UNILAG Name Change: Jonathan Makes U-turn-VANGUARD Newspaper

Protesting students resisted name change
By Vanguard Newspaper

Abuja – President Goodluck Jonathan has reversed the change of name of the University of Lagos which he renamed Moshood Abiola University in a broadcast to mark the 2012 Democracy Day.

Chairman, Governing Council of University of Lagos, Professor Jerry Gana disclosed this yesterday in Abuja during his inauguration alongside three others by the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyatu Rufai

The name change had been the subject of litigation and protests from students and alumni of the institution while a court recently ruled that the change was illegal.

Gana who hailed President Jonathan for retaining the name of the institution. said the president had upheld the Constitution by reversing the change of name of the university.

“This is a pointer to the fact that the current administration is committed to entrenching democracy and justice in the country.’’

Gana, who was responding on behalf of the four councils, said they would ensure that the universities’ communities settled down in peace.

“I assure you that we will do our best to be fair, just and honourable in the discharge of our duties.” He also promised effective leadership with integrity, honour and justice.

Gana said members would work according to the rules governing the institutions.

He thanked Jonathan for the appointments and said they would put in their best as Nigerians deserved nothing less.

The other governing councils inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufa’I, were for the University of Benin, ObafemiAwolowoUniversity, Ile-Ife and Michael Opara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

Their Chairmen are Sen. Bob Dickson, Prof. Rowland Ndoma-Egba and Prof. Anya O.Anya respectively.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Sen. Uche Chukwumerijie said the lawmakers’ job had been made easier by the appointments.

Chukwumerijie said the committee’s oversight visits to the institutions had identified lack of leadership by the absence of governing councils and the quality of members of the boards as challenges facing the institutions.

He said the Federal Government had by the appointments taken care of the issues.

“There are councils for those that did not have and the members who have been appointed are men and women of proven integrity and experience in academics.’’

The lawmaker described the appointees as round pegs in round holes and the right captains in the ship.

Chukwumerijie charged the councils to immediately tackle falling standards of education, corruption, cultism and many ills that had continued to affect the development of education.

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Prof. Julius Okojie, said no university could function effectively without a governing council.

Okojie urged government to consider training and retreat for members to enable them to keep abreast of global best practices in university administration.

He also advocated financial autonomy for universities in the country.

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Why must u call GEJ wit names for christ sake

U made a powerful contribution but why did u chose to us ur tym 2 call the president and his wife with all kinds of names instead of humbling ursef and utter a word 2 God{prayer} on their behalf. A president can never one day just stand up and make a stamped decision without consulting other members of the paliament, it is with their agreement that all this are done but why must it always bounce back to the president? Every single wrong thing that we see hapening in the presidential level was not his dicision alone. Lets b real and always pray 4 the leaders in this nation. I might even do more than his If I hapens 2 b there 2moro who knws and u 2 could be there as well.

The Perfect thing to do

Some guys here do not engage their brain before punching their key boards.If the president was mis advised by his retinue of lazy and wealth seeking advisers and the court says that the presidential pronoucement was illegal, then the president must reverse himself in a democracy. Unfortunately some guys here only read that the president has reverse that pronoucement and it is enough to start abusing JEG. The truth is that slow or bad as JEG might be, he is head and shoulders better than most of his predecessors including OBJ, Yar Adua, IBB, Buhari (not Idiagbon), Abacha, Shagari and Gowon. Let us concentrate on moving this country forward rather than engage relentless ly on this pull-him-down syndrome.

What are the students of

What are the students of FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY YOLA waiting for, they should equally take the streets to fight for the change of name as well. I dont blame GEJ for the decision to reverse back the name but those that allowed him take the decision in the first instance. “Advisers“ or “Special assistants“...they dont help the president.

Where are the Crumbies?

