Three Stewards Fired Over Missing $250,000 Akpabio's Loot At The Akwa Ibom Governor's Lodge in Abuja

Governor Godswill Akpabio
By SaharaReporters, New York

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State on Friday ordered the immediate firing of three stewards working in the governor's lodge in Asokoro, Abuja after it was discovered that bundles of mint-fresh dollar bills valued at more than $250,000 (N40 million) had gone missing from the governor's bedroom.

A senior bureaucrat in the state told SaharaReporters that the governor personally issued instructions for the firing of the stewards. “His Excellency found out on Wednesday during his visit to Abuja that four bundles of the foreign currency he left in his bedroom had been stolen while he was gone to a dinner with the president [Goodluck Jonathan] at the [Aso Rock] Villa,” said the source.

Saharareporters learnt that the bundles of dollars kept in a drawer in the governor's bedroom were leftovers from a trough of hard currency Mr. Akpabio usually kept in a security safe.

Our sources said the governor was furious to discover such a daring breach on what he thought was near impregnable security in the lodge. “The governor was surprised that somebody could steal the money,” said one of the sources. “This is coupled with the fact that the locks to that section of the lodge, including the governor's bedroom, are routinely changed each time heavy cash is brought in. So he did not understand how the money could still disappear in the manner it did.”

Our sources said the governor and his aides had not established that any or all of the three stewards stole the missing cash. However, the employees were sacked for what was seen as their apparent negligence in allowing whoever the culprits were to gain access to the otherwise restricted area of the lodge.

One source close to the lodge said more staff may lose their jobs, adding that investigations were ongoing to identify others who may have had the opportunity to make away with the cash haul.

The source said some staffers were pointing accusing fingers at one Maria Ekpekong, an employee at the lodge who is the governor's senior special representative. Ms. Ekpekong is in charge of the overall management of the lodge.  

Two of our sources disclosed that the pilfering of cash from the lodge has become a recurring issue. A few years ago, the governor removed all the civil servants deployed to work at the lodge and replaced them with political appointees and other private consultants he thought could be trusted.

In one instance last year, the disappearance of a substantial sum of cash led to an order to change the burglary proof and window protectors around the governor's apartment. The perpetrators of the heist had reportedly broken through the ceiling to gain access to the room where cash was stacked in bags known as “Ghana must go.”

Governor Akpabio is notorious in Abuja and his state capital of Uyo for frequently doling out state cash to buy political patronage and favors from various individuals, interests, political groups and agencies. He has made an art of recklessly spending state funds to buy himself bogus awards from Nigerian and foreign groups.

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contrarily, I plan to name my

contrarily, I plan to name my very next child Godswil because I think our Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio has done all of us proud. I grew up in state but never felt impact of any government like this. it may be true that Paul Planted and Godswill is Apolos that has watered but he watered well and thats why the plants did not die. Please lets give him accolades for his landmark achievements. for faults or weaknesses can anyone of us sincerely say they are without any?

Hey you so called AKPABIO

What are you going after Sahara Reporters and reporting for? You call them bigots and idiots for reporting that some thief of thieves have stolen from the Master Thief? Do you know the meaning of "bigot" and "idiot"? Don't know who you are but you are trying to use the tactic that Godswill Akpabio has used for almost 8 years...attacking whosoever exposes him or ordering an assassination of anyone who dares to speak the truth. The truth is that he has looted AKS treasury and accomplished nothing. It is not acceptable to make the statement that he has improved AKS people so much without specifying what the so much is/are. How has he improved AKS, by showing them how to be thieves? Leave Sahara Reporters alone to carry on with reporting facts. Is the fact not that $250,000 was stolen from the Governors place at Abuja? Appears that you are one of those paid by Akpabio to do his dirty work.

Stolen $250,000 is only tip of AKS Government looting gang

Any Nigerian reading this report will recoil in awe at how Godswill Akpabio, and his gang of thieves have stolen from AKS for going on 8 years now. To be candid, $250,000 is minute, in the realm of the billions of dollars that he and his cohorts have stolen so far. The sad thing is that AKS people have decided to tolerate this guy till 2015, because he has so terrorized people with contract killings, heavy bribing of the judiciary and false media campaigns. Anyone who has doubt that Akpabio has done nothing for AKS should go to Oron, Eket, Etinan, Ibeno, etc to see the deplorable states of those towns. It is worth noting that Ibeno is the place where 99% of AKS oil comes from yet the road from Eket to Ibeno is impassable. It is ONLY in Nigeria that a sitting governor can confess to rigging an election yet still walk around with impunity.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

This is the greatest achievement of your term, Governor. The money you stole from the State is stollen by those who probably needs it most. If that was your actual money, you would have handled it better.
For those employees you sacked, same fate awaits you and your likes soon.


