State Pardon: Alamieyeseigha Says Jonathan Had No Choice

By SaharaReporters, New York

Former Bayelsa State Governor and ex-convict, DSP Alamieyeseigha has said that President Goodluck Jonathan had no choice in the state pardon he recently granted to him, as it was a deal that had been negotiated since the tenure of late President Umaru Yar'Adua.

““Well, it (state pardon) started during the late President Yar’Adua’s
reign,” he said in Lagos yesterday.  “It was a pardon that was negotiated. People who don’t know what happened are the ones talking."

The ex-convict held back on what the deal was, but boasted that President Jonathan was his deputy as Bayelsa State Governor, and was part of the entire deal that he would disclose in a memoir he is writing.  

"Like I said, the pardon was negotiated and if I fulfilled my own part
of the bargain, why shouldn’t the Federal Government fulfill its part?” he asked.

“President Goodluck Jonathan was part of the negotiating team. There
is no person in this country that knows issues surrounding
Alamieyeseigha better than Mr President. He was my deputy governor and
all that transpired were known to him. I am already writing my memoir.  At the appropriate time, you will know that my pardon was in order.”

Reviewing the comment today, a political observer in Abuja described Alamieyeseigha “a balloon of hot air.”

He told SaharaReporters, “There is nothing that an individual convict could have negotiated with the federal government by which to obtain pardon.  Alams did not negotiate anything and could not have negotiated anything.  This is like IBB telling Nigerians he will soon disclose the reason for annulling the 1992 elections.  IBB has been making that promise for 20 years now, but he cannot fulfill it because words cannot frame the depth of his betrayal of Nigeria.  Alams took advantage of a weakling in presidential office that used to be his Deputy Governor, that is all.   I feel sorry for Nigeria and Nigerians.” 

Saharareporters gathered that Alamieyeseigha has begun moves to throw
his full questionable weight behind President Jonathan's 2015 presidential ambitions, as that is the only way the ongoing hoax can survive.

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State pardon

keep quiet, u r not from Cross River, among his then contemporary Governors, Don performed more than all of them, I dont know which State u r from, but ur Governor Stole and left you awkward and backward. As far as Nigeria is concerned, CRS is a unique and shinning example for other States. There is no State in Nigeria like CRS, We r blessed with good leaders, come to Calabar, CRS and see what the current Governor is doing without money. Dont desparage our leaders, we appreciate them, they have transformed our state

Thanks My Brother for the

Thanks My Brother for the beautiful comment,the country is now govern upside down to the level that international thiefs are now celebrity. Is unfortunate.

Thank you ojare my broda

Thank you ojare my broda

@ oleku

So because it is Bayelsa's money it is okay for him to loot them dry? Leaving the people in backwardness, poverty and underdevelopment.... it's amazing the way we reason. It's okay for a man that has brought naija international embarrassment and opprobrium and made negative history for our collective consciousness to be parading himself with unimaginable impunity, with not even an ounce of remorse for his crimes... if all Nigerians decide to loot and steal I wonder what country will be left for our children to come and meet. Because this country has been reduced to a jungle of wild animals, ex-convicts who should be hiding their faces in their village eternally can come out of prison and be "writing memoir" and appearing/speaking in public functions... òrishi rishi


@ Tundemash,

Donald Duke is in the same boat of the LOOTERS OF THE NIGER DELTA STATES. Go to Ikoyi in Lagos and see his many blocks of flats starting with the one he bought from EFCC ( NWUDE'S PROPERTY) on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi. He lives there too.

Tens of Billions of Naira debt he left in CROSS RIVERS ETATE is there for anybody to see. Any one in doubt can ask First Bank & few other banks.

There is a case of FRAUD in the Lagos High Court still standing in his name. The case was in Retd. Hon Justice George Oguntade's court while he was a judge of the Lagos State Judiciary.

So, Mr. Tundemash cross check the above facts and you will know that Donald Duke is a THIEF. QED!

Actually nd frankly speaking,

Actually nd frankly speaking, I couldn't blame Alams for this. He only explored and harnessed the weakling minds of those in power then. Yar'Adua wanted to cement his grip in power and he approached Alams who advised them that the only option is to grant the ND militants amnesty. He then bargained for the state pardon and pledged to assist them in disarming the freedom fighters. Info confirms that he personally went after those Tompolo of this world into the creek to persuade them to accept the amnesty. Since he fullfilled his part, FG has no option than to honour their agreement and more so, both Alams and uncle Jo swindled the Bayelsa people while at the helms of affair. No other story

When Buhari takes over in

When Buhari takes over in 2015, all this rubbish will stop. Thieves will respect themselves and hide in their cocoons.

Can People Stop Talking rubbish?

The honest truth still remains that Jonathan did not truly have a choice. As we all know, he's just a figure head. Alams is the one who brought Jonathan into the system. Alams is the one going to help him prepare for the next elections.

I mean, even Bill Clinton granted pardon to his brother who was in jail then... so, If i were in power, none of my friends would be in jail....
Its just natural, Its human

@khumalo & frankwilliams: Does the oil not belong to Sylva too ?

Does the oil not belong to Sylva too ? Why is Dumbo Jo pursuing Sylva ? Is Alams more Ijaw or less of a thief than Sylva ? Morons !

Ibori will also write a memoir; criminals too do have a voice


If the oil belongs to ex-convict fugitive Alamaseghia, how come he stole it ? Why haven't you two morons stolen some of those wealth too ? Why is Sylva being pursued by Jonathan ? Is Alams more Ijaw than Sylva ? Does the oil also not belong to Sylva ?

