UK-Based Nigerian Pastor, Albert Odulele, Pleads Guilty To Sex Attack On Boy

Dr. Albert Odulele

The UK-based Nigerian priest,  Pastor Albert Odulele, who heads the Glory House Church in East London has pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a 16-year old boy at the church premises in Kent.

The 47-year old pastor admitted court today that he indecently assaulted an underaged boy.

Pastor Odulele was arrested last year and later charged by the Metropolitan Police's Major Child Abuse Investigation Unit with two offences - an indecent assault of an under 16 year old, and the sexual assault of another male teenager- according a Channel 4 news report.

 He will be sentenced to prison at a yet-to-be-announced date.

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If it were a muslim cleric

If it were a muslim cleric that committed this kind of offence,islam and muslims will be abused and insulted as i read in the comments over the gaddafi story of his virgin security girls.I was goin over the comments and have not seen any comment from a muslim or rather an insult 2 christians and christianity from any muslim.Well am not a christian but i just want 2 say that it is not only muslims that are hypocrites we have them in the christians,so beware.

Pastor Odulele,

Yet another blow to the body of christ by these so called spirit filled and led pastors. I was happy that such news came to light further highligting my suspicions about the new breed pastors who for some devlish reasons think they are called by God to start a church, sometimes i switch on TV and you can immediatley see through some of their swaggas on TV, bashing the bible. Woe unto them that use the name of the lord in vain. let us be thankful God has expose him publically because you can fool and mislead people, but you can fool the Almighty. Dr Albert should be thankful God has given him a second chance to repent and seek deliverance from this vile demon, What if he had died and had no chance to straightened his way before the lord? He hasn't committed the greatest sin? Am sure God has given him so many opportunities to ask for deliverance, but someway the Devil gave him a false sense of security and shield. The devil is seriously on the prowl to damage God's reputation and use any means necessary to win souls for his kingdom. Pastor odulele has been given a chance by God to repent,so what about you?


I am delighted that there are still nigerians who see beyond the christianity argument of 'thou shall not judge'. What do these people want us to do - sit and see how our children are being sexually assaulted by proclaimed men of God. If this guy was just an unknown member of society it would have been a different ballgame. Over the years, the catholic church covered up sex abuses on boys. It took a world wide campaign and condemnation leading to the church to take some action and even an apology from the pope. We have been inundated with innumerable number of churches preying on the poor and vulnerable. I think we approaching a situation where there will be a church for every 25 nigerians. I have ceased to have a sensible debate with old friends because they appear to worship the pastors rather than God. The govt should set up a social care unit and we would only then begin to appreciate the child sexual abuse going on in our society both home and abroad. What has happened to this great country? How can we restore the disciplines that were part of the traditional african society. Please remember the victims here, they need our prayers and support. Pastor Odulele is rightly charged and likely to be imprisoned for his crimes. Thank God for the British justice system.

Who is a Man of God?

Even if one would want to join the bandwaggon of miracle, propserity preachers, what qualifies one to be called a man of God? A situation where a pastor's wife automatically becomes a pastor calls to question the essence of being a pastor in the first instance. Are the gifts as propounded by Appostle Paul transferrable? We call this Odulele a man of God because he has the power of speech-making. It is just an art. He can hold an audience spell-bound with his power of articluation of thought processes. That's it. Once the person carries a big bible, he is automaitically confered with the title of 'powerful man of god'. A tipycal example is all those that used to hawk fake drugs in moving buses across the country that have automatically turned preachers or men of God because BAFDAC banned their illicit trade. What baffles me is when you see persons you ordinarily would think are well informed crawling around these men of god, falling all over the place to be noticed. All in the name of being a 'christian'. It is called 'notice-me' in Warri area, Delta state. Pastor Odulele must have been practicing his gay life for a long time, but he ought to have known that he would be exposed someday. It has nothing to do with being judgemental. Calling a thief by that name is not judging him. This is one stupid way we read the bible upside down. Tell a sinner to repent or you expose him. Don't wait on God to do that for you. Will pastor Odulele's travials be a lesson to others like him, NO! When they are caught we shall be counselled on how not to judge. One's position or role in life should be able to confer some responsibilities on him else he should quit. The pastor commited a heinous crime against his family, and God. His church members are the typical notice-me type. They are used to this kind of scandal. Thank God this happened in a saner society. In Nigeria, this would have attracted no attention because it goes on everyday. As we write, more Nigerian pastors are scheming to go hide in one obscure hotel to 'release pressure' on small innocent girls/boys or soemtimes married women. Those of them that have 'made it' move around with more security than thieving politicians. You sometimes wonder what they are so afraid of. Their life style exposes them to criminals who also wnat a piece of the pie. Knowing who we are as Nigerians should make a sane person wonder at the proliferation of ministries/churches. The number of these churches is just outrageous.

