Three People Killed As Boko Haram Clashes With JTF At A Wedding In Maiduguri

By SaharaReporters, New York

At least three persons were shot dead today in the troubled city of Maiduguri, Borno State. The incident occurred during a wedding ceremony.


Some soldiers and two civilians seriously injured in the incident were rushed to the hospital. The spokesman of the JTF Lt. Col. Sagir Musa said in a terse statement in Maiduguri that the incident occurred when some suspected members of the Boko Haram sect clashed with the Joint Task Force (JTF).


Lt. Col. Musa said, "Credible information at the disposal of the JTF revealed that two top Boko Haram terrorists on the wanted list of the Task Force sneaked into Maiduguri to attend a wedding of one of their own. Consequently, the JTF mounted surveillance around the wedding venue. The sect members at the ceremony, sensing danger, opened fire sporadically on the surveillance team in the area.


“This led to the death of three civilians. Two (were) wounded from the fire of the terrorists. Two soldiers sustained gunshot injuries while two of the suspected Islamists were arrested. A vehicle used by the attackers, some arms and ammunition were recovered,” according to JTF.


Lt. Col. Musa added that JTF are on the trail of other sect members that escaped.



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impressed with JTF?

@Sensible, I dont think this agrees with your name at all. If you read through properly, you will see that it was the terrorists that opened fire on the JTF, who were on the look out for their target. And if those in attendance had nothing to do with Boko Haram, how come they ha weapons and why did they target members of the JTF? That is proof also that the intel was reliable. See?

The underlying factor for the

The underlying factor for the rampant orgies of bloodletting in the north of Nigeria boils down to a culture of violence made worse by mass illiterecy.I remember while growing up till date all Hausa-Fulani males had daggers and talismanic charms on them and would not hesitate to stab at the slightest provocation.
If a child is raised not to respect the sanctity of life and if that child is exposed to a religion which preaches retaliation and if that child is uneducated,what you get is a sub-human with an animalistic urge to kill like a predator in the savannah.
The north have a lot of catching-up to do.many northern peasants are not mentally equipped for civil-society,thier only education is on how to pray, resite the quaran and relate to thier cattle.This is quite dangerous

influence of the religion paralyses

The influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science - the science against which it had vainly struggled - the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.

re; tompolo animals

What rubbish are you talking about "zde norsh chan shurvive vizowt zde showt we has landt milraras and zhumans lesorzces"
You must be mad! I have live in various parts of the North from Jos-plateau state, Zaria and kaduna, Biu-Borno state, Tafawa-Balewa in Bauchi state and also in Yola. You guys don't have jack but poor illiterates and dirty military Generals (especially langtang-plateau). Why are your leaders still agitating for an increase in allocation from the south's Oil generated revenue? Mad malo cow!?

it is Islam that is the

it is Islam that is the highest fraud, how come that your so called quoran is a copied version of the bible with few correction to suit your violent founder.

you guys in the north have

you guys in the north have nothing to offer the country called Nigeria other than violence all in the name of religion, it is time you people go away because it is good riddance to bad rubbish

You said we shld pray for

You said we shld pray for peace. But when people are not ready for peace, d bible says simply dust your shoes and leave with your peace. The God of vengeance will avenge those innocent killings in our churches in Jesus name, amen!

God bless u my friend for

God bless u my friend for that contribution. If president GEJ knows d sponsors of BH, he should simply be decisive by going after them. Imagine if terrorist supporters are in d US, d American president knows exactly what to do. GEJ pls don't be a figure head president! The time to act is now

It shows you are not

It shows you are not current...if d North is really blessed with so many viable land scale and minerals, then it means d Northern governors are clueless and void of ideas in ensuring they leave d South South black oil alone. Are u also aware that your Northern governors are still agitating for more "monies" in d revenue generated from S/South oil? Wake up...

impressed with JTF?