Only in Nigeria would a common rogue write a memoir for the likes of khumalo and frankwiliams to read !
In sane climate, convicted criminals if pardoned lie low; ask your fellow crumbie, pseudo lawyer now film producer OC.

Nigeria is a crying shame

Nigeria is a crying shame. Look at this "ape" who disguised as a "pregnant woman" to run away from British justice, making noise that he was "entitled to pardon!" Oh yes only with faggots like GEJ ruining Nigeria will you have such rights of entitlement. What a shame that people who stole from their people are now been painted as "godfathers"

Alams you are a big thief! If you deny then go to Britain and face charges. Even dare enter the plain and try come to any European countries if that your ape-like stinking ass will not be roasted by British justice, like your friend Ibori is already roasting!

Believe Alalimisiegbha and you would believe anyone.

I don't suppose any Nigerian would believe this man. Believe him and you will believe anyone and anything!


Why are we making this too much noise about only Alams? Can anyone tell me just one past Nigerian leader that is not guilty of corruption? They have all stolen our monies, so they are all the same.

It is absurd for a

It is absurd for a constituted authority such as a duly elected government to negotiate state pardon with a convicted felon. What happens next?
This house has indeed fallen and needs urgent rebuilding from the foundation!

Between OBJ and Alams who is

Between OBJ and Alams who is the bigger thief??? No Governor in Nigeria that has never stolen, why are they not in jail for One day? AlAMS IS Saint compare to OBJ.

My dear broda, I did warned u

My dear broda, I did warned u while u were in office of these post office dangers and embarrassmts and you told Bayelsans to stone me to death! Yet I almost cried the day they arrested you to abuja! Now much has passed by and this pardon has come bringing every kind of heat to our broda Mr President at the worse of times- why further compound problems for him by making such contentious and unnecessary statemts? At this time u are supposed to be doing damage control not otherwise and much respect will come to you that way; not in steering heat pls! Statemen are built in great calmness in great accusations my broda!

I think we should stop

I think we should stop dwelling on matters that will not add value to Nigeria. Allowing these politicians to dictate the temple of government,economy, Nigeria as a whole is so wrong. Let us begin to think of what we can do for Nigeria to move forward,. A lot of us have ideas, let us use it, let us make life an easy place for us and our children.

We you really sit down and check things out, you would realize that we are all corrupt weather in big ways or small ways. Our ideology has to change.

Really we need to start thinking of what we can do for our country in all sector. Lets take the bull by the horn.

It's it obvious that we don't have a government.
If the country is continually left in the hands of our government just like every other government Nigeria has produce we will go no where.

Let him step out of Nigerian Shore...

From available information,DSP still awaiting questioning in UK.He needs reminding,just a matter of time, will face up to those questions.Ask James Ibori.

Ofcourse we know Alams blackmailed the Otuoke Clown to pardon hi

Alams , yeah right, we know you and the Otuoke Clown stole Bayelsa's money hence the blackmail to pardon you.
Only in Nigeria and Ijaw land would a thief publicly be proud to be a thief and the people he pruportedly lead would rather point out other thieves in other tribes ! Pat Utomi, Donald Duke, Saro Wiwa must be wondering how they found themselves among this insane people.

Alams Pardon

Please please please, Oga Alams is now born again, old things have passed away, behold! all things are new.
All roads and airways lead to Otuoke this Saturday to dedicate a new Cathedral Church built by Uncle Alams. To commemorate his newlife and thank God for his mercies, being born a Nigerian and not a British.
Special guest of honour, Rtd. Gen. Olusegun Oba.
Master of Ceremony- Jonah the clown.
Come one, come ALL!!


He did not steal what belongs to him. He took it.

Ijaw Standards

Await Timipriye Sylva's turn.

"What many people call corruption is not really corruption" .......hmm by our standards

Waiting for Alams memoir

I am eagerly waiting to read Alams memoirs - especially the section of how he disguised himself as a pregnant woman with a wig and red lipstick to match. When a man does not know the meaning of shame he can do anything and still come out to talk.

Alams lives on!

Please live Alams alone.
Alams, don't just write memoirs, please show them you are now born again by building a big church!
I wonder if we don't deserve our leaders.


Alams should go for vacation to London now. I would love to see the turn of events.

Alamieyeseigha Says Jonathan Had No Choice

Our people say - Na the WALL when fall allow GOAT climb am. Me I no blame Alamieyeseigha at all. If he so wish, he could shit on Aso Rock and empty the central bank.

Say, how much exactly did

Say, how much exactly did Alams steal? Was it anywhere close to what John Yusuf (is that his name?) stole from Nigerian pensioners? It is a shame really! Shameless people led by spineless leaders in a clobbered culture. Pity!

State Pardon

This ex-convict has no shame at all. What a manner of speech? This is on simple reason Nigeria will not get better, for allowing thievies like this come out in public to speak.

I pray the metro police gets hold of him. I wonder the kind of school some of our leaders attended.

re: alam

people like you are the problem of this country. why will some one at this age not reason well. this criticism with ethnic undertone leads us nowhere. call a spade spade. those you mentioned were not jailed for stealing and which of his property did he steal. stop this moron publicity.

I love this

Great!!!. Nigerians are beginning to cry out rightly. I just pray it it from your heart and not based on tribal and regional sentiments

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