There Is No Compulsion To Islam, Says Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi
By SaharaReporters, New York

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, the Saudi Arabia-based Nigerian Islamic scholar, stated this evening that there is no compulsion on non-Muslims to convert to Islam. Mr. Gumi made the assertion in his ongoing Ramadan sermon at the historic Sultan Muhammadu Bello Mosque in Kaduna.

The teaching came against the background of a recent  statement by the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, demanding that President Goodluck Jonathan convert to Islam.

A source who attended the Ramadan teaching at the mosque said the cleric also warned Muslims to remain focused and deeply committed to true Islamic doctrines and teachings in order to avoid the wrong application of their faith.

The source said, “Mallam [Teacher] made it clear today that there is no compulsion and forceful conversion to our Islamic religion. He explained that enemies of Islam and some misguided Muslims are responsible for creating confusion and division among Muslim Ummah.”

The source disclosed that Sheik Gumi also said that there were deliberate plans by some to present Islam in bad light. “He made it clear that Muslims are not against Christians or any religion, but wondered why it is that whenever the talk about Sharia comes up, some lie and throw up all kinds of falsehood that there is a plot to Islamize Nigeria.”

Our source said Mr. Gumi contended that there was considerable evidence that Sharia law had helped to reduce moral vices in Zamfara State and other areas. He wondered why Muslims come under unnecessary attacks from certain quarters in the course of practicing their beliefs. He then enjoined Muslims to remain law abiding and to embrace good religious knowledge for the reduction of ignorance.

The source added that Sheik Gumi extolled his audience as well as Muslims to work towards ensuring that only right and moral leaders are elected henceforth. The cleric argued that the election of such leaders would address many challenges in Nigeria.

Sheikh Gumi disclosed his agreement with another fellow who argued that democracy was anti-Islam and should be avoided. “Malam told us that democracy should be embraced to ensure equality, justice and fairness. He said it is not possible to follow some teachings in Egypt and other countries whose situations are not the same as ours.”

In concluding his talk, Sheikh Gumi implored Muslims to seek knowledge in order to know what they are doing and to follow Allah accordingly.

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Islam; religion of peace

Though you christian may say anything you like, but i want to assure you people that boko haram been a muslim does not mean they are practising ISLAM; be Islam is the total submission to the will nd ALLAH, which is a religion of peace and ALLAH does not enjoin us in the killing of our fellow human being so please take NOTE!

may god bless naija anad

may god bless naija anad expose the evil doers.

@Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike 1

I am not blind to the fact that some Muslims are just ordinary hard working people with fears and aspirations not disimilar to yours and mind. However, I believe that there is something in the religion that makes its followers quick to anger and perpetually prone to extremism. I grew up partly in Lagos where the life style of the muslims is quite similar to that of anyone else outside their places of worship. In school [church school], I soon discovered that the muslim kids were unecesarily over-protective of their faith. I dont know if you remember, but as kids we used to mimic the reverend father praying in Latin, which we could not understand. When playing with the Islamic kids, one soon learnt that this was out of bounds, in so far as their religion was concerned, and it was backed up with empty threats.

@Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike 2

Igbo girls marrying Muslims is nothing new. In my recollection as a kid, it started when our women were taken almost like war trophies by Hausa men. In the present day, no one arranges the marriage of their children to Muslim men, unless they have lived together, played together and laughed together. In this situation, you do not see religion. To be honest with you, most of them marry out of free will. If my sister was married to a Muslim in the North, given the current situation, I would be inclined to ask her to come back home.

With regard to your religious disputation about how Islam could be new Christianity, John 14:6 also reveals about Christ “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.“ John 1:6 seems to be completely in harmony with this.

Mr Nupe man, i know you are

Mr Nupe man, i know you are an impasonator of the Nupe people because an average Nupe man, Muslim or Christain even the traditionalist among them have atleast a minimum form of education and understanding of knowledge. PLEASEEEE AND PLEASEEE try and seek for konwledge, travel and become enlightened, mix with people of diverse religion and culture and be open minded. U will learn alot.

I really believe we have so

I really believe we have so many educated people in Nigeria with fish brains. I just cant understand how people read to pass exams and don't make use of the knowledge they acquire.Any way seek for knowledge, understand other people's difference of ideas and views inorder to be enlightened.


We Muslim are very strong then any other religion and we know peace


there is one important thing i will like people to understand here BOKO HARAM is to political set not islamic set...and adding muslims and christains to fight waz their only way out to couse comfusion among their people..please people should not misunderstood islam for violence insted of peace..

