Two Killed, Four Injured In Bomb Attacks On Mali-bound Nigerian Troops At Okene

Ap photo of Mali-bound Nigerian soldiers in Kaduna
By SaharaReporters, New York

About 190 Nigerian troops were ambushed a few kilometers from Okene in Kogi state today. The attack took place around 6: 05 AM Nigerian time as militants cut through the convoy of Mali-bound Nigerian army peacekeepers traveling in three luxurious buses via Kaduna too Bamako, Mali. The militants decimated the convoy with the aid of IEDs planted on the highway and began firing on the troops afterwards.

The soldiers were under escort at the time and the military escorts alter returned fire, but the assailants who were parked on both sides of the highway escaped the scene after two soldiers had been killed and several others injured.

Nigerian Army spokesperson, Brigadier General Bola Koleosho confirmed to Saharareporters by phone that two soldiers were killed while the bomb explosion injured four others. The wounded soldiers are receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Center in Okene.

The attack is coming on the heels of disclosure by the Chief of Army Staff Azubuike Ihejirika last week that Mali trained Boko Haram sect militants have arrived Nigeria in large numbers to carry out attacks on various targets in the country.

Also a JTF source told SaharaReporters that Boko Haram elusive leader, Abubakar Shekau is currently in Mali receiving weapon training after sustaining injuries during a shoot out in Maiduguri last year. The source said Shekau now limps on one leg.

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Just how did the attacker knowthe area in addition to location from the troop if someone within just is not leaking information. may God aid nigeria.naminga star

My best bet is, the

My best bet is, the mohammedan warders killed him coz they realized he was from the oppressed south east region.Oris Watches

Life is full if

Life is full if uncertainties. We will never know when our time is up. Thus, with this article, it only shows up that even if you move little things for life, in the end, it will be lost with just single click of the trigger.

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Cool down

Mr man, don't be jealous! They did not got there by accident. And let me tell you something, if Ebira are the Boko Harams, they wont last for a day. Believe you me. Ebira are well known to be honest at their post. Go and check record of many and compare. My brother,no body is happy with Nigerian situation except those who are making living out of these injustice and corruption. Our major problems are injustice, corruption and dishonesty.

Nigeria is not safe

I've tried. I've been patient. Its obvious that our dear nation is not safe even for its soldiers!! I guess the government will understand if a citizen decides to own an ak-47 for his own safety.. These mofo's better pray that I dnt get my hands on a good weapon,, cos I will kill a million terrorists before I let one harm my family.

Our great country is tottering on the brink!

Our great country is tottering on the brink! What a shambles, why should the troops be moving in a convoy of 'soft skin' vehicles on a notorious and bandit ridden stretch of highway!! Why weren't they in 'armoured vehicles' something our members of NASS have to themselves? Why was there no backup or helicopter reconnissance flight over that route? Why weren't they airlifted from where they were coming from? These are questions that need to be answered. Even NATO military superpowers with their superior military arsenal and technology don't travel in a lot of areas in Afghanistan by road. This government has simply taken ineptitude and incompetence to another level.

contingent to mali

Dont blm islam be faire to it is nothing uncomprehendble,the policy makers,government and the elders are to be blame pls isnt up to a six weeks the former security adviser to the prsdent has passed away may his soul rest in peace ameen who said boko is divided into 3 the govt is included there 4 nigerians lets be carefll we dont have to allwd them using our brain let us thng twce pls nt myophically may Allah guard and protect nigeria.

What happen to our airport and plane?

The Chief of Army staff must be coward to allow the troops to travel by road.Remember the incident that happen few yrs back when about 40 soldiers diead after returning from sudan.


Atleast, they should have waited to exchange bullets with the Nigerian shoulders. Afterall, they were trained in arms and explosives. What a coward set of useless vagabonds. It is to my belief that someone is acting as an informant for those bastards. Boko-haram should remember they can and will never win.

this is the 9ja of ibb and northern devils

This is just the opening of the activities that they never wanted anyone to know about. they manipulate the votes in favour of their agents, which hide their intentions to cause plurality of Islamism (jihad) on us.the manipulation of votes was for their onward sophistication of the group of jihad. Just a few years presidency that got them out of their manipulation, the fire has opened with their dare devil cancer worms. obj is just "egwu je", and will always want to play along. the fire has not begin yet! obj must inaugurate the mosque in his backyard, to play along with the rhythm of what he knows. after all obj fears Jesus, even, in his sleep.

