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Mohammed Manga moments before he embarked on a suicidal trip
By Ahmad Salkida Maiduguri

The man who bombed the Nigeria Police Force headquarters in Abuja on June 16 was a fairly well-to-do businessman who was actually on a suicide mission on behalf of the Islamic sect the Boko Haram, Blueprint can authoritatively report.

Mohammed Manga was a 35-year-old married man with five children who drove overnight from Maiduguri to Abuja in order to carry out the morning attack which left about five people dead, including a police officer, and many cars incinerated in the blast. He had left N4 million in his will for his five children – two girls and three boys – before embarking on the fateful journey to the nation’s capital.

There was proof also that Manga was accompanied on the deadly mission by at least a collaborator in the plot, who took his last photograph alive as he drove through the streets of Abuja. The collaborator(s) might have disembarked from the car before Manga reached the Louis Edet House headquarters of the Nigerian Police.

Blueprint can also authoritatively report that, contrary to a claim by the police authorities that the bomber had used a Mercedez Benz ‘V Boot’ car in his terror mission, he actually used a Honda 86 model.

These shocking details and others were made exclusively available to this newspaper by the leadership of the Islamist sect, Jama’atu Ahl-Sunnati Lil Da’awati wal Jihad, popularly called the Boko Haram, in a telephone interview in the Hausa language, fielded by the group’s spokesman who goes by the name Abu Zaid.

The group also e-mailed to our Borno State correspondent startling photographs of a grinning Manga as he undertook the revenge mission. It was the first time it was giving a glimpse into its operations.One of the most startling information given by Abu Zaid was that the attacker was one Mohammed Manga, who was better known and addressed by his friends and business associates as Alhaji Manga.“He is originally from Adamawa State but he was born and brought up in Maiduguri, where he embraced the teachings of the late Mohammed Yusuf,” the spokesman said.

Mohammed Yusuf was the leader of the group and was killed by the police in 2009 following the bloodiest clash involving the Boko Haram in which thousands of the sect’s members and other people died.Blueprint was also told by the sect that Manga was Fulani by tribe and that he started both as a commercial and private driver at different times in his adult life. A few years before the July 2009 Boko Haram uprising, Manga began to travel to Cotonou in Benin Republic and later Dubai frequently in order to buy all kinds of goods.He was a major contributor to the Boko Haram’s arms build-up.

Abu Zaid also confided in this newspaper that Manga left a will of over N4 million to his two daughters and three sons and urged fellow believers to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Allah. This, the group said, is evident in the last-minute pictures of Manga, believed to have been taken at a camp somewhere in Borno State.The man’s last will and the photographs are proof that Manga was on a suicide mission and that his death at the Louis Edet House headquarters of the police was not an accident.

“He was calm and never hesitated or showed fear,” Abu Zaid recalled, adding that everyone at the scene that night on the eve of the attack was envious, wishing it was their chance to act and gain entry into paradise.  

According to him, the planning of the attack targeting the Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Hafiz Ringim, was not in any way different from the way and manner they plan other attacks around the country, insisting that the only difference was that this mission was abruptly brought closer in response to the remarks made by Ringim that he would eradicate the Boko Haram within weeks.The IGP had on June 15 boasted, while receiving10 armoured personnel carriers donated to the police by the Borno State government, that the Boko Haram’s days were numbered.

“Now that the (general) elections are over, our attention would be concentrated and I want to assure you that the days of the Boko Haram are numbered,” Ringim had told a gathering at the Government House in Maiduguri, with the state governor Kashim Shettima present.

Abu Zaid also claimed that the bomb his group used in the attack was a ready-made one, which the sect acquired from abroad. “And we are going to use several of them in future attacks,” he warned.The group dismissed media reports and commentaries that suggest it might not have planned a suicide attack but that the bomb blast was merely an accident in which the attacker was trapped, insisting that it was really pre-planned.“Everyone had waited patiently for the outcome of that operation,” said Abu Zaid.

According to him, the car that was used was not a Mercedes Benz ‘V-Boot’, but an ash-colour Honda 86 model.“I was surprised when the police said the car was a Mercedes ‘V-Boot’,” he said. “It was never a Mercedes. The car used for the attack was an ash-colour Honda 86. We are surprised over the way the police are confused anytime we strike.”

Meanwhile, the group has discredited the conditions for dialogue ostensibly given by the Boko Haram by one Usman Al-Zawahiri and others, challenging them to give a single proof that they are with the authentic group.
“We don’t know Al-Zawahiri; he is not with us,” Abu Zaid said.

“In fact, our investigation revealed that he is an SSS (State Security Service operative) and was brought in to discredit what we are doing and give an impression that we are divided. There is no faction in our group.”

