Student Protesters Disrupt Examinations At The University Of Abuja

By SaharaReporters, New York

There was pandemonium at the two campuses of the University of Abuja located at Gwagwalada and Airport Road area of Nigeria’s federal capital territory Abuja as students went on a rampage to protest the non-accreditation of some of their courses.

The protest, which commenced at 6:00 AM, was started by Engineering students. Many students soon joined in blocking the main gate of the school to protest harsh conditions of education and general mismanagement of the university by officials the students regard as incompetent and irresponsible.

Some students said the university is in poor condition as inhabitants of the girls hostel  lack of water supply which forces them to fetch water from the boys hostel. Student leaders of the protest said the school is also bedeviled with overpopulated classes, cancelled lectures, lack of library facilities and lecture halls as well as the refusal of the school authorities to allow for independent student union elections.

The protests quickly spread as several students took to the street just as some of their colleagues began sitting for their first semester examinations, which ought to start on Monday.

The protest led to the cancellation of examination in various classes  slated for the day as lecturers and invigilators abandoned the two campuses to safety.

The examination was meant for the school's regular students.

The grudge of the protesting students at the Engineering faculty was the non-accreditation of their courses despite the assurance given to them by the school authority.

The accreditation panel of the National University Commission had recently refused to certify some of the courses being run by the university.

Some of the courses are in the Faculty of Engineering, Agriculture and Sciences.

The Federal Ministry of Education had earlier promised to take some of the students to other universities for the completion of their courses because of the non-accreditation of their courses, but that had not happened.

When it dawned on the students that the government and the school officials were just fooling them, they  embarked on the strike that crippled the school today.

Carrying several placards with messages like, "Don't destroy our future", "Stop deceiving us", "We want to graduate as engineers, not technologists", the students vowed to continue with their actions on Tuesday if the government does not act on their grievances.

It is not clear if the protesting students will allow their colleagues to sit for examinations slated for Tuesday.

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endurance has limit in d phase of oppression

I'm directing my commment to d school autorities allover d tertiary institutions in Nigeria who are so myopic in thinking by thinking that proscription of student Unionism is d solution to incessant protest by d students when it come to fighting for their right but forgot that endurance has limit in d phase of oppression. They thought without union no body can spareheld aluta when need be.instead of them to put what should be put in place to prevent students from going on rampage they think they can't do anything forgeting that it is defficult to hold anybody responsible during this kind of union president or speaker to regulate or properly coordinate d protest.the summary is that whether there is union or not students will always fight for their right which is often worse in d absence of union.

@Tony h

Guy, abeg shut up your gutter mouth. which neigbor or friends? idiots like you see nothing good in our institutions

Only 43% lecturers with PhDs in our universities

It is not a big surprise that most courses were not accredited by NUC. The percentage of PHDs in our universities are only 43% and most are on contract. What do we expect the standard to be

the struggle continue

As UNI ABUJA STUDENTS protesting against non accreditation of their courses by NUC was the failure of school authority for not recruiting a professional staffs who can manage the accadamic activites.

stupid VC

What do u expect from a corrupt VC..this is the first time an insider ws appointe to this post and yet he is worse in the history of the school is in a state of quandary becos of his slfish is confirmed that this greedy man is erecting a gigantic structure he called his own university in his home town osun n leaving us to wallow n messing wt our Adelabu,dis engeneering students dt is occupying d gate of d university rember that u told Dem that u wil resolve der case bt u ar a BIG froud n 419..nw ur days ar numbered n we d students of Agricultural is also cming if we dnt gt our own accreditation by dis week n rembr dt d evil dt men do leav afta n wt Dem..,

Students protest

This is the third protest this month. This students ar protesting bcos they are seven years old in the university without any hope of graduating. Recently th FG set up a committee to investigate the Roth in the university, th minster promised to release a white paper fter two weeks but eight weeks later nothing has been done. The report is buried in the bowels of the ministry end of story because money has exchanged hands and the ministry officials don't now know how to write a white paper for BaBa chameleon to act. This is a disgrace to Nigerians and Nigeria .

Disrupt Which Exam?

Disrupt the exam their friend or neighbor is writing for them? Abeg.

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