No one is judging anyone

You hold your idol pervert pastor in your prayers and don't ask people to do so because we are not going to do it.
We leave him in the mercies of the Lord and that's it.
As for judging, no one is judging him - the court of law judged him and found him guilty. End of!

Jesus is coming back Very soon!

While some of you are surprised, disappointed or sad, I am NOT!

There is a feel good gospel being spread of prosperity and zero responsibility, it is about conformity to the systems of the world and not transformation. It is a gospel of compromise and indulgence of the flesh so with that kind of gospel anything goes, and no one should be surprised when stories of this kind of sexual immorality and perversion comes up, which is the only fruit that kind of gospel can bring forth. God is not going to judge us on the gospel according to Dr Odulele or any other minister of the gospel out there but on His word, nothing more, and nothing less. So people better get to know the word of the LORD and know who He is and what He is all about and we have His word and the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. Remember that the wheat and the tares will grow together until the LORD of the harvest send the Holy Angels to separate them. So expect more of this kind of thing and possibly worse as the devil and the flesh collide together to frustrate the purposes of the LORD

yeye pastor

yeye pastor same on you

Let's clear up some issues here

I am not here to judge but to simply clear up some issues.
I just want everyone to be fully informed before they comment.

First of all my heart goes out to all the victims both known and unknown and I pray the Lord will be their rock always especially in this trying times. My heart also goes out to Mrs. Odulele and her kids for being put in this unfortunate position.

Secondly this is not about a Nigerian, black man, Yoruba man or even christianity, it's about a man abusing his position of trust and respect (it happens everywhere and I certainly don't condone it).

Thirdly, look at these links, both victims were minors in 2003 - 2004 (under 18 at the time of the abuse, do the maths, the 21 yr old was about 15-16yrs and the 16 yr old was about 8-9 yrs)

He did not confess, he only admitted guilt after being caught and he denied it initially

I have been under his ministration a few times and thought he was very charismatic. 

It is sad to see things like this happening and I pray the good Lord will have mercy on us all.

Spirituality vs Religion

The church is a human institution and religion is man-made. With spirituality as a divine vehicle the frailities of man is more easily subdued.

I am not out to judge anyone, but it must be impressed on adherents of religious sects that the precepts and their creeds hardly provide the springboard for the carthasis required to re-mould the human mind. More often than not the so-called powerful and eloquent pastor can only affect the emotions of their followers superficially. The much needed internal regeneration requires more than the sugar-coated delivery of charismatic pasters.

The mystical essence in spirituality have been eroded by the hollow injunctions pervasive in the blame culture of religion. Rather than the individual take responsibility for his/her action, an elusive Satan must be blamed. As long as something outside of the individual is to blame, taking responsibility will be lost on adherents of religion.

For and foremost, we are human and the pastor is not immuned from the vagaries of human frailities by reason of his pastoral status.I sympathise with Pastor Odulele; for inspite of his reputation as a "man of God", he has fallen prey to the baseness of the flesh. Obviously, a sounder spiritual platform may have helped him in conquering self.

CROOKS, from the start!!!