Why commenting this wax

It is not good to genralise issue cause this so called people are killing but christain and belief is that this people are not muslim.but this people are just hiden under the religion islam

Illiterate. Allah is d name

Illiterate. Allah is d name for God in the arabic language as Chukwu in Ibo. D difference btw u and others is wen u do or say something different from them. My friend ur comment is bokoish in nature, hence, u're like dem. So keep quiet and let progressively minded people speak.

May God clear us of d menace of boko haram and people like u who are itterate and uncultured. Amin.

Enough Of Dis Peace Propaganda.

I don't know why they like this propaganda that Islam is the religion of peace. The gains and dividends of Islam are not far fetched. Today the entire universe has been plunged into a state of anarchy and insecurity because of Islam.The unbearable and unconducive atmosphere in countries like: Pakistan,Irag,Afghanistan,Nigeria,Sudan,Somalia etc are part of the Jihad movement,what else! May be Islam has a different interpretation of "Peace" :Endless restlessness and blood shed.

True Muslims are keeper of

True Muslims are keeper of peace, live in peace, eat and drink in peace, and die in peace. Truly Islam is peace.May Almighty ALLAH forgive you.True Muslims have found peace better start looking for yours.


When Moses and children of Israel were in the bank of Red Sea, the Egyptian Army of Pharaoh were coming behind them to destroyed them, Moses wept with children of Israel when they saw Pharaoh army coming behind them. God asked Moses what have you in your hand? Moses answered saying my Rod. He told him to raised it above the Red Sea, why? because after the Red Sea were the seat of Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness of Shur. The Rod of Moses is Christ in his hand give him to your enemies. The wilderness of Shur was where Moses established Islam with tree of life, when he changed Mara the Bitter water of death like Sharia Law to become sweet water of life that kept children of Israel 40 years in the wilderness without sickness.


First I am an Ibo man who fought in Biafra war. I know the root of Nigeria problems which made Ndigbo Nigeria escape goat.Why Ndigbo give their daughters to Muslims for marriage but refused to be Muslim? My mission is to free you from fear which is the greatest enemy of men. Too, you must know the true nature of Christ before you reject any body. John's testimony says:And his fullness have all we received and grace for grace. The fullness of Christ that will produced grace to greater grace is not in Christianity only but to send love to your enemies. Muslims dont belief in Jesus Christ but grace was given to them through Thomas which Christians denied, that grace is the greater grace for all because if we truly believed in Christ there will no war, terro, robbery, 419, lying, hatred etc. I want you to know that Christ is not in his Church because you sacked him with man made doctrines. If Christ is in his church you can not bomb or come to his church to kill his people.

Action speaks louder than voice

Arne baka da matsala!

@yezid abass

you are ignorant, i am a muslim , i repeat you are ignorant, it is people like you that are causing this problem, the quran was reaveled in stages, let me ask you what is your qualification to interpret these verses like that, do you know what it means to be a scholar, for every masail(matter) you take all the verses pertaining to the subject, all the Ahadith pertaining to it, mind you for every verse there is a reason for its revelation, All this have to be taken wholesome, what is your qualification to extract all this verse and ascribe it to the matter on ground , you are ignorant, maybe you just attended a quranic school and your are feeling you can have you say, how many parts of the quran have you committed to memory, how many people have you invited to the faith, you are....

i can understand your

i can understand your feelings, if i were in you faith i guess i would feel the same, however, for we muslims despite the stain cause to how great faith, the overwhelming evidences of the truity of this faith leaves non of us with options of reverting.

Joseph questions his fellow immates while he was in prison, O my fellow companions, Are plural gods better than God, the One and only, the irresistible? Q12 v 40

Also How can you ascribe a Son to God , and you have never mentioned HIS wife. Glory be to God! FAR his HE from their description.

however there is no compulsion in religion,

In the name of God, the most

In the name of God, the most beneficient , the merciful,
Alif-lam-mim, these are the Verses of the Book and a plain reading,
Those that rejected faith (on the day of ressurrection) will wish that they had being muslims, Q15verse1-2

having stated that, i wish to state and reiterate, that islam does not in anyway support jungle justice, Allah(God) says

Allah does not prevent you from dealing justly with those that do not fight you (as a result of your religion) and those that do not expel you from your homes, in dealing kindly and justly. indeed God loves those who are fair.Q60 verse 8

my friend no amount of blackmail will make us renounce this beautiful faith of ours , also who do not say that the is no militancy side to islam, just as there was in the Torah, you get an insight from the old testament, but the quranic revelation as its time and application, i wish i can educate you but time would not permit,


Islam and peace

Muslims keep saying that Islam is peace but they stop short of providing any evidence. However, I think there is a big difference between the Christian God and the Islamic God. Muslims protect Allah but God protects Christians. This type of god called Allah that people kill others when they insult it, one wonders why it cannot strike people itself. My prayer is for Nigeria to separate peaceful. The Muslim North is not to be trusted at all.