@ Aborigine Deri, @ Taxi-stand lawyer OC, @ Abortion Dr. Ify-Dumbo-4ever, @ Stanley Igwe, @ Oleku aka Akpos1 :

You fools that claimed he didn't break the law will have to eat your pungent vomit in public with this Dumbo retreat. The moron didn't stand a chance and he knew the House would flush him like dung if he insisted on this stupidity of changing an iconic name. If allowed to stand, next, the fool would have renamed UniPort after late NAS, Azazi (+) to curry undeserved favour. MKO died for a cause, Dumbo has no vision much less a cause, he only wanted to rob-off on a good name. Oloshi! A coward that thinks after goofing, President Pinochhio's brain is ogogoro-injured, he thinks backwards! In 2015, the Task the Must be Done is to Dump Dr. Dumbo ...shikena!

Sanity finally prevailed. I

Sanity finally prevailed. I am not a fan of President Jonathan but he must be commended for being man enough to make this U-turn from an ill-advised decision.

You simply cannot honor a legacy by destroying another legacy. No matter what anyone says, UNILAG is a legacy with diverse stakeholders and I don't understand why people who never attended UNILAG or have a UNILAG certificate be it the staff school, the international school or the main university would be mad at GEJ for this U-turn.

He has done the right thing.

Bros be wise. The lesson from

Bros be wise. The lesson from this is that when ever you want to do something, ensure that it is legally done. Any name change that follows due process will stand. Don't be myopic bro. The president you are calling names is wiser than you in this case.


The ignorant current students, old students and staff of Unilag including all those who protested the name-change based on ethnic angle may be rejoicing now. But do they realise that the news is bad news for Nigeria? Do they understand the precedent that this has created? I am Yoruba but do not believe in this stupid ethnic nonsense. No Nigerian president will ever be able henceforth to change the name of any federal government institution. If such is attempted in future, people will protest and cite the Unilag case. I don't blame them. What else do you expect from a dull, zombie-looking & clueless president with an elephant for a wife? Really a bad news for Nigeria.

From day one, i knew GEJ will

From day one, i knew GEJ will have to swallow the humble pie because there was no chance in a hell for that name change to stand.

Prof Gana should simply drop his sychophantic mien at the gates of Akoka for this will not be tolerated at Unilag. Up Akokites.

Shooting before

Shooting before aiming!


Original game plan

If you ask me, I think this was part of the original game plan & it'll certainly win him some converts. With 2015 fast approaching, no effort will be spared to win souls & there's no better political evangelist than Jerry Gana. That's a smart move, I must confess

Nigeria is so poor

Nigeria is so poor:
why do we have lily-livered people as leaders?
why is it that despite having been around for long, our leaders lack the confidence to be their own man?
why is the loyalty to man / president and not to country?
why is Nigeria so poor that we do not have real men and women?
what does the future hold for Nigeria with such leaders as we do have?
what message do these hero-worshippers bequeath to the next generation?

The food is still the god of our so-called leaders, ha! God help us o, amen.


May God help we the nigerian to govern the people. How can a man who was elected by me and you can be able to change the name of a well-known institution in Nigeria. Never-the-less thats non of mine business. The fact is, if the student will accept his wishes. Because we are the one that elect him to represent all the Nigerian. May we live long

How many other consitutional provisions has Jona violated ?

"Gana who hailed President Jonathan for retaining the name of the institution. said the president had upheld the Constitution by reversing the change of name of the university."


Where is the fake lawyer OC who defended this lawlessness ?

"Gana who hailed President Jonathan for retaining the name of the institution. said the president had upheld the Constitution by reversing the change of name of the university."

So the moron President acted unconstitutionally before ?
Where is the fake lawyer OC who was defending this lawlessness just because the moron President came from his village. The jobless olodo, sojourning in London, who claimed he had a law degree doesn't know the constitution of his country. Shameless fool !. Come 2105, the animal would surely be returned to the otuoke zoo !

Jonathan for life...Now all UNILag students will vote for him

Great Jona, the best president in the world. If you don't like my comment...get a hang man's noose.