Now,We should all b going 2 GODS sanchery (church) and praising HIM but these days i find it hard 2 settle down in 1. This is mainly due 2 the fact that most of there members act like robots, smilin continueously at u, DEMANDING u 2 make that ur permanent place of worship, askin 1000 questions bout what u liked bout it, what other churches u have attended and most hurtful is that most of them force u 2 pour money in2 offering boxes (not just once may i add). Most chuches are turning in2 cult sanchurys. And as 4 the so called pastors- jus let the LORD deal with them. Im my experience the african churches seem 2 b the most problematic and money hungry. Thanks 4 reading!!!

Judge not

It's not a very good news but let's not rush to judgment until we hear his own side of the story.
Let no one condemn him cos we all have sinned. Let he without sin be the first to throw the stone.
Job openings in Nigeria, visit:

100% idiocy

I can only assume that 100% is not Nigerian and has not had the benefit of a good education (judging from his spelling and phraseology). My pre-school 5 year old can express himself better he has. If those who want to post cannot post sensible messages then they should discuss this matter (or any other matter) in the confines of a beer parlour, pub, crackhouse or any other forum where they can meet up with imbeciles like themselves. 100% should not hide behind names like 10% (apologies to another thug)or 100% and make barren and senseless statements sullying a nation and its people simply because of an event, a tragedy that has left the whole of christendom reeling. So I say to 100% go and fly a kite somewhere. You are an idiot, a stupid one at that


you are not there to judge the bible says the saints shall judge the world however if you know you have not sin at all be the first one to cast the stone or confess your sin and go and SIN NO MORE

90% of Nigerians I've met are

90% of Nigerians I've met are idiotic. Thats why we have some people here talking about "lets pray from Dr Oludele".
Pray for him for what exactly? that he doesn't molest children again? if someone needs prayers to stop molesting the weakest among us then shouldn't they be locked up? what of the poor little children he molested? what of their families? shouldn't he be senteced as every other criminal if he's guilty? You're all very stupid.

Hey Keji...

If indeed you are the real Keji Giwa, I might know you, and candidly I will not want to wash the linen here! We are all sinners indeed, and I hope we do not exhaust the Grace! Have you been around lately at all...rx8

And who are we to judge ? That is left for Him above. However, we have every responsibility to check the excesses...if we are allowed to. Sadly, an average church member will NEVER be opportuned to have a one to one discussionwith his / her pastor. I am almost sure, there would have been Glory Bible Church members who might have noticed the problem, and attempted helping their pastor along the line...but when they get to that state of "Larger Than Life" thing...[]...ego is part of the style unfortunately.

While I agree with your views to some extent, I am stating that Pastors have come to regards themselves as the very next thing to God. I am not quite sure they are aware of this though. You see the trend is such as this...Large Assembly...Money...POWER. Keji, when was the last time you had the chance to see your pastor on issues bothering you, and your pastor had the much needed time for you ? Really you might perhaps be one of the lucky few. How easy is it to reach your pastor, with all those BODY guards, assistants, Bible carrier, shoe dusters, handkerchief handlers, etc, etc ? Pastors in these day and age surround themselves with more bodyguards than Gaddaffi of Libya ! Even if their life are in total danger, let them die for the work of the Lord...those serving God in the olden days were never afraid of dying for all I know.

But then, churching was spiritual and real calling as opposed to the business mentalily of today where the pride is on the number of thousands the membership is and the millions of income generated annually.

The only peple who are able to reach them are those "YES SIR" arse licking associates / associate pastors / ministers who WILL NEVER TELL THE SENIOR PASTOR the true state of things in the church. If you are the Keji I thought you are, look at the state of affairs even in your church today. Something is seriously wrong. Its more than just hypothesising "the reshaping of the church by the holy spirit" !

The number of pastors that left in the past 3 years for one reason / another. You may as well inform the world on the number of ministers that left the church in the last 5 years. Tell the world on the moral / behavoral standing of the 2 of the three remaining ministers, Keji! How many times have they been suspended for one terribly unprintable offence or the other.