Godswill Alpabio alias INUA Ekpat, please continue to steal Akwa Ibom people's money. Meanwhile in your so called Free Education, not up to 1000 students scored up to five credits in the last WAEC exams.

What we are seeing is high level propaganda in the media. Most editors of Nigerian newspapers are Akpabio's consultants on PR.

Let the crook and his FAT wife, UNOMA steal our state dry. The worst part is that Akpabio has killed so many Akwaibomites. And the Presidency is encouraging him because of the bribe money that Madam Ambraalla and her husband collect from 419/Cultist Akpabio.

No evil deed will go unpunished.

akpabio's missing $250000

What a pity. The money was meant to bribe GOD to avoid ending up in HELL.

Justifying Wrongdoing is just as bad as the act

Irrespective of the patronage or benefit that anyone might be enjoying from those who are doing wrong , it is a horrible act to justify that wrong doing and not condemn it. An armed robber is not considered a good person because he flaunts the stolen money at anyone in sight or perhaps dole out some cash to less priviledged people......

Privilage silent robber.

What a shame. What is state money doing in the Governor's bedroom? He has no business treating state funds as personal cash. Who knows how much the governor has stolen from the people and blamed it on poor employees. For those of you who are so blind to see this act of distrust from the governor and blame a reporter whose responsibility is to expose the level of corruption going on in Nigeria. I say shame unto you all. You are all concern in the use of English language and not facts. Sahara Reporters thank you for exposing this act of mistrust and misappropriation of state fund by the selfish, greedy, and self centered Governor. The governor needs to be fired.


SR passion for Nigeria is personal. That peronal-passion is the driving force behind sowore motivation... if not my guy would have gave up hope long time ago.

Some say he is over the board but I call it LOVE 4 9ja.

RE:Where are the Editors.

I am not holding brief for SR but u got to understand that 24/7, Sowore is churning out news worthy items round d clock.

SR needs money to hire more editors. Omoyele will not run away or reject a $1 million check from u to hire more hands.

He is always picking up calls at odd hrs of d night. I was even asking a friend 6hrs ago, if d man does actually sleeps... PLEASE PARDON OUR APPEARANCE IN ANY FORM IT MAY APPEAR

How will the CBN 's cashless

How will the CBN 's cashless society help in this regard?

Yes he has done well no

Yes he has done well no doubt, and comparing him with other PDP governors like Uduaghan who is a failure by all standard. But is that a justifiable reason to steal? Wake up nigerians the only way we can develop is to abhor corruption and the corrupt people no matter how much they tried. Half-righteousness wont take us no where

Na thief caught thief

A big and renown state thief is punishing his students for experimenting in his bedroom,poor Akwa Ibom people,una money don hear nwi!

Yes he has done well no

Yes he has done well no doubt, and comparing him with other PDP governors like Uduaghan who is a failure by all standard. But is that a justifiable reason to steal? Wake up nigerians the only way we can develop is to abhor corruption and the corrupt people no matter how much they tried. Half-righteousness wont take us no where

Akpabio should tell Nigeria if the missing money was his Salary.

Sometime when I read news like I keep wondering what the Nigeria anti corrupt agents are doing. How did Gov. Akpabio get such huge sum of money, he should be ask or probe, he should answer question on where the money come from and infact the fired staffs should go to court seeking the legality of the Governor's outrage leading to unceremonial termination of their employment. This Nigeria's corruption signs are all there yet not some people turn blind eyes and not doing their Job fighting it. THANKS OBAMA FOR NOT VISITING CORRUPT NIGERIA POLITICIANS.

@Anonymous...Where are the Editors

My dear Mr Anonymous aka Lagbaja Oluwole Majekodunmi, You are the 1 who is d fool here. You are d one who should be ashamed of urself & not SR. For the first time in my life, I am on the side of SR -for being natural & transparent in their proficiency in English. It has always been typical of them to make errors. This is normal because no one in Sahara reporters is English. Most are bloody Ijebu-Ode indigent pples. Sowore for instance didnt understand a single English until he followed his uncle to Lagos in 1985. So how can he Edit what he does not know...Now, back to you Mr Anonymous Oluwole, u should hav advised SR to write their stories in Yoruba. It shows how much complex is in u. Prefering English to ur Yoruba is stupidity. Need I remind u that the Russians sent Sputnik to space not with calculations in English but Russian. Now, the Chinese are doing the same. How many Professors of Yoruba hav u produced? SR, MUST u report smting about my oily SS pples? Leave them alone.