I'm shocked that many nigerians remain gullible. Why would d JTF destroy a civilian's wedding party based on some unreliable intel? Now they'v killed even more innocent souls. If our govt is sincere wt us, why av they not been succesful in torturing captured suspects till they break and confess?! D families of d bereaved shud sue JTF and d govt.

re. tampolo

Wot southern leaders fail to understant is dat we can survive without oil money or sea ports we have more potentials than de south I.e land,mineral nd human resources yet 2 b harnessed nd dis r da basis of any dev. Nationj

Scholarly view

Christianity is a fraud . Leading scholars in the west have now irrefutable evidence that jesus was a full practicing jew. He never created a religion. Christianity developed over four centuries to metamorphose into all the divergent sects now. Ignorant africans are wasting their time over nothing. Read new discoveries and research

You are insane

Little did I wonder if u actually have a brain in ur head. May God almighty have mercy on you for your blasphmy. If I were a muslim and it was mohammed you spoke about like that I will look for you and cut off your tongue and feed it to the birds. Ask God to forgive you and give wisdom to understand. BE WARN!

Our jerusalem

Brethren lets pray 4 d peace of our jerusalem cos all dis are d signs of end time as disclosed by d Bible according to (luke 21vs7 to d end) so brethren let us continue in d faith which was once delivered to d saints. So dat, dat day wil nt com on us unware.

Re: Demola!

Pple actually have their mouth to talk but that dos not give U d right to lie. Verify ur statements. Within urself dos ur words sound normal? U re gay that's Y U think like that


Nigerian millitary and other securities are the worst of human creation.
how can you bastard said you kill innocent in a clash with BOKOHARAM.
Every day you arrest some bokoharam members but yet neither the arrested no there sponsor are been displayed and prosecuted. security vote is goin . hahahahahahahaha

I bliev d list is goin 2 b

I bliev d list is goin 2 b full of pdp enemies!!!

Nigerians are keeping the truth about boko haram

Too bad that some Nigerians know about the enemies of their father land and chose not to reveal it to the authorities. I urge the JTF TO ARREST THE BRIDEGROOM AND BRIDE. THEY SHOULD KNOW MUCH MORE THAN THOSE MEMBERS DAT ATTEND THEIR WEDDING.


Mohammed has disvirgined all muslims girls in "paradise." That is why they are marrying here. And if there is any hausa or fulani who dare complain, Mohamed is going to wage jihad, or holy war against them in "paradise," hence they decide to marry in the northern Nigeria. It is alarukuba, arab is great for northern Nigeria.

Demola de DEVIL

Demola de DEVIL

Demoted de DEVIL

Demoted de DEVIL


Demola. May GOD ALMIGHTY forgive you.

Terrorists also yearn for happiness

So these faceless idiots also pursue the happiness they deprived others of? Imagine them storming the wedding of one of theirs to merry. The two things these bloodthirsty and brainwashed guys know are kill and sex. The JTF should continue to bring sadness to their gatherings.

Excellent job, JTF!


i expected d JTF surveillance team to close up on d rampaging killers in mufty. now they have caused d deaths o f innocent Nigerians...mcheeeeew!!

boko ram

Their days are numbered. Boko haram are loosing it.

Why marry

Am surprised they also want to enjoy d good things of life. Why shld boko haramist marry? Is it nt haram to wed? So u ppl beliv in recreatn yet u kill innocent ppl instead of facing d politicians & their families & make sure dey giv bak 2 us wat dey stole, instead u'v foolishly turned it to a religious war bcos of ur backward thinking. God will avenge for his children.

Jesus becomes acquainted with

Jesus becomes acquainted
with a young man who loves him and who comes to him wearing
nothing but a linen cloth over his naked body. Jesus then spends the night with
him, teaching him about the mystery of the Kingdom. What is that all about?=== From Gospel of Thomas discovered recently !!!!


Good job men!


The bride and groom should be interogated because they have a link to the sect members that attended their wedding.

Boko Haram members dey marry?

Boko Haram members dey marry? Them wan born more terrorists? A baby who will grow up and blow himself or herself up someday? These people and their religion self? They are all confused all over the world except in Saudi. Lazy people! They will not work, they will not read and then because they are too dull to understand they say western education is evil.

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