Giving a reason why the Boko Haram chose Blueprint correspondent for breaking the news, Abu Zaid remarked: “You were the first journalist who repeatedly wrote about us when we were not known to the world; you were the first journalist who reported when our brothers were shot at on their way to a funeral procession by members of a security outfit setup by the Borno State government, known as ‘Operation Flush.’ We see you as an objective writer who is never afraid to say the truth; that is why our leader approved the idea to give you the final evidence that we were solely behind the suicide attack at the police headquarters.”

The Boko Haram is believed to be headed by one Malam Abubakar Shekau, the deputy of the late Mohammed Yusuf.


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BH BH mmm

Where is Ali Modu sheriff?

The Nigerian security should re-invent itself!

Whoever u r pls dnt refer to

Whoever u r pls dnt refer to urself as Jesus cos he will nt come up with suggestions like this rather than urge people to make peace. The peace of the Lord be with you

they have a course

i believe the nigeria police desrve what they got(bombing of the louis edet house)how come they cant give account of the leader boko haram?thats very unproffesional on their path.i just believe the boko haram is angry about something or maybe they are fighting for a cause.

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ahlul sunah bid'da'awati

i like what he did and am happy about it

boko haram ko,boko haram ni (random thoughts)

we see d height of islamic madness in boko haram.are my friends from d north like bala,yusuf,ibrahim,musa,shettima etc,of d same islamic religion wit these boko haram people? i can't see any similarity in d wat has gone into d heads of these boko haram? one thing a man cannot successfully pretend is dat he is exhibiting extreme wickedness in d name of God.i can only draw one conclusion; u don't know God or u don"t fear God.boko haram repent b4 it is too late!islamic scholars should review their religion, or else human endurance my run out.wit this trend and d availability of d modern weapon of warfare,it is a question of time to end d world.CAVAET; NOBODY HAS MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE!


Real brain power on dsilpay. Thanks for that answer!

Where is oshomole 's like??????????????????

It's a pity dat in Nigeria, the fear of death has become the beginning of wisdom. Can't Nigeria emulate it's African counterpart ( Tunisia, Egypt, lybia....), who r standing up against injustice upon d poor masses by uprising against their corrupt leaders? Wat r we waiting 4 nigerian labour congress, trade union, nuj, n d rest, or has d little regular bribe from d fed gvt blinded these union leaders so much dat they hv forgotten their roles? Where r d likes of Adams oshomole? D only diff Btwn Nija n it's African counterpart is that d power Span of our leaders is not as long as d uprising country, but I can assure u dat d money stolen by a Nigerian presido in dat 8 yrs, equals dat stolen by that of those who hv bin in power 4 30yrs. Anyway, all d bankole's should not take d quietness of d poor masses as cowardice, cos d uprising in our hearts will soon burst out in d scale of anode civil war.
Be warned!!!!!!!!

Nigerians need a reorientation about pdp!

I Neva believed nigeria was so dumb 2 vote 4 d same pdp (in d name of gej). A couple of days after he vowed 2 fight corruption his friend ( bankole) puts him 2 d test. Now he's so handicap about dat vow. Now pls tell me, which dirty cop will arrest an armed robbers which he ( d cop) sells guns to??? . U c, d cartel in pdp is too strong 4 any right thinking president (4rm pdp) to act right. So, as far as am concerned( as far as gej is pdp), he's an animal in human skin. So pls ( poor masses), go about ur daily survival routine n expect nothin much from this gvt of gej. It is beta to watch cartoon ntwk than to watch Nta news ( hoping 4 goodness).
Same old shi.............t

Bh plstry 2 be our messiah........

If bokoharam or wateva it is called is really committed to fighting injustice as it claims, den y not go underground 4 a while n strategies well on how to beat their targets security details, then they Launch an allot attack on these corrupt leaders that can't keep to their campaign promises. I mean, how can such a small cartel loot away 1bill $ (150bill, not million, naira). Divide dat by 150million nigerians n I'll know dat god is mercifully. This gvt should not 4get dat wen d cries of d poor reaches an unbearable point b4 god, it will rain den on them n no missile defense system will save them.

Avoid casualties of war!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book haram should b careful in this their so called redemption struggle by making sure that innocent civilians don't get caught up in their stray bullet ( though we knw dat fighting a war means casualties). One more thing, bh, pls dnt resort 2 mere attention seeking ambition of d thug styled "mend". Just foccus on sanitizing d gvt by any means so dat they ( d corrupt leaders) knw dat in d new Nigeria 2 come, it will b more looting = more fear of death.
The rich also cries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bh plstry 2 be our messiah........