I find it difficult to take

I find it difficult to take issue with you, but if someone is killing people in the name of a certain religion, it is hard not to question why the religion is motivating them to do so

Gumi on Boko Haram?

Did Gumi call on Muslims to end their killings? Or is he silent about it?

@Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike 7/8/112

What nonsense is this now? Are you an Igbo man or an impostor? Either way, your crap utterances stinks from high heaven. Do you know how many Christians, young and old, that have been killed by this psychotic lot? Islam is truly of the DEVIL. Are you blind to the fact that Christians in prayer with their eyes shut are being murdered by this ungodly lot simply because they are Christians? Your prophesy is wholly off the mark. Please brother, I beg you of you, fast and pray for guidance and direction in the name of Christ Jesus! Amen.


Sheikh 'am happy you are on board this time, it's like Moses talking to Pharaoh face to face. Nigerians and the entire world are tired of man made doctrines that kept them in bondage. You must denounced Sharia Law.We of Christ Commanders are giving you 30 days to denounced Sharia Law which is the mother of Taliban and Boko Haram.The reason your Sharia Law were made for poor and women not for the rich. The greedy richs you covered with killing of ram.If your Sharia Law is made for the rich why Muslims army officers over threw the government of other Muslim officers or Muslim Shagaris? You dont speak of greed in your moral teaching, do you forgot of Sir Ahmadu Bello who was a true Muslim without any property on earth, although he also denied Mother of Islam and Africa Hagar her right in Islam. After 30 days mandate to you which i know your stony heart and pride of Pharaoh would not allow you to accept, you will be arrested then your eyes will be open for the truth.

All muslims will NEVER know peace

With their dead mallams, allah or whatever

Action Speak Louder Than Voice

Action they say speaks louder than voice, in as much as the people of Islamic faith in this forum are trying all they could to deceive us about what Islamic religion is really about, there are over whelming evidences to the contrary, they are well aware of this. I will not start to enumerate all of them again as it has been said over and over again. Where there Islam there will be no peace.
Therefore HAYATUDEEN, Croy, KHALID SHAFI'E, Sanusi A. Yaradua.,nasiru ,Kazaure,Aminu, Anonymous other islamic defenders the more you try the more stupid you look just accept this simple fact, Islam is a violent religion and is not of God. A bad tree can never bear good fruit never. I rest my case


The day Ndigbo will understand the truth of Islam it will turned to be the greatest Revolution, but not Islam of Gumi and Sharia Law.I am ready for open debate with any great Islamic Scholar in the world to proved to them that Christ is Islam and Allah.The Testimony Muslims bear of Christ with their praying. Christ The Most High of the Livings and Dead came from Sun as an Evangelist. Christ Last Salvation is given to Isalm for her to have baby. Judaism gave birth to Christianity. Hinduism gave birth to Buddhism, but Islam which is waiting for Ndigbo to come is pregrant with A Son from an Ibo John to give birth to New Nigeria, New World and New Africa of One Love and equal rights. Wait am coming my honor you have gold in you not silver of the Jews.

If u don't have any thing to

If u don't have any thing to say,pls keep shot


I don't άnϑ i will never belive GEJ ȋ̝̊̅§
Force τ̣̣̥o̲̣̥ convert. Politician distracting
Our attending towards achieving their
mission. Nigerian muslim or ‎​₪☺ muslim
kill U̶̲̥̅̊Я selves άnϑ make ur blood available
For mafia άnϑ idol worshippers άnϑ if
Truly BH said ABU Qaqa pls this is a topic
‎​Ʊ can also accept or reject utterances publicly

nupe man

Nupe man dnt yu ever say anythin abt da Prophet muhammad(peace be upon him).its warning to yu.dnt say wat u dnt knw..may Allah punish yu,ameen.

Be sober be vigilant

The Holy book warns us to be careful of what you hear and how you hear it. The book also warns us to be careful be sober and be vigilant b/c of your adversary that roar like lion looking for someone to devour. What I am saying is that be careful of people that says something in front of camera and say alla kukubar(dummy god is great) in a corner of their houses when bomb explode and kill people in a place of worship. I am still waiting to see weather your new hero will condemn the resent bombing of churches in kogi. I am still waiting to see the lunching of SHARIA campaign all over Nigeria since your new hero spoke in glowing terms regarding the introduction of sharia in Zamfara state. You people needs an earring aid and God forgiveness. The indecent proposal made by BH to Jonathan is a reproach. Only Jonathan can deal with that. DAMN you and your new hero GUMI. To HELL with BH and those who hide them during the day and release them at night to plant bomb in churches.