1. NORWAY has a population of 4.3m people & it has the highest standard of living in the world.

2. Delta State has 4.7m people, with a GDP of over $16.75 billion annually but feeds over 140m people from other non productive nations of continent Nigeria. It has one of the lowest standards of living in the world. Should this continue? NO!

Shouldn't Delta State be a country? YES of course!!! This is the way to go.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent.

Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

Where are the idiots Deri, Oleku and madman akpos1 ?

Idey laugh O ! Where are the idiots Deri, Oleku and madman akpos1. These tribal fools were defending the moron President wince they have no brian to think .

Buffoons In Power

So he was changing the university's name in order to reverse himself.

Why are people employed to be presidential or advisers and assistants?

Or are the worse than their principal?

This is not just flip-flop, this is the cardinal pillars that Mr Jonathans administartion is built on.

CLUELESSNESS of the highest order.

Buffoons in power.

Let's us flip the coin

As opposed to what Gana said, the u-turn is a pointer to the growing interest of Mr President & co. to contest for presidency come 2015.
I may likely support him if truely he'll continue to show quality and uphold the constitution henceforth.

Unilag Name change

The announcement came from a dishonorable man. What is Gana doing in Jonathan Government? The man does not haneconscience. He served every bad and ugly government in Nigeria. A religious bigot...I am sure he is also advising Jonathan on Christian minorities affairs in the north....nauseating.....agggghhhh


Abeg keep quiet 'jare. He has

Abeg keep quiet 'jare. He has changed the name back to the original, full stop. That's what we want. Sometimes we have to recognise what the issue is and stop looking for something new to complain about at every opportunity. Go and do something positive today and stop whining. Its not by force you must say something. Keeping quiet is also an option and nobody will arrest you for not talking. Too much negative energy in the environment killing the little positive energy we all need to breathe.


Dear All,

I receive with joy this news of the President's retention of the name constitutionally ascribed to the University of Lagos. Two days after the President's contentious broadcast, i had filed a suit at the Federal High Court in Lagos challenging the President of the Federal Republic on the gaffe. The past few months have been tough with several Court processes files, integrity tested and even opposition from the University which some of its management believed that our Suit may have been sponsored by the President himself in order for us to be cajoled into withdrawing the matter for surreptitious gains.

Upon confirmation of the retention of the name, we shall file a NOTICE OF DISCONTINUANCE at the Federal High Court on the next adjourned date in order to lay this matter to rest. We pledge to continue to fight injustice in whatever form, knowing that we can count on the inestimable support of Nigerians everywhere.


Good riddance

I laud this decision by the FG for this U turn but the choice of Jerry Gana,one of the most unfortunate characters that have ridiculed Nigeria and should have retired from any public function by is saddening,this man is the presidential candidate of "anywhere belle face" a man bereft of any identifiable progressive political leaning, he was the face of military regimes in Nigeria and civilian deceit

what came over GEJ intially?

It is quite unfortunate, we have a president that act before he think.

Gana's speech is canned!

Gana's the pres had (has) upheld the const. & is committed to democracy and justice is the basic price he must pay for his new dividend of democracy.  If true, why did a president first act without recourse to the same constitution, & as for being "committed to democracy and Justice", Gana has gone way off course beyond what he had to say: the soul, of course, is the price Nigeria's political jobbers must pay, and are ever so ready to sell. 


This is great and Jonathan must be commended for displaying this great spirit. He has just won to himself respect because he listened to the voices and wishes of the people. Good leadership character demonstrated. God bless UNILAG, God bless Jonathan and God bless Nigeria.


At list you heard and felt what the masses are saying and feeling, i think you are Good but have terrible advisers. Individuals do make mistake and nobody has monopoly knowledge except God.

Well jona 's done the right

Well jona 's done the right thing ....after so much beating..................it could have been avoided really..................

Flip, Flop President!

Flip, Flop President! Unpresidential action.

Thank God!

Common sense prevails at last.

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