All I am driving towards is most men of God detest real truth. The church of the Lord has to be cleanst, and then back to the fundamentals for which they are supposed to be as opposed to the CEO mentality and prosperity preachings. We need miracles more than ever before. When was the last time you witnessed one ?

We talk of power circles out there in the world...How abow the circles of power created within the church ? Specs in the eye...

The banks MUST always forward to us [the church] account statements monthly or thereabout. Right. What stops the church doing the same to the church congregation and operate on openess / transparency ? We must operate on TRUST. Meanwhile, on the same issue, we do not trust the banks.

There is more corruption in the church today than found in Nigeria and Westminster put together...and perhaps the next stage for reformation is closer than envisaged.


Beloved in the Lord, i belive satan has done his worst in the life of Pastor Odulele. Please, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers in the Lord, i know this is one of our wake up calls, WE ALL NEED TO DO OUR DUTIES AND PRAY FOR ALL OUR LEADERS IN THE LORD that God should deliver them from falling into the snare of the fowler, and from the perilous pestilence. This is the end time. Please you can NEVER JUDGE a servant of GOD. God as NOT given anybody their ROD. Beware satan is SEEKING for whom to devior. I pray that if CHRIST JESUS come this our hour, we would all make heaven including Pastor Odulele. Amen in Jesus name.

Re: About Pastor Odulele

What a lazy attempt to launder the Pastor's seriously sullied image. Granted he did all that - appearing in Westminister, 10 Downing Street and the Buckingham Palace - does that excuse sodomy? I think it even makes his case worse because he has defiled all that he stood for. This guy is a pedophile in disguise and no amount of his association with Buckingham Palace will mitigate this sacrilege. Yes, sacrilege because marriage between man and woman is held sacred in the christiandom. Rather than being unnecessarily sanctimonious, the blogger should be asking what on earth could have pushed or motivated a 'reverred man of God'to indulge in such abominable pleasures.


As a prolific and charismatic leader, Dr Albert Odulele is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Glory House Churches International, based in the East End of London with satellite churches nationally and internationally.

Every service at Glory House London is transmitted live around the world online and through the TV broadcast Arise and Shine. Dr Albert’s teachings, through the Glory House Media Ministry, reach Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East and will soon blanket the globe.

Glory House reaches the local community and as such is involved in various community initiatives including prison ministry, hospital chaplaincies, school support systems, hospices and youth programmes.

Dr Albert is a dynamic speaker and ambassador for Christians and is in high demand as a conference presenter nationally and internationally. His charismatic style, prophetic delivery and prolific expression of truth have endeared him to many, reaching over forty nations and six continents. The main thrust and emphasis of his ministry are to declare without compromise the authority and authenticity of God’s Word and the personality of the Holy Spirit.

Dr Albert is an established writer and has published several books, The Bible Made Simple, Think Before You Say I Do and Eternity Unveiled being bestsellers among them. Other titles include Divine Inspiration – Key to Extraordinary Living, Understanding God’s Voice, Living by Faith, Divine Assignment Indicators, Amazing Testimonies of Almighty God, The Prosperity of the Soul, This Crisis Is for Your Increase and, more recently, Adventures in Holiness and The Ten Laws of Wealth, which are yet to be published.

Dr Albert sits on the board of several not-for-profit and for-profit organisations in the UK, such as the Christian Life Centre UK and Churches in Community UK (CIC). He also serves on various international organisations and charities, such as B.A.S.I.C. Trust International, the Elisha Project (Uganda), Crenshaw Christian Centre (USA), T.D. Jakes Ministries (USA) and Morris Cerullo Ministries (USA).

As a respected mentor and “spiritual father”, Dr Albert provides covering to pastors and ministers across the globe. He regularly hosts a gathering of senior pastors and ministers, The International Pastors’ Association (T.I.P.A.), for heads of churches and ministries across the UK, Europe and the world. The vision is to provide opportunities for church leaders to foster genuine relationships and also to create a platform for tabling effective church growth principles and to have a personal impact on pastors and ministers. Dr Albert is a certified Master Trainer for Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI), which is an organisation dedicated to planting effective churches around the world, and he also serves as the Regional Coordinator for Western Europe.

