Update: Fire In My Home A ‘Minor’ Incident, Obasanjo Says

By SaharaReporters, New York

Former Nigeria President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has described the fire at his Abeokuta home on Thursday as a minor one which only affected the office of his Personal Assistant.

Obasanjo, who was not at home at the time, was not sure of the cause of the incident, telling the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), “It may have been some electrical problem.”

NAN quoted him as saying of the incident, “Ile Obasanjo to jo e wa lo bu si,’’ which means, “The fire incident will only add beauty to Obasanjo's house.”

Observers say that as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men, Obasanjo clearly meant that he will take the opportunity to upgrade the quality of the edifice.
According to the general himself, when he left prison in 1998 he was worth only N20,000 (about $1300). He left office in 2007 an astoundingly rich man. Even his farm, which was dying during his imprisonment, was in November 2004 confirmed by his spokesman, Femi Fani-Kayode to have recovered during his presidency and to be making about N30 million ($250.000) per month.

It would be an irony of sorts should the fire in his mansion today be traced to an “electrical” fault. In his eight years in power, Obasanjo frittered about $16 billion into the hands of contractors and associates in “search” of electricity. None of the money has been accounted for, and the House of Representatives found that some of those who received money did not even clear the land on which they were supposed to have been conducting business or building power plants.

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OBJ is the best thing that ever happen to this Country.

I want to beg Nigerians to please stop this attitude of abusing our past leaders, especially someone like OBJ. This is because he has done great things for this country and does not deserve this reign of abuse. If you dont have anything to write just say so and go away.
Thank you.

fire guts obj's house

He who God has blessed nobody can curse.SR should know that all falsehood and insults on Obj add to his prosperity. An African adage says "rainfall that beats a rock helps to clear its imfirmities" Obj is a man after God's heart, you get yourself destroyed by trying to pull him down through lies and half-truths.

Hahahaha...! Baba Sege...

Hahahaha...! Baba Sege...

Whatever you sowed in 2012, 2013 is the harvest time.(2)

Psalm 113
1 Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord, you his servants;
praise the name of the Lord.
2 Let the name of the Lord be praised,
both now and forevermore.
3 From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the Lord is to be praised.

4 The Lord is exalted over all the nations,
his glory above the heavens.
5 Who is like the Lord our God,
the One who sits enthroned on high,
6 who stoops down to look
on the heavens and the earth?

Whatever you sowed in 2012, 2013 is the harvest time.(1)

Psalm 113 is for year 2013. Psalm 112 was fro 2012 where God said those that are righteous will be blessed for many generations. It is harvest time in 2013. Whatever you sowed in 2012, 2013 is the harvest time.

I implore Nigerians to closely watch 2013.

This is the year that the Power of God will be SUDDENLY visited on Nigeria. Take NOTE and ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU HEARD IT from FiReClOuD OfGoD in SR, FIRST . May Wada and all the others from Federal to State to Local Government going through health challenges recover enough to see the expression of his wrath on the wicked and his love for the trampled in Nigeria in 2013!

Patience is a different woman today. She should let her husband know that his message to the people is clearly embedded in Psalm 113 for 2013. For those that have ears let them hear!


I am not holding brief for OBJ but give this man some credit. The little improvement iand future promises of improvement is down to IPP started by OBJ. The equipment being installed were the ones imported by OBJ lying at apapa sea port as at 2007 when he left office. If Yar adua had not elected to play politics with IPP the dividends would ve been more. It is an unreasonable question asking how he got money to build a house. 8 year's salaries, allowances and gifts can conveniently make a nigerian president rich without stealing. From outside there is nothing extraordinary about that OBJ house.

Unquenchable fire

Unquenchable fire has started ranging throughtout the country.The fire will sweep and destroy everything on its path, homes and industries of our greedy and corrupt politicans.It is a pay back time and there will be no hiding place for our corrupt leaders and politicans.


