Suspected Suicide Bomber Caught At The Radio House In Abuja

Some weapons recently scoooped from Boko Haram operatives
By SaharaReporters, New York

Police said they caught a suspected terrorist at the proposed venue of a ministerial conference Abuja today.

The person whose identity remains unknown reportedly came to the Radio House with high grade explosives and rounds of ammunition.

The Radio House was to play host to three federal ministers who were scheduled to present their achievements in office in preparation for the annual May 29th "Democracy Day" ritual.

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are u crazy? did you not listen to his intonation? he is an house goat an a Muslim in that matter

reply to aminal call himself joe

Joe or what did u call yourself you are educated illitrate that just practice his high level of ignorant.what did u know about prophet Muhammad. If u are an imbesile go to the internet and read about a great man that have step this world.why can't u pls give respect to muslims.a stupid someone like u can't even diffrentiate between reality and many muslims are kill in Jos,Kaduna,Kano mosque were distroy even in north where muslims majority.almost 1000 people that kill where who?stupid

christians r d boko haram

i blve wt u 'dan uwa' Allah wil cntinue 2 unveil thr secret insha Allahu

saharareporters u shuld hv nt alow this

saharareporters i'm hghly disapointed 4 leting this fool 2 post this kind of message Allah will nt let him n 'you' sahara go jst like dat wait 4 d short time 4 wat Allah will do 2 u both.


You ar idiot and basted yur father idiot

@joe agadumo

Apparently you are a true son of your father- a bastard like you!

You ask 4 God 4giveness.What

You ask 4 God 4giveness.What you said about the nobliest,most knowledgeable prophet is a sin.And believed that you are not an elite person at all.Infact you are not knowledgeable bcos if u're,U should knw that all this Boko haram issues are not religious but political.Go and read Holy Qur'an and prophet Muhammed[May peace of Allah be upon Him] you will how God specialized this Holy Prophet and how peaceful He was.Moreover the word Islam means Peace.So don't be confused as the Boko Haram want you to my bros wise up.Peace on to U

Dude please n please kindly

Dude please n please kindly avoid blasphemy. you owe muslims an apology

he is not a muslim

Terror is every where, Nigerians open your heart n think independantly. This guy is not a muslim, the question is who is on a mission to distroy our country? A huge bomb killed many in yamen today.middle east boiling, asian poverty, african mismanagement. European recession, american decline. This should serve as a warining to us.

Haba my Xtian folks"

If it was a muslim guy caught they wud brand him a BH terrorist but now that d guy is a bloody pure igbo guy they r now tryin to call it a set up, y don't u xttians stand for truth, y is all ur lifestyle and religion full of deciet and lies? Its a shame on u guyz"! Y is CAN not callin it an ideology by d xtians to wipe out Nigerians? Slowly but surely u will all b xposed" Allah is Watchin"

Re: Boko Haram and other. joe agaduma

I think you are the dullest sacriligious animal ever exist. Have you ever seen any muslim abusing Jesus Christ? La'anakallahu wa liman tabi'ka. May Allah destroy you and your likes.Ameen!!!

You the real illetrate if u dnt knw n u r dull as dockey dude

U see yourself insulting islam. why cant u just admit that the man was caught trying to bomb radio house and you could thing of is to write nonsense. if u r a true christian den i tell u am more christian than u and i luv jesus than you my dear friend cuz i will never insult jesus just bcos u insulted our beloved prophet muhammad (saw). so i tell you today is only God that knws d truth behind all dis and is d only one that will bring us out of dis. may God 4gv u 4 all d insult u have insulted d prophet of God.