Dr Albert’s sphere of ministry spans both spiritual and social communities. As such, he is involved in Parliamentary discussions with other senior church leaders from across the UK, which has afforded him the honour of attending meetings in the Houses of Parliament and at 10 Downing Street on numerous occasions, and more recently at Buckingham Palace by special invitation of Her Majesty the Queen.

Da reason y everybody blames

Da reason y everybody blames Nigerians is because they r da biggest crooks, and their actions allow people 2 learn dis!!!

Sad News

As i read the story of Pastor Albert Odulele, tears refused to stop flowing out of my eyes.I just could not stop crying, not particularly for him, but for the body of Christ. Is like, the enemy is bent in disgracing himself and his kingdom.I pray God will surely see him through. For the fact that, he recognised and admitted to his mistakes, i believe he has been forgiven. If anyone tries to use judge him or point fingers, it will not stand. However, i also believe that, no matter what anyone says, God decisions will be final in his life in Jesus' name. I see all these things as God trying to help him amend his life and make it right on this earth, than to pretend all the way and finds himself in hell. The bible says, we all have sin and come shot of the glory of God, we are all leaving by the grace and mercy of God. Its obvious the enemy is out there, calulation and manipulating on how to destroy the body of Christ and to also turn the heart of others to each other. People of God, its time to hold Pastor Albert Odulele in our prayers, its time to remember him in our daily devotions. It takes a fool or unbelievers to start judging him, as if he did it deliberately. So please, let us all becareful, just because we are still standing. May the good lord help us all, and may we see Jesus at the end of our journey in this sinful world. Shalom.

Amen to 2 Timothy 3

It is good to see others thinking about the children and their families. Only God knows how many children he has abused. I hope the people that are in what they call ministry for the position and money will wake up and remember that all the Glory belongs to God. We are yet to see the real church that is lead by God. Thank God for the word, we can take comfort that the devil and his workers will be exposed. It must get worst before it gets better.

Pastor Odulele's case


Church, pray for the gift of discernment

My heart goes out to the VICTIMS and their families. may the Good Lord heal them and restore them.

Do you mean there is no-one who could discern Dr Albert's life? What happened to spititual gifts that Apostle Paul told us to yearn for?

This case should serve as a wake up call for the Church and Christians who put these so called 'men of God' on pedestels.

These are the last days and the spirit of discernment is needed more than ever before!

Its unfortunate that this is

Its unfortunate that this is happening to a Nigerian pastor. All I want to add is that a sin not dealt with on time all properly too will trip us in future. So like King David, let us learn from all these 'moral failures' and seek God to help us.

Judgement must begin in the house of the Lord.. FIRST

2 Timothy 3 speaks about the times we are living in.Verse 3 states... without natural affection...... there is much more to come out !!! Just wait and see. Every proud and self loving indidvidual WILL BE EXPOSED !!! May God have mercy on the children that he has defiled.

We must all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling

re Pastor's sin

@ Darlington Bari, I like ur comment that was spot on. I hope people would ponder on it re-appraise their reasoning. Most of the so called christiandom only use their lips to serve and not their minds. i need not say more. God help Africa.

I absolutely agree with you

I absolutely agree with you mate, I am not here to judge anyone as we are all humans and I leave any judgement to God.What do you expect from a country of over 200million, there will obviously be some bad head, and I don't mean just pastor. Politician are even worse and more callous. As a Christian, issues like this will never put me off church as am going there to worship God and not pastors.