The history of nigeria cannot be complete without mentioning chief obasanjo , he has tried for nigeria as a nation we should let him enjoy his retirement.

Yoruba = the only problem of Nigeria

Obasanjo is a thief, a murderer, and a traitor. As you can see from the comments here from Yoruba people, his tribe's people love him more than they love the country. A typical Yoruba comes to posts like this to tell you that the international community loves Obasanjo as if we do not know that the British and Americans used Obasanjo and Yoruba to murder millions of Nigerians and to destroy Nigeria simply to feed to greed of the West. The Yoruba is so ignorant and insane that he believes that Obasanjo is the best leader he will ever produce in his existence, so the Yoruba people love Obasanjo regardless of the traitorous atrocities he committed between 1999 and 2007. Therefore, all Yoruba people are the enemies of Nigeria, period.

@osita DIOKA - an affirmative AMEN to your prayers

...To the prayers of osita DIOKA, I say a resounding & an affirmative AMEN!!!

May the prayers be permanent in their lives on earth and in hell just as Saraki has confirmed.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!

Long live the United States of the SS&SE


@Anonymous to your prayers/curse for OBJ I say AMEN! AMEN!! & AMEN!!!. Obasanjo the devil that has ruined the Nigeria project. For the fools who keep praising him, you are all blind. Obasanjo is the worse thing that has ever happened to Nigeria as a nation.

Re- OBJ's mansion

OBJ has tried for Nigeria as a country. Though grossly misunderstood, he remains the only Nigerian that is well respected by the international community.

I will vote OBJ over GEJ

Abeg make we leave Obj jare.

Obj has more clue than our present clueless GEJ. Gej can not differentiate his right hand from the left hand.

I have never come across a presido who has more excuses for non performance. Nigerians are patiently waiting to see on what ground you dare contest 2015 election

Obasanjo is so stupid that

Obasanjo is so stupid that the only thing he copied from babangida is corruption. How can you copy his condemned hilltop mansion? At least it is the ibos that are not happy with Awo. All nigerians are not happy with you but few cronies like Uba and Tony Anenie. Mandela was sick. He went to Johanesburg hospital, Motherfucker, can you go to Abeokuta hospital? Time will tell. When nigeria split in 2015, the zombies will not be found to protect you.


State Board of Elections NY County Courthouse
60 Centre Street, New York, NY

Until the likes of oBJ, uMARU dIKKO, bUKOLA sARAKI, aBACHA, aNNENIH, aTIKU, tINUBU and 31 gOVERNORS including pATIENCE and her husband, oRUBEBE, dIEDZANI and their present and past EFCC collaborating dIRECTORS, aDOKE, eTETE and the many hALIBURTON, sIEMENS and other present and past PROLIFERATING SCAMMERS in the CORRIDORS OF POWER or who have used Aso rock lodge as their past addresses: IBB and aBUBAKAR, are brought to justice, so will peace defy each and everyone of them as they have rendered Nigerians impoverished and hopeless.


The God of Elijah, God of the orphans and widows and widowers whom this man created during and after his tenure as President of this country will not rest. He will send a "MAJOR" fire disaster to his house.This is the man whose specialty in stealing Nigeria money with his cronies like Anenih have made Nigerians to suffer a monumental loss of humans and material resources.From Bakassi to Benin ore road, to electricity phony projects to killings of Odi people to his daughter in law saga. May nemesis not forgive you obasanjo.

Please correct yourself.

Please correct yourself. N20,000 is not $1,300, more like $130. #JustSaying


Obasanjo must have gone to Uyo to pack monies in all currencies from his 419/Cultist governor Godswill Akpabio when fire cutted his Abeokuta home.

Obasanjo, you are Ole, Barawo, Onyeosi, Ino.


Hell Fire shall be their permanent partner when they die their shameful death.

