Three NUJ Officials Die In Ghastly Road Crash In Ilesa

By SaharaReporters, New York

Three officials of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) died today in a road crash in Ilesa, Osun State, officials of the union told SaharaReporters.

They are: Adolphous Okonkwo, a former national financial secretary; Kafayat Odunsi, a journalist at the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in Lagos; and Tunde Ojenike, chairman of Radio Nigeria and Ibadan Network Centre of the NUJ. They were returning to Lagos from a meeting they had in Abuja when the accident occurred.

The accident occurred at about 4pm as the sojourners approached Osu town.  A rear tyre of the official’s bus was said to have malfunctioned, and the speeding vehicle somersaulted several times before plunging into the forest.

Officials say there were several injuries.  The survivors were first taken to the Osun State General Hospital, Ilesa, but were referred to the Ladoke Akintola Teaching Hospital (LAUTECH), Osogbo where they are being treated in the emergency unit.

Gbenga Opadotun, the chairman of the Oyo State council of the NUJ who was also on the bus, confirmed details of the trip, and that a rear burst, causing the vehicle to veer off the road, somersaulting about eight to nine times before finally crashing into the bush.

"It was a terrible experience because we lost three of our members in the accident. The rest of us involved in the accident survived by the grace of God", he said.

The chairman of Lagos NUJ, Deji Elumoye, who was also in the crash, is said to be in critical condition.

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@Julius Abey

@Julius Abey, if you no fit close your eyes when you come accross my comments, why not pluck them off & give to babalawo? Maybe your beggarly, parasitic, unproductive & dependent eyes will be useful raw material for the gods in helping to restore the the Oba of Ilorin to his throne.

Must you read my comments? Get circumcised & make you dey look face before you respond to comments. Ok? Last warning!

Mr Lecturer!

Mr Lecturer!

you need to watch it too

Before you abuse anybosy, u nid to b sure u are nt committing d same mistake... You wrote "which universities do they attended?" .....haba.

@MUSA USMAN: Focus more on Content and less on Context

by pass the caption and consume the message.

I would like to read/told the TRUTH in jankara english than be LIED to impecable english.

U can make SR better by submitting your own reports



Republic of SS & SE

@Akpos1, If you can read and write... (I am assuming you writes all your empty rants on SR ) you should be able to know how you start a REPUBLIC. Why dont you and your oil money just go on and declare your republic. I'm now thinking this is just Ogogoro talk, empty rants. Do us all a favour, just do it. Ranting on SR cant and wont help you. Good luck

May their souls rest in

May their souls rest in peace, Amen. Someone broke the news for us at and everyone was sad, you can also also tell us more happening around you. I would like to know what is happening in kano, borno, lagos, yobe, bauchi, rivers etc. If you live in any of these areas, please login and tell us the latest happening there. We need your voice, remember, there is a social revolution going on around the world, and 160bits has provided us with the best platform to tell what is happening around us live.

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May their soul rest in

May their soul rest in peace.I was a journalist at Daily Sketch years back .I know how hazardous Nigerian road are.Please stop stealing and improve road among other things.

Please be reasonable for once.

Have you not read the report and understand it before you comment? Must everything be blamed on the Federal Government? The accident was caused by a busted rear tyre of the vehicle they were travelling with;yet you want to blame the busted tyre that could have been caused by the carelessness of the driver of the vehicle on bad road. Please for your information Owo-Ilesa road, though not dualised, is one of the smoothess road I have driven on. Please don't be parochial when making comments.


NUJ, accepts my condollence, may it not happen in this kind again.

link for more info

link for more info

I sinpertize with the family

I sinpertize with the family of victim and NUJ may almighty grant them aljanan,I am using this medium to apeal with federal government to find solution into our roads,the government must ensure,the proper investigation was done before they give out the contract,the reason is that akure road to ilesha is very bad,governmt should find something to do.

Three NUJ Officials Die In Ghastly Road Crash In Ilesha

May God grant the families of the dead officials the fortitude to bear the loss&perfect the healing of those alive.


This SRs are a shame to be reporting news with grammatical errors and improper selection of adverbs and adjectives. I have asked on several occasions, which universities do they attended? The headline shows how shallow their English are. Who is their editor? Are they suppose to use a ghastly motor accident since there is a dead victim, or a fatal accident? Don't they know the difference between a fatal and a ghastly accident? If you don't know these minor difference, then stop reporting. Keep supporting your sponsor Tinubu and APC. I am not a graduate, therefore I never learnt it from the university. My Pri Sch Cert is enough for me.

may their soul rest in peace

may their soul rest in peace

May their souls rest in peace bcos they did steal my oil money

May their souls rest in peace bcos they did steal my oil money.

When OBJ, IBB, abdulsalam, Dmeji Banko-Ole, Otedola & Farouk-de-Dollar and all senators collecting $1.5million dollars annually and all past presidents of continent Nigeria die, my prayer is that their souls will never rest in peace. Burning furnace fire will continue to burn their hearts & souls. Their resting placce in hell will be heated to the degree of the naira value they stole & misappropriated.

...May this prayer also be to them all who pollute the Niger Delta and drill its oil & kill all its Fish & Periwinkles. Amen!

Tell us how the Gov & local councils spend d oil money of SS&SE

Dont tell us about road accidents in Ilesa, tell us how the Gov & local councils spend d oil money of SS&SE.

When you want to report Delta, Rivers or Bayelsa you will report about one commissioner did this or Governor did that or that the Govs money is missing or one phantom fraud or the other. Dont monies get missing in Ilesa? If other beggarly states of the North & West were RESPONSIBLE then those areas would by now be best places to live considering the oil money bail out that the SS&SE Republic gives them every month without ceasing.

...telling us about road accidents! Spiusssssshhhhhh.....

The North & West should get their country & leave my oil & gas resources alone.

Long live the Niger Delta Republic
Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE


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