If bokoharam or wateva it is called is really committed to fighting injustice as it claims, den y not go underground 4 a while n strategies well on how to beat their targets security details, then they Launch an allot attack on these corrupt leaders that can't keep to their campaign promises. I mean, how can such a small cartel loot away 1bill $ (150bill, not million, naira). Divide dat by 150million nigerians n I'll know dat god is mercifully. This gvt should not 4get dat wen d cries of d poor reaches an unbearable point b4 god, it will rain den on them n no missile defense system will save them.


Hello Mr Anonymous fool,islamic banking is the practical solution to the world "ECONOMIC"problem, because you are guided by sentiments you failed to established that,even the Anti islamic nations today are embracing islamic banking,confirm who are the beneficiaries "THE NON MUSLIMS".

Chatterbox Oke

It is rather unfortunate that a Nigerian(in the naming) would think and write the way you do. Its high time NASS prolmagates serious punishment for dundees of ur caliber who have failed to do anything right for our beloved country other than instigating more hatred and violence among the already heated up polity and religious groups herein with baseless,sentimental, fictitious,uncalculated,idiotic and cowardly portrayed views.I wonder where and how mazi cooked up this beautiful nonsense.While Nigerians are busy trying to find a lasting solution to our internal problems,u desided to abscond elsewhere and wriye all kind s of trash after coming out from the pub,where you and your associates sit the whole day planning one failure or the other. Oke, i challenge you tod come an join us in our quest to maintain a violent-free one Nigeria, instead of accusing Muslims and leaders of one thing or the other. Bloody coward!!!

Is peaceful co-exsistence btwn Muslims and Christians feasible ?

From 1966 till 2011 Nigerian space has become a scene of brutal bloodsheds. Does that fertilize peaceful co-existence, if not what then is the tendency for spilling Christian bloods in the North? In 1966 there was a pogrom, followed by mass exodus. In 1980, Maitatsine ethno-religious disturbance in Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, etc claimed over 4000 Christians lives, churches and properties were burnt and state Government paid only 8million Naira to victims. Maitatsine died but his lieutenants went underground. In 1982,they surfaced at Bulumkuku in Maiduguri, also in Kaduna -killing over 400 SouthernXtians ,distroying their shops, hotels and churches. In February 1984 Muslim fanatics inflicted horrors on Gongola state Christians killing over 700 people. In 1985, more than 100 people died after hours of Muslim killing spree in Gombe.
On a Sunday, in March 1987,during a holy period, a Church in Kafanchan was full of Kaje Christians when it was surrounded by Muslim militants who set it on fire with petrolium. That 1987 religious violence spread all over northern states. There was again, exodus of Southerners like in 1966.IBB struck and the planners went underground. In 2000, from Feb-to-March, ethno-religious clashes rained fire in Kaduna State, many lives were lost, churches and mosques burnt. In June, as well as, in August 2001 Jos indigenes and settlers clashed, Muslims and Christians lost lives and properties. There were clashes in Markurdi, Funtua, Zaria, Lagos, Enugu and Onitsha between Muslims and Xtians in June -October 2001. Attacking Christians,killing them, burning churches, shops, beer parlors have become a routine in Northern Nigeria, from 1966 -2011.
Tell me, "Where Peaceful Co-existence between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria lies other than in sharing the oil revenue ?
Mazi Umu Oke,- Germany.

Islam and politics are one and inseparable thing in Nigeria..

Because Islam and politics are one inseparable social mixture, there has always been a give and take relationship between Muslim scholars, clerics and politicians, who gravitate more, with much pleasure, towards feudalism than they do, towards democracy. Our Northern leaders use the best opportunity in government to create a favourable milieu for Islamic Syndromes they conceived years ago as restive students in the 1980s at ABU, BUK, etc where they were admiring sharia laws, Islamic banking and Islamic Republic. The ongoing circumstances in Nigeria today are projections of 1980-1990 Izala dreams,- a naked subscription to Islamic Republic of Nigeria, whose costs of running had been paid for in advance from federal accounts. Aso rock is busy daily and timely simulating Nigerian space on feudal-democracy while pretending having a nascent democracy. If Sharia States and Sharia banking have their ways, what is left of Secularism and why not Boko Haram ?All hatched from the same Islamic egg, grilled and groomed by the same Islamic cleric.
Umu Oke,- Germany

Give love not bomb

As a Nigerian citizen from Ibo land, living in Greece for year's now, i have come to realise that our major problem back home is ignorant which we still carry outside that country to other place. An ignorant person is close to mad person because they dont know what they are doing. Let's go back to history, before the coming of Islam or Christianity we as a people has our own religion or call it tradition, and till this day we never heared that Hausa was then fighting Yuruba or Ibo's was fighting Benin. What we have accordding to history was inter trade/marriage and exchange of our talents. Then come religion which was suppose to cemment the peace among us in the land rather it become the oppossit, that make me ask this Question and i am dirrecting it to the people of Boko haram and the entire people of African decent, is Islam and Christianity blessing or course? if it is blessing let them start showing it but if it's course, then we all has to go back to our religion/trading and live in peace. Remember Japan/Indian and Isreal has their own religion and today the whole world accept it because that is who they are and not we that has to immitate or mimic our Arab and European brother's from what i could call their own live style. Africans has to wake up, the white people and people livig in coled area wear's jacket not because they love wearing it, rather is because they have to, so you dont espect me in Nigeria to put on things like that and if i do that make's me ignorant of my own enviroment and that is equal to madness. Boko Haram should be commited to love and not bombo, to charity and not bombo, to unity and not bombo, to better economy of Nigeria and Africa in general and not bombo. Long live the good people of Nigeria.