Obasanjo and the Electricity project..SR..Lies lies lies

Mr Sowore and Co. pls stop misleading Nigerians.I am not obasanjo's henchman or defender but the House of Rep committee that investigated the electricity contracts found that less than one third of the $16billion you quoted was actually spent.Kindly double check your facts before you publish.Continuing to peddle lies and rumors marks you out as Jankara journalists.Was the leader of that House committe you quoted not arrested for extorting money from the electricity companies he was investigating???

Baba sege so your house still dey kampe...???

The ota baboon says his mansion still dey kampe. This is not what naijas expected. We wished and hoped the mansion was brought down to rubbles and ashes. Baba sege don't be so happy for it's not over yet. The house may not have gotten burnt now but it's destined for chaos. It may not have gotten burnt because you weren't at home. The next time this happens you will be at home and will not live to tell the story. Baba Sege relax, there's always another day.


The significance of this fire is what matters,we all know that the Baba-looter has enough loot to build a million palaces,we also know that his boys in political looting positions will compete for whom amongst them will rebuild the burnt loot house.
May God Almighty continue to hear the wailing of the abused and impoverished masses,may the Almighty put the looters through hell on earth,may they wish they were dead and may their legacy of vanity overwhelm any positive ventures of their life time after their death.
As many Nigerian children go to bed hungry tonight,we await more signs from the supreme deity,as we moan those who perished on our death-trap roads this Christmas and the numerous who die due to lack of basic health care facilities,we expect affliction of incurable ailments of all descriptions on the looters,their families,accomplices and hangers-on.


Obasanjo must have gone to Uyo to pack monies in all currencies from his 419/Cultist governor Godswill Akpabio when fire cutted his Abeokuta home.

Obasanjo is a shameless thief.


Hell Fire will be their permanent partner when they die their shameful death.

Why does SR want OBJ dead?

The farmland alone without the produce is worth much more than that. Bells Nursery, Primary and Secondary School were established in 1991. Were they also part of the N20000? SR keeps talking about $16b spent on power even though the guy who made the claim, Ndudi Elumelu, has since been shown to be a fraud. Extensive reports have also shown that even though the budget for the power plants was $10billion (not $16 billion), just over $2billion had been paid before he left office. Anyway sha, na una and OBJ sabi. But blatant falsehood like this makes us wonder about the veracity of other stories carried by SR.

Why does SR want OBJ dead? -1

SR, even if you don't like OBJ, try and be a little objective. You quote how much he had when he left prison but all SR can say is that he is "one of the wealthiest" men in Nigeria. By which measure? If you have no idea how much he has, how do you know he is amongst the wealthiest? SR says OBJ was worth only N20000 when he left prison. How can that be given that the farm was already there?

I am disappointed that he lives to steal again

I am sincerely disappointed that this Otta Chimp lives to steal again. However, I will continue my prayer & fasting that he dies speedily because death will ultimately stop him from stealing....Hear the fool.."the fire will only add beauty to the house..". Idiot!!!

...as the innocent children & Octogenarian's blood in Odi cry, as the displaced citizens of Bakassi cry, his days can not but be numbered. His sins are legion and not worth mentioning.

May maggots in the soil reject your flesh when you are buried. May the earth refuse to accept you, that the vultures may find feast in your pungent flesh when you die...This prayer is specially for you - OBJ & all others who feed fat on the SS&SE oil&gas destroying & pollutin its ecology.

Long live the United States of the SS&SE


Obasanjo's home will build and equip 10 fire substations at strategic locations in Abeokuta.
On the day his house caught fire it took one hour for one fire truck to reach his house. This is the state of our nation, the way Obasanjo administered it.
All Obasanjo was interested in was building a gargantual pile of edifice, he never thought of reviving the collapsed Nigerian fire service now his decision has come to haunt him.
PS. I wondered why my man TB Joshua never saw it in one of his revelations that Obasanjo's house is going to burn. I mean TBJ's vision seems to be long range; he predicted nichael jackson's death.

A Thief Flunting His Ill Gotten Right In Our Faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only in Nigeria. The land of rogues.

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