$250,000 kept in an un-[safe] house?

How could anyone keep $250,000 in a house?  This is why armed robbery and Kidnapping, Inc. is growing in Nigeria.  If it belongs to Akwa Ibom, that's enough money to build a rural health clinic. O ma se, o!  Sio  - pronounced as "she-aw" which translates to "despicable".

Bad news all the time!!

Bad news all the time!!

Nigeria we hail thee!!!

Nigeria we hail thee!!! Corruption! Corruption!! Courruption!!!. When will this change? Pubiic purse being treated as private. Eh culprit Akpabio.


Oh yes, he has improved the lot of Akwa Ibom people. That is why we had the whole of Uyo flooded yesterday. That is why only Akpabio, his siblings and wife are billionaires and the rest of us are poor. That is why he has killed and raped more than 500 Ibibio people. Know what? This your Akpabio will face Justice very soon.

$250,000 cash in the bed room???.


When in broad day light

When in broad day light Amaechi the Rivers state governor, won an election of Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forun. Crook Akpabio said that Jang won. That God that it eas recorded, other we probably would never have known the truth. Please is this the kind of leader that Nigeria deserves? This lying, unproffesional, undemocratic sorry excuse for a Governor? Birds of the same feather, they say flock together. No wonder why he flocks with Jonathan!

This should not surprise

This should not surprise anyone. Most governors are thieves Akpabio is no different. You learn from the top and these stewards were just repeating what Akpabio does on a daily basis. Only God will help us at this critical stage


Why are you so sentimental? It appears to everyone now that sahara reporters is not after investigative but speculative, sentimental and mischievous journalism. How did you know the money stolen belongs to HE Akpabio personally? Governors got what is called security vote at their discretion. That money could be it. You should be informed that Akpabio through his unmatchable generosity has helped in stabilising our country Nigeria. May God help and protect Akpabio.


Akpabio and his Size 44 wife Unoma should continue to steal our commonwealth. Our consolation is that they will leave all those stolen items here on earth.

They won't take anything to their graves when they will die. They will only leave punishment for their children and their generations.

Hell fire awaits them for taking bread from the mouths of the owners of the wealth that they surpossed to be looking after. They are looking after themselves and members of their gang.

Now they are claiming equality with God by calling Him: ... Daaa!


I am inviting girls to look at the picture of this flippant governor and see hid BUSY BODY MOUTH.

Pray this mouth won't set the nation on fire before, during and after 29th May 2015..

Our dear President, please take note.


@TJohnson also known as DERI

I pity you. What's in the story that you don't understand? Do you want to tell the world that it is Akpabio's personal money?

That his numerous women of low virtue are not the ones that stole the dollars and the stewards punished for no reason?

TJohnson aks DERI, OLEKU you should know that while your Chief Gangstar is playing with our money, that we the people of the state who own that money are in abject poverty. Akwa Ibom people are SUFFERRING.

The Akwa Ibom money tha Akpabio is giving out to people like you will hunt you and your generations. Amen.

There are no Editors in SR

There are no Editors in SR because the news item on the freshly minted dollars stolen from the governor's lodge in Asokoro, Abuja was sent to SR by one of the thieves-hence the hurry in releasing the news item without proper editing-the money was removed by one of his security staffers-with the collaboration of the stewards and the said woman-anyway this is no news-its stale

Cry my beloved Country. Why

Cry my beloved Country. Why do these kind of people that have absolutely nothing to offer to this great Country, rig themselves into power and cling on. I want to know what Akpabio has done as Governor. What exactly does uncommon transformation mean? Finishing some great projects that were started by other people? Stealing recklessly from State funds, yeah, that is uncommon. Constructing sub-standard roads, yeah that would be uncommon. The list goes on... Incompetence is the buzz word for this self imposed individual. Get off the AKS peoples back. We want someone that can govern with the fear of God!


Indeed. This is an absolutely poor report.
What a shame on reporting. No professionalism... Delivery is rancid, personal and as insipid as the Sahara can be. Nothing short of a cut and paste procedure from a gossip column... Give us same story with better quality. Please!!!

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