Intelligent writers and responses....I commend you

I commend all the intelligent writers on this platform, people that are ready to move our societies forward rather than backwards. This platform should not be used as an opportunity to hurl insults and abuses to one another. Those who have used this platform negatively are excused for deficiencies in their social backgrounds, therefore their reasonings are ignored. The following people had written well and intelligently therefore I urge new readers to visit their notes. They are:
Nigerian 1, Keji Giwa, Oluwaseyi, Segun Akindele, Son of God, Ifeoma Stephanie, Somae, Yetunde Ojo, Yemi Adeboye, Toyin Odepe, Lady Shiggar, Ayakata, Oyinlade, Yinka Akintunde, Mizzmoi, Kayodele, KOOL, Abel A.Michael, Warfront, ConcernedBissy, Sumanguru, GB, Daoud Akano, Ngozilee1325, Nene, Dudley, Onyegwachie, Iyemitunde, Larry Marshall, Our Image, Samora, and Dede62.
Please let us hear more from more intelligent people on what to do to eradicate problems of paedophiles in our societies, how to ensure that our children stop being their victims, and how to help the paedophiles with whatever problems they may be facing, getting to the root of their problems and then finding solutions to them for the benefit of all. I thank 'Nigerian 1' for all his/her suggestions...very useful indeed. More please. Thank you!

Nigerians and their ways

We are too susceptible to things that are related to us being reproached. When it is not on tribal ground (always with three the major tribes), it would be on religious one like this and worst with one of the spiritual head, a pastor.

We have been devided in betweeen these lines and fences far too long that I think we need a break if we really desired a better country.
The politicians, spiritual leaders and people in higher places and authority are capitalizing on it.
Knowing fully well that they would always get sympathy and support from their own people, clan or like minds. An Ibo man dare not comments or reproach an Hausa man that did wrong vice versa, as he would be label or attack as a tribalistic bigot.
The same scenerio on the religious front, A non muslim should just look or keep quiet, when a fellow Nigeria muslim is committing a crime, or else he hated the muslims.
Just like OLUWASEYI comment here that the muslims are unclean. is that the basic point here now or is it what you are teaching your children at home? So where is the tolerants between us?
Our problems has been that we are so GULLIBLE, we do not have a rational and personal approaches to things rather than what has been said in this book, that book, this church, that church, by this pastor, that pastor, by this imam , that imam by this politician and that politician..

We are so deluded by these soft spoken orators, with immaculately dresses and glorifies charlatans, that (are one in every three Nigerians) we now losses our bearings. Our thought of salvation through them now becloud our reasoning tendency to question what is right or wrong. Give what belong to Cesar to Cesar. In other words, lets the Govt loots, squander and deprived us of essential amenities. We should go seek the kingdom of God through churches and mosques made up of charlatans that are taking and keeping what belongs to Cesar for themselves and living well above the means of the highest paid man on the land.
It is worst in the christian circle, churches are built in every nooks and crannies. Even in a street made up of twenty houses, ten would be churches and where they could not get spaces they resorted to shops and apartments. CAPITALIST MENTALITY, the craving for wealth and position to the detriment of the people sensibility and feelings.
You do not go to church to hear how or what to do to be a better citizen, how to rise up against our criminal and oppressing leaders but, instead its always on how to create wealth etc, BUSINESS SCHOOL & INSTITUTIONS FOR CONTACTS that is what churches represent now..

A German philosopher, once said that for the people to rise up against the authorities, fight for their right and what belongs to them then, they must seek the salvation here on earth themselves that they know of and he even goes further to say that God does not exist because if He does, He would not have allowed the churches and the leaders then to subject them the citizen to abject poverty. His (the phylosopher) blasphemous comments then was a enough to instigate the German people against their oppresive ruler then. The revolution spread all over europe and relegated religion and church to back the back stage. Churches there are for older people (of 60yrs and above) while, able people are at work building and countributing to the development of their country. Belief is personal as we all came alone into this world and must go alone too.
In Nigeria context we are not only advice to watch them but to pray for them too. Just continue praying for them to change even though it took ones life time. We hide under the umbrella of religious institution either as leader, followers and passive lookers to nourished, support and over looked crimes. Mostly when committed by a member or a fellow tribes man.
Great Awolowo (may his soul rest in peace) once said that" its easier to trick a learned man, compared to unlearned man.
Our various higher institutuions has produced more gradute then some countries populations put together but, still the country is still at these decaying and medieval state.


@Son of God - I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Exactly!!

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