I am a Muslim, and I condemn

I am a Muslim, and I condemn this act and this act is not on the behalf of Muslims nor Islam. It is for the selfish interest of "Boko-Haram" alone and their delusion. I dey fear seriously o. When their bombs strike, it doesn't recognize who is a Muslim and who is not.They are a terror to everyone

Bunch of fire works

Those of you talking bad about religions are bunch of fools and fire works. You can only say bad things about other religion because you don't have one and even if you do, you don't know anything. These people have been violated and nobody stood for them and now you blame them? Judge yourselves first before judging others. Never shower curses on others bcos you are showering it on yourself.

Umu oke or what you called

Umu oke or what you called yourself,your approach to dealing with Muslims is unfair,your hatred against them is obvious,that shows your ignorant about Islam and you can never be a global citezen.I advise Nigerian government to give your arrest warrant. Your illicit statement is detriment to the existing fragile peace of the nation.You dont know anything about this issue so you better keep queit!

4million naira is a start.

The 4 million naira should be taken away from his children and used as part of damage repair for what this evil man has done. His 5 children should be put into a government social welfare scheme so they do not turn out as evil as this dead man. May his soul rest in as many pieces as his bombed body in Allah's name. Amin.
May the souls of the people he killed rest in peace in Allah's name. Amin.

boko haram

while extremism is breaking up in the arab world,[boko haram] are just getting started.this socalled group may not have the word stupidity in thier dictionaries.bunch of misguided cowards
it would be good if the gov. acts now,that is if the gov. has any sense whatsoever because stupidity is a common trait in this country.

The Story of Nigeria's First Suicide...

The bombing, the reactions of the various security agencies and the comments of the citizenry all point to one thing: We are not serious. Perhaps, we are resigned to America's prediction of the disintegration of the concoction named FRN. If so, why not do so amicably like the then Tchechkolovakia?

Believe it or not, Muslims have Rights to Islamic Republic.....

Boko Haram Sponsors are millions,more than three quarters of Nigerian Muslims are obsessively inclusive.Some active Boko Haaram members are definitely everywhere in Nigerian police force, Armed forces, civil service, universities,in the senate,in Northern-State Houses/Assemblies, NASS, in most Arab Embassy offices, in all Mosques, Emirs' Palaces,in CBN and Islamic Banks and as usual,Aso Rock. Eggs of Boko Haram were laid in early 1980s on Northern University Campuses where today's northern leaders graduated, IBB knows Muslim scholars that set the format of violence in Campuses but he could not destroy the eggs before hatching. Sporadic ethno-religious riotings,arson,killings, persist from 1980s till today,as 1966. How can Security Forces stop Boko Haram with so many sponsors, members, operators and beneficiaries from establishing an Islamic Republic backed by Iran, Sudan and Sauidi Arabia? Their Human Rights cannot be trampled down to oblivion. Mazi Umu Oke,- Germany.

Born to Rule Religion

According to their holy books, no moslem should allow himself to be ruled by a non-moslem. That is why we now hear of Boko haram, Sharia banking etc.Any time a non moslem becomes a head of state you hear the clamour of Sharia everywhere but what about the Sharia of OBJ's time.

Boko Haram

I wish to sincerely appreciate the few muslims on this forum who have
Been vocal enough to condemn this evil.
No amount of mudslinging can save us. The earlier we learn to live with
With each other d better for us all. The enlightened northern muslims
Have a lot of work to do in stopping the brainwashing of their young
Ones by these destructive forces. They are still d ones that will
Help Govt to identify these killers and ensure they are brought to

@ Abdallah Paul(WEBSITE) Don't even go there!

The contents of that book is meant just to ridicule islam. I hope you are not one of those dullards who believe everything they read. If so then pls. try this website for starters, let's see if you'll be ok with the content.

May God in his infinite mercy

May God in his infinite mercy bless u for ur hav spoken like a Nigerian who loves his country.


Na U and all your family go die finish and mercilessly. If You be boko haram dat one mean say make u no get sense, wait make I become president first one day is enough for me to finish you useless fools.