Terrorists and militants have

Terrorists and militants have better means of getting intel that any of the Nigerian security outfits. A shameful admittance! Instead of the military having intel on terrrorists, terrorists have intel on the military. Pathetic.


I don't see it necessary for Nigerian government to sent its troop to mali, we too we're having security challenge, look at what happend our army did even let Nigeria and they where attract means even in our country alot problem, yesterday Emir of kano were attract by unknown gunman, and we are not sharing any bourder to mali. Mali government take side that is why they have these problem. May God protect our country

2 kill others injured in bomb attack on mali bound Nigerian sold

That put to question the strenght of our soldiers.


Where are our C-130s all grounded so they are travelling by road. Safe journey ooh!

Just Kogi here?

dem go reach Mali so? From Kogi to Mali is about 1,500KM. They have killed 2 wounded several others. How many go remain by the time they reach Mali? Empty Bus? God forbid!

Security Lapses

Like Fashola asked on the recent fire in Lagos. We must ask ourselves How did Boko Haram know the movement of the troops. Their travel route. Their exact time and many more. This shows that the security is infiltrated.

For God's sake, what do

For God's sake, what do EBIRRA people want from this Nation Nigeria. Their involvement in this boko haram saga so far depicts an ungrateful ingrate. This is a people that has gotten so much from this country than any known single tribe. Rumour even had it that the notorious ABU QAQA - the famous spokesperson of boko haram is an ebirra person. This is a people that has produced the following;-
1, one time Nigeria's permanent representative to the United Nation.
2, Nigerian Ambassador to the Vatican.
3, Managing director of Nigerian Ports Authority.
4, Inspector General of Police
5, Chief of Army Staff.
6, Managing director NITEL.
7, Managing Director NEPA.
8, Director General Nigerian Communications
9, Managing Director of Defaunt Nigerian

Certainly, this is not the way to pay back a country that has done so much for you. Ebbirra People please think.

'Never shoot the messenger'.

'Never shoot the messenger'. Boko haram is cursed and will remain cursed.


'Soldiers travelling to effect peace in another country were ambushed and killed in their own country'. What an irony? 'All the assailants escaped'. What a twist? This undoubtedly is one of the reasons why Nigerian Army have not been able to win internal hullaballo within Nigeria. Charity, they say begins at home. If a child is not matured enough to defend his father's house, such a child can never be old enough to defend property of his/her neighbour. No be so?

Even d army is not safe! na

Even d army is not safe! na wah! Wahala goes to school.

Insider work

How did the attacker knowthe location and position of the troop if someone within is not leaking info.may God help nigeria


There is surely an unknown quantity to this cowardly attack.The attack was definitely planned ahead of time therefore the terrorists had access to information,this is clearly not an opportunistic attack.
The terrorist operation hinges on the fact that somehow the military establishment has been infiltrated by terrorist apologists.The Nigerian armed forces need to do some real house cleaning irrespective of whose ox is gored,all the idiots must be extricated as soon as possible irrespective of quota or federal character.

So terrible.

God have mercy on Nigeria. From one trouble to another. Whatever be this evil trailing her survival God will finally restructure this nation through a man he will raise, Amen.
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Behold The 'Religion Of Peace'! Islam..Oh Islam! Oh my Muslim BraZas,Which way foward?? I hav sooo many Muslim frends nd relations, but WHY O Why is the Islam practised by some up north wia I come 4rm so Damn intolerable of others??
I am an Engineer, but 2b honest, I find d statement: 'Islam is a religion of Peace' IRRECONCILABLE with d reality on ground! I find it Harder 2 comprehend than d Engineering maths I ws taught @ Skool!! Harder than Rocket Science!! Its HaaaARD!!!

Haba Nigeria Government

What stops the military authority to fly the contingent to Lagos

Where is buhari

where is buhari in Mali or Nigeria

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