elders right from childhood.

keep our beloved prophet out of this

The prophet of Islam is the most holy of all human creatures, so please channel your grievances to the people of you time (generation) and stop insulting our prophet by calling him names. Our Prophet (SAW) lived peacefully with non muslims in Madina and did not force them to renounce their faith, even though they were not many to put any resistance.

U must b very stupid 4 d last

U must b very stupid 4 d last sentence of ur comment. I guess u r so clueless. Dude!

Hi admin! Always make sure u

Hi admin! Always make sure u verify some people's comments before posting. This is because some ignorants r commenting ridiculously about ISLAM. They are free in all ramifications to condemn, insulte and even wage war against BH. But not d PROPHET MUHAMMAD OR ISLAM. ISLAM AND D PROPHET PREACH PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE AND CONDEMNED KILLINGS. Hope you r aware of d consequences? Pls take note. Rgds

U must b stupid 4 typing d

U must b stupid 4 typing d last sentence of ur comment. I guess u r ignorant of its consequences. Mind ur speech dude!


Look at them all, they are all BokoHari sponsored BokoRams supporters. The likes of Tambuwal, Tinubu, Okorocha, Oshiomole, Fashola Buhari, Amaechi, CPC, ACN and APC. Nigerians should be very careful with their vote come 2015, otherwise, they will want to wipe christains out of Nigeria. They are devil incarnates, pretending to have good agenda for the country. Killing innocent Nigerians for kabu kabu mohammed to drink blood. When his belly is fill, he will throw up. At this time Buhari and kabu kabu sultan will be apprehended, alongside tambuwal.


Tambuwal is an aberration and a mistake in the history of Nigeria. A foolish and arrogant boy who does not know the weight of the office. Why should he challenge security agencies on the security of the nation? Where was him at the time Buhari and co threatened to make the nation ungovernable? All I expected from him is to give directive for the security agencies to arrest Buhari and trial him for terrorism treason and felony over his comments. Some months ago, he threatened to arrest Asari for his comment. The killing of innocent Nigerians and sch children, is it not as a result of the foot soldiers of Buhari who are let loosed. Why should he pretends not to know that BokoHari is the sponsor of these BokoRams?


Tambuwal since the Northerner's have proven to be morons the Southerners have since smartened up. The same Boko Haram you and your fellow Terror sponsors initiated to disrupt Jonathan's Govt, and your shameful protection ofthe Boko harams are the same demons you are asking the Securities team to fish out. They should start by fishing you Tambuwal, Buhari, IBB, Ciroma, Kaite, Gen Danbanzza, Tinubu, The Sultan, Gen Abudulsalam out. No matter how much destructive Campaign, gang up with a reborn Terror name "APC" we are waiting on you bastards. The best advise to you may by be to go for your Sarduana Republic so as to achieve a Northern Presidency quicker otherwise you Northerners should stuck your deadly Presidential maneuvers in your nose. See what you idiots have done to the legacy of the Late Sarduana of Sokoto.

Tambuwal the hypocrite

This northern politicians are amazing people.you will see them condeming bh killings but in actual fact they support them.Is it not tambuwal and arewa that are saying that amnesty should be granted to bokoharam?Is it not northern politicians that are battling to free kabiru sokoto?is it not the same hypocrites of the north that allow a lebanon to illegally stockpile arms to carryout terrorist activities?why are they decieving themselves.Another thing is,why are christain in that Godfasaken region not carrying self-protection weapon wherever they are going so as to defend themselves?

But Tambuwal supports Amnesty

These northern muslims are blocks, stones and worse than sensless things. Is not the same Tambuwal who supports amnesty for boko haram? If the security agencies arrest the animals or kill them, are you not going to be the same person who will cry for their amnesty or tell the whole word that Jonathan is waging war against the north?Buhari and sultan of Sokoto will solve the problems when "prophet" Mohammed gets enough blood.

Mallam Aminu Tambuwal, go

Mallam Aminu Tambuwal, go sidon. There is nothing to solve. Why not challenge your masters, Sultan of Sokoto, and Buhari to stop funding them and stop advocating for Amnesty money. The beheading must continue until they get their Islamic Republic of Arewa. You know why you are opposed to breakup. If you had nothing to gain from my oil money from SE SS you would be the first to call for separation.

Where is The Useless NSA

Well we have the worst NSA in Nigeria's history at the helm of affairs. So Mr. Speaker, you know who to focus your ire at if you are really serious about getting answers. The NSA PROMISE that attacks will be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, we instead have more attacks.


Kudos to Tambuwal by comin out boldly to speak on behalf of the voiceless.
Hon speaker there is more need tobe done becouse every blessed
day North East is crumbling.
hope u'll go n see it for urself withIMMEDIATE EFFECT.

and challenged the security agencies to fish out the perpetrator

Usual talk from the left side of their tongue and smile with the right. They are your brothers, you know them, so bring them out to justice if you truly love Nigeria by all postulations.

Tambuwal should be calling for Dumbo balls ...it was a massacre!

@ Speaker Tamubwal:
Enough of this useless words in the wind you call "condolences to the families" and the bereaved. Nigerians have been bereaved from Independence Day bombing when Dumbo came on board his boat to today, Army Day, as 30 School Children (and their Teachers) are slaughtered while Super Dr. Dumbo dons army garb and clowns around Abuja with his COAS Goon Ihejirika, et al. Don't just call for another worthless investigation. Lead a Congressional Team to ground zero since I'm certain Dumbo will not attempt suicide in his clown's regal. Stop blowing loud vuvuzela for propaganda gains, invite a credible Int'l Human Rights NGO to fish out the "failed culprits" responsible for this senseless carnage. You owe it to the children! After all, you just approved further billions as Security Vote to fight invincible Ghosts ...who are busy murdering our future! The "solution" is simple: Shoot-n-Talk or Fly the White Flag ...something has to give!

The president should visit

The president should visit the school with immediate effect! And it does not make sense for the army to describe the incident as as a soft target-besides its a shame that Tambuwal is just waking up from his politically induced slumber! This is a man who has done everything within his power to make the president look cheap and unstable. Now airing his satanic APC views-his born to rule mentality went a long way in encouraging boko haram and their tuareg brothers from Mali and Niger republic to massacre innocent students-if the entire house had risen up with one voice in condemning the crimes committed against humanity by boko haram, they would have mellowed down a bit-Not a single session has ever been held in the House on this vexing boko haram issue since Tambuwal forced himself unto the law-breakers via tinubu


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