Suspected Boko Haram Killed Soldier, Police, Two Others In Adamawa

By SaharaReporters, New York

Suspected Boko Haram sect members, in the early hours today, killed a soldier, police man and two others in Song, Adamawa State. The two persons were an old woman and her grandchild. A security officer in Adamawa State Police Command told SaharaReporters.

Several other persons were injured and were receiving medical attention.

The gunmen in possession of sophisticated weapons, Improvise Explosive Device (IEDs) and other arms engaged both soldiers and policemen at a police station, which they succeeded in brning down, and local government secretariat.

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What's really the challenge of these insurgency sect, this country Nigeria is getting in secured everyday cos of the crisis befalling it by boko haram sect. FG Should see to it that these terrorists are being eliminated before it gets out of hand.


The Islamist terrorist from the Islamic Republic of Borno(Kanam) have succeeded again! Where are the JTF? God help Ñigeriä!!


The Islamist terrorist from the Islamic Republic of Borno(Kanam) have succeeded again! Where are the JTF? God help Ñigeriä!!


People,I think we should be civilized in our comments instead of attacking ppl's personalities or faith. Let's be intellectual, nt sentimental
God bless Nigeria

I dont blame you

I dont blame you because you dont know what it takes to be on the war should join either of police or army to fight the terrorist.are you not nigerian?

Oleku b careful! U dare insult a Holy Prophet of Supreme Being!

Oleku!!! Woe on to you for abusing the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW)! Beware, for all damnation shall be your portion and befall onto you and your entire family... for generations back and generation forth!!! I compare you to the pegans and idolators damned by God... You are of those that shall suffer a million painful deaths again and again IF you do not repent and STOP qbusing Prophets and Messengers of God... Including Prophet Isah (Jesus) son of virgin Mary. Be very carefull. For you are warned not to be devil on earth and devil's deciple & son of hell fire on judgement day... before its too late for you!!!

Akpos1, do you want to be abolished from Nigeria?!! Akuya!!!

Akpos1 u ARE THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!! Every body loves his or her roots and every normal human loves peace. So if your brain will not think well in synchrony with what your fingers type and post... PLEEEEEEASE KEEP OFF stop posting evil insinuating trash to divid the nation. People like you are the last thing we want in Nigeria!!! Except if you want to be disowned and abolished from Nigeria! Alien like you!!!

Nigeria Security

Nigeria Security seems to be crashing as a result of negligence and this has affected us so well that it is very alarming and something need to be done to salvage the issue



God save us 4rm d hands of d

God save us 4rm d hands of d evil one

These people again? what are

These people again? what are our security men doing?


this is new yr they shud stop their did wt last yr

Stupid Nigerians will begin blame Great Jonah 4 this.Idiots!

How can u blame a man for the problems created by others before him? Boko haram can continue to kill in their country as long as they are tolerated.

I challenge them to detonate anything that looks like a bomb anywhere in the SS and then claim responsibility. That is all we need.

They shud understand in very unambiguous terms dat Continent Nigeria is not Illorin and Jonah is from United SS&SE nd not SW.

Long live the United SS&SE

The caption should have been

The caption should have been "Islamic faithfuls boko killed soldier, a policeman and two other infidels to appease blood sucker deity prophet mohammed. Sounds more like it. SR take note and make corrections accordingly when next you're reporting the daily murder activities going on up north. Thank you.