Thousands of Northerners, Nigeriens, Chadians, Arrive North From Southern Nigeria

By SaharaReporters, New York

An estimated 10,000 Northerners and foreigners, mostly from Asaba, Port-Harcourt, Owerri, Onitsha, Warri, Uyo, Calabar and parts of the South-West, have started arriving Northern Nigeria.

They are fleeing Southern Nigeria for the fear of reprisal attacks following the recent killings of Southerners by Boko Haram sect in the North.  Those attacks upon Southerners have mainly been in such areas as Damaturu, Mubi, Jimeta and Maiduguri. 

Most of the Northerners, who are principally artisans and menial job-workers, were seen on heavy trucks and luxury buses passing through Lokoja, Abuja, Kaduna, and Zaria onward to the rest of the region.

Other Northerners are being sighted along the Abuja-Keffi axis, Jos, Bauchi, and Gombe, as well as in Taraba State.

Some of them who are Nigeriens, are resettling in Katsina and Kano states.  There is large Nigerien community in Katsina State, which shares boundaries with Niger Republic.

On account of the emergency rule in some local government areas of Yobe and Borno, many Chadians are unable to go through to Chad and have resorted to traveling further North, from where they are connecting to Niger Republic and on to Chad.

At various former old toll gates, they are being stopped and searched in order to ensure they are not in possession of arms and other devices. 

Many of them, according to findings, have not suffered any harassment or intimidation, but said they chose to flee for fear of the unknown, lamenting having left their businesses to return to the North.

In a related matter, the chairman of the African Roundtable, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, took time today to appeal to the people of Adamawa State to eschew bitterness and work for peace.
Tukur, who is the former governor of the old Gongola State, which was split into Taraba and Adamawa States, encouraged them to fight their common enemy who are outsiders and want to set the state on fire.

Governor Murtala Nyako, who rushed in from Abuja, also took time to visit the communities, and appealed to them for calm.

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think twice

If you say Christians should leave the North, where goes the Northern christains and atheists?


Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable ipmortance!

that is a nice and sensable

that is a nice and sensable statement there, may God bless you....

be wise

i think something might be wrong with your sense of reasoning, what has all this got to do with ibos?? think before you talk, we should be talking about peace, stability and unity as a country, not talking like some one that is mentally retarded.

Nigerian Situation

I am appaled and was speechless when I read the venom pouring out from the mouth of Christians and Muslims of different tribes, through this medium. It makes me wonder what will an uneducated Nigerian say and do if the educated ones are using this medium to insult each other like savages and wrote hateful things that no decent, uncivilzed heathen, in the 21st Century can say. Haba!Muslims what about all about the things you have known about tolerance to followers of other religions. Haba! Christians how could you forget that Jesus said you should turn the left cheek if the right one is slapped. Are you not guys ashamed of yourselves when you read that today Muslims went to Churches in Kano to condole fellow Christians? Is hatred making you guys become the real Boko Harams. Is this not what the Boko Haram wants? Didn't you ever hear what a war is? Please write civilised things. We are people of the book after all.

1966/1967 Again!!!

Now its becoming quite clear that some pathetic Ndi Igbos might have an answer to the present situation in Nigeria. Since I have started reading this Sahara reporters site of a thing, most of the gruesome statements came from Igbos & its all about breaking up, why NOT bring solution apart from splitting? Or Is it because your long gone & dead ambition for Biafra, as well the hope of ruling in 2015 is not guarantee that is why you want Nigeria in Chaos. We all know what a typical & fetish Igbo man can do & undo. Please keep talking I believe & am sure sooner or later you would lead us to the real BOKO HARAM in disguise.


i do not blame u each u wrote nonsense you is always anonymous. it is the north that course the woos this country is going true since 1960's till today . you rule this country for 38yrs yet your region have nothing to show for it .


i do not blame u each u wrote nonsense you is always anonymous. it is the north that course the woos this country is going true since 1960's till today . you rule this country for 38yrs yet your region have nothing to show for it .

on killing of Ibos

Pple don't just sit there and say whatever you like. Where were you when 4 Ibos were paraded yesterday on Nta by the SSS and Police in Gombe as the suspects responsible for the Adamawa and Gombe killings. Everybody knows what an Ibo man can do for money, he can even sell his soul to the devil for money. You sit here and blindly accuse Northerners for your woes. Is it not the same Ibos that rob and kill their fellow Ibo travellers on the Southeastern Highways?


Am from d north and i know muslim have always bn d problm 4nigeria progress. Xtain shuld nt leave but remain united. Islam becomes evil bcos all d muslims are hapy wit d killin of xtain. Bunch of kwakwa n catles.

You do know very little of

You do know very little of what you are trying to represent. Or perhaps you are just trying to cover it.

bad of you

i am very sure that neither Bible nor Your culture taught you to assault a religion the way you do, may Almighty guide you the right path

Northerners profiting from high premium south place on human lif

These northerners think it is easy to escape that way from the East. They are merely exploiting the very high premium the average Igbo, and indeed, any other eastener place on human life. For people living in the old east of Nigeria, taking human life is like a taboo. So these northerners are smilling home believing they are smart. If it were in the north, as soon as humans all cram into the lorries, irate people shall surround the lorry and gruesomely murder everybody in it and set the vehicle and dead bodies afire.

