Supreme Court Dismisses Fani-Kayode’s Appeal

Femi Fani-Kayode
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Supreme Court yesterday dismissed the appeal filed by former aviation minister, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, challenging the admissibility of computer-generated Statement of Accounts under the old Evidence Act.

According to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC), the appeal followed an objection raised at the Federal High Court by Mr. Ladi Williams (SAN), counsel to Fani-Kayode, as to the admissibility of the computer generated Statement of Accounts of the former minister.
The objection was sustained by the trial court, but the Court of Appeal set aside the decision of that court, which was presided over by Justice A. R. Mohammed, and admitted the Statement of Accounts in evidence.  

Fani-Kayode appealed against the decision of the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court, but while the matter was pending there, the Evidence Act was amended and Computer-Generated Bank Statements were made clearly admissible by Section 84 of the new Evidence Act. At the same time, the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, in exercising his administrative powers, transferred Justice Mohammed from the Lagos Division of the Federal High Court to the Enugu Division.  The matter was then re-assigned to Justice Binta Nyako.
Through its counsel, Mr. Festus Keyamo, the EFCC then filed a motion to dismiss the appeal before the Supreme Court ,arguing that the appeal has become academic in that the proceedings that gave rise to the appeal no longer exists.
Yesterday, the Supreme Court, after taking oral arguments from Mr. Williams and Mr. Keyamo, agreed that the appeal had indeed become academic in that the proceedings that gave rise to the appeal have become spent.
The Court directed Mr. Williams (SAN) to withdraw the appeal on those grounds, and Mr. Fani-Kayode was directed to go back to Justice Nyako to face his trial.
The matter will now be heard on October 10, 2012.


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Some will have to Pay for the Innocent

Untill Ibori's case was taken to UK, the real situation never got unravailed. Today people like Orji Uzor, Odili,Bankole and Akingbola are still working freely. Thanks to the most corrupt judiciary in the world. The criminals are even crowning more kings that will proctet their loots. They are given the opportunity to nominate AGs, IG and CP, all aimed at protecting their selfish interst. They succeeded in making all the judges in Nigeria billioniares. The games is steal so much and divide it with the judges, you be adjudged a free man. I know that these guys are prison materials and one day, they will wear that that prison uniform just like Ibori.


Godswill Obot Akpabio, have you used up to ten percent of the allocation due to Akwa Ibom State for the good of the people? How much have you collected from the Fed Allocatin on behalf of the start in the past five years? Are contractors not building houses for you and your family members everywhere in the state? Have you and your family members not bought everything that is for sale in AKS? Prince Akpabio your PA has even bought the property of Air Cdr. Idongesit Nkanga your DG of your campaign organisation of 2011 election. This same Prince Akpabio is the person who showed a statement of account that had over Naira One Billion in credit to an Embassy to get a visa. Of course the embassy didn't give him any visa but referred him to EFCC during Madam Waziri's time but you went and stop the case from seeing light of day. Akwa Ibom people are suffering and you're physically killing them.


God's Time is the Best

I reserve my comment on this individual. He had the temerity to castigate Chinua Achebe for turning down the National Honour bestowed on him by Obasanjo's government.
There is a God. Whether those in government today will learn is a matter of conjecture.

Computer generated documents can be manipulated...

…to fit any scenarios just as a computer generated photos can place Mr. A's head on Mr. B's body - trademark of 419ers. Aside from DNA, the best evidence to authenticate a document is for it to be handwritten. That is why credible lawyers insist that original documents are signed in blue ink. Only in Nigeria would a judicial system ignore the implication computer generated documents. A system that could allow a petty thief like Ibori to walk but convicted in UK with same evidence. Mr. Fani-Kayode's witch-hunt began with YarAdua's vain attempt to assert his independence of OBJ by reversing his benefactor's well laid out vision for growth, and by going after the perceived members of Obasanjo's Boys & Girls' Club that include Ribadu, Soludo, El Rufai, Okonjo-Iweala, Obiziekeli, and Fani-Kayode (his only crime).Is it not about time we let these reformers be and go after the real criminals sanitized by jeun-jeun writers like NdibeO, SonalaO, LeviO, and co?


To the thieves & gang of crooks of NIGERIA in whatever form, this is the beginning of an end of their era to all their atrocities.

National Service or Self-Aggrandisement?

It is unfortunate that Fani-Kayode could even be taken to court let alone face allegation for corruption. But it is not surprising because our so-called 'educated' elite are confused. They have no love for Nigeria. Their education has exposed them to the national treasury, not for national preservation, but for self-enrichment. What does Fani-Kayode understand by African or Nigerian development? Is he a student of development or retrogression? History beckons.



Why Does "PointBlankNews" Still Give Fani Front Page Spot?

Can you imagine PointBlankNews still gives this rogue front page in their paper to air his thoughts on Nigeria?

Is this an innocent mistake or should we assume something has changed hands, hence the unwarranted previledge? In a decent society, it will never happen.

It shows the difference in "Integrity" between PointBlankNews Vs SaharaReporters. No "ScumBag" will be given front row here...unless your misdemeaner are being unraveled.


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Ritual Killing: Manhunt For Politician In Kogi

Ritual Killing: Manhunt For Politician In Kogi

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Femi Thief

He is a more no less

fani kayode

What an idiot!

always tribal - why?

What is it with you and tribal jingoism. You started your argument well but then quickly show your hands as a tribalist. All sections of Nigeria have mismanaged our resources including your beloved Ijaws or south south (Bad geography) as you called it. Where is Odili's name in all the names or any south south name. What has Buhari done to you, what are you afraid of? Be objective in your argument- all thieves whatever tribe or colour must be dealt with - simple.

Fannny Fani Kay, on yr own o

What about Gbenga Daniel, the juju man and d Bling Bling most corrupt governor Oyo staate eva produced, in person of alao akala? This guys be brought to court in shackles and disgraced! Until that is done, hmmmm EFCC just de joke ni o.

Come to think of it, is festus keyamo d only lawyer efcc has in its kitty?
As for Fani, sorry o! No amt of slangs can help u now! Not even baba iyabo dt u almost killed yursf for can help u. Go and face d Mujik(a la Idoma pple).


If Femi is not a thief i would be surprised. His father Fani-Power was a traitor. If you don't believe, ask Awolowo. It runs in the genes, plus he is a trained professional liar (lawyer).

Fani is a joker. Go and face

Fani is a joker. Go and face trial

Judges in 9ja are now awake since Ibori-haha yiipeee-animals

9ja judges are now awake since Ibori was out-sourced from the niger delta to Nondon like the era of the slave trade by our internal colonizers. Let the global scale of justice touch every human adjudged to have had oily thieving fingers concerning the 55 trillion stolen from the SS since 1958. It would be a curse on our judges to grant bail for even 3hrs to criminals like orji kalu, ayim, tinubu, jubril aminu-and the oil subsidy scammers club from the old region. May the blood of the humans from the zones where the oil wells are located by upon judge who frees any of the thieves who appears before them in any part of the country-all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God in the discharge of their duties to their adopted nation 9ja. In which case, Buharis 2.8b oil winfall, Iyabo and tinubus oyibo account, should be re-investigated, with immediate alacrity and jailed 200yrs. That was the sentence Buhari passed on governors in 1983.

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