Ha ah Xtians wetin happen nah, oritsejafor wan taste Virgin too? The guy waz caught with condoms too, apart from grenades, don't worry my CAN brothers there r gay Virgins in hell for u, u don't hav to join Boko haram"

joe agadumo

from what you said joe, you must be the ignorant person on earth. since i know a christian will never disrespect a holy prophet. muslims regard jesus as a prophet and dont say anything bad about him and i wonder why. who are you Joe agadumo, are you educated, have you ever left your enviroment, have you been to certain parts of the country cos if yo do you will respect other religion

Forcefully Converted To Islam then used for Terrorism

In the last couple of years the Muslims in Northern Nigeria have been going around the North forcefully converting some Christians in their midst to Islam for the sole purpose of using them as terrorists.

2day is john akphabio

I realy wnder why sahara reporters hide d name of d attacker nd christian terrorist ,it is not 1st time even in kano anoda person was cougth yesterdy his name was effiong bassey 4rm akwa ibom and he confss dat he is mastermind of buk blst maiduguri nd yobe my fellw muslums brother nd sisters pls kip on praying the true wll reveil insha allha

Suspected Suicide Bomber Caught

The fellow is either stupidly foolish or Insane. But I don't get it something is still fishing? How come interrogation has gone public so quickly. Something is not right. That's a suspect caught has already been showcased to the public and the contents already.kaiiiiiii Sometimes our intelligence agencies from their Top- down team amazes me. Frankly Its sometimes they look idiotic when they do some public stunts. Its not acceptable and someone High up should tell them its not acceptable. Shame guys

Identity revealed

His identity was revealed as John Akpanum Akalu see his photos and details at

I am disappointed

Why are our muslim brothers so intellectually backward and mentally retarded. I have read this report again and again and no name was mentionedneither was there any allusion to any religion yet some lunatics are here accussing Christians. I am ashame of you and the school you went to.

The new face of BH

Obinna Frank accused Buhari and prophet Muhd for the failed attemp of John.What are U studying at Abia state university,your comment is a disgrace to knowlegde.

this guy is an housa fulani

this guy is an housa fulani man look at his face this is an aboki

His identity has been

His identity has been revealed as John Akpanum Akalu. See his picture and details at

This is the only time you are

This is the only time you are saying so because the terrorists have started wearing human face and when John Akpanum Akalu was arrested. Look at his picture and assesed him yourself at

Joe you misunderstood Islam

Why insulting our Prophet? For what reason you called him A Womanizer? Beside the identity of this man is not known but you just concluded he's a muslim.A through muslim will never do such a thing.
Go and learn more about Islam before you starts Insulting our Prophet and calling Muslims as Uneducated&Illeterate.You hardly hear a muslim insulting anything that has to do with Christianity.

Anothr propaganda

His identity not verify,why??? the reason is vry obvious if u ar kinly follwing th propaganda they called boko haram today even a fool knw who is boko haram, presdent jonathan, said it all they yesvrywhlrut reaar evrywhreear thar ey yes,they AN, CI, IGBO community, politicians MOSSAD TERROR and many international terrorist orgnisation accross th glob, GODON DOUF said it alsoIST NETWORK. the
y hv chance one more again to destabilised th naytion as the did it before but GIcertainly D wiOl punish thm and dispossed their evil treachery for we no tht th triumph of evil over a good did could only be temporary.

My message.

Pls stop insulting prophet Mohammad(Peace be upon him), we muslims never insult Jesus christ(Peace be upon him). Pls i beg you guys in the highest authority you submit to, read about the prophet life and be open minded he never taught any muslim to bomb a christian or fellow muslim, besides, we are both killed both muslims and christians, We are failures when we start to blame ourselves.

Advancement since 1960????

Advancement since 1960???? Are you kidding me?

zip up

zip up your lips, is like you don't know wat is happening may b u should go to d hospitals and visit the graves to see those affected by the bomb blast is it only Xtains or Muslims? the simple answer is "Nigerians".

joe i can say with full

joe i can say with full confidence that you are a big full who is as confussed as a stark illetrate as you said. You guys are the one who will never want religious and ethnic crisis come to an end.

Christian boko haram

Christian nd ur chairman oritsejefor, shame on all of you! The nemesis wl soon catch up wt u pple!