Northerners profiting from high premium south place on human lif

These northerners think it is easy to escape from the southeast to the north like that. They are merely profiting from the high premium easterners place on human life. For the average Igbo, and indeed other easteners, it is an abomination to take human life.So fleeing northerners, do not believe you are smart.

one nigeria shall reign forever

boko haram ideology does never represent islam, its more of cunnings hidden agenda to (1) blackmail islam (2) divide nigeria (3) attain selfish goals, in light of the above we, Nigerians should avoid inflammatory statements capable of worsening the already tensed – situation in the country.

one Nigeria?

let us not lie to ourselfs, it true, we are not one and cannot be one!

boko haram

since boko haram has issued ultimatum which has expired for christians to leave the north , that is fine,is it"nt what we have been agitating for long ,lets divide the country, christians to the south and Muslims to the north , Northern elders i hope you support boko haram to achieve that dream, so that peace will reign.

1966/1967 Again!!! Please, Nigerians, let Biafra be!

About 10 Ndi Igbo from Adazi Ani town in Anambra State, all traders, were gunned down in cold blood in Adamawa State. The Boko Harams first shot three of them in their respective shops. As their relations gathered to take a decision how to move their corpses to the south, the Boko Harams came to where they gathered and mowed down seven of them. Over 15 of them sustained severe injuries.

Nigeria forced Biafrans to return to Nigeria. Now, the killing of Igbos that we experienced between 1966 and 1967 has sprung up again.

The news today is that over 10,000 northerners are leaving the south and heading back to the north. They will return and incite their people. Nigerians, let us go our separate ways. Nigeria is dead; killed by insincerity of their so-called leaders. Will the killing of Ndi Igbo in the north that started in 1953 ever end?

boko haram

since boko haram has issued ultimatum which has expired for christians to leave the north , that is fine,is it"nt what we have been agitating for long ,lets divide the country, christians to the south and Muslims to the north , Northern elders i hope you support boko haram to achieve that dream, so that peace will reign.


Dude i think you should let the past off ur reasoning. We are taking bout Nigeria Here not Ancient Rome or America. The fact that any1 killing in the name of religion is a total lame and HYPOCRIT! If ur Gods are so great like u all preach, you should let him judge rather than take over his Job(which to me is the worst Sin). Minkiaaaa! Pezzi di Merda che sei.


"President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Muhammad Namadi Sambo will annually lose N878, 676 and N757, 693 respectively if the decision to cut basic salaries of political office holders in the executive arm of government by 25 percent is implemented.
The annual basic salary of the president, according to Certain Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders Salaries and Allowances (Amendment) Act 2008, is N3, 514, 705 per annum while that of the VP is N2, 031, 572.50 per annum."

@Ade2, Re read your comment

Who are you trying to fool?Stop your lies,I can tell a fake from a distance.If you have Igbo DNA in you,you won't speak ill of your mums people in such a manner. The chips is not yet down and you are already pulling an Awolowo? Stop the Chameleon attitude by running to the winning side and start asking for Sovereign National Conference or True federalism. I am all for peace, I hate to see black Africans kill themselves over religion that were introduced to us all by our slave masters. What is presently going on in Nigeria, is political crisis that will turn ethnic cleansing if we ain't careful as happened in 1966. Those Northerners running back to North will give the Sultan of Sokoto sleepless night for disturbing their peace in south eastern Nigeria.GEJ Re-structure the military from ground up and call for a SNC before you get toppled by corrupt Politicians .

To mr ade2

i pity u and sentiments, u yoruba make the loudest noise in nigeria, u instigate protests rallies when u hear gunshots u hide. Cowardice is embedded in ur genes. The igbos will not fight again. I am igbo and i will willingly join the army and commit genocide against anyone who wants to leave Nigeria. The igbo will not leave the north or west. One nigeria BH or no BH

@kool original ;@OTILE

Kool--i hear u! OTILE!One have to face the crucial questions: what is more important particularly to the ibos and southerners in general, security or money ? and is a fanatical pursuit of MONEY a justifiable aim, when the human cost-principally in ibo lives- is mounting astronomically and shows no signs of diminishing ? In the end, i feel that Ibos and Southerners living in the North are going too far and are failing in the moral respondsibility , inherent in all pple, to guide its young, old and weak away from the course of staying put , though understandable but nothing less than a suicidal sacrifice by remaining in the North.

re Ibb sultan atiku kept silent

U are not current on what is going on in the country u ppl are disrespecfull to ur elders we in the north are well organize well trained even without western education we are disiple we respect human only u from south who mostly engage in illicit drugs traffiking arm robbary 419 Nd other crime of the highest order. The so called boko haram is ur product created to distroyed the north using religious sentiment All u do is portray the north in bad name


nigeria is very big why dont they just destroy nigeria and everyone will be happy


Hausas should go home! Southerners should go home! Its time to divide Nigeria!


By your name i will assume u are a muslim, if you are then i will say shame on you because u dont read the quran, do you know Allah will hold u foe false accusation, i think u will go to hell first for false allegation before buhari goes for whatever crime he has comitted, and if u are a christian i am not supprised by your comments


Boko Haram is now dictating how the country should go !Why has Jonathan not come out all these while to counter the threat made by Boko Haram... war seems imminent!

Otile .... stop it !!!

@Otile, stop this silly and racist behaviour. Tell ya people that there is fire on the mountain and they should run run run now before your so called trusted allies make suya of them again.

Don't come back to shed crocodile tears on S/R to blame yorubas as usual for the foolishness of ya people. I do pity them as it is not easy to leave behind all their life investments just as Mrs Lot in the days of Sodom.

Perhaps this is a big lesson for Igbos that charity should begin at home. I congratulate all the Biafrans on S/R that their dream is about to come true at last without any shot being fired. What a
paradox for Ojukwu.


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